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Droukdel threatens Sahel states

Jemal Oumar in Nouakchott contributed to this report for Magharebia from Nouakchott – 05/12/12

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Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) just released a video warning African and European states against any military intervention in northern Mali.

"If you want peace and security in your country, we are for it. If you want war, the Sahara is a large graveyard for your soldiers and a disaster for your interests," AQIM chief Abdelmalek Droukdel said in a new video released by Sahara Media on Saturday (December 1st).

"This war is going to make us more determined to hit your interests, which are numerous in the Sahel, and which we have not yet targeted," he said. The AQIM leader also claimed that his fighters had access to large quantities of weapons.

"The Great Sahara will be a grave for your soldiers," he said. "We are men of war, and we have extensive experience and long breath. In addition, God has endowed us with a stock of weapons and young people, and therefore, it will be a long war, and also a sacred war for the sake of Islam."

Directing his warning at Mauritania, Senegal, and Niger, Droukdel (aka Abou Moussaab Abdelouadoud) said: "When your house is made of glass do not throw stones at people."

His comments come in response to the decision by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to deploy 3,300 troops to oust Islamist militants and their al-Qaeda allies from northern Mali.

It also coincides with news that Algerian terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar (aka "Laaouar") quit AQIM after being fired as one of its two top commanders in northern Mali.

Confusion and anxiety at the top of al-Qaeda's Maghreb branch are apparent, according to analyst Mokhtar al-Salem.

The Droukdel terror tape was timed to influence the diplomatic negotiations now under way in Ouagadougou between Ansar al-Din and the Malian government, he said.

Droukdel is sending his Islamist allies a warning not to make concessions on Sharia, al-Salem told Magharebia.

"We can feel al-Qaeda leader's tone of fear over military intervention," al-Salem added.

While the video message contained no new content, "the new thing about it is that Droukdel himself appears ", the analyst said.

"This shows that al-Qaeda now feels that there is imminent danger," al-Salem said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    الله أكبر 2013-1-21

    O Lord support Islam and Muslims everywhere! Don't forget, my dear brother Bahbouh, that what happened in Algeria is the same that happened in Marrakesh, Morocco. They were claiming to support Islam. "Some assumptions are sinful."


  2. Anonymous thumb

    Zakaria 2013-1-19

    Don't forget that Arabs agreed not to agree.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    عطلة 2013-1-18

    May God grant victory to Algeria!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    Menad 2013-1-18

    Salam alikum. You are right about this. We, all the people of Bejaia, support you.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    bahbouh 2013-1-15

    Not lying also means being honest with one’s self. Fortunately, ridiculousness doesn’t kill! This is undeniably a lie. Sir, sometimes it’s better to shut up. The young Moroccans have an anti-Algerian culture, an anti-Algerian sentiment and a Moroccan strategy. But, Algeria doesn’t need you or your king. We never asked for the border to be opened or for any aid. Algeria fought the terrorists alone at a time when several countries (Morocco) were helping them—and today again. It would be inconceivable to believe that Algeria has overcome all of the tragedies that it went through, something that the officials don’t hide from anyone else and do not forget to remind us of. It’s clear that the results recorded don’t indicate a utopia. Start with the security situation, which has substantially improved thanks to the effective and determined actions of the security forces with the National People’s Army at the head and the daily hard support it is provided in the rejection of violence by our society, which feels involved in the resistance to the country’s destruction.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    ayoub 2013-1-15

    I would like to see this happening.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    فقو بيكم 2013-1-14

    A 100% fabricated by Algerian intelligence, an agent of America and France. There is no Al Qaeda, it's all made up. These are criminals of GIA who used to kill in the name of Jihad. Wake up Algerians. This president and group are sold to Americans and France. Wake up! There is no Al Qaeda! This is media fabrication.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    Zouhir gourrama 2013-1-14

    "O Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house as a believer and the believing men and believing women."


  9. Anonymous thumb

    مشيرة souli----- 2013-1-13

    hhhh, I don't know what to say and which picture to comment.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    kaki 2013-1-11

    What is the mouse looking for?


  11. Anonymous thumb

    yassine pro 2013-1-10

    The spread of international terrorism or the so-called Al Qaeda in the land of the Islamic Maghreb was created by Libya, Algeria and Syria. The first to be stung by its fire was the Maghreb. Terrorism in the region didn't come from void. There are causes and reasons behind it. The most important of them is the artificial conflict in the Moroccan Sahara, the obstinacy of the rulers of Algeria and their constant intervention in the affairs of neighbouring countries such as Mauritania, Senegal, Mali and Morocco by Algerians who have become isolated after the fall of Libyan regime and the retreat of the Polisario group. Now the funds, equipment and arms of Algeria are at the disposal of terrorists to threat Morocco and all the countries rejecting violence, extremism and terrorism. With this blind policy, they want to achieve political and strategic goals. The greed of this brotherly neighbor exceeds its ambitions. As long as this obstinacy persists, the threat of terrorism will always remain and it will feed on the arteries of the poor Algerian people.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    mouhamed 2013-1-10

