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Moroccan ulemas denounce fatwa authorising underage marriage

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Moroccan Islamic scholars strongly rejected Sunday (September 21st) the fatwa authorising marriage for 9-year-old girls, MAP reported. In a statement, Morocco's High Council of Ulemas "denounce[d] the utilisation of religion to legitimise the marriage of nine-year-old girls". Sheikh Mohamed Ben Abderrahman Al-Maghraoui issued an internet fatwa earlier this month stating that Islam allowed the marriage of nine-year-old girls. The Council reiterated that the legal age of marriage is 18 years.

Also Sunday, the prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Rabat ordered a thorough investigation into Al-Maghraoui and the circumstances surrounding his fatwa, MAP reported.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    yakoubi 2009-4-1

    It is time to save the Muslim people from the evil doings of the religious people and the fiqhs, who believe that they possess all knowledge and have the right to deprive one million Muslims of the ability to think. According to them, everything goes definitively back to the 14th Century, even the way we use the toilet. Oh, if only the one million minds wasted on studying the fiqh and the sunna were devoted to studying the real knowledge by which God made the universe. It is no accident that God gave us this gift. Oh, if only these one billion minds devoted to such thoughts would realise what the caliphs have done since the 14th Century, we would avoid such sombre views of our lives and futures and we would protect the people of the Muslim world from true catastrophe.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    ياسين 2009-3-16

    Shame on you.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    fayssal 2008-11-19

    You are talking about one of the major scholars in the Islamic world. He cannot issue a fatwa arbitrarily because he has studied the issue very well and came up with a conclusion. He did not force us to abide by it. He just expressed his opinion and this is his right. On the other hand, where were you when the minister Nezha Seqalli requested removing the call for prayer at dawn because it disturbs tourists? Isn’t this contempt of our feelings? Where were your critics and alleged concern for the nation ?


  4. Anonymous thumb

    BMFA 2008-9-29

    To Saidani Miloudi: When one has nothing to say, one keeps quiet instead of writing such utter nonsense.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    Abdou 2008-9-27

    Salam Alaikoum, I ask that all of this country's leaders and anyone near the barbarians and their sheikhs keep their eyes wide open, to put an end to their traditions imported from the island of Arabia, to respect our Moroccan traditions (including our hairstyles, traditional habits and our wearing of the Maghreb djellaba and Moroccan tarbouche from Fez) and to prevent men from wearing jackets with Afghan kachabas underneath. If the sheikhs taught their adepts to respect first and foremost their country, that is: under ouali al-amr, then why would people begin Ramadan with the Saudis and feast with the Saudis? Where is the respect for the Commander of the Faithful?


  6. Anonymous thumb

    saidani miloudi 2008-9-24

    Since fassad is overspreading everywhere on land and sea the only solution to preserve purity and family roots is the 9-years marriage fatwa. Full stop.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    BMFA 2008-9-23

    Bravo for the ulema! However, we are entitled to expect a little more from them! May they get more involved in refining and modernisation of certain hadiths, adapting them to the 21st century. Islam truly needs to be re-adapted. The world without ijtihad is not a true Muslim world.