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Congress rejects new Libyan government

By Asmaa Elourfi for Magharebia in Benghazi – 05/10/12

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In response to protests, Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur withdrew Thursday (October 4th) the government he proposed to the General National Congress for approval.

Abushagur has until Sunday (October 7th) to submit a new list in the wake of protests.

A number of Az-Zawiya revolutionaries protesting the proposed Abushagur government stormed the General National Congress headquarters in Tripoli Thursday morning while the assembly was holding its morning session.

A Congress deputy said that the revolutionaries demanded that Abushagur be dismissed and his government be rejected after Az-Zawiya was excluded from the government formation.

The representative added that Congress head Mohamed Magarief negotiated with the protestors who stormed the building and promised to examine their demands, noting that the Congress was not satisfied with the cabinet list and that it would be discussed.

Meanwhile, Abushagur told Libyan TV that he would change some names and present alternatives in a new formation, which he would announce next Sunday.

"I hope that people will understand and return to the roots, to the successful political regimes in the world so that Libya may get out of its bottleneck," Hakam al-Houni commented. "We should return to federalism because it is the regime under which Libya had prospered for 13 years."

In his turn, Tayeb Abdelmalek said, "I want to know the criteria which Dr Abushagur used in choosing his government, as this government doesn't include names that have executive or academic experiences. There are also ministers who developed their ministries, and therefore, we were expecting that they would stay in office. However, they were dismissed."

Issa Abdelhamid said the proposed list included several figures from the previous government, something he described as "a negative indicator in view of the criticisms in the street".

"It was wrong to maintain the same old faces that have been around for two years and couldn't change anything," Fathi Amin said. "In fact, the Libyan political circle is closed on itself and doesn't look beyond its feet."

But not everyone was opposed to the cabinet list. "This is a government formation that includes more positive points than negative points," Essam al-Imam said. "We wish them success, and we hope that the General National Congress will fix the negative points in its next sessions."

For his part, Mahmoud Shammam, the person in charge of the media file in the former executive office at the beginning of revolution, alleged the Abushagur government was "controlled by Islamist parties".

"We want a national consensus government, a national salvation government consisting of all factions in Libya and not just one party," Shammam said.

Meanwhile, Adel al-Talhi wondered, "Why cast doubts on the abilities of those ministers? Aren't they the product of a Libyan environment"?

"Let's co-operate with them and help them overcome obstacles and difficulties facing them together," al-Talhi added. "We need to have real partnership to build our nation and government so that the convoy of revolution may reach the shore of safety and realise its goals; a society where social justice, freedom and dignity prevail, a society for all where everyone have rights and duties towards their nation."

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    youcef 2012-10-8

    Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur is a pro-American with dual nationality like Hafftar, the traitor, and the Al-Qaeda members of the CIA, Belhadj and his companions, who are now on Western military bases. They were absent during Kadhafi’s time and they are saying that they are revolutionaries. Farewell Libya!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    فارس 2012-10-6

    The government and formation are convincing. However, the opposition was based on interests from the alliance party as well as Al Ikhwan party. The alliance wants 8 ministries as well as the portfolio of the first deputy prime minister. As for Al Ikhwan, they want 5 sovereign ministries and they focus on the foreign ministry. In this case there will be 9+6= 15 portfolios for these two parties. There will be 11 ministries left. The question is: why were the elections held and an elected prime minister was chosen? Was it to put him at the forefront or democracy picture? Does the rest of the world act in the same way in assigning portfolios? Are we going to always repeat what Herodut said “New things come from Libya,”?In my personal opinion, 15 portfolios made up of luxurious leather should be bought and offered to these parties so as to satisfy them and not put a hurdle to the development and progress of Libya. We have wasted a lot of time. Shame on you! Let people take their time and your time will come! Thank you!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    ولد ليبيا 2012-10-6

    Fear God in Libya, in martyrs’ blood and the wounded. You should know Abushagur that if you don’t see God, God watches you. If it weren’t for the help of rebels, you wouldn’t have reached this.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    حسين الاصيبعي 2012-10-5

    This statement is addressed to Abushagur. Has Libya become sterile to give birth to new figures up to the mission? Why don’t we give an opportunity to promising young people to build Libya of the future?


  5. Anonymous thumb

    sahab dabnon 2012-10-5

    I am against the government of Abushagur because it cares only for itself and it doesn’t care for the demands of the Libyan people especially the eastern region. All ministries stir questioning. In my opinion, I still support the national alliance and those who consider the demands of the Libyan people.