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Ayman al-Zawahiri threatens Tunisia

By Houda Trabelsi for Magharebia in Tunis – 13/06/12

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Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri this week attacked the moderate Islamist Ennahda Movement for failing to base Tunisia's new democratic constitution on strict Islamic law.

"The leaders of the Ennahda party claim to be a part of what they call moderate, enlightened Islam," al-Zawahiri said in the recording posted online Sunday (June 10th). "Well, let them call themselves whatever they want, but they are...one of the symptoms of our civilisational diseases," the terrorist said.

After Al-Zawahiri called on Tunisians to mount an uprising to "use Qur'an as source of rule", hundreds of salafists went on a violent rampage, torching police stations, art centres and other sites in several cities. The government was forced to declare a night-time curfew.

But the al-Qaeda head is "not in a psychological or political position to allow him to make a good evaluation of things anywhere in the world, including Tunisia", Ennahda spokesperson Najib El Gharbi said about the new tape.

"The battle that was invented by some people about Sharia is an imaginary battle because the Tunisian people were, and still are, adhering to the teachings of Islam and wouldn't relinquish them," El Gharbi added.

Riadh Sidaoui, director of the Arab Centre for Political and Social Studies in Geneva, told Magharebia that the "Ennahda Movement will find itself in conflict with both Wahhabism and jihadist salafism, i.e. al-Qaeda. It can't avoid this inevitable conflict forever."

"Ennahda is finding itself between two fires: that of the jihadist salafism on the one hand, and that of the scientific salafism on the other," Sidaoui added. "So far, it has avoided confrontation with both because it is currently focusing on the conflict against modernists in Tunisia."

According to Bassel Torjmen, a specialist of Islamic movements in the region, the latest terror tape follows a shift in al-Qaeda's organisational structure.

"This came following the death of many senior leaders of al-Qaeda who were affiliated with Osama Bin Laden, such as Abu Yahya al-Libi, Anwar al-Awlaki and al-Qaeda's top financial official who was killed a while ago in Pakistan," Torjmen told Magharebia.

"Al-Zawahiri wants to install himself as the leader of organisation, especially in the Islamic Maghreb, and to show that the group that now operates in southern Algeria, Mali and Mauritania is under his direct command," he added.

Meanwhile, the founder of Tunisia's first legal salafist party spoke out against the foreign involvement. "We accept advice, but we don't accept any interference in our own affairs," said Mohamed Khouja, the head of the Reform Front.

"My party will seek to gradually incorporate Islamic Sharia in the new Tunisian constitution without any coercion," he added.

Khouja also rejected al-Zawahiri's call for rising up against Ennahda, saying "it was the people who chose Ennahda through the ballot boxes."

"The rules of democracy dictate that we accept the other opinion and respect the people's decision," Khouja said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    abou osama 2012-8-27

    I think these are lies about the man.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    abou mousa , stayli 2012-8-23

    Aymen al-Zawahiri, Ben Ladin, Droukdel, Ali Ben Hadj, Madani – may Allah destroy these four dogs, who have destroyed Islam. It will be Hell for these vermins. Islam is a religion of peace, but these vermins of a bad race have destroyed and soiled Islam ever since their arrival. Look in front of you, all Muslims are welcome. Now, we are in people’s eyes like a plague because of terrorism. Islam does not kill innocent people (women, children and the elderly). But you kill, rape and kidnap anything that moves. You have even killed animal and babies. May God have mercy on you.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    muslim 2012-8-22

    To El Celeb – Your tone is on par with the subject. In 2012, these crazies have exactly this level of intelligence. Money has always been and still remains the "sinews of war", and this is an imperialist total war waged against the Muslim peoples. The cash-drawer monarchies of the hegemonic West are hoping to get a few crumbs and survive against the will of their people, who are tyrannised and paralysed by the most sordid exploitation of religion. Religion is the precious property of all Muslims and it does not belong to any group, political party or crooked Wahhabi monarch or any other clique, doomed to inevitably disappear.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2012-8-20

    I don't believe what you say. This Ayman al-Zawahiri doesn't exist. It is just a game to instigate Tunisians to chaos in their country and damage their properties.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    عبد القادر الشتيوي 2012-8-20

