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Terrorism 2013-01-29

Terrorists target Algeria gas pipeline

By Fidet Mansour in Algiers for Magharebia– 29/01/13

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Another al-Qaeda attack on an Algerian energy facility turned deadly Sunday night (January 27th) in Djebahia.

Terrorists targeted a camp where guards were keeping watch over a gas pipeline linking Bouira and Tizi Ouzou. The assault left three Algerian security guards dead and seven injured, Tout sur l'Algerie reported on Monday (January 28th).

The victims reportedly prevented al-Qaeda's El Farouk brigade from blowing up the Sonatrach pipeline.

After the attack, "the army was deployed in the region and launched a massive combing operation", the source added.

Aside from the criminal act itself, it is the terrorists' choice of target which is worrying the Algerian public and authorities. Once again, terrorists have targeted the very heart of the national economy: gas facilities.

Since the In Amenas hostage crisis, Algerian officials have agreed that security arrangements at strategic oil and gas sites should be reviewed.

In a statement given to Associated Press on Saturday, Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci said that it was necessary to reassess and reinforce security at oil and gas installations.

"The attack at In Amenas probably makes it necessary for both Algeria, as the host country for these investments, and also companies operating in Algeria to reassess security arrangements with a view to reinforcing them," Medelci said.

"What happened at In Amenas will probably lead to some adjustments in this regard," he added.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi said Sunday that Algerian authorities would "conduct a review of security arrangements at industrial facilities".

Yousfi had previously given assurance during a visit to the In Amenas complex on January 21st that "Algeria has the means necessary to make its energy installations secure".

"We will strengthen security and we will rely first and foremost on our own means," Yousfi said at the time.

The gas complex at In Amenas, which produces 8 billion cubic metres of gas per year, is jointly operated by BP, Sonatrach and Statoil. The British giant is responsible for internal security at the site and the Algerian gendarmerie is responsible for external security.

Internal security officers are unarmed. BP said it did not feel it was necessary to request armed security guards prior to the terrorist attack because of the significant presence of security officers.

"We and Statoil decided not to have armed guards on site. Given the large military presence in the area, we took the view that armed guards were not required on the site," BP spokesman Robert Wine told the New York Times.

After the terrorist attack on the In Amenas complex, Norwegian company Statoil announced its intention to review existing security measures.

"We will go through all elements of this terrible event, including questions connected to security," said Bard Glad Pedersen, a Statoil spokesman. The company had ultimately underestimated the risks in Algeria, according to Stein Bredal, a former member of the Statoil board.

Tunisia is also looking to step up security at oil and gas facilities. TAP quoted security sources as saying Tuesday that special combat units were set up to monitor the various sites in the wake of events in the Sahara.

"This measure is prevention against any terrorist act targeting these fields, especially those located on the Tunisian-Algerian border," TAP quoted the security official as saying.

Extra troops and military equipment have also been sent to the barracks at Remada and Dehiba, along the Tunisia-Libya border, AFP reported.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    beggar ali 2013-3-6

    Thank you, Algerian army!!! Long live Algeria and the mujahidins and martyrs!!! Down with France!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    فاطيمة 2013-3-4

    We are Arabs. We live and die on our land. There is no fear of oppressors. We believe in God, help each other and work together until we win. We are on our land, there is no fear for us. It is the land of union, brotherhood and cooperation. They are martyrs and we will follow them, for our homeland Algeria.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    brahimi 2013-3-4

    1, 2, 3, viva Algeria! Behind them, we are ready.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    كروان 2013-3-3

    Long live Algeria, the state of martyrs! The enemies should stay away and leave it in peace! The legacy of a million and half martyrs! O Lord, protect it from greed!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    amine 2013-3-3

    Salam alikum. These acts are far from Islam and Islam disavows them.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    daas abdesslem 2013-3-3

    Algeria today is in the fire house because of the acts of its rulers who control everything. Algeria is the key to stability but all doors were closed. We are now gathered on the edge of the road including artists. Writers, authors, producers, actors and people of culture are in the hands of an authority unfounded in culture. The minister of Mujahideen who crushed authors specialized in writing revolutionary movies. I am the scriptwriter Daas Abdessalam. I have presented five successful revolutionary films before the reading committee at the ministry of Mujahideen. "Pigeons bracelets" about the Filoussen battle, "Death battalion" about Aouras, "Martyrs' marionettes" about the white city. "Seven heroes" about Aouras region and "Sahara lions" about Adrar region. But no one cares. This is because they are in the hands of a man who doesn't deserve to be the minister of Mujahideen.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    hakim 2013-3-2

