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Maghreb citizens outraged by stoning of raped Somali girl

By Sarah Touahri in Rabat, Jamel Arfaoui in Tunis and Said Jameh in Algiers for Magharebia – 07/11/08

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Many Maghreb citizens, Islamic scholars and human rights activists have vigorously condemned the stoning death last week of a 13-year-old Somali rape victim judged guilty of adultery. Some have expressed utter astonishment at how such an act of barbarism could be directed at a child in the name of religion.

The young girl, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was raped by three men while visiting her grandmother in Mogadishu. After returning home to the southern port of Kismayu, she reported the attack to the al-Shabab militia who control the city. Instead of apprehending the offenders, prosecutors charged her with adultery and the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) sentenced her to death. On Tuesday (October 27th), Aisha was forced into a hole, buried up to her neck and pelted with stones by a group of 50 men in a Kismayu stadium.

"Don't kill me, don't kill me," the girl reportedly pleaded. More than 1,000 people watched as she died.

"This is a tragic and deplorable accident. The girl was a double victim of those who raped her and those who administered justice, said UNICEF's Somalia representative, Christian Balslev-Olesen.

"This accident demonstrates the extreme fragility of the status of women and girls in Somalia," he added. Somalia's chronic instability since the 1991 civil war has exacerbated gender-related acts of violence in the country, UNICEF has noted.

That a raped woman should be stoned is inconceivable to Moroccan Islamist Justice and Development Party MP Bassima Hakkaoui. "In principle, the state has laws which specify which party is supposed to give judgement, along with the nature of the crime. It defies logic to hand down a death sentence to a woman who has been raped," she said.

"Islam has nothing to do with such practices," she told Magharebia.

Islamic education teacher Hamid Baalla agrees, explaining that the Muslim religion condemns rape and those who perpetrate the offence. The unanimous view of the ulemas is that rape victims must not be considered to have committed a sexual offence. The rapist, rather than the victim, must be punished.

"You cannot describe people who resort to such actions as Muslim. These people are radicals and extremists," he added, pointing out that theologians and ulemas have an important role to play in educating the public.

Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights President Amina Bouayache also expressed anger at this atrocity. It is extremely difficult to put these "inhuman, barbarous" acts into words, she told Magharebia.

"This is a crime against humanity," she exclaimed. "Back in the days of the Prophet Mohammed, they banned the practice of burying girls alive, as they used to do at that time. It's a symbolic act of humanity and justice."

To women's rights activist Hind Mbarki, the stoning is "an act of terrorism towards the Somali people, particularly women".

She feels that human rights associations have to play a role in combating extremism and protecting women's rights, even when they come up against tradition. She says, for example, that the fight against female circumcision has yielded results. Thanks to the efforts of NGOs, she added, "women have been able to obtain their rights in a number of Arab and Muslim countries". ‎What happened to young Aisha, however, is not an isolated incident.

"This isn't the first time we've seen irrational, radical practices of this kind," Mbarki told Magharebia.

The Moroccan public has been equally critical of the Somali stoning. Teacher Farida Maaroufi cannot understand the attackers' thinking. She thinks the atrocious stoning of an adolescent girl is an inhuman act contrary to the teaching of Islam.

"The stoning prescribed for cases of adultery can only be considered if four people have been actual eyewitnesses to the crime. This is practically impossible to achieve. And what's more, we're talking about a child who has been raped. Only radicals would resort to such practices," she said.

Student Mohamed Fatihi blames the Somali authorities for everything that happened.

"This is a justice system which has adopted a façade of Islamic law to apply what are, in reality, age-old tribal customs. Everyone, especially human rights associations and governments, must act to put an end to this situation," he told Magharebia.

Algerian civil society has also unanimously condemned Aisha's execution.

Zakia Gawaou, head of the Mounia Association for the Protection of Single Women, said that young Aisha was victimised twice, first when she was raped, and second when the court sentenced her to death and executed her. She noted that Aisha should have been done justice by a "legitimate" court, but instead of being treated as a rape victim, she was indicted and blamed for the crime, which is totally unacceptable.

Magharebia asked Houssine Mohamed, a Muslim scholar, about the Islamic interpretation of the incident.

"Adultery, in Aisha's case, was not voluntary. She was a victim of rape, as is the case of many young girls and women in Algeria who are raped by extremists. Therefore, sentencing her to death cannot be related to Islam." He further wondered how a sentence could be passed against the girl while the perpetrators go unpunished.

The incident was a shock to Algerians, many of whom said the shameful act calls for severe denunciation, not just in Somalia but in all Islamic states across the world.

Hassina, a mother of a minor girl, said she was shattered when she read the news on the internet, describing what happened as "oppression" perpetrated against a minor girl who expected authorities deliver justice and restore her dignity. According to Hassina, the sentence has nothing to do with Islam.

In the same vein, Samir B. told Magharebia, "Such practices do Islam more harm than good, and give the impression that our faith approves of extremism and intolerance, as demonstrated by extremist groups that shed blood mercilessly."

"What happened to the Somali girl is indeed shameful," he added. "That sentence is based on a misinterpretation of Islamic sharia, and that is the worst part."

One young man, Mouloud, compared the latest incident in Somalia to executions by the Taliban in Afghanistan. He recalled images of men and women beheaded in a stadium right before the eyes of thousands of people.

In Tunisia, the young girl's stoning also provoked outrage. Khadija Cherif, President of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, said it was a brutal, barbaric act committed by monsters that have nothing to do with humanity. She added, "We condemn violence against women for whatever reason or purpose, especially violence that denies human beings of their right to live."

"This is an act committed by people who are living outside history. The danger doesn't lie with those people, but with those who just watch what they do without confronting them strongly and firmly," said Sofiene Ben Hmida of the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights.

"Regardless of the crime, what is needed is to confront the religious ideology that allows the stoning of people," Ben Hmida added, noting that, after all, "we're living in a world governed by laws and traditions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights".

From her side, political Islam specialist Saloua Charfi said that what took place "is some sort of backwardness and a violation of human rights". Surat An-Nur in the Qur'an dealt in a very clear way with the punishment of women and men who commit adultery, Charfi said. "It doesn't mention anything about stoning people to death."

Dr. Iqbal Gharbi, professor of Sharia and Religious Principles at Zeitouna University, considered the case a violation of the teachings of Islam and an "act of barbarism worthy of denunciation".

"There are clear rules in the Qur'an, which is the source of legislation," said Gharbi, who also noted that there are no verses in the Qur'an calling for stoning. These rules, she said, only concern married people, adding that in extreme cases a male or female adulterer is to be whipped one hundred times. Other punishments range from imprisonment to inflicting "financial or moral harm".

Gharbi said punishment can be applied only when four witnesses testify verbally before the judge, and provided they have been present at the same place and time. "The insistence of the judge to bring in four witnesses is to protect women against conspiracies and to defend their bodily sanctity," she said.

"This confirms that the move taken by the ICU is not only in violation of Islam, but is a defamation of Islam and its humanitarian values."

