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Politics 2013-01-31

Libyans review congressional performance

By Asma Elourfi for Magharebia in Benghazi – 31/01/13

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Nearly six months after Libyans went to the polls in an historic election for the General National Congress, residents of the country's east say progress on the economic and security fronts has been too slow.

"The performance of the General National Congress is characterised by flip-flopping and slowness in taking decisions," commented Hussein Elmsallati, a 39-year-old anchor for Libya FM Channel originally from Benghazi.

"Libya needs assistance and expertise in the field of security in the first instance, since this is one of the biggest challenges facing it at the current stage. I think also that we should co-ordinate with the United Nations in terms of consultations and programmes on national reconciliation and mechanisms of action for the committees drafting the constitution," Elmsallati added.

Benghazi resident Salah al-Ashibi, an employee at a private oil company, also suggested Libya's nascent government link up with foreign experts.

"We are lacking state management, because we still don't have an administration. Why not use British expertise, as the British are a model in management creativity. How about using the Dutch example in road construction?" he asked, adding that "each country can assist with its best know-how".

Hakeem Boudhfira from Ajdabiya commented that "the responsibilities on the shoulders of the National Congress are heavy and the legacy is greater than it can handle."

"As for neighbouring countries, Arab countries in particular should help maintain security and coordination for the protection of common borders, extradite Libyan outlaws, and not interfere in the internal affairs of Libya," Boudhfira added.

For his part, Benghazi native Ahmed al-Obeidi described the performance of the GNC thus far as "very poor", adding that Libya needed neighbours to extradite former officials.

"We also need aid from developed countries in education, health and other things, but without interfering in our internal policies," al-Obeidi said. "We want technical assistance from them so we can follow in the footsteps of developed countries. They can also help us to regularise security by providing us with advanced technology so that we can spread security in Cyrenaica."

Others, however, had more positive assessments of the transitional government.

"The GNC is moving slowly, but with good intentions, since it is the first electoral experience," 32-year-old oil worker Ahmed al-Badri said.

"The problem is still the people who do not understand democracy properly; instead they are organising sit-ins, demonstrations and negative protests. Neighbouring countries must close the borders and reinstate visas until the situation stabilises," al-Badri added.

Abdulbaset Mohamed rated the performance of the GNC as "good" but he added that foreign assistance could "help Libya gain stability in terms of security and urge companies to complete their projects. Assistance should also be in the form of an organised and sophisticated development plan."

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    الجبالي 2013-3-1

    God is the greatest above you!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    ليبيا الأمل المستقبل 2013-2-28

    Those who didn't know Libya in the remote past, didn't know Libya in the near past, and those who didn't know Libya in the past, don't know it today. In Libya, despite the blunders that occur from time to time, this confusion is considered a form of freedom of expression that was lost in past. In spite of the blunder, Libya is heading to the better God willing! The skeptics will regret that they haven't contributed to building their state which is the state of everyone and needs at least a word of truth to be said so that it can wake up early from its deep sleep that has lasted for many decades.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    0924329610 2013-2-23

    The greatest thing is that you love with honest and respect. Greater than this is to love and not hurt your love ones no matter what happens to you and no matter what how time changes. Greater than this is that I love you, I love you, I love you O "Libya". Libya our brothers is occupied and besieged by its people. You can ask how? The one with whom you had a problem in the past has now an weapon in his hand. If you want to travel, you will find highwaymen. If you work in a company, they rob you. I mean that the situation is wrong. I will sacrifice my soul for Libya. I am against Brotherhood and intruders. One single hand doesn't clap. Peace and mercy of God be upon you.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    عمار 2013-2-23

    For 42 years, we didn't have a state. My salary, like other Libyans, wasn't enough. I used to start my car by pushing it while money was spent on the slaves of Africa, terrorist groups, killings and prison for Libyans, and no one dared speak out, even secretly. Now we speak out, criticize the government, express our opinions, shout, claim, decide, sit-in, refuse, demand and condemn with total freedom. Salaries have increased and are still increasing. As for life compared to Arab countries, it is as though we are surpassing them with decades, exalted be God....


  5. Anonymous thumb

    حنان 2013-2-22

    I hope that the national congress fears God in dealing with the people. They should know that Libya is one. Every citizen who loves Libya should also work for construction. They shouldn't for example throw garbage on the roads. They should ban dark windows for cars, respect the traffic policeman and respect guards at the doors of any institution. If he allows me to get in, I get in. If he doesn't, I shouldn't get in, even if I can do so by force. The worker should respect working hours, respect state institutions so that they would preserve your right and the right of your children to a dignified life, the right of the children of martyrs who left them to our care and entrusted us with them. All this would reflect good manners and satisfy God. In this way, you will legitimize your living so that God will bless you and your children if you have any...