    Honestly, I regret voting for Ennahda. They distorted Islam, took the cover of the Qur’an and started looting in the country and making sedition. If only Zine Al Abidine would come back and Tunisia return as it was. There is no security in this country. In the coming elections, we will expel you from Tunisia robbers and rule our country as we were. You are uncovered. The Tunisian is not idiot. Wait for a real revolution this time. On top of them Ghannouchi, the agent of Qatar, Jbeli, the former prisoner. When the Tunisian is hungry, he forgets his mother. I will make you forget from where you have come. Anger, anger, anger, by God the Almighty, you will regret it!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    hadji 2012-8-19

    In the name of Islam, you took the paradise that is the Maghreb and you pissed on it.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    حر 2012-8-18

    Why do these people allege religiosity but do the banned secretly? The brotherhood is just a scourge which we must uproot by going back to the real Islam free of sectarianism.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    abdalhkem 2012-8-18

    I encourage al-Zawahiri in what he says. I encourage those who support Islam for the religion of the truth and follow statements of Salafia Jihadia. God is the greatest! God is the greatest! So wake up my brothers! Don’t listen to those who destroy and defame in the name of Salafia Jihadia. By God, they will be victorious. Victory is only from God. My brothers in Islam, don’t listen to false statements which are said about these Mujahids. They are the best Umma in Islam. So don’t listen to what the media says because the media today are all agents of America and Israel. So advice to my brothers in Islam from your Libyan brother is to support your brothers in Islam, your brothers Mujahid Salafism, lions of al Qaeda. May God support everyone who is jealous for his religion, the religion of truth and lifting the flag of "there is no other God but God". Peace and mercy of God be upon you.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    El Celeb 2012-8-17

    Having as much of a right as a salafist, Wahhabi or other neurotic to speak “in the name of God” and having as much of a right to say imbecilic things, I affirm that all of the salafists, all of the Wahhabis and all the religious extremists will be damned to work in Allah’s pigsties and to eat the products of their work in the morning, at noon and in the evening and to sleep with their pigs every night.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    عماد 2012-8-14

    By God, if you can do this to your religion and put it in democracy boxes, accept for it humiliation and accept for its enemies highness and superiority, what can we do? God wanted for us dignity. God will support His religion with the dignity of the dignified or humiliation of the humiliated. So we just have to choose our place in this. If you have no patience, you will only hurt yourself.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    najib 2012-8-13

    We call upon brothers to be rational in their comments. Thank you!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    fateh d'alger 2012-8-13

    Let al-Zawahiri say what he wants. We don’t care about the matter. What is important for us is that the rest of this article is like all the articles on this site about salafists who burnt, did, beat the girl and removed her clothes in Morocco, beat someone else, beat a bull who was smoking asparagus. In future, salafists will kill a child, rape an old woman and other calumnies and lies. The most important thing is that the rest of the lying article is moving in a way we know for a long time. So play something else, hhhh!


  13. Anonymous thumb

    bouziri 2012-8-12

    The person who wrote this article seeks to sow discord between the Moroccans. He attacked them as salafists without distinction. If ever he proves that the person who attacked this girl was Moroccan, that would really shock me because the war that the secularists started against the Islamic movements is a war of lies and dishonest press. While we give girls the right to go out even in a tank top and a mini-skirt, we must also respect the people who want to wear the veil or even the jellaba. Do not forget that we are in a country where the constitutions states that Islam is the religion of the country and the King is the Commander of the Believers. So, people who are scantily clad should consider themselves in a situation worthy of criticism, not those wearing veils. – All my respect for everyone.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    عزالدّين الصّابري بن هذه الأمّة. 2012-8-11

