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Miss Kabylie 2011 crowned in Tizi-Ouzou

By Mohand Ouali for Magharebia in Algiers – 24/01/11

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Anissa Kechadi beat out 14 other girls to win the "Miss Kabylie" beauty pageant on Saturday (January 22nd) in Tizi-Ouzou.

The 25-year-old from Bouira is a student in the Tamazight language and culture department at Mouloud Mammeri University. Last year, when she entered the pageant for the first time, she finished as second runner-up.

The Miss Kabylie pageant was held under the theme "Celebrating Yennayer with Beauty". It was a huge success in terms of audience numbers. The Mouloud Mammeri Cultural Centre struggled to cope with the number of people who came to see the young women competing for the crown.

The event was originally scheduled for January 11th but was postponed due to the Algeria unrest.

The selection criteria for the contest included a height of at least 1.70 metres and a university education. In addition, candidates must be able to speak the Amazighi language perfectly. Organisers received around fifty entries, choosing fifteen for the final competition.

The jury put three candidates through to the final round: Anissa Kechadi, Radia Hamad and Aimène Arhab. The crowd was kept in suspense for only a short while before success smiled on Anissa.

The newly-crowned Miss Kabylie said she wanted to dedicate the title to her parents and as a tribute to Kabylian women. Her mother, attending the ceremony, said she was proud to see her daughter being recognised as a symbol of Kabylian beauty and charm.

Event organiser Mourad Ait Ahmed said that he hoped more companies would get involved in sponsoring cultural events of this kind so that their future could be guaranteed.

The goal of the beauty competition was "to breathe new life into the fashion industry, to enable the emergence of new talents, and to capitalise on the nation's cultural heritage," Ait Ahmed told El Watan.

"Our greatest satisfaction to date has been to see this competition being recognised as part of the local cultural landscape, especially as Miss Kabylie is no longer a taboo," he said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    اشرف 2012-3-3

    I love my country especially the city of El Ouadi.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    جاستن بيبر 2011-6-27

    I am the daughter of Algeria. I thank all beautiful daughters of my country. Thank you for this great topic!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    روفيا وايناس 2011-6-3

    They are acceptable, that's all!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    ايناس 2011-6-3

    Beautiful woman!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    ايمان بولخراس 2011-3-24

    The province of Tizi Ouzou in Algeria is the most beautiful province in terms of respect. Miss Tizi Ouzou is great, God bless her!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    love Algeria 2011-3-8

    Congratulations Anissa! “When beauty appears, love is not far behind,” once said Pierre Augustin Rigaud. You have all of my wishes for happiness, love and success. And may God bless you.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    massilasse 2011-1-28

    This morning, I ventured to open a forbidden window into the garden of my life. I caught her gaze in my view, so she would understand that I was crazy with emotion. “Why does this man persist in talking to me about roses all the time? He made an offer and bothered me to reply. Do I dare? Hesitating, it seems I felt something. I resist, and do not show it.” So, I secretly caress the sweet dream, wherein she imagines to be my Eve. Her sunbeam eyes only think of flattering me. He soft undulation is an excuse to brush against me. Her beautiful mood brightens up me day. So why not indulge myself. I take from her only stolen smiles, and I only expect from her reflections of her beauty. My heart screams, “I love you!” And my soul closes in around her. “He courts me. He charms me. He is gallant and charming. With his close attention, he is touching. I give him my love. My decision is made.” I feel like an angel with a farsighted gaze. I see love through a mirror. I am a prisoner of my senses, which I keep secret. I cry out in a suffering that she will never know. “He remains illusive. Now I understand. He is afraid of breaking my current commitments. How do I let him know that my life is divided? He remains illusive and my heart dies. I am right.” Beautiful princess, retake your high plateaus and I will seal the windows of my castles. I put her in a corner of my heart, so that my passion for her will never die. One day, our destinies will meet. Never again will such a love find my path.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    Amnais 2011-1-26

    Mr Mourad Ait Ahmed is a notorious crook in Kabylie. I don't know how Kabyle parents can trust him and entrust their daughters to him. This a warning to those concerned!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    EL BAKI Mohamed 2011-1-25

    Congratulations to Anissa Kechadi for her being selected Miss Kabylie. Good luck to you this year in your role as Miss Kabylie. You have my wishes for great success in your university courses. From Libya to Mauritania and not to forget the Sub-Saharan zones, Amazigh-ness must live on in its language and its original script, Tifinagh. The different regional languages, customs and traditions have to have their own place in the cultural and audio-visual heritage of various countries. Our familial, social and cultural heritage – as diverse as it is – is common to all the men and women. – Achelhi family member from Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco. (Written on 25 January 2011 in France.)