"These are medieval crimes that are applied in the name of religion," Tunisian student Bouthaina Ben Salah told Magharebia.

"The people shouldn't be silent."

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    شيماء صوماليه 2011-10-6

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. First of all, for sure, this issue doesn’t concern Somalis alone but all Muslims. I am sad to hear this news. I can only say God suffices us and He is the best mandate against those who raped her and ordered her stoning. I think that such people don’t belong in any way in Islam. I ask God the most generous the Lord of the greatest throne to calm down conditions in Somalia so that it would return as it was and better. Finally I say, where are you young people of Somalia????


  2. Anonymous thumb

    Kay 2011-6-4



  3. Anonymous thumb

    Tesfaye 2010-11-30

    Oh our god have mercy upon that little girl Is it the Somalia i have lived in &shelter, fed me , confort me during my down time as refugee in the 80's but now days does not even protect one of her own child raped ,killed again by this people who are Arabe wan bes' please real Somale youth in diaspora or in somalia itself have the gut to take your country back from this Arabe wan be make somalia for Real Somalian's Peace & justice for all


  4. Anonymous thumb

    Adam Neira 2010-7-30

    All adults should watch the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M."


  5. Anonymous thumb

    ايووووووووووونه 2009-12-17

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I can only say God suffices me and He is the best protector. Now, the oppressed is executed, in what religion? Why, people? This is a sign of doomsday. She was raped, meaning it was against her will or consent. There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. The young girl is a kid. Islam is a religion of easiness not hardship. By God, she wasn't guilty. But what can I say? May God rest her soul, take care of her and grant patience to her family. Why is Somalia like this? When will it become stable? I am a Somalian girl. I want to have a home like all people. As long as ignorance and backwardness persist, the situation won't be reformed. Oh Lord, have mercy on us, Merciful, oh Lord.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    allaser 2009-9-28

    Those who commit such acts are nothing more than vile pigs!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2009-7-7

    At age 13 she shouldn't be getting married, but having fun with kids her age. I find her sentencing inexcusable and horrible. The rapists should have been sentenced and paid for the crime they committed.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    Mounir 2009-3-31

    These Stupid people, the judge and the ones who carried this barbaric act should rot in hell. Ignorant, brainless cowards.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    العين الناقدة 2009-3-22

    Stoning is a legislation of our predecessors implemented for both sexes without exception. However, the religion completed, fulfilled and approved by God to Muslims is a religion in which stoning adulterers was not mentioned. The only thing which was mentioned is the operation practiced in the prevalence of tyranny “They said: O Shu'aib! we do not understand much of what you say and most surely we see you to be weak among us, and were it not for your family we would surely stone you, and you are not mighty against us” Houd: 91). “For surely if they prevail against you they would stone you to death or force you back to their religion, and then you will never succeed”. (AL Kahf: 20) “He said: Do you dislike my gods, O Ibrahim? If you do not desist I will certainly revile you, and leave me for a time” (Mariam: 46). “They said: Surely we augur evil from you; if you do not desist, we will certainly stone you, and there shall certainly afflict you a painful chastisement from us” (Yassine: 18). Now the individual is doubtful about the acts which attributed to the messenger whether they should be done by Muslims. These acts attributed to him could have happened before ordering the stoning sentences “flog each of the adulterers, a hundred stripes…” (Annour: 2). Or he executed them for the Book people following this verse: “if they come to you, judge between them or turn aside from them, and if you turn aside from them, they shall not harm you in any way; and if you judge, judge between them with equity; surely Allah loves those who judge equitably. And how do they make you a judge and they have the Taurat wherein is Allah's judgment? Yet they turn back after that, and these are not the believers” (Al Maeda: 42-43). Adultery is confirmed in three situations: 1- The testimony of four trustworthy officials. 2- The pregnancy of an unmarried woman. 3- The confession of the offender and his request to be released. The article which was published in this regard and which is the subject of contradictory comments includes some gaps made intentionally or unknowingly by the writer as he brought incoherent details and grounds. However, the problem is with those who are impulsive in condemnation as they show an excessive attack as if they were waiting for a competition to uncover a deep hatred, this casts doubt about their balance, long vision and they might be naïve.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    KHADIJA 2009-3-11

    Frankly, I read all of these comments and what shocks me most are the people who say that it is okay to kill a woman who commits adultery in the name of God. I am shocked!!! And, what if a man commits adultery? Is he to be stoned too? Oh, this surprises me so much. We need to stop making everything in favour of men so that women are forever subjects, first to their parents and then, once married, to their husbands. No, this must be stopped. Women must have the same rights as men, period. This poor girl was killed by what I would call barbarians. She was stoned even though she was the one who was raped. Instead of putting the rotten rapists in prison, these barbarians stoned her in the name of Islam. Listen, I am a believer, but when I see comments that pardon anything in the name of the Qur’an, I cannot stand it. What shamefulness!!!


  11. Anonymous thumb

    fayza 2009-3-10

    Thank you, I want more.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    مريمي عبد الصمد 2009-2-28

    Hello, if this crime was committed in this way, I think it's just an error of Islamic law. However, the very general description, without revealing the names of the judges and the court, puts this story in doubt, especially when we see how this issue is dealt with, the doggedness of prejudice, and the use of words to stigmatize our society's culture... Whoever reads this story, will only have a vision characterized by stigmatizing Muslim women as being stoned to death for the smallest mistake, circumsized like animals, and submissive like slaves... I think we should stop using the situation of Muslim women for political purposes, improving the situation of Muslim women is the duty of Muslim scholars who have to set it as a priority, and not leave it to other people or institutions, which have the plan to destroy our community under attractive slogans. And God is the Knower.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    hhgh 2009-2-26

    Because hearing and reading such crap about Islam, I began to hate this religion, used by certain animals. I no longer want Islam. I prefer to be an atheist. The uncivilised are taking this religion hostage. I hate Aljazeera, Iqra and Al Arabiya news networks.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    حسن بن محمد 2009-2-21

    Stoning a thirteen-year-old girl for adultery is unacceptable from all sides.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    كاميكاز 2009-2-1

    I ask God to have mercy on this innocent girl and take revenge on these people. Eh sons of Islam, where are Muslims from what happens in Somalia? Has anyone talked or helped? No, no, no. We haven’t cared about them or about what happens to them. We are good at condemning and make a lot of it. However, no one listens or cares. This young girl was 13. This means that she was born during war. She endured fear, starvation and violation. She had been moaning for 13 years. No one listened or intervened. Today, we can just pray for her mercy. We ask God to introduce her in paradise. But there are still millions like her in Somalia. Ban Kimoon, Pokemone, might instruct Amer Moussa, agent Moussa, to interfere. Maybe one of the ruling panthers will interfere and be a champion saving children. May God curse them all.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    Abdullahi 2009-1-28

