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Terrorism 2013-01-15

France ramps up Mali intervention

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French forces continued airstrikes for the fifth day Tuesday (January 15th) against al-Qaeda-linked Islamists in Mali.

France is also stepping up the deployment of ground troops, with a total of 2,500 soldiers slated for Mali, AFP reported.

"We will continue the deployment of forces on the ground and in the air," French President Francois Hollande said. "We have 750 troops deployed at the moment and that will keep increasing so that as quickly as possible we can hand over to the Africans."

On Tuesday, French warplanes hit rebel positions in Diabaly, a western Mali town captured by Islamists a day earlier. Several jihadists were killed, according to witnesses. Diabaly lies just 400 kilometres from the Malian capital of Bamako.

The attack on Diabaly was led by Algerian terrorist Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, one of the leaders of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a regional security source told AFP. Abou Zeid (real name Mohamed Ghadir) heads up AQIM's Tariq ibn Ziyad brigade.

Meanwhile, Algeria moved on Monday to seal off its border with Mali.

"We have informed the Malian side of the measures taken to close the border," foreign ministry spokesman Amar Belani said following Malian Prime Minister Diango Cissoko's visit to Algeria.

Algeria has already authorised the use of its airspace for international efforts to push back the Islamist advance.

Mauritania is also working to shore up border security as the Mali conflict intensifies. Mauritanian troops were sent to reinforce the area around Bassiknou in the east and Kobenni in the south while the air force increased surveillance flights.

"Our army has been redeployed along the areas bordering the fighting, with a view to better secure our country and seal its borders," a Mauritanian military source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Mauritian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz met with President Hollande in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday on the side-lines of a global energy summit.

Troops from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are also rushing to back up the Malian government.

The first of a planned 900 Nigerian troops will deploy to Mali in the next 24 hours as part of a UN-authorised African force aimed at helping the country battle Islamist insurgents, a Nigerian defence spokesman said Tuesday.

ECOWAS chiefs of staff met Tuesday in Bamako to co-ordinate the deployment of a long-awaited military intervention.

"We are here today to talk primarily of commitment… to our brothers in arms in Mali, for, of course, freeing northern Mali," said General Soumaila Bakayoko, chief of staff of the Ivorian army.

The West African bloc plans to deploy at least 3,300 troops in an effort to retake northern Mali from radical Islamists. European states have also pledged military trainers as part of the UN-backed effort.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the international assistance for Mali on Monday, stressing the need to support Malian defence forces and the deployment of the African-led International Support Mission in Mali, or AFISMA.

"The Secretary-General hopes these actions will help to arrest the latest offensive while efforts continue to fully implement Security Council Resolution 2085 (2012) aimed at the full restoration of Mali's constitutional order and territorial integrity," according to a statement released by his spokesperson.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    عيسى 2013-2-12

    There is no winner in the war in Mali. The biggest losers are the Tuareg.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    محمد النمس 2013-2-12

    O Lord protect our country from strife, and protect any country where Your name is raised high and is repeated, o Lord punish anyone who wishes any evil for this country and turn his plots against him, punish him severely! O Lord make of Algeria a haven of security and safety, strengthen it and make it invincible to any greedy side which doesn't fear you and doesn't have any mercy for us. O Lord protect it from anyone who doesn't respect sublime human values! O Lord reform the conditions of our brothers in Syria, Egypt, Palestine and every place where there are peaceful innocent people who have no power, stop their bloodshed, reform their rulers and guide them to serve the country and people! O Lord rest the souls of our martyrs and all the dead believers everywhere in the world!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    yassine 2013-2-5

    Terrorism won't stop as long as demons are still around.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    العبد الفقير الي الله 2013-2-5

    In His book, God the Almighty says "And those who do not rule by what Allah has revealed are considered infidels." I hope you will research the interpretation of this verse.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    فريد 2013-2-4

    Long live Algeria, long live the Islamic Umma! Only God is capable of defeating His enemies!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    azobebe 2013-2-2

    We want our country to live in peace, amen!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    fateh 2013-2-1

    Algeria will be the one to lose.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    wafa annaba 2013-2-1

    1, 2, 3 long live Algeria! God willing its sons will always be alert! I love you my country!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    hamdy 2013-1-29

    I consider Algeria to be free in its domestic and foreign policy. However, as brothers in Mauritania, we had hoped that Maghreb countries would coordinate efforts to find a common position towards war since we are the ones who are staying here. France will go, while we have ties of neighbourhood, religion and history with the sister Mali.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    هشام 2013-1-29

    War on Mali means war on Algeria.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    اريد ان يكون لىى راى في مايقال عنالجزائر 2013-1-27

    It is not the Algerian people that chose this war. It was forced into it by enemies avid to control the resources of Algeria. But, do we have arms like their arms. We have to be alert and smart.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    يوسف الارواني 2013-1-27

    O Lord support Mujahids everywhere in the world, defeat the dogs of France and its allies, including mean dogs! We tell you that Azawad is free and proud. We say it to you, we will win, the right will go back to its people, God willing! God is the greatest! O free people of the world, France and its dogs will be humiliated.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    ammar 2013-1-25