    Terrorism has no religion.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    123 2013-1-10

    To the brother عبد ربه who posted his comment on 07/12/2012. By God, my brother it is as if you live in a Morocco we don't know. They plotted against it, politicized, young people, gang... The topic talks about a subject and you talk about something totally different.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    راشا 2013-1-10

    This case is somehow complicated. The Arab Maghreb should intervene in this.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    abdelbasset 2013-1-8

    We need to fight against the enemies of the Greater Maghreb by all means.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    alarbi 2013-1-7

    We don’t want to know anything about this scum because he is a nobody. The media is inflating him and exaggerating his value. These terrorists have nothing else but death and fire. Therefore, I salute members of the national popular army who work hard to protect the security and safety of this country against rascals. We call upon the army, the state and all members of the security services not to show mercy or compassion to these terrorists. Kill them wherever you find them! Don’t ask about them! Use all power of artillery, air strikes and everything against them!


  17. Anonymous thumb

    Laarbi 2013-1-6



  18. Anonymous thumb

    hayTAm BEN 2013-1-5

    All these frictions with Al Qaeda are a source of security for European countries.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    hamza 2013-1-4

    Beautiful photo.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    Ahmed 2013-1-2

    We don't fear Drokdal.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    اوبشينة 2013-1-1

    The prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said "This religion is solid, so go through it gently". He also said "the extremists are ruined." Everyone should know that these are dissidents of the age and pupils of the sons of Zion and their manufacture as they prevent people from the religion of truth. Islam didn't come as a curse for people but as mercy for them. They don't know anything about religion except crumbs. They are those who distort words from their proper usages like did people of the Book in the past and now. But all wonder disappears when we know that Wahhabis of Sakhoutia (in reference to Saudi Arabia) is the one which produced these people and funded them with money of Muslims in the state of the two holy mosques. The case of Oussama is a good example. Otherwise, why don't these people fight the worst enemies of Islam, Jews. So curse the enemies of God, His messenger and His religion even if they allege to be Muslims. "Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know."


  22. Anonymous thumb

    lahcenmatmati 2012-12-31

    May God help you! You are fighting for a loaf of bread. There is nothing, all these are lies! Do you hear, it is not question of Islam or urbanization, they only want money. Greetings to you!


  23. Anonymous thumb

    سامى 2012-12-31

    Viva Al Qaeda!


  24. Anonymous thumb

    Sami 2012-12-31

    Enemy of God, the dog and demon!


  25. Anonymous thumb

    marwa.laib 2012-12-30

    Salam. I hope that the Arab Umma be one hand.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    Djemei 2012-12-25

    Salam alikum 1.2.3 viva Algeria! No, no, no to war of Algeria!


  27. Anonymous thumb

    المغربي 2012-12-25

    "O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful." Investigate, which means make sure o Muslims before insulting and accusing people of disbelief, be sure about its truthfulness. America today describes Mujahids in Syria as terrorists. Why about accusing Mujahids of disbelief in order to satisfy America and its lackeys? America is the enemy of Islam and Muslims. It doesn't want them to make any progress. Why does Israel say it is a Hebraic Jewish state and we are ashamed of saying our countries are Arab Muslim?


  28. Anonymous thumb

    kouceyla 2012-12-25

    To Mohamed– The right way? Because killing women and children is the right way!? You don’t think that you should take a break and repent? What God is this that orders man to kill his fellows no matter their religion or if they are atheists? These Muslims have no relation to Islam, the religion of love and solidarity. What a paradox they have continued to cause for 15 centuries—this misfortune and desolation because of “visionaries” who think they are invested with a Divine mission. All Muslim countries currently find it impossible to ensure their people’s food security for 30 days, much less produce anything.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    3abdo rabi 2012-12-24

    Morocco is a fair and free state. It will always remain free whether you like it or not. Long live the king! We have always been men. This terrorist is just a guinea pig.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    abou hamza 2012-12-19

    He’s 100% idiot. This Jew, Droukdel, has no connection with Islam.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    Hamo 2012-12-18

    Why do you want to liberate the Arab Maghreb when it is free. Go liberate Gaza if you can!


  32. Anonymous thumb

    Khaled Ben Walid 2012-12-17

    I suggest you do some deeper research on the origins of Droukdel, his true identity and his religious faith. You will be very surprised. Shalom, Droukdel.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    Mlik 2012-12-17



  34. Anonymous thumb

    Mohamed 2012-12-16

    Peace be upon the followers of the right path. O Lord support your Moujahidin servants in all parts of the world! Victory is for you followers of Droukdel, victory is for you! God the Almighty says "if you support Allah, He will support you."


