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Moroccan forces, Sahrawis clash in Laâyoune

By Mawassi Lahcen for Magharebia in Casablanca - 10/11/10

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The visible aftermath of violence is easy to see at the tent camp of Gdaim Izik and the Western Sahara city of Laâyoune, still reeling from two days of deadly clashes with Moroccan troops.

Less clear is a death toll or the actual circumstances surrounding the military action.

The crisis began early Monday (November 8th), when Moroccan forces intervened to disperse a tent camp near Laâyoune set up three weeks ago to protest against Morocco's social policy in Western Sahara.

Morocco says that eight security officers and one Sahrawi were killed. Other sources put the death toll at 11 Sahrawi civilians, with as many as 700 hundred injured.

Even the UN was unclear about the action. "The information available to us to date as to the reasons for this operation, the level of force employed, the reaction of those in the camp, and the number of casualties among the protesters and security forces is sketchy and contradictory," UN spokesman Martin Nesirky stated on Monday.

Local sources told Magharebia that the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie forces used helicopters and loudspeakers in the early hours of Monday morning to urge protestors to evacuate the place via the buses they placed outside the camp.

"Security forces intervened because a group of elements was impeding the evacuation of the camp by preventing and threatening the people who wanted to go out of the camp," Laayoune province Governor Mohamed Jalmous said.

"The intervention of the security forces became necessary after all serious dialogue attempts to find a solution to the situation failed. However, the intervention of the security forces was met with violence by the trouble-making elements that were armed with knives and Molotov cocktails," he added.

The Sahrawis had a different explanation about what the Moroccan military forces were doing in the camp.

"[They] stormed hundreds of homes and shops and destroyed cars…using live ammunition, teargases, sticks, stones and water cannons against peaceful and unarmed civil population of more than 26 000 persons, mostly women, children and elderly," a Polisario official told the Sahara Press Service.

The operation to storm the camp led to the arrest of about 65 people. Al-Dakhla city security chief Mohamed Dkhissi claimed that the operation that lasted for less than one hour didn't lead to any deaths among the civilians.

However, things did not end there. No sooner had the security forces finished the evacuation of the camp than riots broke out in different neighborhoods across Laâyoune. Protestors allegedly set fire to vehicles and attacked the city municipality headquarters, regional investment centre, headquarters of the southern provinces development agency, Laâyoune television station and several banks.

Some demonstrators carried Polisario flags, calling for independence, while others held Moroccan flags in support of the union. The Moroccan authorities deployed army forces to the city.

The tense situation calmed down by the end of the day but isolated incidents were reported in different neighbourhoods.

The Moroccan military operation coincided with the Monday launch of the UN-brokered informal talks between Morocco and the Polisario in Manhasset, New York, The talks, aimed at paving the way for direct negotiations between the parties, ended without a breakthrough but the parties agreed to meet again.

In response to the Laayoune events, some Sahrawi tribal sheikhs urged the people to denounce violence and exercise self-restraint. For his part, Mohamed Nafii Belguassem, sheikh of Azerkine tribes, warned against the hidden hands which were behind the skirmishes and tried to thwart the peace process.

Ait Baamrane tribal sheikh Abdellah Ahmiyad said that ensuring the security and safety of citizens is a matter "above all other considerations". He warned against stirring discord and trouble and called for calm and resorting to wisdom.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    hosam (Libya) 2015-1-25

    God knows our love to Algerians.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    مغربية حتى لموت 2014-11-7

    O Lord make the souls of the Moroccan victims safe! O Lord protect our courageous soldiers, protect the dear homeland from the eyes of the enemies! Morocco, God willing, forever, till death! May God support you my country!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    Ali 2011-4-25

    Basiri Please dont talk because morocco has allways been a monarchy and now you claim that morocco has never occupies algeria western sahara and more well someone needs to learn there history. Oh and some of the sahawari tribes support morocco and because of that they die of assanation from there brothers or algerians.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    منى 2011-4-15

    Sahara is Moroccan whether you like it or not. God, the nation and king.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    Basiri 2011-3-8

    Morocco is the worst dictatorship in the world, as it travestite itself as it was a "democracy", when its a theocratic absolutist monarchy, in wich there are not citizens but subjects, with their lives in the hands of the dictator or the bloody Makhzen. What is even worst is that some european countries headed by France (Morocco's godmather) try to make the world see Morocco as an example in the region!?!? Freedom for Western Sahara, Morocco out of the Occupied Territories!!!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    Ali 2011-3-7

    Wait let me guess. Algieria are the ones behind all of it, they WONT EVEN LOOK AFTER THE BERBER IN KABUL and there concentrating on Morocco,Algieria wants to be part of NATO i laugh after what you lot are doing in north africa. Infact Most algierians Arabs Just go away go to the middle east and stop Raising taxes For the The berbers North africa is berber not arab. Morocco HAS controlled The sahara and maurtina,algieria,Al-andulas and Ghana So i think that Algierians should watch there back as Morocco can claim back there land From the atlas Mountins and more,On the other hand there making it worse for the people who live in The sahara dessert, there giving them weopons to fight there telling lies so they could fight they want them to fight and die so when morocco loses the land The people in the dessert will be defenceless against algieria.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    Ali 2011-3-1

    Algierian goverments want Morocco to be weak so Morocco will Fall under Algieria, What happend Western sahara has never been a country Instead its with Morocco Look at historic facts. Morocco made Maghrebi. Morocco Controled Algieria But there were no borders Until the french came Didnt they. Algierian Was not a word Back a long time ago Instead It was Berber,Moor , Arab or Morocco'n Please before posting Look at Morocco's History and what parts it controlled.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    maghribi hor 2011-1-18

    I say to Bouteflika you’re the biggest terrorist in the world. If I were ruling the world I would have put you in a refrigerator! Sahara is Moroccan and will remain Moroccan God willing!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    خالد المغربي 2011-1-2

    My words are addressed to those who are against Morocco. Moroccans don’t talk much but they act. When you think of plundering our lands, it will be the beginning of your end, full stop! Consider this the words of the Moroccan people in general because our lands and history say so.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    younece 2010-12-24

    We shouldn't give any opportunity to dissidents to achieve the ambition of Algeria to get an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    amazighanarif 2010-12-6

    look dear brothers this land is from the amazigh people , its the land of the amazigh so the only people who can decide are we and we want that it will stay morocco oke this is not your land you must understand it sahrawies ! You are morocan sahrawies or otherwise dissapear!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    مواطن ليبي 2010-12-3