    Freedom is taken and not given. The Algerian people love their dear nation. There is no discussion and no bargain about the security of my country Algeria.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    ميدلت المغرب 2013-3-2

    May God protect our Algerian neighbours, protect their Moroccan brothers, amen O Lord of the worlds!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الرحمان 2013-3-1

    Algeria is free, Arab and Muslim. God willing, it will remain so. The people plotted against it and wanted to sow strife there. Praise be to God, it overcame the crisis of Tiguentourine. Behind every sedition, there is a Jew. Long live the country of a million and a half million martyrs.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    kamel 2013-3-1

    Enough! Nothing is working anymore in Algeria or even the entire Maghreb or, worse, all of the Arab countries. Enough of the lies. This is pure manipulation. In the mean time, who is squandering the wealth?


  11. Anonymous thumb

    شادي بادي 2013-2-28

    1, 2, 3 viva Algeria! Viva Algeria! M.B Boukhmissa M'sila.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    zack 2013-2-26

    It is the Jews who planned this.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    اسد الجزائر 2013-2-26

    Algeria is free! I say it with my loudest voice... let the whole world hear it, the land of martyrs is free no matter what the enemies do because we will reply to the call and counter the plots of the enemies with the blood and soul of martyrdom. Because we have 10 million soldiers and 20 million secret soldiers, lions of Algeria, Algérie Blanche!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    ZINO 2013-2-24

    They are wasting their efforts in vain!


  15. Anonymous thumb


    No, Algeria is not a nation of martyrs and heroes; it is a nation like all other nations, and its people are diverse like the people of all other nations. Some Algerians behave heroically. Some Algerians die as martyrs. But some Algerians behave as villains and some Algerians commit murder. And, the vast majority of Algerians are normal men and women, who are neither heroes, nor villains, and who are neither martyrs, nor murderers. They are normal men and women who strive to live calmly and peacefully and with an adequate amount of comfort, food, healthcare, and sometimes these individual Algerians act as benevolent humanitarian individuals, but sometimes they act selfishly and disrespectfully toward others. But do not propagandise our country and our people through rose-coloured glasses because there is too much at stake if we fail to take note of our problems and resolve them. And we have many problems. Our economy is in ruin, and the oil wealth of our country is falling into the pockets of our corrupt leaders and their foreign partners instead of being used to create jobs, improve our education and healthcare systems, and build housing. And our legal system does not function, and if it functions, it functions immorally to the benefit of the highest bidder. No, Algeria is not a nation of martyrs and heroes. Algeria is a nation of people who are good and bad and everything in between in this spectrum, but of whom the vast majority seek improvement in public, civil, social and political life, just like almost all the peoples in the world.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    onverra 2013-2-22

    We will surely see.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    سليمان 2013-2-21

    We hope Algeria will be fine. No matter how hard enemies try, they won't achieve anything. We, its sons, will protect it, God willing. Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs! Long live Algeria!


  18. Anonymous thumb

    yazid 2013-2-20

    What are your interests when you are destroying the interests of an entire people. They are to serve their masters' interests only. Better to be a man and die with honour than to sell your honour to others.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    ramy 2013-2-19

    The country was divided by its sons, they have burnt it all. Is this a country or an oven?


  20. Anonymous thumb

    وليد 2013-2-17

    Algeria is a nation of martyrs and heroes!


  21. Anonymous thumb

    farid0799 2013-2-16

    Algeria is the state of a million and half a million martyrs.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    salah 2013-2-16

    Dear Algeria is well as long as it has a skilled and professional national army.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    امير اللؤلؤ 2013-2-15

    I see that the issue of gas in the Arab Maghreb is a game used by Italy against the Arab peoples, especially Libya and Algeria.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    benouthmen 2013-2-14

    They’re crazy! They’re all sick! God bless my beautiful country, Algeria.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    sahar 2013-2-14

    Algeria is too strong to fall a second time.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    Schmidt berlin 2013-2-13

    No, it is better to die alone in peace than to die with the Islamist terrorists. We must never give a chance to the terrorists. We must fight them with all means. Thank you, Algerian army.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    امازيغ 2013-2-13

    May God protect our country Algeria and all Muslim countries, o Lord amen!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    لينأ 2013-2-13

    Long live the national popular army!


  29. Anonymous thumb

    JUJU 2013-2-12

    Viva the green!