    Assalamo Alykum I'm Somali brother, I would just like to remind the brothers/sisters in here demonizing my brothers in Somali to first ask themself, "Where any of you there to actually witness the lies and propoganda written in this article by people who have their own agenda against the brothers fighting against Habeshee occupation??"" None of you where there... But from what I know the story was originally reported by Somali journalist who where there and they reported the girls age as 21 year old not as 13 year old later reported by Western journalist and Somali journalist working for the Ethiopian backed warlords. I was more pissed that this girl was stoned for adultery when adultery is punishment reserved for married woman or man not unwed girl. I'm not a schooler of sharia, but I do know that the punishment for fornification is 200 lashes not death by stoning. Like any group Al-shaabab has some dark elements that misuses the religion in the wrong way like in this case and when some takfiri elements of Al-shabaab destroyed the graves of Sufi shekhs in towns in Southern SOmalia. But fast majority of Al-shabaab are Shafi Sunnis and Salafi brothers who want to create just Islamic society for people who only have known war and corruption for almost 20 years.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    Rizwan Farooqi 2009-1-19

    I think those inhuman Judges , Islams enemies together with those bunch of cowards so called machos and scum of the society and a stain on Islams reputation should actually be stoned to death. InshaAllah they will be asked for it by Allah Tabarwataala on the day of judgement. Amen


  18. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2009-1-6

    They talk of God, but I do not think that He wants our death or chooses that we should be tortured, murdered and so on. Of course, we need justice, but we also need to try to do this (or to abstain from doing this) in a way that humiliates someone or, worse, causes someone suffering. The latter are human inventions. God must love us and forgive our sins, no? So, why is there so much violence and death everywhere, especially when everyone is speaking about peace!?! All of this, in the end, is our invention! Once, it was the Catholics who were the barbarians, now it is Islam. This is a vicious circle, and the worst part is that religion is not what the problem is: it is us! Indeed, this came from Somalian justice, which do whatever it wants! One day, maybe this will calm down. I hope so, in any case, because we can learn so much from the other religions! And, for those who do not believe this story, do you believe that at age 13 she was having sex with multiple partners or that this sort of thing was just made up? Put yourself in her place for one second! In short, in any case, everyone has their own point of view and, as Benaribi said, may God be with Aisha’s family, because they are the ones who are suffering the most.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    Delphine 2009-1-6

    Religion is empty. If God were to look at us justly, I think that He would not be happy to see such human stupidity derived from the justice and barbarism of men! The men who condemned seven children do not give a **** about human rights and even less about the right to live. They chose the easy path, the path of butchery. And, what is the worst part of all of this, is that instead of talking about and trying to do away with this barbarism, no one has said anything and everyone knows about it! This is unbelievable! They’d rather talk about Star Academy or whatever other idiotic thing. People, the media is strong! But, for this type of crime, we get “No comment”! I am not in the habit of leaving comments, but this story truly touched and revolted me. Is this something new – killing the victims and leaving the guilty alone!?! Whatever! Stoning a 13-year-old child is pure insanity and the people there could only be ever so slightly human so as to be able to help!!! Just look: a girl, already raped by three men, is killed by stoning. Why no try to prohibit this instead of going to watch!?! Is the death of someone, whoever they may be, a spectacle? Did they applaud her death or what!?! I do not even understand how you could be so insensitive to watch! I hope that all of these people who directly or indirectly condoned this crime will be judged by God, because He alone will be just. We should not give such power to people like this, the incompetents, who does not respect life and do not deserve to be respected. (This is my opinion.) I think that Aisha will be better off living with God than living among men who did not know how to render her dignity or justice. May God forgive them; they have lost the good path and, unfortunately, they are not the only ones! There is nothing more to say. –Peace and love


  20. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2009-1-4

    this is the example of misunderstanding islamic instruction, it is crime act and should be charged those who comitted, to charge some one who is a woment and rapped and 13 years old, it is heart breaking thing to happen in my country somali, i ask all the muslim countries and the world to stop those criminals from coming to power they are even more dengours then israilian who are killing the people in Gaza Allah pless somalia mohamed hirsi somalilander student


  21. Anonymous thumb

    رشيد 2008-12-22

    From God we are and to God we shall return. There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. Oh God, this is enormous. In reality, Islam is far from this low act in the same way as the sky is far from the earth. Maybe these (Islamic courts) are a Jewish court, the word (Jewish) was substituted by (Islamic) to mislead people and distort Islam. However, “Islamic courts” didn’t and won’t do this because they know peace. As the text of the Qur’an says “If an evil-doer comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance”. This was the intention of this text.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    azedine 2008-12-15

    This event cannot be confirmed as there are no reliable sources. Islam does not authorise stoning only after confirming the act with the testimony of witnesses. This story is forged. It aims to distort the reputation of Islamic courts as it happened in Afghanistan when they distorted the image of Taliban movement depicting them as oppressive and tyrannical. But in reality, Jews, Christians and their followers including hypocrites, are plotting against Islam in different means. Oh Lord, we ask your mercy, oh Lord support your religion and your faithful subjects, amen my Lord.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    الحق 2008-12-15

    The topic is fallacious and unreal because the girl as you alleged went to the young Mujahids. You said that the girl was executed by Islamic courts. This shows that the author of the topic doesn’t know the truth and the aim of the topic is to distort his master Mujahids who destroyed the legend of his masters the Jews and Christians. Moreover, the site which allows offending Islam and Muslims without argument or evidence is a site funded by the enemies of religion. I tell you owners of the site: “you will not succeed in your endeavour and time will tell”.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    محمد الجزائري 2008-12-13

    In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful “O you who believe! If an evil-doer comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done”, God says the truth. 1- Who committed the rape? 2- Who is the judge? 3- Who has executed the ruling? I think that before making any judgment, we must identify well these three parties because the victim which is victim of slander is the tolerant Islamic religion. I ask Magharebia to make a convincing investigation because this barbarism cannot be associated whether directly or indirectly to the Islamic religion.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    abid algerie 2008-12-11

    Where are the sheikhs and savants who, while caressing their beards, ceaselessly parade around on the television all day long, telling us about the benefits of Islam? Instead of always telling us about the Ghazaouetes and times past, it would be more useful to mention the excesses and crimes committed in the name of the religion. Barbarism has reached its pinnacle, and I am ashamed that such crimes would be committed on behalf of my religion.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2008-12-10

    In the name of God. I begin my words saying there is no power and will but from God. These are the limits of God. It is up to scholars to decide on this issue. Not just anyone should come and talk about such matters. Ordinary people should keep quiet as the poet said: If ignorant people kept quiet, there would have been less controversy. Praise be to God we have scholars. Glory to God, the messenger and believers. God is the greatest. God is the greatest. God is the greatest.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    ايمان تونس 2008-12-8

    It is absurd to attribute this act to the Islamic religion. This religion confirmed the necessity to prevent the implementation of the sanction by invoking suspicion in case of an act which requires a sanction. This explains why the Chapter of the Qur’an “Al Nour” required the presence of four witnesses. In case of a doubt by one of the four witnesses, they are punished for treachery against free women. This also reflects the serious concern about confirmation and investigation. Concerning the case of stoning the young girl Aicha, it is clear that it is not based on any legal or religious foundation. It was based on wrong understanding and implementation of the Islamic religion which hides a marginalization of women in Somalia. This is a mere exploitation of Islam in order to achieve personal objectives which are not associated with it.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالله 2008-12-5