    Choosing religion or belief is mainly an individual issue. Then we will know after a fair social national referendum the confessional composition of society. Prevalence will then be of course obviously for the majority. So what’s the business of democratic governments for people who determine their fate? If all Tunisians were Christians, would you impose on them Islam? What if all Americans or the sweeping majority of them were Muslims, would their Christian governments impose on them a religion? Religion is the basic freedom of the individual. denying or repressing it means mainly repressing one's freedom. What can my government offer me to choose after my faith and religion which is my method in life for which I am responsible on the Judgment Day? Maybe this is an internal contradiction which reflects the failure of democracy and its advocates. This approach is based on an internal understanding of Islam. Our Islam is totally contradictory with other religions. However, some of them can live in its breast within limits which it defines clearly. So you my Muslim brother in Tunisia or any other place on earth are required to choose the religion of Islam as an order. This is required by the essence of the faith of Islam. Religion for God is Islam. As for the understanding of religion, it is one. So don’t be deceived by the shouts of the opponents and enemies of this religion who have made many names and appellations in order to sow divisions among us. The policy of the enemies of religion is “divide and conquer”. This is one of their famous policies since old times. No matter what they say, our religion is the Book of God and Sunnah of His prophet. You should know my dear brother that there is no democracy with religion and religion with democracy. The issues of Muslims are led through consultation. My brothers in God, what drove me to write this is the statement of the so-called “sheikh Al Islam Rached Ghannouchi” who said “we won’t adopt Islamic Sharia as a source of legislation.” So odd is this statement by a sheikh of Islam. What if he were sheikh of disbelievers and atheism? Secondly, this was also triggered by the opposing opinions of advocates of Sharia and seculars. Thirdly, there are extreme moderate Muslims led by Rached Ghannouch and on the other hand extremists. Islam is one, the Sharia of God is one there is nothing new about it.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    عزالدّين الصّابري ( ابن هذه الأمّة). 2012-8-11

    There is a lot of gossip, seas of ink have flowed from pens. I thought that it was all about a flow of statements with one vision about which there is no consensus. As the war of words heats up, we can no longer distinguish the truth from the false and sincerity from lies. Why? Why by Your Lord? Is there no consensus? Is the right not sour, still it is sought for itself? Isn’t the battle since the eruption of human disputes (Cain and Abel) a battle between the truth and falsehood? Isn’t supremacy with the truth? Truth is God and only the truth will win. Victory belongs to God. Falsehood will never defeat the truth, this is part of my faith in God the Almighty. This is impossible. The falsehood is us, human beings, and the truth is God Who created humans. So can a reasonable person accept the victory of the creature over the Creator? So o servants of God, recognise your love for falsehood, lust, pleasures of life and its adornments which misguided you from the truth and the way of truth. If you know the truth, you know God the Almighty. Going away from vice means getting closer to virtue. Deserting lies means getting closer to sincerity. Renouncing falsehood is adherence to the truth. Adhering to the truth is moving with the light and guidance of God. Say “there is no other God but God” a sincere testimony to get rid of obsessions and illusions. Then your hearts, minds and visions will be united and there will be only consensus. Why? Because the Umma of Mohammed, peace and blessings of God be upon him, cannot be united on falsehood. Since there is misguidance, there is no consensus on the truth or falsehood. The seditions of opinions, positions, viewpoints and rules will be active and dynamic separating ranks not uniting them, destroying not building, driving away not bringing closer, building illusion and doubts not building the truth and conviction. Conviction and the truth are uniting and consensual. They can be achieved only with one basic condition. It is love for the truth, i.e. love for God and His messenger, peace and blessings of God be upon him. Then, we can talk about the unity of the Umma of Islam and the truth of its entity. As for any other approach, it is just a way of gossip, wars of words, wars of words’ sedition and tricks of deceiving and stray minds. Everyone is supporting, hailing, glorifying and alleging. But who is right? Wake up people! Beware of what you legitimise and enjoy, it is ruining for the believer. In its appearance it is paradise but internally it is fire and torture. If it continues, it prevents the unity of the Umma.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    amina 2012-8-10

    By God, you are all hypocrites because we aren’t sincere.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    musulmane 2012-8-10

    They are all claiming to hold the truth, and in its name, they condemn, threaten and massacre people. And this is just the first wrong. Kafirs (infidels) are the ones who want to impose their ignorance as though it were truth. They say that they are the hand of God on Earth, the representatives of God on Earth while executing people without a trial, regardless of their age, just because they take themselves for God. Is it not kofr (infidelity) to take oneself for God or His Prophet? Does this not go against Divine law to want to make humanity uniform? Allah said, “I created you, the peoples and tribes, so that you may know each other.” And the Prophet (may prayers and respects be upon him) said that diversity is a rahma (grace). Yes to uniting, but no to making people uniform. Hitler tried to do this in order to make one race dominate another. He failed. The salafists are doing the same by wanting to impose a single vision of Islam. They will fail too.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    Abu.ismael.spain 2012-8-9

