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Libya plans AIDS awareness day

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Libya and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime will partner for an AIDS awareness event next Monday in Tripoli, PANA reported on Thursday (August 5th). The occasion will also launch a national campaign against drug use by injection. According to Libya's national centre for the prevention of transmittable diseases, taking drugs by injection remains the main source of contracting HIV/AIDS in the country. Some 11,152 Libyans are reportedly infected with the HIV virus.

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    VIH/SIDA 2011-2-27

    Every day should be an AIDS awareness day. Our high schools should have an entire month dedicated to sex education, which would cover a range of topics. The topics would include: firstly, sexual maturation during puberty; secondly, the entire physiological process of sexual intercourse and human reproduction which would begin with spermatogenesis in men and the maturation of ovum in women to sexual intercourse to conception and to the development of the baby; thirdly, various forms of contraception including abstinence, condoms and birth control pills; and fourthly the physiology, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex is a natural part of our lives, so it is important that people understand what sex is and what risks sex entails before they decide to become sexually active. The best time to teach people this knowledge is when they are in high school because the majority of the country has to go to school. Moreover, at this age their bodies are becoming sexually mature so for those few students who do have sex, they will be able to prevent the transmission of HIV. If Libya is like the rest of the Maghreb, then the average person will think that sex outside of marriage is immoral. I would like to respond to these people by saying that we have to think outside our own convictions and realise that we are living in a society of great variation. Some people are going to choose to act differently than you would choose to act, but that does not mean they deserve to die from AIDS. Moreover, we must understand that it only takes one person to introduce HIV into a family, infecting their husband or wife and the foetus that the wife may be carrying.