    My dear brothers, I read the news. The conclusion is, I swear by God the Almighty that the 50 people are all more atrocious than animals as well as the thousand people who watched the crime without doing anything. May God rest the soul of Aicha, Aicha.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    emo 2008-12-3

    There is no power and no will but from God. What is this? Is there no reason or respect? Where is Morocco, my country, and where it is building its life, while there are some who are not living? What can I say? The mouth is incapable of speaking.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    yusuftalha 2008-12-2

    We must to learn to Islamic culture as a Good Muslim.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    Tati 2008-12-1

    My god, I litterally cried while reading this, is this really what Islam is about? Punishing the victim and setting loose the criminals? It just kills me when I imagine a thirteen year old girl's whole body burried leaving nothing but her head out and stonning her to death. Is there no justice in your religion, people? Honestly, this saddens me. It's all I have to say about this


  32. Anonymous thumb

    الجاهل 2008-12-1

    The girl was mentioned but not the adulterer or male dealers in sharia (if this is a sharia). The female and male adulterers are punished. We notice that all those who pretend knowledge do not consider the obligation of man towards God as much as they do for women. As to those who say that stoning is not in the Sharia of God in the religion of Mohamed, peace and prayer of God be upon him, he is excluded from the religion, God and His messenger disown them because they substituted “This is a chapter which We have revealed and made obligatory” with the rule of the pre-Islamic period, and the rules of Torah in the Jews oppressively and unjustly. Those who say that this chapter was raised but its rule remained are lying to God. We hope to read that the perpetrators of the rape were taken and killed so that her blood wouldn’t be lost. Maybe the judge should act as an outlaw and order stoning himself to avoid the anger of God if he really fears God.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    LAMINE 2008-12-1

    Peace on the followers of the right path. If the girl was really raped, God will certainly avenge her, God willing.


  34. Anonymous thumb

    benaribi 2008-11-29

    We must punish the guilty severely. God be with the victim’s family. I hope that our nations will be vigilant in protecting our homeless children and will build centres where they may live. These children will become men who do not carry these scars with them into their future.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    widad 2008-11-29

    There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. God is the greatest. I seek refuge from God, He is the best mandate. God will punish oppressors.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    عبدون مقصر 2008-11-28

    Salam alikum. Why is the case of Aicha not referred to erudite scholars, when they are numerous? It is not proper for brothers to struggle with each other and throw at each other absurd words. Everyone analyses the issue according to his ideas. One has a rigid textual thought, the other has an emotional thought, that one has a thought rejecting any aspect of religion, the other found this an opportunity so long expected to attack the instructions of religions. So the solution is with specialists. No one of us can confirm the veracity of this story. If it was confirmed, stoning is inflicted only on married man and woman but not on the single woman and bachelor. Moreover, ordering an Islamic rule is made by a Muslim Imam not anyone. Islam is a religion, an organization of wisdom, justice and interests. It is not a religion of chaos, oppression and corruption. God is the assistant.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    bitchouhe 2008-11-28

    I share all of these points of view. It seems that I am saddened by the killing of a young girl by stoning. It seems that this is animalistic, not even a judgment. This is a shame for the Muslim world, which is said to always progress, never backslide. That is all.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    gol 2008-11-28

    Given the appalling injustice that is the stoning of this girl, it is not enough to verbally condemn this horrible act! Rather, we must make the decision to establish secular politics. Why? Because the freedom of one begins where another’s starts. Many countries have understood that secularism was a good thing that guarantees everyone their freedom. Take, for example, France and Turkey. Secularism is also a way to say “No!” to the terrorists!!!


  39. Anonymous thumb

    nacer 2008-11-28

    This poor girl has been executed and it is too late to save her. We need to ask God to receive her, because there are no obstacles between God and an innocent person.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    maghribiya min london 2008-11-28

    I seek refuge with God and He suffices me.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    chafia 2008-11-27

    Pfff! This young girl just wanted justice, but death and dishonour was all she got!!! What a shame to do something like this in the name of Islam!!!


  42. Anonymous thumb

    amine 2008-11-26

    How do you know that she was raped???


  43. Anonymous thumb

    almois 2008-11-26

    If this story is true, I would say: it seems that so long as sharia is in the hands of certain ignoramuses who claim to have the power to explain the holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s sunna— may peace be upon him— there will be no end to such crimes. In the Qur’an, there is no verse that invokes stoning for adultery and the Prophet never established a law even if this was practiced a few times before the prophet said: “Those of you who beat women are no good.” So, what do those who kill an innocent 13-year-old girl who was raped have to say? Aisha, may God Almighty accept you into his eternal Paradise.


  44. Anonymous thumb

    sali 2008-11-25

    This is shameful. They are executioners!


  45. Anonymous thumb

    rasheed 2008-11-24

    why where DNA tests not carried out on the accused 'men'??These animals (so called men)are living with women, have a mother, sisters and possibly daughters.. and they are free to molest and rape ?????those 'men'(not real men but worse than animals-- even an animal will protect its young)are living and will commit this crime again!!It is beyond comprehension that all these other people contributed to this barbaric public stoning act.God bless for evermore this poor tortured child..God bless her family.Justice will be served to the guilty when they reach the gates of hell.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    ام احمد 2008-11-24

    “And when the female child buried alive is asked, for what sin she was killed”. Yes she was buried alive. She was buried, chained and stoned to death. For what sin? Is it for the sin of three evildoers who took her,? Not one, but three criminals, they might have been even armed. They raped this young girl who is powerless. Then they dropped her when they savagely attacked her little body. When she tried to take her rights, she was issued this punishment which the messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, avoided executing for a woman who committed adultery willingly and who acknowledged her sin. She came on her own initiative to be punished. Where are we from this story?


  47. Anonymous thumb

    lamyae 2008-11-24

    This is injustice against this young girl. They should have stoned the people who committed the crime of rape against her. There is no power and no will but from God.


  48. Anonymous thumb

    عبد السلام 2008-11-24

    May God curse the traitors. They have distorted the image of Islam. By what right was Aicha killed? Because she was coerced into adultery? Where is the Islamic conviction of Somalia? God has decided His will and He will do what He wants of such acts.