  30. Anonymous thumb

    الحرة 2013-2-12

    May God not grant you success Abbas Madani! Your sons are in Switzerland and our sons are dying. May God take revenge on you and on your children! God is sufficient for me and He is the best disposer of affairs!


  31. Anonymous thumb

    cherrih hassib 2013-2-11

    This is Jihad for the sake of laundering money!


  32. Anonymous thumb

    Sidratoul mountaha 2013-2-11

    The day when the Algerian put aside the “me” and think about God, then the Earth and then the “me”, I will be at peace. As the old Arab saying goes “Better to die together than to die separately”.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    khaled setif 2013-2-11

    May God protect our country Algeria and all Muslim countries, o Lord, amen!


  34. Anonymous thumb

    nacima 2013-2-10

    Leave Algeria and the Algerians alone. They have suffered enough as it is. Terrorism will forever be barbarism, and Islam has never ever approved of these sorts of acts.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    mds 2013-2-10

    Maghreb people or the Maghreb are free Amazigh people. They aren't intimidated by the threats of Belmokhtar or any other terrorist. This is because they are are invincible people. They believe in their freedom and authenticity. Everything said here and there doesn't scare the Algerian because he can live on air and water without oil or American wheat.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    khaled 2013-2-9

    In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful. Peace and blessings be upon the most honourable messenger. O Lord guide us to your right path! I think that this strife is our punishment as we are far away from Islam and its correct understanding. O Lord have mercy on us, on Muslim countries and Muslims and protect them from strife and problems which take us away from our religion and bring us closer to hell.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    katya 2013-2-9

    Algeria is the state of a million and half martyrs. It doesn't give in quickly.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    polat 2013-2-8

    There is a Syrian proverb which says "The hand you can't touch, kiss it and pray for it to be broken". This what the people must do.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    kamel 2013-2-8

    Algeria has resisted during the era of colonization. It will keep on resisting. God willing, there is no fear for Algeria. It will remain dignified and proud.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    ديمة بشار 2013-2-7

    Algeria is a great country. I love it so much. God willing, no harm will affect it. Your sister, the creative star in the channel Tuyur Al Janna, Dima Bachar.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    salim 2013-2-7

    O Lord protect us from apparent and hidden seditions, protect our country o most powerful, let evil people take care of evil people and take them as far away as possible from us!


  42. Anonymous thumb

    redha45 2013-2-6

    Algeria's "flesh" is bitter.


  43. Anonymous thumb

    HAMID OUDHIA 2013-2-6

    All of this is indeed orchestrated by …


  44. Anonymous thumb

    بنت الجزائر 2013-2-6

    God willing, Algeria, the state of a million and half a million martyrs, will not be harmed. Its loyal sons are still standing until God inherits the earth and everything on it. No matter how hard they try, they will not be able to touch this valiant people or kind land irrigated with the blood of its martyrs.


  45. Anonymous thumb

    فدولوفيتش 2013-2-5

    There is no fear for us and no fear for Algeria because it is the only country whose land had been irrigated with the blood of Mujahids from 1832 to 1962.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    maria 2013-2-3

    Hhhhhhh, they did nothing! Hard luck!


  47. Anonymous thumb

    ليث بن اسد ابن جزائرى 2013-2-3

    1, 2, 3 long live Algeria! Long live the valiant army! They are real men. No such men were or can be produced in history. Terrorists disguised in the dress of Islam won't deceive us again. If anyone wants to lead Jihad, he should do Jihad against Jews in Palestine as it better deserves that. We know God and know Islam better than them.


  48. Anonymous thumb

    BELKACEM 2013-2-2

    There is no fear for Algeria, God willing!


  49. Anonymous thumb

    الجزائري العربي 2013-2-1

    The Algerian economy is collapsing without terrorism. If Algeria goes on in this way, it will become like Israel spending billions on security without any benefit. If only Algeria were to make dialogue with its children to convince them to put away their arms and achieve social justice, we wouldn't have all this weakness and discord between brothers. Terrorism is worsening the suffering of the people.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    zerga chahrazed 2013-1-30

    In my opinion, it is all calculated... with today’s visit.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    ززن 2013-1-30

    O Lord protect us from apparent and hidden sedition! Do native people benefit from this wealth and its revenues? Are they just spoiling their environment and contributing into spreading diseases?


  52. Anonymous thumb

    Jean marrin 2013-1-29

    What do these terrorists want in Algeria? Don’t they know that this country is a hardened bone to them and that no matter what they do, they will never succeed in turning the Algerians against their country. On the contrary, they will reinforce their ties to defending the land of 1.5 million martyrs.


Anonymous thumb

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