    To the brother Abdellah. Abdellah in his comment on my comment invited me to visit Western Sahara in order to witness with my eyes how the government disburses funds for Sahraoui unemployed young people and other supplies offered. Thank you for this invitation! However instead of visiting Sahara, I visited Morocco. I found thousands of young unemployed Moroccans and sheer poverty. You have put yourself in a predicament. By God, is it not better for the Moroccan government to spend its funds on its Moroccan sons in their nation the Moroccan kingdom with its international recognized borders? Shouldn’t the Moroccan government instead of this social and military expenditure solve the problems of its people and this poverty I have never witnessed in any other part of the world? It is high time for Morocco to return to reason, return to the right and know that whatever it spends on the sons of Sahara, it is despised by them. They look at it only like a citizen who owns the land to an alien colonizer. I would like to add something which was omitted by many sons of Morocco. I remind them, especially those who allege that Morocco owned Sahara for thousands of years, don’t they know that after the exit of Spain, Morocco entered Sahara and divided it with Mauritania. So how can Morocco accept the dismemberment of one of its part and give it to Mauritania and have a feeling that Sahara is its land? What if Ould Dadah didn’t accept this booty? This means that half of Southern Sahara would have remained in the hands of Mauritania with the acceptance of Morocco? Doesn’t this mean that all this is just considered booty and loot? This is a question to which I can’t find a solution from any of our Moroccan brothers? This question will wait for a reply until Morocco comes out as did Mauritania from the beginning. When Ould Dadah read the future, he understood the lesson and rested his people. So when will Morocco understand and read the future before it is too late and before it is said the lesson is over?!


  13. Anonymous thumb

    جزائري 2010-12-3

    We have no clear place. Our money is plundered by the terrorist organization Polisario, all our dollars and incomes are plundered. All this is the work of the fascist intelligence of Generals. Enough support for the imaginary and come back to reason!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2010-12-3

    Has there been anything new in the Moroccan Sahara affair since the time of the late Boumedienne or since the democratisation of Spain and the accession of King Juan Carlos? A major event for Spain was that it became a member of the European Union. Is there anything new on Morocco’s side? There was the death of Hassan II, the Left’s participation in the government, getting advanced status in the European Union and a cascade of political parties and thus of a war between party head and divergent interests with problematic elections and, apparently, no co-ordination even in the race for favours and huge projects. This has left the overriding interests of Morocco to a time lost and the people to be left out and not concerned. Our reflection begins there, instead of with a witch hunt, which the colonialism and its progenitor, the Polisario, have expectedly made for us as a game. As for the credit of having a political class and its media, that is for the Spanish and the Spanish alone to judge in the privacy of their ballots – and they are never fooled.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    Garcia 2010-11-29

    To Abdel Latif- Okay, why doesn’t you kinglet free the two cities by force like he did with his little army in the Sahara? This army only has the strength and the courage to beat women and children. The mentally ill people and their kinglet cannot do anything against the Spanish army.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    أغيلاس 2010-11-29

    The resolution of the European Parliament doesn’t change anything in reality. In the opposite, it will negatively affect residents in the region given freedom they enjoy in all fields. This is very unfortunate. The cause of all these problems is the Algerian intelligence and Polisario mercenaries. They bear responsibility for what happened. They have to be sentenced to death by hanging in front of the people. However, even security officials in this region have their share of responsibility in what happened and have to be tried. From Tangier to Lagouira: God-the nation-the king!


  17. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2010-11-29

    Europe despises the Mediterranean. The resolutions it has hastily made following a well-arranged scenario and the help cameramen offer by giving warnings in advance have led to this. From a certain angle, we can exacerbate the complicated tensions or reduce them to the point of constraining the country of Morocco – the stabilising element in the Maghreb – to take to the streets or worse. Mediterranean Union, still the empty shell that it is, should have the competence to resolve these problems, not an entity that is judged by and party to dictating its will. With its advanced status - which Turkey avoided – Morocco finds it is well “advanced” at sliding back. Yes, but the people of the Maghreb are not yet able to resolve their problem and open their door to the air current that will lead them to this train of mutual destruction. During this time, the friends and enemies will benefit from these circumstances to the detriment of their interests, which includes the interests of their people.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    ram ham 2010-11-27

    The Sahara will live in peace as a Moroccan region. They need to understand with complete sincerity that the Kingdom will unite us.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    Kamel 2010-11-27

    I ask the Moroccan to directly address the ungrateful military regime of El Mouradia, which does not represent us and whose hands are still stained with the blood of Algerians. As an Algerian, the Polisario is the last of our cares and we have other fish to fry. So, please do not insult the Algerians.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    ابن الساقية الحمراء 2010-11-26

    To the called Rabeh and other Moroccan commenters. By God, when I read your comments I laugh. I laugh and at the same time I feel sorry for you. You are just deceiving yourselves with the nonsense you are circulating. This nonsense is inconceivable by the mind. The whole world agrees that in Western Sahara, colonization has to be eliminated. This cannot be denied. This is one evidence of your stupidity. Secondly, there is no single country in the world which considers Western Sahara Moroccan not even France your official ally. The third thing is that you are introducing Algeria in everything be it small or big. But at the same time you negotiate with the liberation popular front of Sakia Al Hamra and Oued Eddahab which is considered the legitimate and sole representative of Western Sahara people. These aren’t my words. These are the words of the United Nations. Is this not considered stupidity on your side? How do you judge?! It is high time you see the reality of yourselves. You’re akin to the one who insists on seeing a goat even if it flies! You show from your comments your deep hatred to the Sahrawi people, to the Algerian brothers, Mauritanian brothers and very soon to the Spanish. Have mercy on yourselves and accept the truth even if it is against you! Stop burying your heads in the sands! It is high time to know the reality that the Sahrawi people didn’t and won’t accept to live under the ruler of an oppressive country, the king and hateful people. The events of occupied Laâyoune showed to everyone the depth of these events in which Sahrawi people triumphed although they were armless civilians. What if they had weapons in their hands? Look at your soldiers who were slaughtered and their bodies were disfigured! How do you interpret this? Be reasonable! Is this not evidence of the refusal of Sahrawis of Moroccan occupation??


