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Algeria to open relations with Libya transitional council

By Walid Ramzi for Magharebia in Algiers – 24/08/11

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As Libyan rebels reclaim Tripoli and the Kadhafi regime ends, Algeria is working to establish formal relations with the Libya's Transitional National Council (TNC).

In a response issued Tuesday (August 23rd), Algeria's foreign ministry said the country had opened channels of communication with the TNC. Algeria's highest priorities in Libya, according to the statement, are general security, enduring stability, unity and political reform.

The Algerian government said it would move quickly towards normalised relations with the TNC if it issued an apology for earlier charges against the Algerian regime.

The ministry repeated Algeria's denial of assisting Kadhafi's regime during the conflict: "Since the outbreak of protests in Benghazi in mid February, Algeria didn't support, whether militarily or politically or in any other form, Kadhafi's regime," it reads.

Amid reports of theft and vandalism at the Algerian embassy in Tripoli, Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci sent an urgent message to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to take the necessary actions to ensure the safety of Algerian diplomats.

With the military situation in flux, Algeria on Sunday placed ground forces posted along the Libyan border on high alert and increased aerial surveillance after groups of armed four-wheel drive vehicles were spotted in the area.

Algerian political parties reacted to the Libyan rebel victories. The Socialist Forces Front (FFS) described the imminent fall of Moamar Kadhafi's regime as "good news for all strugglers for freedom and democracy in the entire world".

The party called on the Libyan people "to quickly unite around a truly representative national leadership that can build a sovereign state of rights and democracy". However, the party expressed its fears that this democratic transition "may face greater difficulties in its implementation".

The Movement of Society for Peace (MSP) issued a congratulatory statement on Tuesday, saying: "The road is still long and difficult to re-build a state commensurate with the size of sacrifices that the steadfast Libyan people have offered… Libya's future today is in your hands."

Analysts warn of the regional impact regime change may have on security.

Dr. Mhend Berkouk, professor of international relations at the University of Algiers and director of the Centre for Security and Political Studies, said that Kadhafi's fall could lead to an increase in refugees, cross-border organised crime and terrorist threats in the Sahel and North Africa.

As to the effects of Libyan turmoil on Algeria's energy sector, former Sonatrach executive Abdelmadjid Attar said there was no real threat to investments in the Ghadames basin. Sonatrach's operations in Libya will continue, he said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    ثوار الناتو 2011-10-7

    Calm down Omar the Algerian, don’t be irritated at all. We don’t want anything from France. Take it, wait in the long queue in front of the embassy to get a visa and cool down a little!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    Moumen 2011-9-17

    Being alone is better than having bad company! Those who love their God are never isolated, never weakened. They are always victorious! Those who emerge into the perfidious multitude are truly alone!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    عمر الجزائري 2011-9-16

    I am an Algerian man. I say to hell with Libya and Arabs. If anyone wants something from the Algerian people, let them say it directly. We don’t fear anyone in this world except God. We’ve had enough with 130 years of colonisation. We don’t want anyone to get close to Algeria. Salam.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    النملة فوزي 2011-9-15

    Don’t recognise us and we don’t need to know the military in Algeria! Mind your own business! Solve your problems with your people as did Moamer, the runaway, solve his problem with Libyans! There is evidence, proof and witnesses. All we need is to arraign them before the international court because Algeria (its government) contributed to ethnic cleansing against Amazighs of Nafusa mountain. All Libyans, its arms and armies are under the grip of rebels. Even the number of military equipment which crossed the territory of Algeria is known. All mercenaries of Kadhafi used Algerian airports to deliver defected officers by Algeria in order to be killed by Moamer. This is known. We can’t forget the blood of our martyrs. The blood of our sons is very dear to us, o military of Algeria!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    sasa 2011-9-15

    I would like to draw attention to one thing. We and Algeria are brothers. We would like to say no to strife, no to destruction. We are one hand. We won’t be fragmented. I address my respects. Thank you! A free Mislata woman.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    bel hajj 2011-9-6

    Too little too late from Algeria. Libya no longer supports the polisario and as a result Algeria is very isolated in the Maghreb!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    محمد السيد 2011-8-29

    What we hear, read and watch from some who describe rebels of Libya as rebels of NATO or rebels of shame and disgrace, only reflects that writers of articles are either one of the paid pens or deluded by the deceiving media by their governments. We Libyans have lived, seen and felt the acts of Kadhafi and his cohorts in recent months against Libyan, Arab and foreign civilians. It was his deceiving the media which said that rebels rob, kill and rape. We have seen and witnessed the acts of rebels and the acts of the battalions of the criminal. As it is said, people of Mecca know better its roads. So we hope there will be no speculations about the Libyan people. If they had called upon the United Nations to intervene, it did so after appealing to Arab countries which couldn’t offer protection to the Libyan people and asked it from the United Nations.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2011-8-28

    Is true that Polisario is no longer part of the Arab Maghreb Union?


