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Terrorism 2014-02-12

Libya killing spree terrorises citizens

By Nadia Radhwan in Benghazi for Magharebia – 12/02/2014

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The body count in Libya is climbing.

Unknown assassins settling scores, extremists out to make a point, military wings of political blocks eliminating rivals and outlaw gangs killing for profit are leaving a bloody trail from Derna to Benghazi. And citizens say the government appears unable to stop it.

The latest victim of a targeted assassination was a former policeman. On Monday (February 10th), Montasser Anwar Bennaser had just dropped off his son at school in Derna when a bomb exploded under his car.

A day earlier in nearby Karsa beach, a corpse was found tied to a large rock, with its feet and hands bound. Saiqa Special Forces member Alaa Mohammad Ali had disappeared a month ago after returning to Derna from Benghazi.

Former Libyan Attorney-General and Supreme Court Chancellor Abdul Aziz al-Hassadi was shot dead in the Derna city centre on Saturday.

The bloody week-end began with the assassination of a Benghazi imam. Cheikh Atef Madouli was gunned down after Asr prayers at al-Ansari mosque, in the city's Hadaiq district.

Given the murder wave paralysing the country, the families of five Sabha men abducted in Tripoli now fear the worst.

Al-Wataniya TV reporters Ibrahim Abdel-Gader, Sadam Al-Rashidi and Ibrahim Al-Wafi, along with Abdel-Gader's brothers Ramadan and Shaban, were kidnapped Sunday on the Airport Road.

Abdel-Gader's father told Libya Herald on February 11th that he had searched local detention centres in the hopes of finding the missing men but turned up no leads in their disappearance.

It is not just the victims' families. Libyan citizens are also wondering how abductions and killings seem to occur with no witnesses.

Jaber Magbari, a 28-year-old Benghazi resident, points out: "Most of the assassinations are in crowded places and in the presence of masses of people. Why did we not hear about one person intercepting the killers?"

"Benghazi streets are crowded with cars, yet all assassinations are taking place in the daytime," he tells Magharebia.

"It is well known that Benghazi witnesses assassinations from 2 in the afternoon to 11 at night, while the streets are crowded," he adds. "A car there cannot even reach 30 kilometres per hour, so how could the killers escape? It is impossible."

Faraj Majbari, 48, a former political prisoner during the Moamer Kadhafi regime, has a different theory about the violence.

"What is suspicious is that the rise and pace of assassinations always increases in tandem with any political activity in the country. This shows an intention to thwart the political process," he says.

"Operations vary, an indication that there are several parties behind this, reflecting the political disputes in Libya," Majbari adds.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    ياليبيالن نخذلك عاشت ليبيا وعاش الوطن 2014-3-11

    My brother, Libya is in reality a boat led by ideologized individuals who have no nationalist vision to safely ashore. Libya, in a few words, was assaulted at sea by pirates of ideological extremism supported by Qatar. Do you know that the so-called National Congress is a legislative and executive power at the same time? It is the authority that runs the affairs of the country. Here the boat is anchored. Libya had been hijacked by Kadhafi for 42 years. Here it is suffering now. Libya won't regain stability until the right is restored to its owners, the grandson of king Idriss al-Senussi, may God rest his soul in peace! Then there will be more to say.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    I love free libya 2014-3-4

    I am not libyan but i care about libya, i would ask all the libyans to racall back a litle bit, whos was promising them to left lybia burning like hell, (Alkadafi ), yes he is not there any more, his followers are still every where and they still have the power and they would not leave this paradise easilly and they will do every thing & what ever it takes to keep them in the lucxury life they used to live , and there only way to get back is to distroy the picture of 17th of February revelution and to make all the libyans think badly about it, for this there only goal now is to keep libya in violance and corruption. so please Libyans think twise before you decide who is doing what ?????


  3. Anonymous thumb

    الليبيى الاصيل 2014-2-15

    This wave of assassinations is all driven by western Tripoli infiltrating government which is envious and hostile to the historical city which hosted all the West. However, the envier won't dominate. The evil plots turn against their authors. We know hatred and jealousy, this is known. The fate of great men and heroes against the mean and agents. Benghazi will remain dear to all the Libyan people. Discrimination won't help you agents traitors. As someone said one day "anything that comes from the west isn't joyful". I think this is true. Without Benghazi, o cowards, you couldn't sit on chairs! Without Banghazi, the revolution wouldn't have erupted! Benghazi is known o cowards! Where are you going to go o mean people! Benghazi, come on Benghazi! O cowards, it is beyond your reach dogs! All the heroes hail from Benghazi or lived there. Nothing happens in Libya without Benghazi. Come on Benghazi, o dogs!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    hamidoudiarra 2014-2-15

    Ever since the death of the Guide of Libya, there has been no respect for the former leaders, which means God has left Libya.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    dembele 2014-2-13

    The Libyans should expect this. So much the worse for them.