  21. Anonymous thumb

    hayzoun 2010-11-26

    The Polisario already has its republic in Tindouf, as recognised by the Algerian military junta. The southern territories are part of the Kingdom. The events in Laâyoune were instigated by the Algerian army. The Moroccan forces reacted to bring peace to all the citizens, wherever they were. This is their duty. I offer all of my condolences in the name of the people to all those who lost their close ones as a result of the Algerian military leaders’ actions. –Ahmed Hayzoun


  22. Anonymous thumb

    أغيلاس 2010-11-25

    Polisario intimidates the Moroccan people and threatens of war hahaha! Do you think the Moroccan people fear you agents of Bouteflika? Ruffians, you want to occupy the land of Amazigh people and you claim it is your land? Ouled Hessouna, foregners, starving, you’re foreigners, go back from where you came! Let this land for its people the Amazigh if you don’t want to live with them! Yes we Amazigh are sons of these regions we still welcome you as we did in the past on the condition that you be “our brothers in religion and nation” from Tangier to Lagouira. God, the nation and the King.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    Abdel Latif 2010-11-24

    Let's face it. Those who call themselves Polisario need to ask themselves which country they belonged to before spainish occupation of 18th century. Those who fight against Morocco are still holding Moroccan Passport and are paid by Algerian security forces(not Algerian people). Anyone who call himself a Muslim knows that killing a believer is the same as killing all mankind. Lets move on how can anyone justify urinating on a dead body that belong to Allah swt? how can any one justify slaughtering 5 police officers and one anbulance worker? only terrorists with criminal intends would do such barbaric acts. We all Know that Saraha is and has always been Moroccan. IT is sadly only Algeria and Spain would wish to have a hand on Morocco because Spain would not wish to liberate the 2 occupied cities of Malilia and ceuta and small islands around them. as for Algeria this is the result of the cold war crisis. the sad thing is USA and Rusia are now friends where as we are still not. Finallyt I praise the Moroccan serurity forces for not killing any criminals who caused this riots and they could have done so but instead they lost 12 of its people may Allah swt bless them. and i have one message to Algeria. please allow human rights watch to speak to our prisoners of war in Tindouf if you really care about humanity.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    Gjmola Ment Salem 2010-11-24

    POLISARIO live its last days , lot of lies false pictures used to play the innocents people, you KILLED 10 policemen , destroyed the public facilities for the Sahrawis in LLaayoun !!!! shame on you TERRORIST GROUP , VIVA EL SAHARA MAROQUI ,


  25. Anonymous thumb

    Essid 2010-11-24

    It is sad to see how many insults are on this page. Not a single person has lamented the death on both sides. I am saddened because both Sahrawis and Moroccans have lost their lives and I am saddened because both Sahrawis and Moroccans have lost their loved ones. I am also saddened because instead of showing people how stupid this squabble over land is, this tragedy has only poured fuel on the fire. Sometimes, just the fact that I belong to a humanity that has people like those in this forum makes me sad. How nice it would be if we all felt each other’s victories and shared in each other’s losses. If only the world were like a single organism so that our nerves were shared and everyone felt the pain and joy of everyone. At this point in time, I just want this and every other conflict to end. This is stupid and it is ruining lives. How stubborn and self-centred do you have to be to not see that this will last forever and that the only thing that is going to happen is that more people are going to die? If a Sahrawi, a Polisario member, a Moroccan, an Algerian, a Spaniard, an Israeli, a Palestinian, an American or anyone else were starving, I would feed him. If he were naked, I would clothe him. If he were tired, I would give him my bed. And if he lost someone, I would share in his sadness. If you truly want to help the world and if you truly care about the Sahrawis and/or the Moroccans who died in this tragedy, then please – I beg you – start thinking about how you can treat everyone and everything like your brother or sister. Without love for everyone, there is only death. Without love for everything, there is only death.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    wahab 2010-11-23

    My dear Maghreb brothers, visitors of the site. Don’t you think that it is better we communicate in order to reach the best solution for this issue instead of Byzantine debate and barren polemics? I won’t say we don’t have anything at stake. However, we have to debate clearly. Algeria has its goals and motives as much as Morocco has its policies and viewpoints. We all agree that what happened in Laâyoune is inhumane and it shouldn’t have happened. But it did happen! But if we keep on speaking in this language, it is sure we won’t allow any opportunity for Maghreb coming generations to keep unity between them. From this forum I call upon those who really grasp what happens to find a mechanism which will enable them to build a common ground for the parties to conflict. On that basis, a forum will be announced and all Maghreb people will vote on the fate of this part of the greater Maghreb.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    Yusuf 2010-11-23

    Western Sahara is nothing but a Moroccan province, as is Tamanrasset for Algeria. Morocco regained this province, which was Moroccan before Spanish colonisation, in 1975. This website is Algerian and thus in favour of the Algerian opinion which wants to cut Morocco off from this territory.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    حر ابا عن جد واجدادي صحراوين مغاربة 2010-11-23

    To Tantaoui Mohamed. I say if you don’t want to be Moroccan, ask your father how he lived and where he lived. Morocco is in no need of people like you. Tomorrow you will regret the word you said. You will be accountable to your family if you have a family. Do you want to be American? Ok do as you want. So I tell you burn everything which associates you with Morocco because Morocco doesn’t need people like you. As for the name please change as it doesn’t suit someone who is ungrateful. Mohammed the messenger of God, peace and prayer be upon him, didn’t betray his people although they were against him. Finally, I doubt you are Moroccan. You are like many commenters who assume Moroccan, Libyan or other personalities in order to sow sedition among people. I know the side which sows sedition under the name of satan, God curse him. Peace be upon the follower of the right path. I will reiterate the statement of the king Hassan II “the nation is forgiving and merciful”. I say the Sahrawi Moroccan people and nation are very severe with traitors, criminals and spies from any side and no matter with which side they are. I love you Morocco of my forefathers.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    salimat 2010-11-22

    To the enemies of Islam and of Morocco- You have lost and you will always lose. We are very aware of your useless tricks. We are a single, eternal Muslim and Moroccan people. May God forgive you.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الله عبد الله 2010-11-22

    I say to the Libyan unionist brother to save his advice and think where the resources of his country are spent. He shouldn’t contradict himself. He says he is Arab unionist and he encourages division. The Sahrawi people he is talking about live in their Sahara and enjoy a life any other citizen can’t even dream of, even in Libya, the state of oil. Have you heard or seen some day that a young man in any country of the world receives a salary from the treasury of his country and doesn't do any job in return? In Morocco, exactly in Moroccan Sahara, my unionist brother, there exists such Sahrawi young man whether he is one of the cubs of Hassan II or one of those who returned from the prison of Hmada Tindouf or any other Sahrawi who has an aid card, a taxi license or a food help (a ration of basic food including oil, sugar, flour…) in which he trades monthly. This is an advantage granted only to Sahrawis. If you want to confirm my statement, you can make a quick visit to the region and confirm by yourself (the easiest thing you can do) and don’t listen to spiteful mouths. This is true my Arab unionist brother.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    عبدالله 2010-11-21

    God the Almighty says "fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart".


