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Terrorism 2014-02-13

Algeria leads effort against terror financing

By Walid Ramzi in Algiers for Magharebia – 13/02/2014

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Algeria's initiative to criminalise ransom payments to terrorists is winning international and regional support.

Meeting in Algiers on February 4th, African and foreign officials agreed to implement the "Algiers Memorandum on Good Practices on Preventing and Denying the Benefits of Kidnapping for Ransom (KFR) by Terrorists".

The Group of Eight in the United Nations Security Council had already adopted the Algerian memorandum, presidential advisor Kamel Rezzag-Bara said. The Security Council also gave a directive to work on expanding international support for the initiative.

For his part, African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (CAERT) Director Ambassador Francesco Jose Madeira said that more than 35 per cent of abductions committed by terrorist groups for ransom were recorded in Africa.

"International terrorism has taken a new form with the split of al-Qaeda into several independent branches, each trying to find its own sources of funding," he noted.

"Terrorist groups are in control of entire regions," he added, describing "the proliferation of this activity as a lucrative industry".

He attributed the prevalence of kidnappings in Africa to rampant corruption and criminality, the disruption of the distribution of resources, political instability and lack of development.

Although there is international consensus for an end to the payment of ransom to kidnappers, the measure's translation on the ground is still hampered by the absence of enforcement mechanisms.

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra told Afrique-Asie last month that the international consensus with regard to the condemnation of hostage-taking and ransom had not yet been codified in an international legal form.

"Algeria intends to launch a new initiative, aimed at expanding the mechanisms of trapping the payment of ransoms to kidnappers, be they terrorist groups or drug traffickers. This came about after it became clear that there are strong links between terrorism, organised crime, and smuggling groups," the minister said.

Algeria will continue co-operation with its partners to start new talks at the United Nations on the ratification of restrictive tools and mechanisms, he added.

Analysts confirm that drying up the sources of terror financing requires international co-operation.

Military expert Tahir ben Thamer said, "The fight against terrorism has become an international issue due to the expansion of the scope of activity of terrorist groups and the emergence of dozens of groups that embrace extreme takfirist ideologies."

"The transmission of abductions from the Sahel to other African countries stresses the need to adopt a unified approach that can be implemented on the ground," he added.

"Paying ransoms encourages terrorist groups," he said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    aissa 2014-3-16

    Algeria is (expletive), they gave us nothing, state of (expletive). This Bouteflika, he is about to die and he is going to rule us. This is nice! even strangers are better than you.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    med b 2014-3-15

    In Algeria, we do not pay ransom just so this money can be used for corruption.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    LAKHDAER 2014-3-15

    Thanks and 1000 thanks to Bouteflika!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    بشير شاب 2014-3-15

    This is considered a victory for the Algerian foreign policy if this law is implemented on the ground. In this way, terrorism will dwindle in some way or other because there will be no source of financing. This is my simple opinion. Thank you!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    جمال 2014-3-13

    The Algerian state is doing its duty towards citizens. Satisfying people is an unattainable goal.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    بلال 2014-3-13

    Algeria has men to protect it from all sides. Damn Arabs! The ostrich policy!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    mahdi 2014-3-12

    Salam. This is a country we must preserve. Thank you!


  8. Anonymous thumb

    babio sanklar 2014-3-11

    Yes, true, we must put hand in hand because one hand can't clap alone.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    diouani 2014-3-11

    Who paid the ransom to Somalian hijackers?


  10. 370647 100007810357230 848211622 q thumb

    Mounia Benbelli 2014-3-11

    What we need is a conscience awakening and joining efforts, not finding the ring of our master Solomon!


  11. 260901 100006197583037 147499449 q thumb

    Majid Bourd 2014-3-9

    The people of the Maghreb love each other. Why do the authorities hate each other?


  12. Anonymous thumb

    amar 2014-3-8

    Thank you, Bouteflika.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    ابن الجزاءر 2014-3-7

    Salam alikum. Algeria is in a blessing, the day will come when we will regret it!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    abdo 2014-3-2

    We appreciate cooperation between neighbours. Why don't we come in and out just with the ID card like Europe. They are different, races, religions, languages but we share Islam and the prophet.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    youssef 2014-2-28

    These people like to eat and sleep!


  16. 1076796 100006672877881 1101360508 q thumb

    Nabil Lampard 2014-2-28

    We are not against this. We are not for the financing.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    ayman 2014-2-28

    Listen, foreigners live in this country, enough! I hail from Algeria, I have Algerian nationality. There are no jobs. What would you do in this country? There is no fourth mandate for Bouteflika!


