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Security 2014-03-25

Libya violence continues unabated

By Asma Elourfi and Fathia al-Majbri in Benghazi for Magharebia – 25/03/2014

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Cyrenaica federalists and the Libyan interim government could soon come to an agreement on the use of oil ports.

In a statement issued on Sunday (March 23rd), the Cyrenaica political council said it would allow the Libyan state to export oil under certain conditions.

"The conditions are: forming a committee from the country's three regions to oversee oil sales; opening an investigation into… fraud and theft in oil sales; freezing the work of the General National Congress (GNC) and forming a crisis government headed by an independent figure until parliamentary and presidential elections are held," the statement said.

Other conditions include the creation of a military council to head the chiefs of staff, the establishment of a jurisprudence council from Libya's scholars instead of giving religious authority to one mufti and the replacement of high-ranking officials by independent figures, without party affiliations, it added.

Citizens are more worried about the security situation in their cities than ever.

Engineer Mohamed al-Maghrabi, 43, called on the interim government to "focus on the systematic terrorism in Benghazi and Derna, as represented by political and military assassinations".

In his turn, 38-year-old teacher Faraj Abdel Ali said citizens expected accountability and access to information about some outstanding issues, "including that of displaced Tawerghans".

Other areas of concern, he noted, include "building the army and police, oversight of oil sales, distribution of wealth to all cities, political isolation law, national reconciliation, iron and steel factory revenues and secret prisons".

Banker Amira Ashraf El-Ourfi, 36, said, "Now the game is open. The fighting group, Ansar al-Sharia and the so-called Libya Revolutionaries Operation Room, jihadists in Derna and before them the Muslim Brotherhood, are the cause of terrorism in Libya."

"People reject them because they believe that they're after the assassinations, bombings and destruction in the country, as well as the theft of public money to pay for terrorist groups outside Libya," she added.

Civil society activist Fatima Ali agreed, saying, "Assassinations and kidnappings have affected foreigners in Libya."

"Today, Sunday (March 23rd,) two people from Bangladesh were found dead in Benghazi. Last month, an Indian doctor was found dead in Derna. Last week, an Iraqi professor working at the University of Sirte was also found dead. This is in addition to more than 13 Christian Egyptians who were executed," the 26-year-old told Magharebia.

In related security news, preventive security agency agent Ibrahim Abdallah Boufenara died of his wounds on Friday morning. He was shot by gunmen in Benghazi's al-Hawari area.

One day earlier, two TV station vehicles were blown up when a bag containing explosives was planted at the car park of the tourist village in Gar Younes, northwest of Benghazi. The blast caused material damages, but no casualties.

Meanwhile, unknown assailants placed explosives behind al-Sabri police station building, but the blast didn't cause any human or material losses.

Authorities have started relying on citizens' help to curb the violence.

Special operations forces, in co-operation with citizens, arrested two men who were trying to kidnap a citizen. The wounded man was taken to Benghazi Medical Centre for treatment.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالمجيدالمجدوب 2014-3-31

    We must learn from history which is the best reference. It means first and foremost learning love for the homeland.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالسلام كريم 2014-3-31

    My brothers, anything founded on falsehood is false. This means the situation in Libya is well-known and cannot be debated. The state is open from all directions. The government doesn't have any power. The government of spare my head and cut everything else! The world now is intervening in the affairs of the Libyan state. Even Tunisia now is intervening in the affairs of Libya. If the defeated government has adopted since the declaration of the liberation of Libya the policy of cut the head and the veins will dry up, Libya wouldn't have been in this condition. This means if the head of anyone arrested involved in a crime affecting the state security is cut, they would have stopped the problems. But honestly, those who are ruling today are mercenaries from abroad.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    مواطن ليبي 2014-3-30

    The first one responsible for killing or assassinations in Benghazi are federalists = symbols of rats on top of them the criminal Ibrahim al-Jadhrane. Everyone knows the reasons. The second side contributing to killing is Al Qaeda organization which changed its name to Ansar al-Sharia.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    fikrihtewish 2014-3-30

    These statements aren't conceivable and it is a clear deceit by the enemies of the nation who have been awarded citizenship through grants and falsification, agents of the Egyptian intelligence, cronies and followers of the buried one who have made an alliance with a bunch of traitors including federalists and owners of corrupt political money.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    ali 2014-3-30

    God is the greatest! God is the greatest! Praise be to God! These are people of Cyrenaica as we know them before. From them revolution has begun and from them it will continue until we build the state of Libya. The grandsons of al-Mokhtar are like this, they don't accept division of Libya or its resources. They don't accept injustice. They are wise people who want national reconciliation and steering Libya to the safe shore. God is the greatest! God is the greatest! Praise be to God!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    خالد 2014-3-30

    Relentless, we will make it a relentless war in which sixty camels will carry wine, oh, is this our reward Algerians?