  32. Anonymous thumb

    Spydur 2010-11-21

    My heart aches for those who have been oppressed, for those who have been exiled from their homes. I understand a country's desire to increase their territory, and how this greed grew in Morocco and became a justification for expelling the Saharawis from their homeland, forcing those who remain to be second class citizens. Still, this greed is an injustice. The oppression and degradation of humans is injustice. The rights of this people group should be defended by the international community and Morocco should be acknowledged as a state that cannot be trusted to value human life. Free the Saharawi. Defend justice.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    samir 2010-11-21

    Who is this one who says Sahara is Moroccan? No by God, Sahara belongs to all. It is a part of land in the universe. It is God who will inherit everything in the universe. Why all this tumult? There should be self-restraint between Muslims. Aren’t Sahrawis Muslim? Algeria is our sister, Morocco is my dear country and the Polisario is Muslim. Every human has the right to life. You have gone too far! Don’t you have self-esteem, Arabs? Jews sow strife amongst you and let you fight like locusts for porridge!


  34. Anonymous thumb

    Jean du schmidt de Berlin 2010-11-20

    Know that we do not prostrate ourselves before a general or a president and do not kiss their hands. This is what we call dignity. We are all equal before Allah. Reuters was the one that showed the massacre of the Sahrawis. This video, which was shot with a camera hidden by a team of international journalists, directly showed the horrors and the routine indescribable atrocities the Moroccan army and police commit daily against the Sahrawis. One scene shows how the citizens of El Ayoun, who were peacefully protesting and carrying the flag of the Sahrawi Republic, were savagely supressed by the police. The images were so shocking – blood, children being trampled, mothers being dragged to the ground and beaten with batons in the face – that some people in the viewing room could not watch the horror directly, as we saw there. But, the monarchic regime has always acted as the vulture. While others made war to liberate their land and gave up what is most precious – their lives – the monarchy was on watch, trying to devour its war-weakened victim. That is what it did with Algeria in 1963 after the French left and that is what it did in 1975 when the Spanish left. I never read in the annals of modern history of a war the monarchy led against occupiers in order to free the land. This was served to them on a plate, and please do not tell me that uprisings here and there can be considered a national liberation war. Know, my brother Moroccans, that for a Frenchman to be able to come to Algeria today, he needs an entry visa, just as is applied to Algerians who want to…


  35. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الهادي 2010-11-20

    May God guide the Algerian military regime so that it drops its fanciful approaches aiming to set up a new small state in Sahara. How didn’t the Algerian regime which is indulgent in taking care of an astray group of Moroccan origins called Polisario, how hasn’t it noticed that countries are in current times striving to build regional unions of an economic force in the world of globalization? Algeria should stop oppressing its people in spite of its huge revenues invested in armament before improving the social condition of most of its residents! How can it adopt a group of mercenaries in Hmamda camps, arm and care for them while it doesn’t supply its people for example with necessary water?


  36. Anonymous thumb

    ahraro al3alam 2010-11-20

    Salam alikum. I am a follower of the issue of Moroccan Sahara which was, is and will always be Moroccan in spite of hypocrites. As for what is said by everyone, these are just plans.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    Warrior 2010-11-20

    Morocco, has been lineant for so many years, enough of this crap of the polisario and algeria, morocco should highten it stone with the separatists and their followers. Enough, All moroccans are for blood if it comes to sahara. So listen up ppl, especially the algerians, put this in ur head, Sahara is moroccan, and will stay moroccan, so bring the pain...if there a problem with that.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    farid 2010-11-20

    Tantaoui mohamed u are one brainwashed ****, polisario and their followers are traitors, and do not need deserve to stay in our beloved country Morocco. let alone if they do problems and create havoc, the autorities should kick forever those who try to destablize the integrity of the country, and kill those like aminato haidar, she's a virus that does damage with her untrue claims in her propaganda.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    رابح 2010-11-19

    The son of Sakia Al Hamra (false). Salam alikum. What attracted my attention to comments about the topic of Laâyoune camps is the comment of the Libyan citizen (Algerian) who showed honestly his intelligence and sincerity in his vision about the above topic. If only Moroccan would consider this topic in this way or at least review themselves and contemplate the words of others about their issues (restoring Eastern Sahara). When you read comments of Moroccans about Western Sahara related topics, you will be astonished at them!!! I will say it honestly, it is as if all Moroccans are stupid. I am sorry for using this expression. The reply of Moroccan citizens about the issue is always the same like the reply of authorities. When you come up with compelling arguments, they don’t know the reply (residents of Sahara are Amazigh and not foreign Ouled Hassouna). They repeat the same political speech reiterated by the Moroccan authority!! As a Sahrawi citizen (false), I say honestly Morocco has made a flagrant mistake when it invaded and occupied Western Sahara (when it restored its land which occupied by the Spanish). It has made a rift between the Moroccan people and Sahrawi people (spiteful Algerian rulers). Moroccans have created their own enemies who were never on the category of enemies. They have made of Algeria their enemy (it is rather Algerian people which made it), they have made of Sahrawis their enemies (fabricated mercenaries of Algeria, as for Sahrawis they are Moroccans) and now they are making of Spain their enemy (yes, courtesy to the dinars of Algerian gas). So where to head to? These are neighbours who are supposed to be their assistants given that the neighbour is the assistant of his neighbour. There are many other examples (yes Algeria the evil neighbour). I just want to confirm the Sahrawi democratic Arab Republic will sooner or later take its independence (this will never happen on the land of Amazigh! You must forget dreams of the spiteful forever) as much as I am sure and believe in the independence of Palestine and disappearance of Israeli occupation and with it Moroccan (Algerian) occupation. Thank you everyone!


  40. Anonymous thumb

    صحراوي مغربي 2010-11-19

    To the son of Sakia El Hamra. Let me tease you and argue with you historically, geographically, and politically. Historically, Morocco is the most prejudiced country as a result of colonization. Go back to recent or ancient history, then define on your own borders of Morocco to the North, South, and East. Geographically, Maghreb countries have an extension in Sahara. So how can Morocco which fought Turks, French and Spanish be deprived of its Sahara. I confirm its Moroccanness politically. As a result of its tolerant nature, Morocco embraced Arab, African and Amazigh people and tribes. They became acquainted, united and rallied behind their Sultans and kings. I say enthusiastically Sahara is Moroccan and will remain so.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    Omar 2010-11-19

