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Terrorism 2013-01-20

Algeria hostage crisis over

By Mouna Sadek for Magharebia in Algiers – 20/01/13

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Algerian troops on Saturday (January 19th) stormed the In Amenas gas complex to end a hostage crisis, killing the last 11 captors, AFP reported.

"This intervention resulted in the release of 685 Algerian employees and 107 foreigners," APS quoted the interior ministry as saying on Saturday.

Thirty-two terrorists were killed in the four-day rescue operation, according to the ministry.

The bodies of 25 hostages seized by terrorists were found on Sunday inside the remote gas plant, AFP reported.

"This attack is another reminder of the threat posed by al-Qaeda and other violent extremist groups in North Africa," US President Barack Obama said on Saturday.

The terrorists were from six different countries, including "nationals of Arab and African countries and of non-African countries", according to Algerian Communications Minister Mohamed Said.

The operation led to the recovery of "foreign military uniforms and a cache of ammunition and explosives", the interior ministry stated.

Algerian Special Forces also confiscated "six FMPK machine guns, 21 PMAK rifles, two shotguns, two 60mm mortars with rockets, six C5 60mm missiles with launchers, two RPG7s with eight rockets and 10 grenades used to create explosive belts", according to the ministry.

While world leaders deplored loss of life in one of the worst hostage crises in years, they agreed that responsibility for the carnage rested with the terrorists.

"These terrorists who attacked this gas plant are killers who pillage, rape, plunder and kill. The situation was unbearable," French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Sunday.

British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond commented that the Algerian forces were "clear from the outset that this is something they're going to manage themselves".

"There can be no doubting their commitment to dealing with Islamists," he said.

At the end of the military operation, terrorists resorted to desperate measures and set fire to a part of the complex. Algerian troops intervened to prevent the fire from spreading.

"After Algerian military forces intervened at the Tiguentourine gas plant and dislodged the terrorists, it was found that the plant had been mined in order to blow it up," oil giant Sonatrach said in a statement.

The four-day assault is part of Algeria's counter-terror strategy that includes the principle of non-negotiation with terrorists. Commenting on the hostage crisis, French President Francois Hollande reiterated that "there could be no negotiations" with terrorists.

The operation "must be perceived as a firm and uncompromised response of the Algerian state to all the terrorist groups that rage in the Sahel region", El Watan editorialised on Saturday.

The attack on the Tiguentourine gas complex near In Amenas in Illizi wilaya began on Wednesday morning. Former al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) emir Mokhtar Belmokhtar (also known as Laaouar) reportedly orchestrated the assault on the Sonatrach-BP-Statoil facility.

Laaouar's El Moulethemine Brigade ("The Masked Brigade") claimed credit for the attack. The group also referred to itself as the "Singed-In Blood Brigade", with the operation named for Mauritanian terrorist Teyeb Ould Sidi Ali (aka Abderrehim al-Mauritani). Ould Sidi Ali died in a 2011 car crash in Mali.

The incident was the first of its kind targeting an Algerian oil or gas plant. The facility has a production capacity of more than 25 million cubic metres a day for export. The complex is located roughly 100km from the Libyan border.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    CHLALIAMIR 2014-7-18

    Viva ANP and viva Algeria!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    amine 2013-3-16

    I say it viva Algeria!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    محمد محمد 2013-3-15

    It is enough for Algeria what it endured during the black decade and the oppressive occupation before that. So let's look forward to the future!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    achraf 2013-2-9

    Long Live Algeria!


    • Anonymous thumb

      fafa 2013-7-3

      Algeria is our country. We live and die for it! May God grant it security forever!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    nada 2013-2-9

    Long Live Algeria!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    chiko 2013-2-5

    Praise be to God as everything went well. God willing, God will protect Algeria, say amen!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    hakouma 2013-2-5

    Thanks to the national popular army! Viva Algeria and Algerian forces.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    بلقاسم 2013-2-5

    This site is great!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    خالد 2013-2-5

    Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs!


  10. Anonymous thumb

    belarbi nedjadi 2013-2-4

    May God Almighty protect our dear and beautiful country. Algeria is the country of peace. The enemies are waiting for this land to tear itself apart, but with the love and conscience that my brother Algerians have for this country, God willing, we will live happily and peacefully and very proudly being Algerians. We will wash our dirty linens ourselves. The warning has been given by our National People’s Army. As the late Houari Boumediene said, “The role of the People’s National Army is to defend the territorial integrity.” Long live Algeria!


  11. Anonymous thumb

    dalaa 2013-2-4

    Algeria is strong, terrorism is easy to deal with for Algeria.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    omar 2013-2-3

    I give a big salute to the Algerian army for the important role it played in the great southern Algeria region.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    wafa annaba 2013-2-1

    Long Live Algeria, Long live Algerian Military forces!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    abdelbaset 2013-2-1

    No to terrorism. No to war! And I hope that the African Union will come true! Long live Morocco!


