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Tunis rally turns violent

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Tunis police used tear gas and batons to disperse protesters Monday (April 9th) on Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Tunisia Live reported. Participants marched to commemorate Martyrs' Day and denounce the ban on protests along the city's central street. At least 15 civilians and 8 policemen were hurt in the clashes, AFP reported.

Wrapped in Tunisian flags and shouting "we're not afraid, the people are here", the demonstrators reportedly sought shelter in neighbouring streets and shops after police in trucks and on motorbikes pursued them.

Later Monday, hundreds gathered in Monastir, Sousse and Sfax to show support for the Tunis demonstrators.

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    Anonymous 2012-4-11

    Ennahda alleges that it has no militias which took part in repressions of April 9 the anniversary of martyrs. But it forgets that people are used to its terrorist militias since the era of Ben Ali or even since Hassan Al Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928. Many intellectuals, journalists and artists have been assaulted by its militias including Zyad Krichane and Soufiane Benhmida. There were even threats of death including recently Al Kassas (retaliation). These are excesses emanating even from their reactionary terrorist leaderships like the one made on May 25 in Bourguiba Avenue when the roach who is a leading preacher when he said: “death to Essebssi” and he was followed in acclaims by his ignorant followers. But the odd thing is that he didn’t act “manly”, recognize his mistake, apologize to everyone, call for calmness and curse Satan. It is sure that Essebssi will renounce to the case. Not only Essebsi, but even the Jewish minority which he threatened of death recently. The cockroach wasn’t fair, wise and honest so as to recognize, apologize and thus revive in the Tunisian people the spirit of brotherhood, tolerance and transcendence over hatreds. However nothing can be expected from somewhere else but its source. To sum up, Ennahda and the majority of “Islamists” are the people who farthest from fairness and they are by God the dirtiest people! Have you heard of the scandal about this, honesty and manliness of the Egyptian Salafi who alleged that his nose was broken but he had undergone a plastic surgery to his nose after he was elected to the national assembly? But the oddest thing is that it was found out that he was secretly married to a “dancer”? even if he is married. It was a tremendous scandal which rocked his party. Finally, Ennahda and similar movements are a terrible threat to civilization, peace, civility, mind and morals! Yes morals!!! The verse “Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds!” applies exactly to them!