    After spending the last 2 weeks reading the news online and offline about what happened in the Moroccan Sahara I final decided to put a comment on this website "magharebia" …why because the word Magharebia is the essence of who we are as people of the Maghreb that come from different ethnicity/ background and what unite us . I can guarantee you that the forces and resources behind the Independence camp in la3youn are far more powerful and resourceful than what the so called human right activist can afford. The fact is most of the media extracted from the event shows the aggressive brutality and discipline of the terrorists and the passive reaction of the security forces that were overwhelmed by not using deadly forces. Now historically no question asked the Sahara is Moroccan and it has been for the last 1000 years. any brainless monkey out here can find that out by educating them self about the history of the region. On the hand in the early seventies a group of communist republican Saharawi students (most of their families still live in morocco as Moroccan) in Rabat created a new movement for the liberation of the Sahara from the descend of Isabella, but their ideology was more in line with the Algerian republic and it’s geopolitical strategy than the monarchy hence the creation of the infamous RASD. From there to say that the people of the Sahara are oppressed and in need of self-determination is total ****…the only people in the region that have real been oppressed and their land stolen are the Berbers. If we real want to talk about the self-determination of the ethnic saharaoui and an independent state for them we will have to carve out the southern part of Algeria, the northern part of Mauritania and 2/3 of morocco so the saharaoui nomads that use to roam all


  42. Anonymous thumb

    korifa 2010-11-19

    Sahara is Moroccan and will remain Moroccan. If you’re not happy with this drink the sea!


  43. Anonymous thumb

    REZKI 2010-11-19

    Stop watching Litima and Lhatma (and ENTV for the non-Algerians) because these are the Polisario’s tools of propaganda and lies.


  44. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed algerie 2010-11-19

    The problem of the Western Sahara (for some) and the Moroccan Sahara (for others) has seriously compromised the relationships between the neighbours of the Maghreb. The only solution will be political. I think that negotiation between the two parties will be the solution. From the time that King Hassan II, peace be upon his soul, the solution was within reach since he was discussing a referendum that all the parties would accept and, afterward, the problem would have been resolved. The young king has “found” another path, that of autonomy. The King’s counsellors have, without a doubt, counted on Algerian problems to remove the referendum from the political scene and propose, instead, establishing autonomy. Algeria’s recovery has completely ruined Morocco’s calculations. It is urgent that we put an end to this conflict, which has all but lasted too long. Why not organise a referendum under the auspices of the United Nations. The Sahrawis will express themselves through the ballot and, if they decide to remain Moroccan, the legitimacy of Morocco will become incontestable. The situation is explosive for the whole region. Morocco is buying weapons. Algeria could be developing its border zone and our country instead of developing Europe’s and America’s weapons factories.


  45. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2010-11-19

    If we talk about the Sahrawis with Algerian passports or with Spanish passports, who spit on their identity and their homeland, Morocco, they are the ones who murdered the young law enforcement agents. As happy as they were to start their career in the south of their country, where they were ordered not to use arms, the Moroccan soldiers met with the height of dishonesty and cowardice that is more than an attack. Yes, effectively, they became posthumous soldiers. They had the right to all their country’s consideration and recognition in honour and dignity. In any case, they will not inherit this and will not be pursued for the shame and contempt of their compatriots.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    سا رة منتصر 2010-11-18

    All Moroccans must fight for the Moroccan Sahara. Sahara shouldn't be occupied.


  47. Anonymous thumb

    Hafid 2010-11-18

    Who can answer this question: Why does Morocco refuse to organise a referendum of self-determination in the Western Sahara?!?


  48. Anonymous thumb

    ibno_rif 2010-11-18

    Salam alikum: anyone who pursues the separation and fragmentation of Muslims will be doomed to death. A special greeting to Moroccan security officers! May God rest the soul of the martyrs who died for the nation! We are all with Morocco, the territorial integrity of the kingdom! The Sahara is Moroccan whether you like it or not!


  49. Anonymous thumb

    Nenuphar 2010-11-18

    Throughout the world, when one wants to put an end to or supress a demonstration, one sends the police, not soldiers. When you claim that the Sahrawis are Moroccans and affirm that some of them have re-joined their motherland, you do not treat them as like terrorists when they demonstrate in order to regain their dignity by sending in the army. When you claim that the Tindouf refugees are sequestered, you have to wonder about those who are in Sahara as a whole, since they are not Moroccan and they are demonstrating their rejection of the state, which wants to give a different image of itself. What is bred in the bone comes out in the flesh, they say. When you try to maintain an iron grip on the people, forcing them to assimilate to your kind, they will inevitably revolt and refuse to be melted into a population they have no relation to. Morocco is Morocco, faithful to itself. It wants to pass their lie for the truth, but other nations are there to lift the veil on its ability to harm the formation of the Grand Maghreb and do what needs to be done to cut the tie and expose all the makhzen policy, which consists of inertia in spite of those who are sequestered on their own land. As for those who claim or believe that Western Sahara and these Sahrawis are Morocco, just take a look at these demonstrations, which ended up in a blood bath. If Western Sahara and its true inhabitants were Moroccan, why would they demonstrate and why would the motherland repress them by sending its army, police, secret services and administration? Morocco is not living in the same world as other nations. It believes it has fooled its people, but not for long.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    3abdo laah 2010-11-18

    I am so sorry for the Umma of Islam and Muslims! This has become your sole concern! From when were borders between us? These borders were made by the west in order to separate Muslims.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    adam 100/100 maroc 2010-11-17

    Sahara is Moroccan. Morocco is Sahrawi. I am from Morocco and I will die for Sahara. Long live the king for his Sahara! We will follow him to death if it is necessary!


  52. Anonymous thumb

    Demnati 2010-11-17

    I've really got surprised when I heard "our brothers" I mean the Algerians losers; (government and people) repeat the same rubbish everywhere as the PoLIZBBAL do!! at the beginning, I thought that only the gov of Algeria who has the interest to help the separatists in THE MOROCCAN SAHARA, I mean in the camp of shame in Tindouf; this area which was taken by the French colonizer to be added to Algeria before this last got it's independent ; the country of hunger. I go back to the state of hunger: algeria to ask the people there; did your state do anything good for you?? don't you know that your country is so rich while you live in absolute poverty??? do you really have a bit of brain to believe your ghost-dictator rulers that they are doing this just for the sake of poor Saharawis ??? let me finish my comment by a Moroccan proverb which says: if peach were used to cure it would used to cure itself. PEACE to all free Moroccans where ever they are.


  53. Anonymous thumb

    Sudani 2010-11-17

    What Algeria & Polisario claimed had happened in Laayoune reminds me of what Egyptians said happened in Sudan after algeria vs Egypt football world cup qualifier game last year!!! Egyptian media and government officials claimed that algerians killed hundreds of Egyptian supporters and called it a massacre without providing one single photographic or video evidence!! I think if they were any dead or injured civilians among sahrawi demonstrators we would have seen pictures or videos of that specially with modern mobile technology available nowadays...


