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Terrorism 2013-02-13

Tripoli gang kidnaps businessman

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Tripoli gunmen kidnapped Arab Contracting Union head Abdulrahman Abdullah Husseini and his Sudanese driver on Tuesday (February 12th), Libya Herald reported.

In another high-profile kidnapping, Colonel Mahmoud Al-Jaaber of the national fire service was snatched from his Tripoli office on Sunday. He has not been found.

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    عبد الصادق ابولقاسم 2013-2-13

    Libya has security problems which can be solved in the following way: 1- Recognizing only legitimate institutions and speeding up building state institutions 2- Stressing the independence of the three powers: legislative, executive and judiciary. 3- No one is above law, neither from the national congress nor the rebels. 4- Dissolution or integration of rebel battalions, brigades, security committees or any other sides which are not under the control and orders of the ministry of the interior and defence. 5- Creating job opportunities to absorb unemployed people and not be limited to integrating them in the security and defence as these two shouldn't be inflated. 6- Pursuing a wise internal policy focused on development, a balanced foreign policy with all countries especially the one that helped Libya during revolution and not intervene in internal affairs. 7- Start with the plan for national reconciliation and address the issue of the displaced people internally and abroad. 8- Everyone must support the new administration and adopt democracy which means accepting others regardless of their political affiliation. 9-The law of political isolation shouldn't be extended and limited to senior leaders in the former regime, prime ministers, ministers, members of the general popular congress and some ambassadors convicted of financial corruption. 10- Keeping other officials in state administrations, universities, the army and security as they are the real wealth of Libya.