  49. Anonymous thumb

    وحيد المحايد المغربي 2008-11-24

    Unfortunately, all the commenters, in addition to the writers of this article, jumped on this news without taking the trouble to research the credibility of it or what the real story is. They all directed their anger toward Islam and its people. They should at least be balanced in telling the story as it is. But it looks like their hatred for Sharia made them forget that. The important thing is not to forget the crimes against women that happen under your noses while you never moved a finger. As if women's rights in your country are so well protected that you can turn your attention to protecting Somali women! It looks like you've forgotten when the police raped the women of Sidi Ifni. You forgot the women who appeared on Al Jazeera saying they tried to commit suicide because of poverty. And there is more, if you want to hear it. We haven't heard you calling for women's rights. Only when you protect women's rights in the Maghreb can you defend women on the rest of the continent. We want you to have Arab-style democracy, so you can publish a comment by a neutral Moroccan citizen.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالملك - السعودية 2008-11-23

    Praise be to God. Peace and blessings be upon the last prophet. As a specialist in Sharia, this barbaric act is very distant from the spirit of Islam and its instructions. The act of rape consists of two situations. In the first situation, it is an act of adultery with consent and voluntarily. In this case, the rule is clear. It is stoning for the married party or whipping for the unmarried. (This rule is confirmed in the Hadith of the messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him). In the second situation, one party is coercing and the other raped as in the case of Aicha, may God rest her soul. In this case, the perpetrator is sentenced to stoning if he is married or whipping a hundred times and exile (as in the story of the wife of Al Assif). As to the girl, she is guiltless because she was forced and coerced into adultery. It is known that sharia was instituted to grant justice to the oppressed and attacked not to kill him and give triumph to the oppressor. This act is not surprising for those who followed the path of dissidents in their fanaticism and fervour. God is the assistant, on Him we rely. There is no power and no will but from God. Oh Lord, most merciful and most bountiful, Lord of the first and last, rest the soul of Aicha, raise her to the rank of the faithful, take revenge for her on those who oppressed her, protect our Muslim, believing sisters and daughters from the slips of evil and help us to have mercy, compassion for them, fulfil their rights and educated them a righteous and decent education. Oh Lord you Who answer prayers. Peace and blessings of God be upon our prophet Mohamed, his family and companions. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    ابو سيف الاسلام 2008-11-23

    Most of those who implement Islamic rules in Somalia flagrantly ignore the meaning of the word. I have dealt with them. They interpret Islamic rules following their whims. If they had the least knowledge about Islamic rules, they would have stopped their act which is a shame on their understanding of Islam. These ignorant people will bear the blame of this raped girl, I say raped.


  52. Anonymous thumb

    الزيطي 2008-11-23

    There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. How can these monsters allow themselves to inflict such a crime on this girl who has not yet reached maturity? I want to address to their highest member the following question: Are you infallible? How many people have committed this obscene act in Somalia? Have they all received the same punishment? What if the matter concerned a girl who is influential in this country? Would have she received the same punishment? Islam disowns your acts. God alone knows the corrupt and good doer. I think that in this era, the righteous cannot act according to true Islam, except those who were saved by God. I was relay saddened by this appalling act in which the victim was an innocent girl. According to the news, she was not yet mature, but she received the punishment even if she was raped while the real criminals were let free of any punishment. This act consecrates injustice.


  53. Anonymous thumb

    لوكيدي عبدالله 2008-11-23

    Reason and religious rules are unable to explain the ruling issued against an innocent girl. Those who call themselves Islamists are in reality oppressors, tyrants, irreligious and criminal gangs which deserve crushing and fighting without mercy. We ask the religious scholars in all Islamic countries not to spare any effort to unite their word in order to eliminate such criminal gangs. We are tired of hearing such appalling acts which are in no way associated with our tolerant religion.


  54. Anonymous thumb

    لا حول 2008-11-22

    This is a criminal act. My opinion is the same as the brother Fathi said in the first comment, curse the perpetrator of this crime.


  55. Anonymous thumb

    Mohamed EL BAKI 2008-11-21

    No, this is not a verdict that was rendered; it is an abominable crime, which has nothing to do with Islam or the sharia. The Islamic judges and the “Union of Islamic Courts” are barbaric and criminal. This young girl was a victim twice over: she was subject to sexual violence on the part of these faithless, lawless men, of these criminals and then the so-called “judges” were criminals too. The crowd that came to see her put to death unjustly were accomplices to this despicable murder. Indeed, Islam and the sharia have been violated and soiled by the “ignorant hordes”.


  56. Anonymous thumb

    السبتي 2008-11-20

    This is revenge from the girl and a criminal, terrorist act. Those people who allege instituting religion, why don’t they look for the perpetrator or criminals who committed this act? Why haven’t they granted justice to this raped girl from those monsters, dogs, who committed the act and who killed her? Oh Lord, assist your oppressed subjects. Amen.


  57. Anonymous thumb

    مغربي 2008-11-19

    Rascals, savages, Muslims of the end of times, whenever they put their hands on a piece of weapon, they wreak corruption on earth under the pretext of protecting Islam and its Sharia. It is not excluded that her executors are those who raped her. These acts are not odd for these people as it happens with the Taliban who rape with the right hand and kill with the left hand. They even take pleasure in executing women in public in football stadiums. May God rest the soul of Aicha.


  58. Anonymous thumb

    SAMI 2008-11-19

    ASALAM ALAIKOUM what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  59. Anonymous thumb

    مسلمة من المغرب 2008-11-19

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Oh Lord take revenge from these fanatic extremists and oppressors. (They oppressed the innocent girl by killing her without right and in the name of Islam. Islam disowns their injustice, disowns it. They were unjust to Islam by committing this horrible crime in its name). Oh Lord, have mercy on Aicha, pour your anger and punishment on those who raped her, killers and witnesses who attended her execution without reacting. There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty.


  60. Anonymous thumb

    wiwi 2008-11-19

    What a catastrophe! This is an injustice.


  61. Anonymous thumb

    nour 2008-11-19

    There is no power and no will but from God. This is all I have to say, nothing more.


  62. Anonymous thumb

    musulman 2008-11-19

    No matter what is taken from Islam by the people, may God keep them, God will judge them. What a shame that they have soiled our religion. May they read the Qu’ran, sharia, our tenets and so on again. We must forgive one another. By god, this is not Islam. Is this the teaching of our Prophet in the Qu’ran???


  63. Anonymous thumb

    loujihali 2008-11-19

    Salam alikum. This is not associated with religion. There is no power or will but from God the Almighty. These people pretend that they are Islamists while they are just a group of violators of human rights in general and the rights of children specifically.


  64. Anonymous thumb

    مختار الجزائري 2008-11-18

    To those who contributed to the execution sentence and attended it, they should expect the greatest question on the Day of Judgment. Why have you killed this poor oppressed girl? And she will ask them why have you killed me? I tell them, hell awaits you and it is the worst destiny.


  65. Anonymous thumb

    awell 2008-11-18

    This is disgusting! You are not men, but barbarians!!! God will take care of you, don’t you fear!!!


  66. Anonymous thumb

    Jamal Morelli 2008-11-17

    From the New York Times: "The human rights group Amnesty International has identified the girl as Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow and said she was killed by 50 men who stoned her in a stadium in Kismayu in front of about 1,000 spectators." At first, I was shocked you could find a thousand people to sit through that. Then I remembered this photo - not yet a thousand years old. http://www.digitaljournalist.org/issue0309/lm18.html "A mob of 10,000 whites took sledgehammers to the county jailhouse doors to get at these two young blacks accused of raping a white girl..." No nation has a monopoly on gruesomeness.