    We must follow the precious advice of Abu Ismael, which is to say at the same time that we must educate the young Muslims, who are just starting in this purified and clean Islam. Today, if we study the Islamic movement around today and around for nearly a century, we note that they have not offered the slightest benefit. Despite their shouts and uproars, through which they express their desire to obtain and Islamic nation, they have perhaps spilt the blood of a great number of innocent people and without it serving any purpose at all. And we do not stop hearing from them words that reflect beliefs that are in contradiction with the Qur’an and the Sunna, but that they want to found an Islamic state. We even find the words from one of these preachers (and I have also heard from his supporters and followers) that “If they build the Islamic nation in your heart, it will come about in your land.” This is because if Muslims correct their beliefs according the Book and the Sunnah, their worship will be improved as well as their character and their morality and all the derives from them. But, alas, these beautiful words are not applied by these peoples, and yet they continue to shout that they want to establish a Muslim nation. Because of this, the poet was right about them when he said, “You desire to be saved, but you are not taking the right path to this. The boat cannot under any circumstances navigate on the ground.” And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has certain gone astray in an obvious diversion. Salam alaikoum. From Spain, Abu Ismael


  19. Anonymous thumb

    Abu.ismael.spain 2012-8-9

    “Some Precious Advice, God Willing” – You have in Allah’s Messenger an excellent model to follow for anyone who places their hopes in Allah and on their last days and frequently invokes Allah. If we truly wanted the law of Allah to be established on Earth, should we start by fighting the rulers given that we do not have the ability to do so? Or should we rather necessarily start where Allah’s Messenger started? The answer is quite clear. In effect, you have in Allah’s Messenger an excellent model, so how did the Prophet Mohamed start? We know that he started by an appeal through “da’wah” (preaching). He started with those who felt read to receive the truth and after that, the people started to respond little by little. This is known in the history of the Prophet. Then came his persecution and the difficulties that the Muslims of Mecca faced. Then came the order to migrate for the first time, then a second time, until Allah consolidated Islam in Medina. We should thus start by teaching people Islam like the Prophet Mohamed did, except that today contenting oneself with teaching Islam is not enough because there have been things introduced into Islamic teachings that are completely foreign to Islam and that, quite the contrary, put true Islam in danger and pervert the fruits that true Islam has allowed us to reap. That is why it is necessary for the preachers of Islam to start with the purification, that is, purifying Islam of all the things that were introduced into it and that pervert Islam not just in its schools and our behaviour, but also in the dogma. Then, after the purification, there will be education. … To be continued.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    MOUSLIM 2012-8-8

    You are speaking in a vacuum. As I have noticed, you are speaking of Muslims and Arabs. There is no agreement between the two. The problem is you, the Arabs. You meddle in others’ affairs. Is it you who decides what is a sin and what is not? Are you all gods?


  21. Anonymous thumb

    FARIDKACEM 2012-8-8

    By God, I never heard anyone commending an Arab ruler be he Muslim, communist, leftist or rightist. Are all rulers bad and tyrants? In reality, who has voted for them? It is their people. Don’t they have a religion but when they rule the country they change so that now we evaluate them and say they don’t know? Or where were they before? Leave them act according to their understanding. You’re not the only one who understands. By God, if you rule with elections, we will vote for people like them, then we pray for their mercy. By God, what made Arabs backward is words. Sir, what have we lost if we add our silence to your silence, it is better than speaking. It is easy. Look at the west and listen to the experienced and forget otherwise how our history would be. A provocative tyrant ruler + rebelling people who die = preying enemy who does not speak and who has no mercy.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2012-8-6

    Ayman al-Zawahri is created and paid for the job he does.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    khaldi omar 2012-8-6

    It is no good lying to us, the Algerians. They lied when the real outcome was 200,000 dead. Al Dhawahiri is a guy who understands Islam and is not a radical or Islamist. No, he is a Muslim. He was in the Muslim Brotherhood before going into Al Qaida. Everything he says is in Islam. “Kill the apostates” or "offensive jihad" or "adult breastfeeding" or "drinking camel urine" – all these things are in Islam, true Islam. You only need to read to know if what I am saying is true or false. So, either you are with Islam or you are against it.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    عابر سبيل 2012-8-4