  7. Anonymous thumb

    خالد 2014-3-30

    Woe to you for what you will reap from your perseverance in spreading poisons, sowing dissent, hatred and discord! We will get out of crises quicker than you in overcoming your hellish decade. There is one thing sure and certain. You have caused more hardships to the lives of your sons in Libya which has hosted them for so long during the war of cutting the heads of children - relentlessly!


  8. Anonymous thumb

    الشريف 2014-3-28

    We ask God guidance for everyone! They should put Libya in their hearts.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    أشبحه الفرجاني 2014-3-26

    The National Congress must leave and power should be handed to supreme court, form a crisis government under the supervision of the international community, dismantling all ideology-driven formations, activate the army, police and prevalence of law to stop the shed of the Libyan blood, begin dialogue, reconciliation, return of the displaced, withdraw arms, stay away from militarising cities, staying away of regionalism, tribalism and dissolve all parties immediately.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    نننن 2014-3-26

    You have divided Libya to 16 may God divide you to 1600! Where is nationalism? Where is Arabism? Where is Islam? Where is pride? Where is tolerance? Where are affection and kinship recommended by the dear prophet, Peace be Upon Him? Where is mercy and compassion? O Libyans, the world is laughing at you and waiting for a proper opportunity to step in your territory. Wake up early to the Jewish game, this is better for you?


  11. Anonymous thumb

    دكتور درناوي 2014-3-26

    Liars! You are the ones behind dissent and problems! Your accusation of Islamists is a base accusation. You have no evidence. It is a politicised accusation!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    Masoud m naser 2014-3-26

    The hidden is uncovered, the game is now on the table and the name, address, goals and all crimes of criminal who commits are known. They are spread like cancer in the institutions of the nascent state. The only thing the Libyan people can do is to join hands and uproot this cancer.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    احب ليبيا 2014-3-26

    Yes, they are Ansar al-Sharia in the light of these assassinations on top of them Yousssef Ben Qumo and groups outside the country from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya. These things are supported by Brotherhood from Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. It is score-settling by these groups which see that it is necessary to kill and carry out attacks so that they can do what they want given that there is no army and police. Moreover, you won't be spared by these Takfirists who see that the state is apostate and that it is legitimate to kill them and not wrong. Ansar al-Sharia are supported by Brotherhood, Sellabi and all those behind it. "But Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it." God will show their grudges and you will know who Ansar al-Sharia are.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    يوسف سالم 2014-3-26

    Young people are victims of exploitation in Libya. We have gone through an honourable historical phase through our sublime past crowned by the success of February revolution with pride and the efforts of heroes who contributed highly in spite of the lack of their fighting capabilities, their determination, solidarity and courage until victory was achieved and the homeland was extracted from the acts of rubbish which had dominated it in a hideous painful way. We recklessly forbore them for a whole era. When we put things in their place, we find violations committed after this victory for many intricate reasons. If we don't address them with firmness, we may - God forbid - lose this victory easily. This is because some ingenious people have exploited the reality of the powerless youth who have been living for over 40 years in total isolation from the world and the accompanying progress in all fields, so they became a raw material, marginalized and void of any useful development. They easily exploited them taking advantage of this situation with suspicious material resources for hidden goals they were dragged into affiliation (hide-and-seek) for scheduled trends because of their lack of awareness. They were even exploited to carry out dark consequences in recklessness which dragged them to support these backward ideas with total conviction against their compatriots and homeland thinking it is the right thing. These young people were really deprived of a dignified developed life as a result of political pressure and control of power by a small bunch of rascals who closed the keys of dignified life in front of them. This tyrannical rule imposed on them forced conscription in which they faced scheduled methods to humiliate them after they were affiliated by the power of arms against their will. Unfortunately, they were kidnapped from schools to bases to learn (yes sir). If the collapsing rule were fair, it would have helped them during training with training sessions in many fields including science, modern languages and industry. But the crime is that after ending their military service, they found themselves on the streets without help, job or profession in the field of mechanics.


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