  67. Anonymous thumb

    okhtokm filah 2008-11-17

    Shame on them. Is this justice for them? They must try those monsters who raped her. Their judgment is founded on no religion or Islam. His destiny is to hell. Amen.


  68. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2008-11-17

    Shame on them, she wasn't at fault. If she were one of their daughters, would they accept that she be stoned? These people are without mercy. Their fate is to hell. God does not accept killers of souls.


  69. Anonymous thumb

    بوشعيب تمواجد 2008-11-17

    It is unfair to commit such unjust judgments in such cases, who could have been granted justice instead of stoning her to death.


  70. Anonymous thumb

    الفتح الجزائر 2008-11-16

    We know that Islamic courts are against America. Anything opposing America bears a lot of good. We know that the people of Somalia have created for these savage tyrants a big complex which they cannot overcome. Therefore, they are alleging accusations against them. But unfortunately, it is us, Arabs, who publish their lies. So please be careful. It would have been preferable to communicate news of Muslim girls who are raped by Ethiopians and not communicate this odd news.


  71. Anonymous thumb

    Abdallah .E. 2008-11-16

    Another Moroccan pedophile who is actually hiding in Saudia arabia right now has issued a fatwa allowing a marriage of a 9 years old girl.the Pjd in the parliament is protesting the fact that the governement has closed all his "Coranic schools".I say we have to bring him back to Morocco ,lock him in one of his "schools" and throw the keys.We cannot allow this type of behaviour ,it is simply insane .to defend those type of people is to defend Satan!


  72. Anonymous thumb

    فاطمة 2008-11-16

    God suffices me and He is the best protector, what savagery is this?


  73. Anonymous thumb

    أ. الجزائري 2008-11-16

    In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful. What can we say about such acts which happen today in the name of Islam while Islam disowns them? What can we say to these ignorant people? Return to the right religion of God. Return to the inheritors of the right. Return to the scholars of the nations who are known for their knowledge, understanding of the doctrine and deep study of its details. How can you make such judgments when we know that the best of you has not washed from his urine for a long time. But what can we say when the ignorant has become a scholar and the puppets wise sacks? By God, the heart is moaning with for what is going on in the Islamic countries. We can just say from God we and to God we shall return. Thank you. Today, Abu Katada kills Muslims just because they don’t let him reach meat. Unfortunately, examples like him are abundant. We learned from the history of our prophet that human souls are killed without right. What is the guilt of this young girl? Instead of granting her justice, prioritizing her precious honour above everything, she was killed in cold blood by ignorant cowards who know nothing of woman but her body and sexual pleasure.


  74. Anonymous thumb

    جزائري 2008-11-16

    No comment, no comment, no comment.


  75. Anonymous thumb

    يوسف من المغرب 2008-11-16

    There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. This judgment is unreasonable and contrary to the Islamic religion and the tradition of the messenger of God, peace and prayer of God be upon him. It is the perpetrators of this crime who deserve stoning, they are the adulterers and rapists. The young girl did nothing wrong, especially because she was only 13. God the Almighty said “If you murder a believer, your fate is hell”.


  76. Anonymous thumb

    azzouze 2008-11-16

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. We don’t make judgments on the bare appearance of press articles. We heard that the girl went on her own initiative to the court. She asked them to punish her. So how can a group of Muslims of any kind, say calumnies about religion? Therefore, we don’t view issues of Muslims from one corner. There are many sides which are waiting for the slips of Islam. So we ask you brothers to be careful. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. May God rest the soul of this girl. We entrust our matter against those who tried and executed her.


  77. Anonymous thumb

    جمال الدين من الجزائر 2008-11-15

    You see how this information was exploited obscenely to distort Islam and those who implement it. Its objective is: beware of Islam and Muslims. God the Almighty said “And there is life for you in retaliation, O men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves”. Al Bakara 179. The messenger of God, peace and prayer of God be upon him, said “ My Umma are exempt in case of mistake, forgetfulness or if they are coerced”. This child was coerced. He also said: “Three are not accountable for their deeds: the mad, unreasonable, until he recovers reason; the sleeping until he wakes up and the child who has not reached maturity”. This kid, according to the news, had not reached maturity. So according to the previous texts from the Qur’an and Suna, there could be no law on earth good for life better than the Book of God and Suna of his messenger. In such an act, only the adulterer is stoned, if he is married. If he is not married, he is only whipped. But the little girl is innocent even if she owned up in the investigation that she committed it on her own will because she is not accountable for her deeds. If a doctor proves that she is mature, she should not be stoned because she was not married. She should only be whipped. This act should be investigated by the police then the prosecutor of the state and the instruction judge. The investigation duration can last for one year. Then the case is referred to the district court. Its order can be appealed before the appellate court. Its order can be attacked before the Supreme Court. The decision of the latter is final. After three or four years in investigation and trial by those who are competent in the matter. During the period of investigation, the defendant is exposed to experts in mental, sexual, physical, psychological and other disciplines. Lawyers are appointed for him if he has not one. Finally, this news is not credible.


  78. Anonymous thumb

    halima_simo 2008-11-14

    Shame on you, why this act? All this for a 13-year-old girl who knows nothing and did nothing. Why?


  79. Anonymous thumb

    Eng. Hasan Al-Bahkali 2008-11-14

    There is no power and no will but from God. How is it conceivable that an underage girl without will or power be attacked by three wolves and then comes a barbaric ruling, not associated in any way with Islam, reflecting a backward mentality of the twenty-first century and before it the twentieth century, the entire world with all religions never brought what was brought here. These people have offended Islam and Muslims. The number of crimes has become two or even three crimes. The first crime is raping an underage girl (even of the west will reform the freedom of woman from the age of 15 to 13 and it was before 18. But it has not decided it. Even the west is not reliable). The second crime is not arresting the three wolves, their exit from the scene of events. They were not punished to protect society from them. The third crime is executing a wrong judgment on an underage girl by stoning her to death. Those who ordered this judgment and those who executed should be punished. Society must sue all the parties. There is no power and no will but from God. From God we are and to God we shall return. Engineer Hasan Al Bahkali.


  80. Anonymous thumb

    zilch 2008-11-14

    I will say right away: I am an atheist. I do not believe in any God. But I know many good people of all religions: Christians, Muslims, Jews, and many others. All of these people have something in common: they believe in the basic goodness of the human heart. And judging by the heart, what happened to this poor girl was an atrocity. And for me, it is not so important what people believe: it is how they behave. If anyone is interested in discussing this, please email me. Thank you.


  81. Anonymous thumb

    belhouari larbi 2008-11-14

    God suffices me and he is the best protector.


  82. Anonymous thumb

    زرهون 2008-11-14

    There is nothing we can say, except there is no power and no will but from God Almighty.