  15. Anonymous thumb

    chou 2013-1-31

    what happend in 3in aminass it is a crime which make our country in a hared situation and it was able to destroy the establich of ther society but with help of allah and the hared work of our army the problam is solved and i wich that this cas will not repited


  16. Anonymous thumb

    sid_ahmed 2013-1-30

    I salute our national army and I ask our leaders to think hard about our staff on-duty in the South. –Thank you


  17. Anonymous thumb

    مراد 2013-1-29

    To those skeptical about the powers of the Algerian army, I remind you that some of the characteristic of Algerians is that they would almost die to safeguard their pride.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    هانى 2013-1-29

    Praise be to God Who granted us the grace of a country we are proud of, Algeria which melts mountains. Even if I am jobless, I always say this. I love you my country and die for Gaza like any Algerian.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    AIT HAMOU YAZID 2013-1-28

    Long live Algeria and viva the army!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    zaki 2013-1-26

    We thank the national popular army. I consider what happened in the desert of Algeria a lesson for terrorism and the world community which cast doubt about the power, expertise and competence of the Algerian policy in its way of dealing with terrorism.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    said mehanaoui 2013-1-26

    1, 2, 3 viva Algeria! I am very sad at Ain Amenas installations. This is due to the absence of tight control on our borders.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    اسماء 2013-1-26

    Everything went on well. May God rest the souls of the dead! But how did terrorists manage to storm a big base equipped with monitoring cameras and hold all these workers hostages quite easily?


  23. Anonymous thumb

    ابن الجزائر 2013-1-26

    Congratulations to Algeria for this courageous operation! However, the odd thing is that (recovered) heavy weaponry we saw is bigger than the number of armed men who were eliminated. The odder thing is that the clash didn't cause any deaths on the side of members of the army. Therefore, we can ask the following question: has the army fought a herd of sheep or is there a question mark hiding many questions? By God, everyone should listen! there is a big difference between the one who seeks death and the one who is keen on preserving his life. Anyway, stop media blackout, the issue is clearer than the sun! Thank you!


  24. Anonymous thumb

    رتاج 2013-1-25

    Praise be to God in all situations! We thank so much our great army and anyone who contributed to deterring this extremist group from our dear country Algeria. God willing, we will always be fine. Long live Algeria, may God protect it! However, we will certainly not forget to pray for our brothers in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Praise be to God!


  25. Anonymous thumb

    foudile 2013-1-25

    Long live the national popular army!


  26. Anonymous thumb

    يزيد 2013-1-25

    Anyone who goes out and comes to Algeria, his fate is death! We say to the world, In Algeria things aren't mixed up. We are aleeeeeeert.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    dziri 2013-1-25

    Long live Algeria and long live the Army! Death to all the enemies of Algeria, even the ones that turned coat! As they say, without Algeria, they wouldn’t be what they are. They bite the hand that feeds them. It’s obvious who they are, so there’s no need to mention them. Once again, long live the homeland and long live **eldjelch**!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    حفيد الابطال 2013-1-25

    Salam. To the country of martyrs and heroes, as long as there are still men who care about you, we will be fine. We just have to join hands, return to our values and morals. Long live Algeria and its valiant courageous people! I love you Algeria.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    LILI ILLIZI 2013-1-25

    God bless our army! They have protected us, may God help them to the end, say amen!


  30. Anonymous thumb

    نسيمة 2013-1-25

    I thank the Algerian army which protected its country without any outside support. This is the real Algerian army. Thank you strong army!


  31. Anonymous thumb

    kamal 2013-1-24

    My advice to every Amazigh who loves his homeland is to conscientiously perform his daily job. If we diligently accomplish our daily tasks, we will be liberated and justice will prevail. Unfortunately, the Algerian was forced to technicians to the point that he has become a vulnerability for the ruling group, it is personal colonization. In order to be liberated, every Algerian must act and work hard like the European. But this is impossible. If we are faithful to our country, thiefs can't one day rule us. My greetings to Magharebia and all its staff members .


  32. Anonymous thumb

    aziz meddour batna 2013-1-24

    I salute the national popular army and national gendarme (special forces 8bb are real men!)


  33. Anonymous thumb

    بلقاسم 2013-1-24

    I am very sad for In Amenas site. This happened because of the lack of tight control on our borders.


  34. Anonymous thumb

    youssef.uom.el. baouaghi 2013-1-24

    Hahaha, this is my country, it strikes any "sheikh" who speaks! There is no negotiation with terrorists, neither these or any others. Anyone who speaks, we surround him and eat him alive. We warn anyone from intervening in our affairs. We Algerians can solve it alone. If you intervene, we will be the first to fight you.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    amira khettaf 2013-1-24

    May God support the army!


  36. Anonymous thumb

    che guemana 2013-1-24

    Long live Algeria and all Amazighs!


  37. Anonymous thumb

    hiba 2013-1-24

    I hope that this painful incident won't be the first spark for declaring war between Algeria and Mali.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    محمد 2013-1-23

    Yes to the sharia of the most Merciful, no pagan laws!


