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Bac results released in Tunisia

By Mona Yahia for Magharebia in Tunis – 22/06/09

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The results of the main round of baccalaureate exams in Tunisia were announced publicly on Sunday (June 21st). Students scored a 42.39% success rate this year, with 57,204 students passing; slightly less than the 49.62% of last year.

Students who registered for the SMS service provided by the ministry of education were able to get their results individually as early as Friday, per President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's request to use modern means of communication in the announcement of results.

More than 139,000 students sat the first round of the bac from June 3rd-10th. Of that total, 75,544 students were pushed back to the second and final round and 19,959 students failed altogether.

Female students performed better than males, with a 58.32% success rate, compared to 41.68%.

In a news conference on Friday, Minister of Education and Training Hatem Ben Salem said his ministry had detected 220 cases of cheating. To avoid a repeat of this number, he said, the ministry will organise campaigns next year to raise students' awareness of the risks of cheating and its potential effects on their educational and professional future.

Ben Salem also presented a new version of the baccalaureate certificate, which was printed on special paper to prevent forgery.

According to the education minister, students planning to continue their education abroad can have their bac certificates translated into English or French right away; unlike in previous years when students had to go through several channels to get it done, including the ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs as well as the embassies.

For the test-takers required to repeat the exams, re-testing is scheduled for June 23rd-26th.

For successful students and their families, it is time to celebrate.

"This is the result of hard work," said Montasser, a student in economics and management. "I got a rate of 13.69; second place at my school. Therefore, I'm thinking about completing my studies in the higher institute of commerce."

Amal, the mother of another student, was happy beyond words when her son succeeded. "This is the night I have been waiting for all my life," she said. "Now, we shall focus on the guidance, which is the future of my son."

It is also time to think about the future and choose wisely where to go from here, said Sayeda, a literary section student. "The most important thing now is to choose the best and most suitable direction based on my rate," she said, "because the employment market is difficult and there is no point in choosing divisions that won't lead to job possibilities, especially in the literary section."

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed mabsout 2010-6-24

    Has Mhamed passed or not?


  2. Anonymous thumb

    hassen 2010-6-23

    Congratulations to all successful students! I wish them a better future!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    رانيا 2010-6-16

    I'm Rania from Algeria. I, too, sat for the baccalaureate exam. I hope anyone who reads my message will pass, God willing! I hope that I, too, pass the bac. I greet all Tunisians! Oh Lord, let's be university students next year! In closing, I wish you success!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    ةناىلان 2009-12-18

    I love you. I am a bac student.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    sayfoun 2009-8-19

    Congratulations to everyone who passed wishing the same for us, oh Lord.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    aissa 2009-7-7

    i'am student the baccaluriat


  7. Anonymous thumb

    asmar 2009-7-4

    Good luck!


  8. Anonymous thumb

    الحبيب مساعد 2009-6-26

    It is nice that you mention the candidate who had the best score in Morocco. I address her my congratulations. I wished you mentioned the Tunisian girl from Sfax who had the best score in the republic. Thank you.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    Khalil ALhaj darwish 2009-6-25

    Hello everyone- Good luck! Goodbye, my friends. -From Aman, Jordan


  10. Anonymous thumb

    marwa 2009-6-24

    Thank you for everything.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    bent casa 2009-6-22

    God willing wish you all the good and success. This is a great article.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    safwen tunis 2009-6-22

    Congratulations to successful students and good luck to the others.


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