    The terrorist vermin must die so that the people may begin to live. Islam is peace. If these religious nuts keep it up, we are going to lose everything and we will be stuck in the Stone Age. Allah does not love people who destroy Islam and peoples. These fanatics have destroyed several countries. Beware of the salafists, AQIM, Al-Qaida, MUJAO, Ansar Dine and the other murderers, who are the puppets of the West. These murderers have no connection to Islam. None of these vermin have a life-long plan for the population. If you vote for these people, all that awaits you is **alkhanjar** and collective suicide.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    علي 2013-1-24

    Salam alikum. Let me ask this question: when terrorism began in Algeria, why didn't France intervene then?? I say it to the Algerian people, it was supporting the side which is today at its service. Therefore, the people should support anyone who calls for the departure of this clique.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    مرزوق 2013-1-24

    By God, it is a shame and disgrace for Algeria to put its hand in the hands of the ones who massacred its sons for over a century. Do you want us to forget the massacres of May 8, 1945? We are a living nation. We fought terrorism alone and defeated it at the time when France the devil had not yet realized the danger of this threat foreign to us.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    djaber 2013-1-23

    What are the causes behind France is entering Mali? Are there any?


  17. Anonymous thumb

    صلاح 2013-1-21

    May God support Mujahids in North Africa. God is the greatest above the crusader alliance!


  18. Anonymous thumb

    abdallah 2013-1-21

    We don't trust any European country that intervenes in the affairs of an Arab Islamic country. There are undoubtedly some hidden interests behind this intervention.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    abdallah 2013-1-21

    Algerian people always support the truth.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    hamza 2013-1-20

    I see how you governed in Mali


  21. Anonymous thumb

    امنة عطالله 2013-1-20

    O Lord protect Algeria, its people, its government and army from all evil! O Lord turn the plots of our enemies against them!


  22. Anonymous thumb

    djelloul 2013-1-20

    I think it is a wise policy, rightly thought of.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    اشرف 2013-1-20

    Algeria is bordered by Mali and Niger. France has intervened. Send to my email, see. Achraf.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    souad 2013-1-19

    I want to watch the Moroccan game.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    fouad 2013-1-19

    Long live Algeria!


  26. Anonymous thumb

    hicham 2013-1-19

    Peace be upon our master the messenger of God.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    morade ghalmacci 2013-1-19

    The issue of Algeria is a question of honor for us. Algeria fighting terrorism as one person even with its soul and sacrifices its sons. Long live Algeria free and independent!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    rejeb khedhir 2013-1-18

    May God protect the Muslims.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    abdelmalek 2013-1-18

    By God, this is the utmost humiliation for Muslims in the world and even in their own countries. Nowadays we help disbelievers against our Muslim brothers! We even contribute to killing and shedding their blood. Regardless of their approach, whether they are right or wrong, no one should make an alliance with anyone against one's Muslim brother. Look at our situation today! France is killing our brothers on Islamic land. There is no power and no will but from God. We complain to God about Arab rulers including the president of Algeria who sold the fear of God and religion for the goods of the worldly life or just a visit of the French president to whom we don’t know any faith or religion. So he opened the airspace to disbelievers. God is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs against you Bouteflika! May God expedite your departure! By God, you will be responsible for their blood on the Day of Judgement and we disavow them. O Lord be witness!


  30. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2013-1-17

    If only Algeria would one day understand that its history is that of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania and the African countries, which are equally instable and fragile with an equally limited civic sense, to the benefit of foreign intervention (which are even called for), then its tough fight against oppression would not have been in vain. The contradictory management of the Malian crisis, whose dangerous consequences are incalculable, is certainly a serious political mistake since, at this time, it continues to self-destruct through terrorist actions and military actions between Africans. This is what was wanted and decided on.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    qnoqr 2013-1-17

    In reality, France has nothing to do with Mali. As a result of its oppression of poor peoples, African countries are still enduring its past actions. The ignorant France has no conscience. It won't win any war from Libya to Mali.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    CHAREF 2013-1-17

    Long live Algeria! May it live in glory as long as its sons are faithful to it! Viva Algeria! 1, 2, 3 viva Algeria!


  33. Anonymous thumb

    ebdelhadi 2013-1-16

    A crusader war in which Islamic Maghreb hands are working against Muslims. We the Algerian people have nothing to do with what goes on in Mali. Officials are the only ones who will shoulder responsibility before God.


  34. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2013-1-16

    It’s unsure whether we can talk about French hegemony and its cultural imperialism because since Napoleon, its history has left marks on Europe (Spain and Italy) and, once again, on Africa, the easy and submissive prey. We were waiting for the new policy promised for this continent, but, alas, the same forceful methods are still used, starting from slavery, to colonialism, to genocide and occupation, under the prevailing prefabricated pretext, because we had ample time to help Mali ensure its security with the collaboration of the FNL. This country has been offered up on a platter, waiting to seize the real prey. And the jihadists are still there, well armed and, moreover, opening other paths with their same, well-studied media scenario. It’s true that there’s no oil in Syria and it’s difficult in Afghanistan and Hollande will end up gunning down De Gaulle once and for all. He wages war against jihadists elsewhere; he "creates" them in his own country (with marriage for all). We will equally wait for Obama’s tears to be shed over the Malian children who died for nothing. Who knows? Is this collateral damage? With complicit radio silence?


  35. Anonymous thumb

    soussi 2013-1-15

    Please, specify the causes and the interests of this war launched against Mali and clarify the principles and interests of the Malian people!


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