  54. Anonymous thumb

    Frédéric Vasseur Ville de Nante (France) 2010-11-17

    This is not such a simple matter, dear Magharebia Internet-goers. The Moroccan Sahara was once looted by the Kingdom of Spain. King Mohamed V of Morocco recovered these lands militarily because the Kingdom of Morocco, even though it had been colonised, was very strong militarily. King Hassan II of Morocco started the Green March in order to nationalise his Sahara with the people. Period. That is all. Now, you should know that at this time, Algeria’s and Mauritania’s leaders want to take this land, which is very rich in natural phosphates, gas and oil. President Boumedienne of Algeria and President Ould Dada of Mauritania created the Polisario as a sort of mafia in order to fight the Moroccan authorities. It was led by the famous enemy Mohamed Abdelaziz, a former Moroccan Makhzan, to re-appropriate the Moroccan Sahara in order to do its business with Algeria and Mauritania and so that the other countries would recognise it. But one thing is sure, the Kingdom of Morocco will come out as the winner over this plot, which is being led by the generals in the Algerian army.


  55. Anonymous thumb

    yasser casa 2010-11-17

    My message is clear and directed primarily at Abdoun, the Sahrawis and, incidentally, at our Algerian neighbours. It's been 35 years since Morocco deprived itself, its regions and its peoples in order to make our desert, which the Spanish took, viable. The Spanish kept it in a desert state until Morocco’s sovereignty returned to the region. What did the Spanish leave after 60 years of occupation? A desert! In 35 years, Morocco has built up this region and brought it civilisation (roads, basic infrastructure, healthcare, education, administration, etc.) And, those are our brothers in the North, who tightened their belts in national solidarity in order to permit us to build up the prosperous region that has become our Sahara from Laâyoune to Dakhla with its factories, its ports, its universities, its schools and its administrations in the service of the people. For the ignoramuses, may they know that each Moroccan has financed the development of the South directly by way of sales tax and indirectly since the state has left the entire region untaxed (it is exempt from Value Added Tax, etc.), which has generated more investment in infrastructure (roads, etc.). This comes at an enormous cost to the state and, as a consequence, each Moroccan, particularly as the country does not benefit from resources such as black gold, gas and so on. With its modest means, Morocco, under the aegis of King Hassan II, has opted for solidarity, and we are proud of this. So, to those who presently allow themselves to say things like, and I quote, “Shame on Morocco”, I have only one thing to say to them: “Ignoramuses! You are ignorant of the history, of the reality of the limitations and of the austerity plans an entire generation has been subjected to in order to permit you, brothers of the South, to exist in dignity! In the end, shame on the ungrateful!


  56. Anonymous thumb

    محمد الوجدي 2010-11-16

    Everyone should know that what happened in the city of Laâyoune in Moroccan Sahara was triggered by Algerian service members in order to thwart unofficial negotiations between Morocco and Polisario, the foundling of Algeria.


  57. Anonymous thumb

    كريم 2010-11-16

    Sahara is Moroccan! Let the Algerian regime go to Kabylia!


  58. Anonymous thumb

    ابن الساقية الحمراء 2010-11-16

    Salam alikum. What attracted my attention to comments about the topic of Laâyoune camps is the comment of the Libyan citizen who showed honestly his intelligence and sincerity in his vision about the above topic. If only Moroccan would consider this topic in this way or at least review themselves and contemplate the words of others about their issues. When you read comments of Moroccans about Western Sahara related topics, you will be astonished at them!!! I will say it honestly, all Moroccans are stupid. I am sorry for using this expression. The reply of Moroccan citizens about the issue is always the same like the reply of authorities. When you come up with compelling arguments, they don’t know the reply. They repeat the same political speech reiterated by the Moroccan authority. As a Sahrawi citizen, I say honestly Morocco has made a flagrant mistake when it invaded and occupied Western Sahara. It has made a rift between the Moroccan people and Sahrawi people. Moroccans have created their own enemies who were never on the category of enemies. They have made of Algeria their enemy, they have made of Sahrawis their enemies and now they are making of Spain their enemy. So where to head to? These are neighbours who are supposed to be their assistants given that the neighbour is the assistant of his neighbour. There are many other examples. I just want to confirm the Sahrawi democratic Arab Republic will sooner or later take its independence as much as I am sure and believe in the independence of Palestine and disappearance of Israeli occupation and with it Moroccan occupation. Thank you everyone!


  59. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الله عبد الله 2010-11-16

    The Moroccan state should cleanse its agents in Sahara from traitors, thieves and opportunists if it really wants to solve the problem of Sahara otherwise it will remain as it is.


  60. Anonymous thumb

    Abdel 2010-11-15

    Polisario lies as usual. Just like the lies Spanish press showing images of Gaza massacre and claiming it was Moroccan attrocities commited against civilians. Lies lies all lies. Morocco have defeated enemies for centuries, if Algeria and their polisario terrorists carry on like this they will only bring failure upon themselves.


  61. Anonymous thumb

    Aziz almagribi 2010-11-15

    A stick in the eye of the envier! Go Bouteflika, ungrateful! It is Morocco that defended your independence. Remember that you grew up in Morocco and became adult in Morocco. You will be accountable before God, ungrateful!


  62. Anonymous thumb

    hassna 2010-11-15

    Sahara is Moroccan and will remain Moroccan whether you like it or not. God, the nation and king.


  63. Anonymous thumb

    Archi Ahmed 2010-11-15

    I would like to propose a simple solution to this problem: we leave self-determination to the Sahrawi people and those who are being called “Moroccan colonisers” without Morocco, the Polisario and Algeria – just the inhabitants of the Sahara without foreign interference. In the near future, most of the inhabitants will be made up of these “colonisers”, so there are no other solutions.


  64. Anonymous thumb

    يوسف المغربي 2010-11-14

    Sahara is under the authority of Morocco. It will remain so until God inherits the earth and everything on it. Everyone should now that it is an issue not just of the regime but also of the Moroccan people from Tangier to Lagouira. There is no compassion for the spiteful.


  65. Anonymous thumb

    حسان 2010-11-14

    Sahara will never be Moroccan! By God, Bouteflika did all his best in the issue of Sahara. It will remain Western and never Amazigh or Moroccan. Special thanks to anyone in the Arab nation who supports the Sahara cause!


  66. Anonymous thumb

    Tantaoui mohamed 2010-11-14

    From this point forward, I do not want to remain Moroccan. It is shameful that an army would kill innocent people. Everyone is shocked. We placed our trust in the King, but the King is not a king – he is a kinglet like his father. He has only hatred in his heart. I am going to take US citizenship with my family. I am ashamed of being Moroccan. Goodbye, Morocco.


