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Dounia Batma returns to Morocco

By Nohad Topalian for Magharebia – 03/05/2012

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Dounia Batma, who reminded crowds of Umm Kulthum and El-Tarab El-Aseel, returned to Morocco to be greeted with a reception befitting a major star. Magharebia talked with her about the "Arab Idol" experience.

Magharebia: First, congratulations on achieving success equivalent to the title. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the results?

Dounia Batma: Thank you from my heart for the congratulations. As far as the outcome, I gained people's love and fame reaching the world. In practice, Carmen's and my fortunes were equivalent and equal. Today I am convinced that Carmen represents her country in earnest, as I represent my country Morocco.

Magharebia: How were you received in Morocco after the end of the programme "Arab Idol"?

Batma: I was met by a large number of fans at the airport along with my family and friends. There I was showered with congratulations, and my visit to Morocco a week before the results were announced received a warm welcome as well. Everyone gave me support and encouraged me. Until today, I receive congratulations and words of honour and pride for the respectable image I offered of my country and its people.

Magharebia: Did you expect to reach the final stage?

Batma: I took part in "Arab Idol" at the insistence of my mother. She insisted that I try my luck. After having been reluctant to take this step because of the principle of the programme, I came back and participated, as I was expecting to be among the top five competitors, and not to reach the final stage.

Magharebia: Will your artistic career end with the results or venture into artistic projects?

Batma: I am a fundamentally ambitious person. Having arrived where I am today, I contracted with the production company "Platinum," a subsidiary of MBC Group that will manage my work and plans for artistic projects. And at present, I am spending some time in Morocco for the promotion, while the artistic director of the company is working to prepare my first singles.

Magharebia: On the programme you performed several song genres. Will you specialise in any genre?

Batma: Honestly, I'm awaiting my stopover in Dubai and my meeting with Platinum company officials, managers and technicians to know what will be my artistic future. But certainly, I will never neglect Moroccan song.

Magharebia: What role can you play alongside Moroccan youth, who consider you their star?

Batma: I cannot begin to thank all the Moroccan people who supported me, and those I made happy and moved to tears... and those who were sad because I took second place. I am at their disposal, for they are the youth of my country, and I'm here to provide advice and assistance. I will do everything I can to meet their expectations, especially since for them I am a spoiled young woman, and everyone wants to protect, support and adopt me.

Magharebia: What do you say to them, especially in light of the delicate conditions the Maghreb is going through?

Batma: All I wish is for them to be positive, and to seek to achieve their dreams and aspirations. I also tell them to never stop dreaming, and to not back down in the face of failure or prior judgement, but to turn failure into success.

Magharebia: What about your family?

Batma: My family hails from a district known as a neighbourhood of artists in Casablanca, Mohammadi neighbourhood. My uncle is the founder of the band "Nass El-Ghiwan" and its mentor, and many of my relatives work in the music field. My mother had wanted to become a singer, and here I am today realising her dream and my dream.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    Hind 2014-2-27

    Personally, I think that Donia Batma is a singer with no beauty. Unfortunately, her face is scary, and what's more, she comes from an overpopulated neighbourhood of Casablanca. And I don't understand why she's so proud of being married to a man who was already married. This is truly sad.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    bilhaj.laila 2012-8-29

    Salam Batma. You’re great in Arab Idol. I wish you success in your artistic career.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    kamel 2012-7-10

    To Mehdi- Who asked you to die for anyone? Live for yourself. That would be more intelligence. Between you and me, M6 has no need of you or your death. He stockpiles 60% of the yearly natural resources belonging to the Moroccan people. Everything is going well for him for the time being. It is for the people that everything is rather going bad – unemployment, expensive living, education and healthcare out of reach for the poorest, young people with no future are depressed, drugs, crime, lack of safety, repression, etc. The people are the ones who are doing bad and who deserve that you pledge yourself to their cause, not the King!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    MEHDI WAKRIM 2012-7-8

    Mehdi, I die for my country and our king Mohamed VI. Morocco forever!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    ميليسة 2012-7-4

    I come from Algeria. I love Dounia Batma and wish her a life full of happiness. Dounia, I would like to tell you don’t be sad because of the title of Arab Idol which was taken from you by Carmen treacherously. From the first moment I saw you I liked you. I was sad and wept on the night the results were announced. I know the title was for you. If Carmen weren’t from Egypt, it was you who would have taken the title. But the title is cheated for them. The most important thing is the love of the people and getting a place in the hearts of the people not the cheated title.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    وردة 2012-6-6

    I love you Moroccans. Warda from Algeria.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2012-6-6

    I was very angry when Dounia lost. Warda.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    lolo 2012-5-21

    I wish Dounia Batma success. I am one of her best fans along with Carmen and Youssef. I would like news about the Libyan artist Saleh Ghali, the artist Wael Jassar, news of Elissa, Yara, Sirine Abdenour and new movies of Angelina Jolie.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    Haylle 2012-5-4

    What many people from all over the arab world on the internet say about Dounia Batma. Never was there a richer, warmer female voice and never has there been since the very most. Because Dounia Batma had the most hauntingly beautiful and Angelic voice a millions of audience have all ever heard. We wish her all the very best in her musical ventures and wish her SUNSHINE Success for her new album and all the very best for the future. Bless Her.