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Tunisia offers asylum to Bachar al-Assad

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If Bachar al-Assad decides to leave Syria, he could end up in Tunisia, TAP reported on Tuesday (February 28th).

"Tunisia is ready to grant asylum to Syrian President Bachar al-Assad and his relatives in the framework of a negotiated settlement to the Syrian crisis," President Moncef Marzouki said in an interview to be published Wednesday by La Presse.

During the "Friends of Syria" international conference last Friday in Tunis, Marzouki called for judicial immunity for al-Assad and his family. He also proposed an Arab peacekeeping force and diplomatic efforts to try to persuade al-Assad to quit.

Human rights groups estimate that al-Assad's crackdown on dissent has killed more than 7,600 people since March, AFP reported.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    amad salem 2012-2-29

    In reality, Tunisia would not offer political asylum to a born killer, who only knows how to murder his people. This is another monumental blunder on the part of the Tunisian president. If his own security is not absolutely assured, then how does he want to assure the security of a political renegade? What do we have to do with this Bashar and his family? We would turn our backs on the Syrian people and almost all of the Arab heads of state (except the Qatari Zionists and Saudis) and states like Russia and China, and we are opening our country to all spies and terrorists. We would have done better in this case to protect our godfather and his mafia family. If this “genius” idea came from our president, then it is totally stupid. If this is a message from the Qataris and Saudis, which our president is presenting under his name, then it is even worse.