  67. Anonymous thumb

    faris 2010-11-14

    What happened in Laâyoune is Morocco’s fault. Why continue mixing up Algeria and Spain. We need to specify the enemy by his real name. Morocco need to start by recognising Basque Homeland and Freedom (ETA) and supporting it at least in the press. As for Algeria, start talking about how the military idiots are in the process of stealing the people’s money and transferring to Switzerland and how Khalifa Airways is just one among thousands of methods to steal from the Algerian people.


  68. Anonymous thumb

    خليل 2010-11-14

    Events in Laâyoune including protests and clashes are the result of mercenary Moroccan regimes which sell souls of Sahrawis for their resources and for the right for a peaceful life on their land. But they were received by the Moroccan army with different forms of arms. The tumult on Monday in Gdaim Izik camp which was dubbed freedom camp by residents of the camp led God’s willing to the death of dozens of police officers. This is a victory of unarmed people against an army which has been mobilized for about half a month from different parts of Morocco Lahmad, Ousserf, Jerifia. Self-determination is in the hands of Sahrawi people. It will always remain Western Sahara and will never be united with the colonizer except with self-determination. Special thanks to the brotherly people!


  69. Anonymous thumb

    خالد ايت سكنوني 2010-11-14

    What happened in Laayoune is an Algerian-Spanish terrorist plan to destroy all efforts of his majesty King Mohammed VI. Oh people of Algeria and Morocco, your countries share brotherhood ties, common history and religion! So restore your vampire generals to their reasons. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.


  70. Anonymous thumb

    azizsahraoui 2010-11-14

    Up to this point, there is not a single video or piece of evidence that proves Morocco’s guilt. We are on the move even without oil. We are brothers. Enough already.


  71. Anonymous thumb

    Essid 2010-11-14

    I have difficulty believing the Polisario official who said, “[They] stormed hundreds of homes and shops and destroyed cars…using live ammunition, teargases, sticks, stones and water cannons against peaceful and unarmed civil population of more than 26 000 persons, mostly women, children and elderly.” Even if the Moroccan officials were so racist as to want to arbitrarily aggress the Sahrawi population, they are not so stupid as to not understand the consequences of such aggression at the level of international politics. (I also think that the author of the article is wrong in equating the Polisario’s position with that of the Sahrawis.) Morocco knows that its proposal for autonomy depends on an image of peace and of civility and this is especially true when it is in the middle of negotiations in Manhasset. For this reason, I am much more inclined to believe Governor Mohamed Jalmous, who said, “Security forces intervened because a group of elements was impeding the evacuation of the camp by preventing and threatening the people who wanted to go out of the camp.” The question is whether or not these people should have the right and freedom to protest as they were doing without any intervention. I would like to point out that among the population of the city of Laâyoune, the article states that some people were waving Polisario flags and others were waving Moroccan flags. This just goes to show that even among the population of the Laâyoune there is a debate about allegiance. As such, anyone who states the Sahrawis are or are not Moroccan should know that they are wrong – it is not so cut and dry.


  72. Anonymous thumb

    hadjar mefrouche 2010-11-14

    This was indeed a clash between Moroccan soldiers and unarmed, empty-handed Sahrawis. It does need to be specified that this was a well-equipped army against civilians who were peacefully demonstrating for their desire for independence and freedom in their country, the Western Sahara, which is occupied. The result is 15 deaths, 150 wounded and more than 120 disappearances, who were kidnapped to be tortured and murdered.


  73. Anonymous thumb

    أغيلاس 2010-11-14

    The Algerian dinar dominating the press. For four decades, Moroccans have been building and working day and night until they made of the barren Sahara a paradise on earth. Now you Bouteflika come to expel them from the lands of their fathers and forefathers!? Isn’t this true? Poor man! You’re just dreaming Bouteflika! You should know Bouteflika that the Sahara is Moroccan Amazigh from forefather to father. Amazigh people have been living there for four thousands of years; not Béni Hessoun who came from Asia for a living, nor the Spanish robbers who want to steal the land of Amazigh with the help and plotting with Béni Hessoun against Amazigh. Sahara is Moroccan Amazigh whether you like it or not sick Algerian rullers!


  74. Anonymous thumb

    Mehdi 2010-11-13

    I wonder what independence the Sahrawis are talking about. You will not note an “independent Sahrawi people” ever in the history of North Africa. The Kingdom of Morocco extends to the Senegal River. And, the people of the Polisario are only descendants of nomadic tribes, who have no land and no civilisation. The joke of the “Sahrawi people” was created from scratch and now they believe the lie they created. These separatists are nothing more than a gang of backward ignoramuses run by racist, tribal impulses.


  75. Anonymous thumb

    أوباها حسين 2010-11-13

    When will Sahrawis understand Algerian expansionism? Algeria is always provoking Morocco. It exploits all conditions to destabilize Morocco. In Spain it is made of fools who want Ceuta and Melilla two eternal cities for the Spanish. It exploits terrorism in North Africa. Sahrawis know that part of the great Sahara belongs to Morocco from its struggle or by law. But above all, this shows that Polisario with its fragile and few numbers politically is incapable of running a county at the international level. Of course the Polisario won’t be like other countries which have their weight in the international system. Therefore, those who are deluded must understand their liberation is certainly coming to the breast of Algeria which will control them by operating its regime over poor Sahrawis. It will control them through its Algerian sons so that it will be a confrontation using repression and extortion. These Sahrwais should seize the opportunity of the nation is merciful. Finally, autonomy will benefit them. At least they will be Moroccan governed by sons of Morocco. The shame, all the shame is that Sahrawi be under the tyranny of Algeria and they weren’t originally Algerians. I don't belong to the country physically or by loyalty. I am a Soussi Baamrane of Sahrawi origins. I know the intentions of Algeria even from the time it was the dream of France that Algeria becomes French from forefather to father. Beware Algerians, if there was democracy, you wouldn’t have slaughtered Amazighs, Muslims, sacked 50000 Moroccans and stolen all their properties!!


  76. Anonymous thumb

    مواطن ليبي 2010-11-13

    I wonder why does Morocco insist on imposing its will on the Sahrawi people? Why does Morocco exhaust his resources and funds in a lost cause? I am a unionist Arab citizen. When I find some people refusing this union, it should not be imposed on it under any name. I have met many sons of the Algerian people on many places in Europe and elsewhere. I found that none of them accept the Moroccan rule. Some get angry and describe it as Moroccan colonialism. It is high time for Morocco to realize the reality of things and stop indulging in distorting facts. The Moroccan people are the people of Morocco. There are other people called Sarawi people, be they small or big, whether we like or not, they have the right to self-determination. On the other hand, the Moroccan government should look after its people within its borders established on the Independence Day, return to reason, spend its money on its people instead of depleting its budget on a wrong cause. France had colonized Algeria for over 130 years, after that the right was restored to its people. The same will happen to Morocco but after it would have destroyed a state called Morocco.