  9. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الجليل الجزائري 2011-8-28

    Clear confusion in dealing with new winds of change which don’t blow as ruling regime in Algeria wish. It is resisting just to gain time. Reforms cannot be carried out and cannot succeed only with the change of individuals and ruling systems to bright up their image and stop the bloodshed.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    طارق بن زياد 2011-8-27

    Those who said that Algeria supported the Libyan regime don’t know very recent history. Kadhafi was always instigating Algerian Touareg tribes against the regime and promised to build them a state. So how can they? The fear by Algeria of the chaotic spread of arms from Libya, what would be its fate then? Will it be taken back to barracks? I don’t think so. On the other hand, look with insight at who has the interest in spreading rumours and promoting them in the agent media outlets. But this is very forlorn, they tried many times! Algeria is like a palm tree, high and resistant and cannot be moved by the wind.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    أوباها حسين 2011-8-27

    A minister smart in hypocrisy because he doesn’t know that the Libyan Transitional Council has evidence against the military of Algeria who were funded by Kadhafi for the Polisario. The Libyan council detains 550 prisoners from the mercenaries of Algeria and the minister wants to open sewage channels from his political office. Rulers of Algeria are a linguistic fashion and redundant in political Arabic?


  12. Anonymous thumb

    ميمي 2011-8-26

    I hope Algeria will reconsider what it intends to do. I am an Algerian woman and I am not honoured that my country recognises the council of invasion and shame who lift the flag of Israel and France. All the Algerians are with the Libyan people, not a category against a category. We hope things will be peaceful and not with war.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    hafid 2011-8-26

    Algerian government have been caught supplying Gaddafi with polisario fighters to help Gaddafi. This is a shame on Algeria and the new Liyban government are not happy which is why they attacked the algerian embassy in Tripoli. Algeria's support for Gaddafi has been exposed.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    جزائري 2011-8-25

    I don’t think NATO wishes the welfare of Libya for any Arab or Islamic countries. Rebels who are supported by NATO don’t represent the Libyan people. In Algeria, we have the famous Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis who said one day “if France asks me to say there is no other God but Allah, I wouldn’t have said it.” The wise understands. Signed by: an Algerian man who is very saddened by the situation of Arab countries.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    BAALI Madjid 2011-8-25

    The world is working backwards in Algeria, which dares to ask Libya to make an apology!!! Algeria is the one who should make a public apology to Libya for having conspired against the Libyan revolutionaries and having sent equipment and Polisario mercenaries to support the criminal puppet Kadhafi. The fighters in the city of Benghazi still hold in their prisons the surviving remnants of the Algerian Sahrawis, who were shown off like dazed monkeys to the members of NATO.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    Algeria 2011-8-25

    This article is based on false information. The algerian govt never made such a statement (please refer to official dources begore broadcasting false information). Algeria's position is that it recognizes Libya as a sovereign nation state. Whether gadafi or jalil or anyone else is heading that state is gor libyans to decide. The government of Algeria has no say in who is elected by the libyan people to conduct its business. The government of algeria has therefore no need to recognize any authority other yhan that of the libyan syaye, as a sovereign state. Again, please refrain from posting false statements on your site.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    Expat Libya 2011-8-25

    Dear Algerian Government, In short, thanks but no thanks! You can keep your friendship, and everything to yourself. We have absolutely no interest is dealing with you, and if possible I wish that even Libya didn't have connected borders. We don't want your collaboration, we don't care about your recognition. I ask you one thing, what value would Algeria bring to the new free Libya? Nothing, Zero. I think you know that you have done enough already. Long live Free Libya, Long live the great Algerian people!


  18. Anonymous thumb

    Essid 2011-8-25

    I wonder where the propagandists are so that he can talk to us about how Algeria’s leadership is always true to their principles and will not negotiate with people who violate the only international law that he understands: non-interference. (Apparently, they forget that the right to live in dignity without a dictator who kills the population is also an international law.) It seems that the political parties of Algeria are not homogeneous, but that they have diverse opinions on the Libyan revolution, since, according to the article, the Socialist Forces Front supported the fall of Kadhafi’s regime. And it also seems that Algeria’s leadership is as pragmatic as any other country, establishing relations with the NTC in Libya as soon as it became clear the NTC would be the new power in place. My only hope is that the Algerian leadership WILL NOT SHOW the same loyalty to the NTC that it showed to the dictator Kadhafi. If the NTC does not establish a democratic foundation for the country and then dissolve itself so that the people may elect their own representatives, then the NTC will not disserve any loyalty – after all, it is a “transitional” council, not a “ruling” council. It is good that Kadhafi is gone. And, in my opinion, it is good that the NTC sought help from NATO in order to prevent Kadhafi from using heavy weaponry against the revolutionaries. However, at this point, the NTC needs to develop a strategy for laying the foundation of a democracy and the NTC and NATO need to develop an exit strategy so that Libya’s own citizens can elect their own government and secure their own society without foreign or dictatorial interference.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    khedija arfaoui 2011-8-24

    It is time that Algeria got a move on.


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