  35. Anonymous thumb

    Jean 2012-12-14

    The poor emir is the bootlickers of the West. When you think that Qatar invested exorbitant sums in the Western countries and this country is spared from the Arab spring, the day will come for them. It is the beginning of the end. Mohamed al-Ajami, also known as Ibn al-Dhib, the poet who was sentenced to life in prison, wrote a poem in 2011 where he paid homage to the Tunisian revolution. He was arrested on November 16th, 2011 on the charges of “inciting the overthrow” of the regime and “insulting the emir”, Shiekh Hamad Ben Khalifa Al-Thani. Gratitude to this hero, Mohamed Al-Ajama, also known as Ibn al-Dhib.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    Anass 2012-12-14

    God, the homeland and the king.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    Geoffroy Idouassem 2012-12-13

    Droukdel’s supporters are starting to get stirred up to avoid the cleansing of northern Mali by armed Islamist groups from Algiers who are preventing the emergence of an Amazigh state.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    Yacine 2012-12-9

    Abou Hamza– I’d like to remind you that a dog is more useful to humankind than this criminal Droukdel and his followers.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    رحيل 2012-12-8

    I thank you for this space offered for us Algerians. We don't like Al Qaeda in general.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    عبد ربه 2012-12-7

    Peace be upon the followers of the right path. Talking about wisdom, people of Mecca know better its paths. Have researchers in the history of Morocco understood that it was never defeated even once in the history of its ruling dynasties. We won’t compliment or flatter ourselves. Morocco was an empire. In the presence of the Ottoman Caliphate, it has always been an independent Islamic state with its sovereignty. So what do you think of the ways of God? Does God support the oppressed or the oppressors? This is the situation of Morocco. When it is oppressed by its enemies, God defeats them. You gave us the example of the French, Spanish and Portuguese occupation. Three states plotted against Morocco. However, my father - may God grant him long life - has lived through all these events and contributed to them. He tells me that they fought these three occupants, especially France, even before I read the history of resistance. The colonization of France hadn’t lasted for a long time. In spite of the scarcity of arms, Morocco was victorious and has led the caravan of dignity since 1956. Dogs keep barking while the caravan moves ahead. Morocco is not just full of ingenuity, just look at its experience when it recovered its Sahara. When France left, it has built, urbanized and upgraded the Sahara desert. It kept on coaxing wolves. The Soviet Union, Libya, Algeria plotted with the gang of Ould Abdelaziz, everyone with its own scheme - to share out the resources of Morocco, including its coasts, minerals, gold, fish, phosphate and even oil. But it has defeated all of them. It coaxed America, the West and others. It enjoys full sovereignty and unity. It has played its cards for years with every enemy. It has developed and prospered. Today, if Morocco has to ward off any offensive, it can’t be scared by France or Russia. This is simply because it has previously defeated them. So what do you think of Morocco today while it is more powerful and its young people can invade America? However, God does not like the aggressors. I think that Morocco which wasn’t defeated by large alliances in circumstances which we know, cannot be defeated by poisonous criminal bats and mice. They say Al Qaeda is trained, lol! Its cells are captured by the smallest police brigades. You might have heard about the most recent one and the time it took. In less than one day, it defeated them with the least power and the least losses. Peace be upon the followers of the right path among the children of the Umma and of Morocco, the servant of His Lord.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    kamel alger 2012-12-6

    Salam alikum. I hope there will be no war in the region, God forbids. Because if it happens, it will be the biggest catastrophe for the North and South. It will be the biggest calamity for Algeria first and foremost. Thank you!


  42. Anonymous thumb

    wodoed 2012-12-6

    Go conduct real Jihad in Israel. Don't be Mujahids in the Sahara like bandits and kidnap people for money. Go and liberate Jerusalem for the cause of Islam!


  43. Anonymous thumb

    abou hamza 2012-12-5

    This dog has nothing to say. He soils himself when he sees soldiers. Why not take up arms and fight like a man. He gives order to attack innocents and civilians. A true mujahed would take up arms without hiding in holes like a rat. For this criminal, Allah’s judgement will be Hell, you dog. “Allah does not forbid you to treat kindly and act equitably towards those who have neither fought you because of religion nor driven you out of your homes. Indeed Allah loves fair people. He only forbids you to befriend those who fought you in the matter of religion, and drove you out of your homes, and cooperated with others in your expulsion.” (Surah Al-Mumtahinah, verses 8-9) “O Believers, be steadfast in righteousness and just in giving witnesses for the sake of Allah; the enmity of any people should not so provoke you as to turn you away from justice. Do justice for it is akin to piety. Fear Allah (in your affairs): indeed He is fully aware of what you do.” (Surah Al-Maidah, verse 8)


Anonymous thumb

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