    Al-Zawahiri is good and a man. Al-Zawahri isn’t a terrorist and so on. My son, may God not grant you success, he is a salafist, that’s true. No, he is not following the righteous Salaf because I don’t like when I hear him that I am not disturbed in my head. How can you say this my brother? If you add water, you add flour. There is no one who can offer us evidence. The man is Sunni, he is clean or innovating partisan. I am a Sahrawi man from the south. The black is black and the white is white. Empty talk is useless. What I know is that scholars of Medina, Yemen and others said they are partisans and Khawarej. This means that they are Takfirists. The evidence is clear now, partisanship with the group in the name of an organisation. As in the Hadith, they kill people of Islam and spare pagans. The man is threatening Islamic countries. What is left in Tunisia so that you go on destroying it on its people now that its people are beginning to like to return and learn their religion? People, even if they chose an Islamic party which we don’t agree with and think it is innovative, this just reflects that they choose religion and this is a good sign. May God promote you, guide you young people, forgive me and you. What did he say? Israel is now beginning the project of building the temple of antichrist in Jerusalem. Now they are beginning in real gaps. This is how they took you as pretext in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they want to weaken the Islamic Maghreb. They are unknowingly putting their hand in the hand of world Zionism. Everyone knows how the soul of Muslim youth is cheap for the cause of God but you should steer to the right path, gaps, gaps otherwise. I apologise.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    ويدو 2012-8-2

    An Egyptian liar.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    المطاطي الجيلاني 2012-8-2

    All the Arab Maghreb is moving to the abyss. There are many reasons for this and they are long to explain. They aren’t Al-Zawahiri or al-Qaeda. Most reasons are the incapacity and incompetence of the government.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    jamel riahi 2012-8-2

    My dear brother, peace of God be upon you.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    saber 2012-8-1

    “The decision is only for Allah.” You try to delude people, o seculars!


  29. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2012-7-31

    To Mr Anonymous – The people that support you are the Saudis, who themselves are run by the Jews and the Americans and, globally, Zionism because if you want jihad, go on then, do it in Palestine, where our brother Palestinians are killed every day and Israel does not stop building things on their land and confiscating their property.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    mustafaalwafe 2012-7-27

    From where did you get what you say and what is your evidence?


  31. Anonymous thumb

    BENREZKALLAH 2012-7-26

    It is really unfortunate to read and hear comments like these. The enemies of Islam have figured out the Muslims and now know what they need in order to divide them and prevent them from developing and recommencing their renaissance. Dear Muslims, work, love each other and think, and may each of us or our loved ones enforce the sharia and obey God and His Prophet Mohamed, God save him.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    aniss 2012-7-25

    God’s curse on you al-Zawahiri, the terrorist!


  33. Anonymous thumb

    said janir 2012-7-23

    Excuse me writer of the article, beware of repeating this mistake again, Ayman al-Zawahiri is not a terrorist or criminal. If he is not so, to your knowledge, he is a man and master of men. I ask God to grant him long life and protect him from ever Satan like you. He is a shield for Islam and Muslims. O Lord grant him victory against his enemies!


  34. Anonymous thumb

    bilal 2012-7-23

    I am Algerian-African, it is ok, Morocco, it is ok, with one 1 h you’re welcome here every year, you’re fine.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2012-7-22

    The noble messenger has spread the Islamic call not through coercion. God the Almighty says that halal is clear and haram is clear. There is nothing and no knowledge that an individual learns by force, terrorism and killing innocent souls. Thank you for reading this. Bless you all!


  36. Anonymous thumb

    abdoullah 2012-7-16

    Al-Qaeda, Ben Laden and everyone with him were manufactured by the CIA and Mossad in order to destroy true Islam. Do you remember Barak Obama’s speech during the presidential elections: I would not attack the Iranians, but I would support an internal war between the Sunnis and Shiites 34246


  37. Anonymous thumb

    turanidaud 2012-7-15

    may you all kufar burn in hell you call yourself muslims no wonder WHY you read paper in english and not in arabic, you are all agents of kufar and pretending to be muslims and arabs.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    Abou youssef 2012-7-15