  18. 49540 1455020742 3059 n thumb

    Boudali Morad 2014-2-27

    When thieves of billions of dollars from public funds who steal and loot resources of the country without anybody controlling or monitoring, when they are put on trial in public, the poor, rich, president and citizen become equal before justice, only then we can believe such news and support them without hesitation. By the way, I read a book with the headline "Doctrine of Realization in looting Sonatrach", by its author the leader of thieves Chakib Khelil!


  19. Anonymous thumb

    نبيل 2014-2-27

    What is terrorism? Is it the layman citizen or the state official? From where would he procure arms and support? Is the terrorist the one who carries out or plans? We didn't understand??!!


    • Anonymous thumb

      midou kabab 2014-3-6

      There are no terrorists. The state is the terrorists!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    brahimo 2014-2-26

    Thank you!


  21. Anonymous thumb

    عمر 2014-2-25

    We favour cooperation between neighbours. Why don't we have free movement only with the ID card like Europe? They are different races, with different religions, languages... But for us, Islam and the prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, unite us. For how long are we going to stay divided?


  22. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2014-2-24

    This is the first time for this measuring stick. Who shared such a stupid letter? Second, I love Algeria. Third, this is the size of our country.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    khawla 2014-2-24

    God the Almighty says "And if two factions among the believers should fight, then make settlement between the two. But if one of them oppresses the other, then fight against the one that oppresses until it returns to the ordinance of Allah . And if it returns, then make settlement between them in justice and act justly. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly."


  24. Anonymous thumb

    cccccc 2014-2-22

    Long live Algeria!


  25. Photo thumb

    ali kaim 2014-2-22

    May God guide them! They have taken everything. Young people want to work legitimately, they don't know where to go. You need bribery, favouritism and illegitimate ways. By God, I am fed up with this country which is rich and we are poor. We are better than foreign countries. The state supports foreigners through the employment agency. The company supplying water Afray to the sea. May God guide them! Instead of building plants and factories, they distribute money with interests to Algerians through support of young people. May God guide them God willing!


  26. Anonymous thumb

    alikaim 2014-2-22

    As God as my aid, I want to find you recompense. Work halal for God.


  27. 1118237 100004268790487 462691181 q thumb

    Kinan Duru 2014-2-21

    Algeria is the country of martyrs.


    • Anonymous thumb

      ameur 2014-3-8

      Yes, viva Algeria, you're very valuable, God bless you!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    nasro 2014-2-20

    That's how the interaction between them is.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    mourade 2014-2-18

    No, it's just fine. Personally, I love Algeria a lot.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    jiro 2014-2-17

    May God guide them! They can do nothing to Algeria.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    hamza 2014-2-16

    I didn't like it.


  32. 1117608 100001759048679 1713819434 q thumb

    Zino Mahio Guesmi 2014-2-15

    The issue of criminalizing ransoms to terrorist groups is one of the most important issues on the international scene. There are many factors motivating criminalization including the secrecy of bank operations, types of compromises and conditions, insurance on kidnapping. Moreover, resolution 1904 bans paying ransoms to groups mentioned on the unified list at the level of the Security Council. This requires regular and continuous listing. This was the topic of my graduation thesis in penal law and criminology. I benefited a lot from the articles you published and used them as reference. So thank you!


  33. Anonymous thumb

    ramdanirazan 2014-2-14

    Paying ransoms to terrorists means supplying them. Therefore, this means extending their life, existence and even strengthening them. If we know that terrorists once they receive ransoms, they will stop and move to other useful business, we would have happily offered them. But the problem is that they keep on their corrupt business while thinking they are doing good action. God's curse on them! Paying ransoms is just complicating the issue and making others prone to the same problem. For example, retaliation in Islam means stopping the killer so that the rest of the nation lives.


  34. Photo thumb

    hamza frfesh 2014-2-14

    God the Almighty says "And if two factions among the believers should fight, then make settlement between the two. But if one of them oppresses the other, then fight against the one that oppresses until it returns to the ordinance of Allah . And if it returns, then make settlement between them in justice and act justly. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly." God says "The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy." As far as I know, fighting between Muslims is forbidden as confirmed by these two verses. However, there are conditions imposed by the legislator, God the Almighty, for fighting. If these conditions are met, fighting then becomes a duty. God knows better!


    • Anonymous thumb

      أمير الصعاليك 2014-2-17

      And what are these conditions?


  35. Anonymous thumb

    blidi hanoni 2014-2-14

    There is no government in our country.


    • Anonymous thumb

      houkar 2014-2-17

      They are saying nonsense, enough! Is all this happening in Algeria!


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