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About Us

The Magharebia web site is sponsored by the United States Africa Command, the military command responsible for supporting and enhancing US efforts to promote stability, co-operation and prosperity in the region.

The Magharebia web site is a central source of news and information about the Maghreb in three languages: Arabic, French and English. The goal of Magharebia is to offer accurate, balanced and forward-looking coverage of developments in the Maghreb.

Six days per week, the site captures the top news from across the region as reported in local and international media. It also features analysis, interviews and commentary by paid Magharebia correspondents in the region.

Magharebia coverage is distinguished by an in-depth knowledge of local issues - the key players, events and sensitivities that can trigger significant developments - tempered by a cross-regional perspective. It identifies trends, solutions and successes that can serve as models for progress throughout the region.