  6. Anonymous thumb

    الشريف 2013-2-19

    Patriotism means that you have principles, I is not the priority. The relatively high salaries and fringe benefits allocated by the congress for government positions have made everyone think that Libya had a huge wealth. Everyone is wondering why we don't have high salaries in relative comparison to the salaries of the national congress? I think that the principle of patriotism was affected. There are also other examples. For example, the highly competent Al Bouroussi, left Emirates as an electricity consultant with a salary of 40000 to only take about a quarter of his salary in Libya and with no security. This is what we call sacrifice. This is one of the principles of patriotism. But there are people who came from abroad and wanted the same salary as the one they had abroad in addition to fringe benefits. This caused corruption and absence of nationalism for this category.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    abdellah 2013-2-17

    May God protect Libya and all Muslim countries!


  8. Anonymous thumb

    المجاهد 2013-2-17

    The National Congress of ... God willing it belongs to cheikha Mouza! What You are talking about. It is controlled by a group imported from abroad and receive orders from abroad. Whom are you lying to then?


  9. Anonymous thumb

    ايمن البيضاوى 2013-2-16

    Libya is fine, this is confirmed by the joy of Libyans and their rallies. I would like to ask one question, whom of you has bought in the era of the tyrant a green flag with his own money and how many people today are buying the independence flag to express their joy?


  10. Anonymous thumb

    زازا 2013-2-16

    To the National Congress and to brother Zidane, we want you to take care of Libyan young people and the rebels who offered their souls for this nation and are still making sacrifices for dear Libya. We ask you sir to satisfy them all their needs because they have been deprived throughout 42 years of ignorance, poverty and corruption. We want you to grant them their share in Libyan oil money and from the resources of our dear country. Enough with incentives that don’t represent anything in the resources of Libya and with offered salaries. We want to secure for every Libyan young person his right to prosperity and wealth. Abu Zaza.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    جهاد 2013-2-16

    God, Moamer and Libya alone!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    اخت الرجال 2013-2-16

    Libya is facing division. There is no achievement in terms of infrastructure. We have displaced people, there is about a quarter of the population of Libya who became refugees because of their support to the regime of colonel Kadhafi. There is also the issue of prisoners and torture. There is the issue of whole cities whose populations were displaced because of political disagreements and retaliation. There is also a large part of Libyans who refuse this revolution because it sought the help of NATO. The performance of the congress is very bad. Our economy is bad. The media shows that all classes of society are happy with the revolution and this is not true. Every day, there are problems between supporters and opponents.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    سمير -الجزائر 2013-2-15

    Unfortunately, Libya is no longer the country it used to be. It has turned into a battleground between armed militias. However, we pin hopes on the free and honest people to lift again the flag of freedom and victory and tear the flag of disgrace and NATO.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    ليبي حقاني ان شاء الله 2013-2-15

    Libya is above all. Parasites won't leave Libya in peace. Wake up Libyans! Libya is for original Libyans! Woe to anyone who tries to play with Libyan souls and resources! In the past, Libyans didn't show you compassion in your support to the buried. There is a tendency to forget what these mercenaries did. But now, there is no way to forgive, never!


  15. Anonymous thumb

    علي سالم بن طاهر 2013-2-14

    Give people an opportunity! God has created the world in seven days. Shame on you! It is true that only the Creator satisfies the creatures. You think you are building a house? You are building a nation and not an ordinary state! You want to making a 42 years leap?, a huge jump which requires efforts and determination. There are so many ship-wreckers! So don’t let the haters and cohorts manipulate you! Protect Libya!


  16. Anonymous thumb

    سما ليبيا 2013-2-14

    The performance of the national congress is too weak and slow for what is needed in the country. We hear about thefts and accusations that don't suit people who were chosen by Libyans. If such accusations are true, it means that the blood of martyrs was wasted and spilled in vain.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    المهندس 2013-2-14

    Fear God within yourselves! What is happening is chaos.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    الضميرالليبي 2013-2-11

    O Lord have mercy on Libya, protect it from thieves who have no humanity and no conscience! O Lord put it in the hands of those who love it and care for it.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    يوميات مواطن 2013-2-10

    Libya is clearly lost. No hopes or fake promises. Say goodbye to it all! God is sufficient for me, Most Excellent is He in whom I trust!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالله 2013-2-10

    Who are the members of the national congress? They are Libyans from its east to west and south. They were chosen by the people. They belong to the people. They will be successful as they are part of us. If they commit mistakes, they are part of us. So enough with assigning responsibility to others. "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves."


  21. Anonymous thumb

    نسرين 2013-2-10

    Libya won't move quickly even if we bring a jinn because what was planted by Kadhafi, including strife and corruption all this period can't be deleted in one or two years. So we have to be patient and try to begin with changing ourselves. An excellent manager without an excellent management wheel won't do anything. The wheel is the people. It is the people who decided to change the situation during the days of the tyrant. They are capable today to change the situation in the country if they all agree to put an end to corruption.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    ابراهيم 2013-2-9

    You write and issue a lot of statements without distinguishing the good from bad. Libya is fine. The individual who was a source of disturbance for you in Algeria and with whom you disagreed about the bloody events of Algeria is dead. Why do we see today in Algeria many supporters of the buried tyrant? In other countries, there are cohorts of Kadhafi and we haven't noticed any supporting speech except in Algeria. So what has the Libyan people done to you? We would like to understand. Events that occured during a game prove this. Fans raised banners saying "a gift to the martyr" and described us as rats. Why, why????