    The messenger of God says “I was sent in the hands of the Hour with the sword until God alone is worshipped. My subsistence was made under the shadow of an arrow. Humiliation and disgrace are on those who opposed me. Anyone who imitates some people, he belongs to them”.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    Abbou 2012-7-13

    So long as the Muslim people believe that such a thing as “political Islam” or a single “sharia” exists in the same way as there existed a “Manifesto of the Communist Party” or a “Discourse on Method”, they are going to face severe disillusionment. The salafists’ reference points for doctrine, the Muslim Brothers and other clowns date back in the best of cases to the 11th Century concerning the constitutional principles of government, and many are still hesitant to admit that democracy is not “kufr” (“apostasy”). They are going to go far with this...


  40. Anonymous thumb

    Racim 2012-7-10

    To انسان- Thank you, dear brother. It was a pleasure to read you.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    Omar 2012-7-10

    Mark my words most people in Tunisia will be starving in 20 years tourism was the main income for Tunisia.


  42. Anonymous thumb

    Rami 2012-7-8

    The people are sovereign. May they do what they are want. They can make their own path or renounce it, but in no case should they try to draw others down with them in their fall inasmuch as the people are the perpetrators of their fall.


  43. Anonymous thumb

    انسان 2012-7-7

    The noble messenger spread the Islamic Call not through compulsion. God the Almighty says that the halal is clear and the haram is clear. There is nothing and no knowledge learnt by the human by force, terrorism and killing innocent souls. Thank you for reading! Bless you all!


  44. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2012-7-7



  45. Anonymous thumb

    Un tunisien 2012-7-6

    Look all through the Qur’an, the hadiths, the Fiqh and so on and you will not find anything that gives anyone the right to speak in the name of Allah or the Prophet. We reject you, Salafis and Wahabis. Let us continue being Maliki Sunnis and you can go birth more of yourselves in Hell.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    nani 2012-7-4

    Be careful Tunisians of sliding again. The results of the first slide were an American base on the Tunisian territory. So what could be the results of a second slide? Think correctly!


  47. Anonymous thumb

    مسلم 2012-7-4

    They all claim to be salafists. Those who accuse Muslims of disbelief, allow shedding their blood, violating their honour, destroy and commit blasts, these are not Salafis. They are terrorists. They include armed groups, al-Qaeda, those who allege to be Salafia Jihadia and all groups which commit such acts in the world under any name contradicting Islam and Salafism. Real Salafism is the one that implements the words of God, words and acts of the messenger, peace and blessings of God be upon him, in the understanding of companions, followers, first Imams such as the first Imams, Al Boukhari, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Taymiya, Ibn Al Qayim and others such as Albani, Ibn Baz, Ibn Othaymine, Sheikh, Moukbim and Madkhali. The acts and words of terrorists are contrary to the acts of righteous Salaf (predecessors).


  48. Anonymous thumb

    tounsi 2012-7-3

    May God make things easy for everyone! No one should intervene in the country of the other.


  49. Anonymous thumb

    الجيلالي الجزائر 2012-6-24

    They are hiding behind the text of Qur’an, bending its neck and dropping its meanings with which they opened their comments such as the following: “There are two categories of people. One category following the way of God and the other following a different way. Therefore, it is required to know God, know His way and remove all confusion about our faith, rules of our sharia, embrace them and act accordingly no matter what this costs us. In a few words, the issues lies in knowledge, acting, unity, renouncing segregation and division, taking initiatives and relying on God sincerely as God says “do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart”. God also says, “And say, 'Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers'.” We have known these texts for 15 centuries, we believe them, but we haven’t founded rules and regulations for unity. Regulations are decided by the majority which results from ballots only, not the one which controls tribunes, slyness and craftiness. Otherwise you are only ready to destroy.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    Fifi 2012-6-18

    Hi! I would like to go on holidays, but I am afraid of riots and security.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    محمد نجيب ناصف 2012-6-16

    There are two categories of people. One category following the way of God and other following a different way. Therefore, it is required to know God, know His way and remove all confusion about our faith, rules of our sharia, embrace them and act accordingly no matter what this costs us. In a few words, the issues lies in knowledge, acting, unity, renouncing to segregation and division, taking initiatives and relying on God sincerely as God says “do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart”. God also says, “And say, 'Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers'.”


Anonymous thumb

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