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Calls mount for new Libya-Tunisia border crossing

By Monia Ghanmi for Magharebia in Tunis – 21/02/12

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Libyan and Tunisian border residents have intensified calls for opening a new land passage.

For merchants, the move would ease trade exchanges. For travellers, it would reduce distances. For others, it would provide the first step toward long-desired integration and unity.

A convoy of Libyan and Tunisian activists last month marched to the Mashhad Salih border line. The area is located 80km from Tataouine and oversees the Libyan towns of Zintan and Taiji as well as Western Mountains.

"If this project is completed, I'm sure it will be a good port and a lifeline that will offer additional services to the two peoples, who are linked by a single future and a single fate," Abderrazak Mbarki told Magharebia. "It will be a fraternal link facilitating movement of goods and people and breathing new life into relations between the two countries."

The strength of Tunisian-Libyan trade requires opening another border to relieve pressure from the Ras Jedir and Dhiba crossings and ease the movement of traffic in order to speed up import and export operations, he said.

"The rising demand in Libya after the revolution and the increasing need for Tunisian products prompted everyone to go there, and this generated a sort of overcrowding on the existing crossings and lengthened the wait for travellers and merchants," Jalil Bargouth said.

A third border crossing will help achieve full and sustainable partnership between the two countries, he said. It will boost the volume of trade, redouble profits and thus improve social conditions for residents of the border areas.

Tunisia has been Libya's first economic partner for decades and their commercial transactions reach six billion dollars a year. Libya invests a significant part of its oil revenues in Tunisia, at nearly 20 billion dollars.

"The authorities of both countries must hasten to take the necessary measures and agree to focus on a third border gate to facilitate economic and social integration among all Libyan and Tunisian cities and to bring distances and services for the people of two countries closer," Adel Bourji agrred.

Libyan residents shared the sentiment.

"With this new crossing, which will connect our cities with Tunisian cities, we will shorten [travel time] and it will be a new window for these actors to take their share of development after years of marginalisation," said Mohamed Ben Abdel Adhim, from the Western Mountains. "Many will also benefit from this crossing due to its saving time, effort and suffering of travel."

There is a desire among the people of the city of Tataouine to extend bonds with their neighbours, the Libyans, said Tataouine resident Said Chalbi.

"Opening a traffic space directly linking the Tunisian city of Tataouine with the Libyan city of Zintan and the cities of Western Mountains is launching new relations that will enable removing the isolation of inhabitants of these border areas and create a sort of merger and integration between the two countries," he said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    الفارس الحر 2012-3-4

    Opening this crossing will reduce what some regions seek, including their will to destabilise Libya and the great opportunity they see to found the alleged Amazigh state between Nalute and Zouara.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    امير الظلام 2012-3-4

    In my personal opinion, all this is empty talk. First of all, because I believe in the policy of conspiracy which was founded mainly on destruction and killing each other. Let’s begin by narrating facts from the very beginning. When the Ottoman giant fell, who came to power? Wasn’t it the rescuing axis, then the faithful allies followed by weak emirates to get out from the colonisation stages, finally there were the dictatorial national rule and finally the good civil Islamic governance and the wise understands. Thank you!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    سامي محمد 2012-3-2

    It is a very good move forward to strengthen co-operation between the two countries and ease pressure on the border crossing Ras Jdir and the border crossing of Ouazene.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    مواطن ليبي 2012-2-28

    Salam alikum. I consider that opening the border crossing is a good move for everyone. It will contribute to easing the overcrowding in Ras Jdir because most traffic goes through the coast. It will also increase trade for both countries and create jobs for residents on both sides. Please don’t consider the topic from the regional side but consider the interests of the two brotherly countries especially the Tunisian side. Thank you!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    Ben zarti 2012-2-26

    No to opening a new border checkpoint! Monitoring the current crossings is already difficult enough. With the re-opening of the Dhiba-Ouzen crossing after the revolution, the entire southern region is going to benefit from it socially and economically and will not be isolated. It is not necessary to remind you that during the long era of Kadhafi, only the Ras Jédir Border Checkpoint was working. Ras Jédir and Dhiba will largely suffice for the future if we want to secure the legal crossing of people and merchandise and stop contraband and terrorism.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    ليبي حر 2012-2-24

    You are dreaming gangs, it is an uncovered plan. No to manipulating cities which said "no" to the tyrant.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    عبد المنعم 2012-2-22

    There is no need to open the border-crossing Mashhad Saleh. I think that the Libyan-Tunisian border is not that long and doesn’t deserve this. What is required is to secure the crossings of Ras Jdir and Ouazene and protect them instead of opening a new front or a new crossing which might create chaos and complicate things. Order is the most important thing.