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University deadlines add to worries of Moroccan bac students

By Sarah Touahri for Magharebia in Rabat – 29/04/10

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Moroccan students studying for the bac exams have another worry to add to their plate: major colleges are beginning their enrolment process before the start of exams.

"I must pass with good or very good merits to be admitted," Miriam said. "You have to pay 65,000 dirhams for five years. It's too much for my family, but besides my parents' savings, my father will get a loan."

Miriam hopes to gain admission into the new School of Economics and Governance founded in Rabat in 2008, she said. Financial concerns and application deadlines loom even as she studies for her final exams.

"She has always been brilliant," said her mother, Amina Berrada. "The big day is approaching. We have to meet the deadlines," she said with a tone of optimism and worry.

Berrada is rushing to contact public and private colleges for her daughter.

"Even with our limited income, I have been saving for her higher education tuition for years," she said. "It's even better if she is accepted into a prestigious public school."

Not all high school students are lucky enough to have parents who saved money for years for their children's university education. Hajer, a baccalaureate candidate in Mathematical Science, said that she is trying hard to score high enough to secure a place in a public school.

"The selection frightens me," she said. "If my family had enough financial resources to pay for my education, I would have worried less, because there are a large number of private schools [from which to choose]. I have to excel [on the bac] to be among the elite who are trained in public schools."

Less academically gifted students are also concerned about their future, but are realistic about their chances.

Hicham Bekkali, a baccalaureate candidate in literature, said that he does not intend to apply to a private college with his mediocre grades and his family's limited finances. His only real choice, he said, is to decide to which university department he will apply.

"My future looks unclear sometimes, and that is affecting how I prepare for the exams," Bekkali said. "But I was told that the prospects of the university are becoming increasingly promising."

Young baccalaureate candidates are becoming more strategic in the fields they choose to enter as they see the high unemployment rates faced by recent university graduates, sociologist Samira Kassimi said.

"The Moroccan society is on the rise. Middle class families, at least, are thinking in advance of their children's higher education to guarantee them a place in the labour market," she added.

Starting this year, Moroccan final-year students will receive an information packet explaining what choices are available to them and how to prepare for the bac, Higher Education Minister Ahmed Akhchichine said. The new procedure implements Morocco's emergency plan for education.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2011-6-29

    I am a student in the baccalaureate. I am waiting for results as soon as possible. I hope to pass.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    ليلى 2011-6-14

    I would like to know how I can study the field of management and accounting here in Morocco then complete my studies abroad.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed el arbaji 2011-4-8

    You are right dear ones.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    سلمى 2011-3-7

    I want you to help me. I need orientation if there is any help. I am confused which school to choose. Please help me! I study in the baccalaureate subject of SVT.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    mehdi 2010-12-12

    I do not understand. Why do the universities require an exam? The bac exam should suffice in place of a university entrance exam. Simply take the students who have highest bac scores in the appropriate subject. There is no need to make students take two exams. -May peace be upon everyone


  6. Anonymous thumb

    soukaina 2010-12-10

    I wish success to you my brothers and to me.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    aicha 2010-12-8

    Me too- I am a pupil in Mali. In fact, I should say student because I got my bac this year. I would like to choose a university in Morocco to continue my studies, but I do not know which one. I did research on the Internet, but to no avail. The information I got was not sufficient for me to be able to move. So, dear friends, I need your opinion to clear things up for me so that I can get an idea about my future at the university. I would like to study marketing. Please, if possible, specify the name of the city, the university, the tuition and how to get in contact with the staff so as to matriculate in 2011. –Thank you


  8. Anonymous thumb

    amina 2010-11-21

    I am a student in the baccalaureate. I don’t know anything impossible. I ask God to get an excellent score in the baccalaureate exam this year.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2010-11-1

    Hi- I am a civil engineer. I have an Algeria bac and Algerian public engineering degree. I have the pleasure of writing my message here. I would simply like to ask if I should finish my studies at the university or should I do my major in France. -Thank you for your attention


  10. Anonymous thumb

    حنان 2010-9-12

    Salam. I am a student. I passed the bac this year. I would like to know the deadline to apply for scholarships at universities and when they are paid. Thank you!


  11. Anonymous thumb

    هند 2010-8-6

    I study legal sciences. I decided to change the subject at university and study Spanish literature instead. But I have no idea about university system or the subject I want to study.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    abdlghani 2010-8-3

    I passed the baccalaureate in 2010. I want to know deadlines to apply for graduate studies' scholarships 2010.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2010-7-26

    Deadlines for graduate studies scholarships in 2010.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    hanane 2010-7-22

    Hi- My name is Hanaane. I am a student. I got my bac this year (2010). I want to know when the university will be starting up.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    safia 2010-7-21

    I'm a pupil, 20. I passed the baccalaureate this year in the second session. I'd like to know the deadline for granting scholarships. Please reply! Thank you very much!


  16. Anonymous thumb

    اصلاح 2010-7-8

    I passed the baccalaureate this year. I am from the north. I study the Spanish language but I live presently in the city of Dakhla (South of Morocco). I want to apply to the University of Tetouan. However I have to study at least for one year in the region, in the city of Agadir. Please inform me and what is the deadline for registration? Thank you very much!


  17. Anonymous thumb

    عتيقة 2010-7-6

    I am a student. I passed the baccalaureate this year. I would like to know when registration at university begins.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    محمد بلقايد 2010-6-26

    I am a young man, 22. I passed the bac 2010 in modern arts. I am very confused. I don't which path will take me to my dreams to prove you all and to this society that I am hear. What I need is just a torch to light up this path!


  19. Anonymous thumb

    حسنية 2010-6-8

    Salam alikum. I'm happy to participate in such topics about young students, especially bac students. I'm a young girl, 20. I study in the second year of the baccalaureate sciences of biology and geology. I wasn't lucky enough to sit for the exam because I had a traffic accident with my father in the second term this year, 2010. Honestly, I am very sorry. I went to the high school on 2/6/2010, but unfortunately the principal told me I can't sit for the exam as I was absent from courses and that I would have to wait till next year, God willing! He said that they wouldn't treat it as if I had studied this year. Please provide me your suggestions or opinions about the topic. Thank you very much!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    ياسين 2010-5-31

    I'm a baccalaureate student. I am ambitious to pass with honours, or at least do very well, because I worked hard and I want to relax at the end of exams. I hope that God will grant me and everyone success!


  21. Anonymous thumb

    مارية 2010-5-14

    Worry scares us. How can we sit for the exam and the curriculum is still long? I say what about these institutions? In reality they have caused us more concern. Concerning the scheduled dates, how can we study, prepare for the exam and carry out the scholarship programme? In reality, I call upon all high school institutions to offer us an opportunity to enroll. We have wasted many opportunities as a result of the lack of time as well as class exams. You have to tackle these hurdles. Because of your acts, we have wasted many opportunities to get good scores. I hope you understand my intention. Thank you!


  22. Anonymous thumb

    تلميذة مغربية 2010-5-1

    I am a Moroccan student. I didn't know that studies after the baccalaureate require payment. Therefore, I want you to inform me about national schools and institutes which require payment for registration. I also want to know the necessary fees for every school. A last question: Do your universities also require payment?


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