  39. Anonymous thumb

    SAIDOU 2013-1-23

    I thank the Algerian forces and I ask the Algerian authorities to close the entire border with Libya and Mali as well as Tunisia in order to avoid any terrorist infiltration. A thousand times over, thank you.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    ملك الرحمان 2013-1-23

    I consider Algerian sovereignty a red line when it comes to any kind of threat. Therefore, it is the right of the National Popular Amy to intervene and defend the sovereignty of the nation. The act of the special unit is an honour for Algeria and its people. It is a lesson for anyone who thinks of attacking the sovereignty of Algeria and its people. So thank you protectors of the nation!


  41. Anonymous thumb

    anass gaabouri 2013-1-23

    Nice job. I liked it.


  42. Anonymous thumb

    nada 2013-1-23

    May God protect Algeria!


  43. Anonymous thumb

    sabrina 2013-1-23

    God willing, o Lord, as we were liberated from France, these ones won't scare us because in Algeria the woman is a woman and the man is a man, ok, it is the country of dignity!


  44. Anonymous thumb

    سليم 2013-1-23

    All this has been planned by western countries aiming at coming back to occupy Africa. This Belmokhtar is their agent and entered the facility thanks to their plan. However, our forces, destroyed their plans and scared them off. The day Algeria will be scratched or harmed, we will all be its soldiers. Long live Algeria!


  45. Anonymous thumb

    جزائري بسيط 2013-1-23

    What victory has our weak army achieved after their clips about our valiant army, tanks and camels when a bunch of criminals managed to easily infiltrate to the very sensitive area of In Amenas and control it in less than one hour? After your intervention, our valiant army killed innocent Algerians and foreigners who weren't killed by criminals. We hope that the inefficient state as well as its inefficient old president give young people all the money that goes for planes and tanks, in order to provide them with a dignified life instead of poverty. All your attempt to cover the weakness and spread corruption in our weak country will be revealed with every crisis. Thank you!


  46. Anonymous thumb

    marcou ali 2013-1-23

    It’s time to deploy, to track down these dogs and eliminate them wherever they are. All the rest is just philosophising. Long live Algeria!


  47. Anonymous thumb

    سميرة2 2013-1-22

    Coward acts are useless in the Arab World. I ask God to protect Arab nations.


  48. Anonymous thumb

    barizapoupe 2013-1-22

    What if we negotiate with these rabid dogs? Will they be up to negotiating? Will they listen to their conscience or the world's request asking them to release innocent people? If we let them do so, they could manipulate us, mock us, blow up the base and the innocent souls it hosts. So curse this extremist group! Damn Laouar son of Laouar (blind) and others with you the deaf son of the deaf! Long live Algeria the state of a million and half a million martyrs! Viva our valiant army! Let Algeria be proud and dignified!


  49. Anonymous thumb

    zine 2013-1-22

    An excellent daring channel!


  50. Anonymous thumb

    qnoqr 2013-1-22

    Praise be to God! Thanks to the army, without it, it would have been a catastrophe. Thank you! May God rest the souls of the dead!


  51. Anonymous thumb

    سوسو 2013-1-22

    The end is one but the means do change. This sentence has many meanings and applies to all crises and problems whether social or political. So Arabs only have to tackle each day as it comes.


  52. Anonymous thumb

    فطيمة 2013-1-22

    By God, I liked the action of the Algerian army. Long live Algeria! Long live our army! Viva our Algerian Amazigh Arab Muslim army!


  53. Anonymous thumb

    dououra 2013-1-22

    For me, Algeria is the geographic map without politics, the Algeria that remains in our hearts and carries our children on its shoulders. Long live Algeria!


  54. Anonymous thumb

    فريحة 2013-1-22

    May God support the Algerian army! Let us live in peace!


  55. Anonymous thumb

    kada 2013-1-21

    Indeed, Algeria doesn’t negotiate with terrorist, but a lot of questions remain to be asked. Where is the sovereignty of the state if we let foreigners (French, English, etc.) allegedly secure petrol sites. I’m sorry to say this, but Algeria has been sold out by its government. What’s more, why did the president and the so-called high-ups give the green light to French war planes to pass over our territory to kill Malian Muslims without consulting the people. The day of judgement is before God. They will be accountable on the judgement day –Salam


  56. Anonymous thumb

    babi babi 2013-1-21

    I am really fascinated by the power of the Algerian army.


  57. Anonymous thumb

    زهرة 2013-1-21

    We thank the national army and everyone who contributed to protecting this nation for whom over one million and half a million martyrs sacrificed their lives. Best regards to you protectors of the nation!


  58. Anonymous thumb

    naima 2013-1-20

    You, Laaouar Belmokhtar, you dog, have opened Pandora’s Box. British Special Forces are working to eliminate Belmokhtar. The British newspaper “The Sunday Mirror” reported on Sunday that a British Special Forces unit is preparing an attack against Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the brains behind the terrorist command who took the workers at the Amenas gas site hostage.


  59. Anonymous thumb

    djaziahadjila 2013-1-20

    I’m sad about what’s happening in Amenas, and I’m against the French army going into northern Mali, and long live Algeria!


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