  83. Anonymous thumb

    جمال الدين من الجزائر 2008-11-14

    A fatal poison. This topic attacked Islam and Muslims. How? According to the author, stoning the adulterer is a big mistake but adultery is something futile. The implementation of the rule was haphazard, without trial or evidence against the attacked, and without the attacker. Who can believe this calumny? Is religion a chaos? Can legal punishment be executed by anyone? Are there in the state which implements the law of God no investigators in the police, judiciary, doctors, judges, lawyers and public prosecutor? How is it conceivable that the rule be implemented for the attacked and the attacker is let free? This is the logic of the liar to God that His subjects no better than their Lord their interests. God the Almighty said “You have in retaliation a life oh wise people”.


  84. Anonymous thumb

    صالح من الجزائر 2008-11-14

    In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful. Peace be upon the messenger of God. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. This poor girl (Fatima) was unjustly treated. God will retaliate from those who oppressed her, who raped her, who ordered her stoning unjustly, who carried out the stoning and who attended it. It is sure that God will retaliate from them in life. They should have no ruling or state because ruling is based mainly on justice. God will also retaliate from them in the afterlife when she will stand before God and tell Him oh Lord ask them why they have killed me? As regards the religious rule in this issue… how was she punished for adultery when she was raped, and not guilty of adultery? There is a big difference between the two things. Then why was she stoned if she was not married? Who orders such religious punishments when there is no Islamic state? Religious sanctions are implemented only if the Islamic state is established, settled and provide Muslims with job opportunities and marriage. In this case, crimes are committed only by real criminals who deserve punishment. But in the current situation as it is in Somalia, they should: 1- repent to God for this enormous sin. 2- Study religious science from scholars and not just rely on books. 3- Work for the stability of the country. 4- Prepare adequate conditions for the foundation of a just Islamic State. 5- Help Muslims to overcome the crises of ignorance and poverty. To sum up, beware of extremism, it brings no good.


  85. Anonymous thumb

    mbazir 2008-11-14

    My God! never mind she was a rape victim she was a child , a 13 years old! these bastards who ordered the stoning should be brought to justice and INTERPOL should issue a warrant for thier arrest since there is no legitimate government in somalia


  86. Anonymous thumb

    بوكرش العربي 2008-11-14

    It is very sorry to see such phenomena. It is religious fanaticism.


  87. Anonymous thumb

    life617 2008-11-13

    Stoning in general and in the case of this young Somali in particular is a barbaric act that does no honour to our religion, the religion of Muslims. These acts, as I am a practicer, destabilise my faith and do nothing to prevent me somehow questioning my beliefs.


  88. Anonymous thumb

    Un ami qui vous veut du bien 2008-11-13

    To حسن مناش I have nothing to answer your backward thoughts with. I hope that one day you will be confronted by such an absurdity or such injustice or that this happens to one of your family members, then we will see what you think of it and how your ideals collapse.


  89. Anonymous thumb

    khadija 2008-11-13

    It is more than great, God bless you.


  90. Anonymous thumb

    عبد القادر بن الدين 2008-11-13

    If this is quoted without falsification, it is a crime by all standards against this young girl. In order to impose this punishment under Islamic law, the adultery should first not be under coercion, and secondly it should be clearly witnessed by four witnesses. The question is, if this news is true and meets Islamic conditions, then where is the perpetrator or perpetrators?


  91. Anonymous thumb

    هواري 2008-11-13

    There is no power and no will but from God. By God, Islam disowns such savage acts.


  92. Anonymous thumb

    كريم قسنطينة 2008-11-13

    By what right does a human being judge his brother, and on which basis? Religion, customs, traditions… There is no power and no will but from God.


  93. Anonymous thumb

    aboilyas 2008-11-13

    In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful. There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. What next, after this savagery? What is this arrogance? Where did the judge derive the religious texts which authorise punishing a raped girl? She was powerless and had no will in what happened to her. This severe judgment should be implemented to those who issued it and carried it out. Scholars of the Islamic nation should take a firm position against these aspects which distort the tolerant religion of Islam and the path of the most honourable Prophet, peace and prayers of God be upon Him.


  94. Anonymous thumb

    star 2008-11-12

    that why imazghen in north africa have to be very careful of these ideologies of islam and ben laden doctrine


  95. Anonymous thumb

    بن عدة ناصر 2008-11-12

    Exalted be God and praise be to God. The punishment for adultery in Islam is clear. Its consequences under most positive laws (penal) in Arab states are a limited prison sentence and a fine. But what happened in Somalia to this victimised girl is not associated in any way with Islam and Islam disowns it. Rightness supersedes and is not defeated. Those who committed this crime against this poor girl should be punished under the cover of human rights and freedoms.


  96. Anonymous thumb

    إيناس من تونس 2008-11-12

    There is no power and no will but from God. I am speechless, I can't describe the atrocity of what happened to Aicha.


  97. Anonymous thumb

    محمد 2008-11-11

    The news says that the girl was raped but didn’t commit adultery willingly. She was a victim. She went to those whom she considered to be protectors of the right. But she was disappointed after they accused her of adultery. They issued a radical ruling in the name of Islam. Islam disowns radical rulings. Islam grants justice to the oppressed and punishes the oppressor. But in the case of these retarded people, the oppressors are free and enjoying life. The oppressed was stoned to death. Those who pretend to protect religion should punish the culprits. Supposing that it was a case of adultery, both man and woman adulterer should be punished not just punish the female and exempt the male Who is this male? He is ungrateful to the female?


  98. Anonymous thumb

    المعارضة 2008-11-11

    I repent to God the Almighty. What times are we in? But the problem is not with the time, it is in our sick consciences. People of Islam without Islam. This is a time when the banned is authorised and sanctities are violated. Where are those who call for humanism? There should be an action. The United Nations doesn’t need a bunch of reports every year. We are tired of talking and the expression “we will”. Procrastination is of no use. It will just worsen things. Oh Lord protect us and guard us in this time which is foreign to its people. Thank you.


  99. Anonymous thumb

    Fromage Frais 2008-11-11

    This is the same country where a man had to marry a goat? no excuse, this is horrific


  100. Anonymous thumb

    ramos 2008-11-11

    Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame.


  101. Anonymous thumb

    Hohenfels 2008-11-10

    Being French, I am slightly relieved to see that some Muslim scholars have condemned this assassination. I do not respect those argument which state that the "infidel West" should not give lessons to extremist Muslims. Yes we can... This stoning is a shameful and barbarian event and those who are in favour of this criminal militia are somehow criminal themselves, at least morally criminal. Besides, I am concerned by the argument of some Muslim scholars who say that the execution should not have taken place because the Qur'an does not order stoning for raping. But even though the Qur'an DID order such a punishment, I should not be followed. And in the case of 4-eyewitness adultery, stoning is wrong too. Assassination is wrong, final point. And the State --or the ruling militia-- has NO LEGITIMACY to decide what is morally good or wrong for citizens. I do not respect behaviours like that, I look down at them.