  23. Anonymous thumb

    سالم علي محمد 2013-2-8

    It is as though followers of the tyrant are spotting errors to make other believe that February 17 revolution didn't succeed. The security of Libya is easy. Everyone must respect himself. The one who doesn't respect himself, his family and his tribe would take care of him. If we can't stop our young people and children, we shouldn't expect a solution from the state.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    فرج الشريف 2013-2-8

    We know that all the Libyan people have contributed to this uprising, including young rebels and old men who delivered supplies, water and clothes to the front, while women prepared food for the fighters. They all did a great job which led to the success of the revolution. Since they see that sums of money are wasted without any result for the Libyan people, they organize protests, sit-ins and storm the offices of the General National Congress. Therefore, I suggest a solution to these problems by disbursing 2 million dinars to every family booklet. With 1 million booklets, the total sum would be 2 billion dinars and thus the government will be spared of major problems we see today. The rest would be simple and manageable. Then the government will be devoted to building the state without hurdles. I think that 2 billions is not too much to ask for the people who led the greatest revolution in history. God grants success!


  25. Anonymous thumb

    على احمد 2013-2-8

    By God o Libyans, we are fooling ourselves. The government is run by Qatar. For twenty-four months it did nothing major, they are looting and you stay next to each other.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    فرج الشربف 2013-2-7

    Dr Ali Zidane. Concerning all problems that hinder the progress of the state... Since the numerous demands of citizens including the wounded, the employees and rebels are all focused on money and nothing but money, therefore I suggest that for every family booklet 2 million dinars be disbursed. Supposing that the number of family booklets is 1 million, the amount which will be disbursed will be 2 billions. After distributing this sum, every family of a wounded person will then take care of the treatment without claiming any salaries or compensations. Thus, the government will be able to comfortably devote its time to state activities, without protests, sit-ins or any problems. At the same time, every Libyan citizen will be entitled to share the country's wealth because they all have led the revolution, men in fighting and women in preparing food and taking it to the front. All people have contributed to this revolution. This initiative will be a token of loyalty to the free people.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    سهيل بن ال نائل 2013-2-7

    First of all, the performance of the congress is very weak because it has no concrete prints on the ground. Things are the same as during the era of the tyrant. Decisions are just ink on paper. We want tangible actions. If only the bald El Magrief would step down and let Mr Mahmud Jibril clean this mess and remove the inflamed appendix, since he is the only one who talks about young people.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    ام الفارس 2013-2-7

    By God, my brothers, we in Tripoli are going through hard times. My husband works in the health sector, salaries in health are disbursed on the 15 of the month. I finally got a job and started working. However, I haven't signed an agreement and don't know when salaries will be paid. Moreover, we have no appointments. Is this fair? Tripoli itself is also suffering.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    ابن الزعيم 2013-2-7

    We must save this country from current monsters. Libya sacrificed its sons in order to get rid of any tyrant since the Ottoman days, through Italian era to the era of tyranny. Therefore, spare us this idle environment! Long live Libya, Libya, Libya, Libya until the end. I am a young man from the Mujahid Riyayna city which was forced by history to be one of the cohorts of the tyrant. However, in reality, without exaggeration, we people of Riyayna have offered, since 96, many martyrs to topple the tyrant in the first coup in 1985, the second coup in 1996, the third coup in 2006, the fourth coup in 2007, then the blessed revolution. However, Riyayna West is wounded, West.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالله 2013-2-5

    The difficult conditions of the national popular army, the difficulty of the phase, intolerance of the Libyans and the pursuit of quick gratification, all this makes the performance difficult and prevents it sometimes altogether. I ask those who are criticizing the congress and the government, if the duties of the congress or the government were assigned to you under these conditions, what would you do?


  31. Anonymous thumb

    adelalred 2013-2-4

    Salam alikum. After greetings, I urge you brothers not to insinuate, in the news, that there are problems in Libya. Shame on you! If you want the tyrant, he is in hell which is the worst fate! It is Libyan people who won, but you exaggerate and distort the news. You also face such problems. In the new Libya, there is a lot of freedom, more than all Arab countries including yours. Anyway, Libya is fine. I hail from Benghazi which is very safe. Thank you!


  32. Anonymous thumb

    محمد الدرناوي 2013-2-2

    I think that the national Libyan Congress is moving ahead though at slow pace.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    الحامدي 2013-2-1

    Unfortunately, the national congress is full of disagreements and internal partisanship in addition to mismanagement. This led to negativeness in performance and achievement. The Libyan citizen only hears decisions (voices which barely go beyond the throats of the national congress). This phase proved that only people who lived in Libya, tasted the worst and fought against the tyrant are fit to govern it, not those who came back from abroad, assumed positions with total easiness exploiting the kindness of this great people.


Anonymous thumb

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