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Terrorism 2013-01-17

Terrorists attack Algeria, dozens killed

By Walid Ramzi for Magharebia in Algiers – 17/01/13

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Algerian troops on Thursday (January 17th) launched strikes on a gas complex where Islamists are holding dozens of foreigners, AFP reported.

At least 35 hostages held at the Algerian oil field, along with 15 of their captors, were killed during an air raid, ANI reported.

In a phone call to the Mauritanian website, a member of al-Qaeda's "Battalion of the Masked" claimed that the attack occurred as the captors were moving hostages in trucks to a more secure location.

Seven Western hostages are reportedly still alive at the gas plant.

Former al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) emir Mokhtar Belmokhtar led the Wednesday attack on the Sonatrach-BP-Statoil facility at In Amenas in Tiguentourine. At least two people were killed and six injured in the initial assault, with dozens of workers taken hostage.

The militants said they seized the hostages, who are known to include Algerian, US, British, Irish, Norwegian and Japanese citizens, in retaliation for the French military intervention in northern Mali. Belmokhtar (aka "Laaouar") quit AQIM last month to assemble his own band of suicide bombers in Mali.

Fifteen foreign and 30 Algerian hostages managed to escape earlier on Thursday, Ennahar TV reported. Station owner Anis Rahmani told AFP that the information came from an "official source".

APS also reported that 30 Algerian workers escaped the In Amenas gas field.

The terrorist attack at In Amenas came despite stepped-up Algerian security along the Mali border.

Algerian troops on Monday killed three terrorists in Meskeline, near the borders between Algeria, Niger and Libya. Five gunmen in an SUV were trying to cross Algeria's south-eastern border, the defence ministry said.

The operation was the first carried out by the Algerian army since the start of the military operation in Mali.

Algerian authorities have beefed up security along the 1,400-kilometre border with Mali, and announced the permanent closure of the border as a preventive security measure.

The defence ministry also raised the alert level along the entire border.

"The announcement of the alert that was sent to all units by the Ministry of Defence came after the French military intervention in Mali," Ennahar quoted security officials as saying.

Border guards and the gendarmes will remain in a state of readiness to repel any attack or attempt to penetrate Algerian territory, the paper added.

ANP outposts on the border with Mali were strengthened with additional units.

Furthermore, decisions were made to intensify aerial surveillance along the border and to tighten control over known corridors for arms traffickers.

Algeria will also conduct aerial surveillance of these areas to prevent any infiltration of armed groups trying to exploit the Mali situation.

Meanwhile, with the continuing military operations targeting Islamist strongholds in Mali, Algerian borders saw the arrival of the first convoy of people displaced by the war.

Some 7,000 refugees have already arrived in Tamanrasset. Algerian authorities are continuing to monitor the humanitarian situation.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    مسعودة 2013-1-27

    The most important thing, O Lord ! Protect Algeria!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    كروان 2013-1-25

    Ain Amenas operation is a heroic act by our brave Algerian army that showed the whole world its power and withstanding against any aggressor of the Algerian soil, which was purified with the blood of our martyr parents. May God rest all their souls in peace! Long live Algeria free! Death to terrorism!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    taraouih 2013-1-22

    You, Moroccan, are blinded by the hatred that poisons your soul. There is always some jerk who rails against Algeria, one of the many Moroccans who have never been able to understand our country and who are forever critical of anything that comes from here. Ask these Moroccans to state something positive about Algeria and they will not be able to respond. The national sentiment from the overwhelming majority of the people did support the Algerian army’s actions. All the rest doesn’t count. The Algerian army responds to these criminals in their language. We pay tribute to all the victims of all nationalities.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    مبارك الجزائري 2013-1-21

    We ask Magharebia not to use people's problems to incite public opinion against their countries.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    mozar 2013-1-20

    What happens in the world is a divine preparation for His true emergence and the expected divine promise.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    benamarkadar 2013-1-20

    Many thanks to the National Popular Army! Long live Algeria!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    كروان 2013-1-20

    Greetings of respect and homage to the valiant Algerian army! May God protect you from the eyes of enviers and evildoers! May God preserve you for the dear nation Algeria. From Hamam Delaa.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    كروان 2013-1-19

    O Lord protect our valiant army, our president who is behind our cohesion and our prospering country thanks to the heroes who made the revolution, made victory and are making triumph with God willing! Long live Algeria free and proud! May God protect it from terrorism and all evil, O Lord! A girl from Hamam Delaa, Algeria.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    marocain 2013-1-18

    Where is the Algerian power and arms it alleges to have? Just a group of Brotherhood members who kill, kidnap and slay Algerians and foreigners in total absence of security. This is because the Algerian forces and army are harnessed to be hostile to Morocco only. I wish you more defeats, defeat after defeat. However, by God, I love you people of Algeria.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    yasser 2013-1-18

    The operation of Ain Amenas was well planned by Western countries in order to find an adequate pretext to intervene in the military affairs of Algeria.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    kader mco 2013-1-18

    No matter what happens, long live Algeria, long live Algeria, long live Algeria, long live Algeria! Our army will fight enemies alone without any intervention of foreign forces as they do in some Arab countries. long live Algeria!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    mhamed amine 2013-1-18

    More, more!


  13. Anonymous thumb

    shems 2013-1-18

    Hello– The title doesn’t reflect the content of the article. You get the impression from reading the title that the terrorists were the ones responsible for the dozens of deaths, when it was in fact due to Algeria’s attack.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    agarziz 2013-1-18

    I’m so proud of Algeria and the People’s National Army!!! They made the right decision! Now, it’s clear that this is going to fire back on our country. We are used to this. It comforts us! Long live Algeria!


  15. Anonymous thumb

    si krimo 2013-1-18

    Salam alikum. Concerning the terrorist attack against Algeria, it is a plotted scheme by Bernard Lievi and his group who are behind the Arab Spring in Arab countries. When the plan of Arab Spring failed in Algeria, he made contact with terrorism to go to Algeria. I have explained to you what is going on. Belaouar is a famous terrorist who is a weapon and drug dealer. He was in Libya then Mali, Chad. His soldiers include Touaregs, Libyans, Tunisians and Mauritanians. They are supported by bernard lievien and Jews who supply them with arms and money in order to carry out the plan of colonizing Africa by Europeans while Jews and Americans occupy the Middle East. Since Algeria is a closed door country in the face of Israel, they wanted to get in from the window. But they are dreaming. This is why they have attacked the oil site and detained workers as hostages. These workers have different nationalities as you know. The target is that each country from which hostages come from would call for intervention in Algeria by NATO in another way. However, this is beyond reach! Algeria is full of men. If anyone wants to confront it, he will regret it. Long live Algeria! Long live Palestine! May God rest the souls of our martyrs!


  16. Anonymous thumb

    yasir 2013-1-17

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!


  17. Anonymous thumb

    andre 2013-1-17

    You can see that the Algerians don’t talk with terrorists. Surrender or commit suicide; otherwise, your bell has already started to toll—no matter the cost! It’s truly unfortunate for the victims. It’s the fault of the Islamist thugs, who think that they have the right to demand what they want. But not with Algeria. With this principle, no terrorist will venture in because it’s certain death. I truly hope that the National People’s Army does a clean up of the bloodthirsty Al-Qaida and Belaour, the dog.


Anonymous thumb

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