  77. Anonymous thumb

    أغيلاس 2010-11-13

    The mentally sick Algerian rulers. For four decades, Moroccans have been building and working day and night until they made of the barren Sahara a paradise on earth. Now you Bouteflika come to expel them from the lands of their fathers and forefathers!? Poor man! You’re just dreaming Bouteflika! You should know Bouteflika that the Sahara is Moroccan Amazigh from forefather to father. Amazigh people have been living there for four thousands of years; there were no Hassani or Spanish just Amazigh whether you like it or not Bouteflika!


  78. Anonymous thumb

    marocaine 2010-11-12

    While the European countries do not cease to search for new allies in Europe and while the Asian giants and the great powers of the world like China, India and Brazil search for allies in Latin American and the entire world, we, the countries of the Third World like Morocco, are still manipulated and controlled by conflicts provoked by these countries, which finance a minority of separatists. These separatists search for fame to the detriment of the an entire people and the entire umma – the Arabic and Islamic umma. So, I ask for more intelligence on the part of the Arab politicians and more responsibility for the interests of the Arab and Muslim people.


  79. Anonymous thumb

    Algerian Sniper 2010-11-12

    Violence brings more Violence. Hopefully Sahrawi people will taste victory soon. Long live FREE POLISSARIO. We are with you - Algerian sniper


  80. Anonymous thumb

    محمد من الجزائر 2010-11-12

    Hi! It is important to know pretty well the Sahrawi people have the right to self-determination. If only the Kingdom of Morocco had the same enthusiasm with Spain. But it adopts the policy of bullying the weak as do Arab leaders in humiliating people from the Gulf to the Ocean. The Arab World is suffering.


  81. Anonymous thumb

    Nadir zaoui * Marseille /France 2010-11-12

    But wait a second. I must be dreaming. The Sahara is Moroccan and you are crazy to mess with the sovereignty of the country and the people. The Algerians have always been criminals. Look at how they executed Mohamed Boudiaf.


  82. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2010-11-12

    “Our brothers,” of course they are, while distinguishing, of course, the good seeds from the bad. These brothers suffer, like all the Maghreb, as hostages or worse. You admire their prize list in murders? “The straw that broke the camel’s back.”


  83. Anonymous thumb

    أغيلاس 2010-11-12

    Faith of traitor criminals, I hope these criminals involved in incidents of Laâyoune will be hung in public or at least sentenced to life prison. God, the nation and king from Tangier to Lagouira!


  84. Anonymous thumb

    hafido 2010-11-12

    Mr Abdoune- You must do away with your growing hatred! Dividing peoples serves no purpose. Dividing ourselves is the worst think that could happen. Some people create conflicts out of their own interests. This offers nothing beneficial to anyone. We need to calm our zeal. Violence and hatred offer us nothing. We need to learn to live together and prepare a better future for our children. Let us wake up! Let us take Europe for an example. How long will we tear ourselves apart still? You have to be truly insane to follow some of their follies. Let us react as good citizens and open ourselves to the unity of the Maghreb and – why not? – Africa and the world. –Thank you


  85. Anonymous thumb

    MEMED 2010-11-12

    I tell the reasonable Moroccans that all of the citizens need to be subject to the same laws. In other words, the troublemakers need to stand before the courts. As for Spain, what can it say if we support the state? In the end, the Sahara remains Moroccan. As for re-opening the border, I remind you of the Moroccan proverb that goes: "if one puts a line to push you away, build a wall to keep them away" This would be all the better because we do not want these hungry people. –A Moroccan who hates *Angiri*


  86. Anonymous thumb

    zin 2010-11-11

    One day before the beginning of negotiations, the Algerian press quoted a Polisario official saying the front would go to New York while it was in a comfortable condition. Before the negotiations, it called for the adjournment. This is because it was plotting against Moroccan Sahrawis and Morocco. But we say, praise be to God Who turned their plot against them. As for those who incite a brother to kill his brother in religion, we just say there is no power and no will but from God.


  87. Anonymous thumb

    foula 2010-11-11

    I am a reasonable Algerian, and I think that the Moroccan authorities have managed to keep a level head, perhaps too level – if this were not a well-studied tactic designed to leave certain separatists make the mistake of attacking law enforcement officials.


  88. Anonymous thumb

    ahmed 2010-11-11

    Morocco has never occupied western sahara it has been his to begin with,it was a moroccan territory occupied by spain,when spain unwillingly left, morocco took his land back.these separatist or parasits as i can say are pushed by the undemocratic military rulers of algeria. the polizario front is a bunch of terrorists holding up many sahrawis in camps of shame in tindouf on the borders of morocco and algeria, these alqaida like groups supported by the terrorist regime of algeria are trying to form a hub for subsaharian terrorist who are known for killing western tourists as it repeatedly happened in mali . without a stronger moroccan government things are gonna get worse in that region.any government in the world would have followed tha same to protect its citizens buildings and businesses against rioters and looters.In mlelia , a morroccan territory occupied by spain , the the spanish security used excessive force against protesters demanding equality of employment ,it could have been worse if similar events that happened in laayoune occured in the Bask region , we all know how spain delt with such events.Its time to leave morocco handle its own affairs before laayoun becomes another 2003 kandahar with terrorist camps everywhere threatening not only the lives of the people of that city , but the whole region


  89. Anonymous thumb

    benjelloun 2010-11-11

    Certain official Moroccan actors are saying, “Our brother Algerians…”! No comment.


  90. Anonymous thumb

    abdoune 2010-11-11

    Shame on you, Morocco, whose soldiers know only how to hit innocent people. Shame on you, Morocco, which signs Houston Accords then reneges on them. But, know this one thing, Morocco: we will never be Moroccans. You have spilt the blood of innocent men, women, children and elderly, and you talk to us about autonomy, but you are fooling yourself, Morocco. Independence is what the Sahrawi people are claiming, and we will succeed in having our rights and freedoms respected. Long live the free and independent Sahrawi people.


  91. Anonymous thumb

    hacmaroc 2010-11-10

    Concerning clashes in Laâyoune, they were triggered by dissidents. The latter have stirred the flames of seditions. They slaughtered and destroyed their interests with their bloody hands. They vandalized banks and public institutions. Anyone who supported them has nothing to do with Islam or Arabism and just pursue misguidance and sedition.


Anonymous thumb

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