  102. Anonymous thumb

    حسن مناش 2008-11-10

    Stoning a young girl is never carried out without evidence, witness and proof. But it is the enemies of Islam who inflated and exaggerated the stoning act. They are ashamed of any Islamic ruling based on the religious punishments such as cutting off a hand or stoning. In the opinion of these people, Islam is backward compared to the era. This is an unforgivable mistake. Ruling according to the religious sanctions is the most proper way to keep societies healthy. The orders and bans of Mohamed, peace be upon him, will persist to the day of Judgment despite the opposition of hypocrites. Most of them are islamised, dwellers of the desert and hypocrites. They are singing on American and Zionist chords. They have noticed in the present time with the escalation of the crisis, the west is resorting to Islamic solutions openly and mostly. However long it takes, they will adopt cutting hand and stoning…


  103. Anonymous thumb

    مناش حسن بوبكري 2008-11-8

    The punishment for the adulterer, man and woman, is clear in Islam. There is no leniency about that. However, the sanction for an adulterer in our time is less than one month in prison. Then he returns to his act or crimes while he has in mind that the sanction is easy and bearable. This is why the crimes of adultery and raping are increasing. In the current Islamic societies, there is abundance in the number of prostitutes as a result of the leniency in dealing with this phenomenon. Worse than this, many of our societies encourage the spread of this phenomenon. They even try to prepare their children to become merchandise in the hands of tourists for a few dirhams in order to bring foreign currency. Islam in this case has become neutral. Laws were enacted in the name of moderation and under the pretext of tolerance, openness and modernism. If we hypothetically bring a respectable companion of the prophet and make an interview with him to give us his advice about whether we should stone an adulterous girl to death or let the phenomenon of adultery and its modern practise from the back and front exceeding the people of Lot, maybe he would prefer hanging, stoning and whipping instead of transforming society to night and day clubs. Its citizens are like animals following their whims. Detailing all the examples requires long volumes. But we will leave this to specialists and believers not to the rich who make money from Fatwas and deviating people from the realities of Islam which is always ambitious to structure a clean, human and distinct society. Now the distinction should be made between the Muslim and non Muslim. If these electric shocks which come to us rightly or wrong, as in the case of the stoned girl. No scholar would have made a decisive statement about the outspread of adultery and homosexuality with the knowledge and even encouragement of officials. Moderation has its limits. Adultery has its sanctions. Why this hypocrisy and duplicity to the behaviours of the infidel West? The West which has built its civilization on our relics thanks to its famous theory (A glass and a prostitute...), oh nation of Islam.


  104. Anonymous thumb

    Saul Wall 2008-11-8

    People keep mentioning how the sentence requires four witnesses which is designed to protect women. But the basic idea that adultery is such a horrible crime for a woman to commit that four witnesses can justify any sort of death penalty is offensive. When one party in a marriage betrays their vows they have sinned against their partner and it is a tragic human failing but to say that this, even if there are four witnesses justifies killing someone is INSANE! And how many witnesses are needed to kill a man for adultery? People are right to be outraged that the rape of a 13 year old girl is seen as equal to the girl having committed adultery but they are missing the basic hatred of women that is behind the law in the first place.


  105. Anonymous thumb

    Lihidheb mohsen 2008-11-8

    "We must not remain silent." Indeed, this is a very grievous act that needs to be strongly denounced, especially when the perpetrators are a collective pretending to do justice. This collective, in turn, needs to be judged and subjected to a public ruling. It is also beyond very unfortunate to find such serious degradation in some of the Muslim world’s societies. May those who defend Islam with peace and tolerance react!


  106. Anonymous thumb

    صالح مجدول 2008-11-8

    I seek the protection of Allah from killing an innocent whose honour was attacked then she was attacked again by the so called “Islamic courts” which are not at all Islamic and Islam disowns them. Instead of executing the three males who violated the girl with premeditation, an innocent girl was executed and she hasn’t committed any evil punishable by the Islamic religion or positive law (There is no crime or sentence except with the presence of a text). They ridicule the tolerant Islamic religion which banned killing a soul without right. As regards the young girl who is still under age, she was killed in front of 1,000 people who weren’t moved by the human conscience by which God distinguished human beings from animals. Islam is a religion of culture, science, technology, mathematics and sport. It is a religion of tolerance. “They ask you as to what they should spend. Say: What you can spare”, God says the truth. “And when the female infant buried alive is asked for what sin she was killed”, God says the truth. Islam is the religion of mercy. “And We have not sent you but as a mercy to the world”. God says the truth. Oh Lord rest the soul of the young girl and direct your ire to those who were the cause for killing her including the criminals and those who ordered her execution. They deserve to be stoned to death because they ordered killing an innocent soul. There is no power and no will but from God the Almighty.


  107. Anonymous thumb

    [email protected] 2008-11-8

    This article is to get the word out.


  108. Anonymous thumb

    MANSEUR 2008-11-8

    The stoning of the Somali was a barbaric act and Islam has nothing to do with this sort of thing. Instead of searching for criminals and bringing them to justice, we have a young girl, age 13, who is stoned. Certain African countries do not deserve to be helped by other countries given their regimes and inhumane actions. May God have mercy on this girl and accept her into His paradise.


  109. Anonymous thumb

    Fathi 2008-11-8

    Even if your intentions were good, this article is deplorable. You want to present your website as objective and modern, but it has plunged into the circle of vicious relics who want to explain everything with religion. In the 21st Century, everyone should have a good idea about civilisation and human rights, the fruits of many long centuries of development, education and struggle. There is no need to invoke the example of the prophet Mohamed or the conditions expressed by the sharia for ruling on a case of adultery (e.g. four witnesses and so on). You need to abandon such vicious logic, which is cultivated not only by backward fundamentalists, but also by the opportunistic parasites who are pretending to fight them and who are worth no more. A crime is a crime and should be punished as such. In this case, I will clarify that I do not consider the crime one of adultery, but one of rape and another committed by the so-called judges and the backward, cowardly masses who took part in her death. I wonder why you feel obliged to cite Iqbal Gharbi, a so-called professor of sharia, who, with utter obscenity, permitted himself to say that “those who are found guilty of adultery may be whipped one hundred times.” What century are we living in? How can he dare stick his nose into the private lives of people and meddle in the way they use their bodies and their freedom? How can he dare to pronounce the word “guilt”? I am not an apostle of adultery, but people’s private relations and their interactions with others need not be subject to the judgments of this “specialist”. He has no right to approve or disapprove of others personal behaviour. Crimes connected to guilt are well known to everyone: theft, rape, murder, dictatorship, etc., all of which deprive people of their rights.


  110. Anonymous thumb

    samir ibrahim 2008-11-7

    There is no power and no will but from God. May God the curse the oppressors. Where do they bring such things from??? Why do they distort Islam??? We are the best nation raised up for men. Our faith will not be influenced by falsehood from before it nor from behind it. We follow the guidance of our noble messenger, best prayers and benedictions be upon him. Islam disowns such crimes. God suffices me and he is the best protector. Watani news network


Anonymous thumb

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