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Moroccan bac candidates anxiously await results

By Sarah Touahri for Magharebia in Rabat – 16/06/09

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Tensions are running high in Morocco, as families await the results of the baccalaureate examinations. The uncertainty is as difficult for many to handle as the stress of the tests themselves.

They will not have long to wait; results are due to come out on June 17th, after two days of deliberations.

Nouhaila from Témara told Magharebia that since the last day of the tests, all discussion has focused on the results.

"We hope the teachers will be generous towards us," she said. "We're worried that the marking will be strict, particularly on literary subjects."

Her classmate, Meriem Bouchane, feels the same way. She said some of the tests were relatively hard, but thinks that candidates themselves cannot judge how well they performed.

Philosophy, according to Bouchane, was particularly complex.

"They asked us to write an essay about violence; that was the last subject on the syllabus, and we didn't study it in class because the teacher was always off," she said. "We just had to muddle through... I wrote what I knew, but I don't know if I'll get a good grade."

The pressure appears highest on the strongest students, as their marks will decide whether they can compete for seats in the most prestigious universities.

Meriem prays to God to grant her wish to get into journalism school. She managed to get 16/20 on the class examinations.

"My future depends on the national exam," she said, "so I'm waiting for the results with my heart beating nineteen to the dozen."

There are many others like Meriem, with the same feeling of unease. Those who performed poorly on the exams hope they will get a second chance when the re-testing occurs on July 2nd-4th.

Mourad, 17, was almost certain that he will not have got a high enough average in the first sitting. He hopes to receive at least the 8 necessary to qualify for a re-test.

"I was so stressed and nervous that I couldn't answer the History-Geography questions," he said. "I hardly did anything... I know I'll get less than 5 on that subject. This could affect the overall result. The re-tests will be a real chance for me."

The education ministry has promised that all the results will be available on its web site following the deliberations.

Officials are expecting the pass rate on the baccalaureate to be higher this year than in 2008: 38.11% in the first session and 45% after re-sits.

Mohamed Sassi, Director of the National Centre for Examination Evaluation, forecast a pass rate in excess of 47%. A

ccording to ministry data, 35% of candidates in 2008 received their baccalaureate passes with merit. Sassi expects this figure to rise this year.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    takween 2014-7-19

    After the bac, you need to think about preparing for moving to higher education.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    Mustapha FAKRACH 2010-7-17

    Please, I would like to know whether i passed or not. Please reply and look with me for the name Mustapha FAKRACH!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    حسناء من مدينة وزان 2010-7-6

    I wish success to all students. I hope God will grant me success in the re-sit session.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    غزلان 2010-6-27

    I consider the exam mere luck. This is because there are students who don't deserve to pass. Finally, I wish success to all students.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    سهام 2010-6-23

    Salam! I wish success to everyone who will sit for the second session. Congratulations to those who passed the ordinary session! I study P.C. The physics exam was difficult. I hope the second session will be doable for students. I say it again, the ordinary session was tough. Good luck, everyone!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    imane 2010-6-20

    I am Imane. I study in Oujda. This year's exams weren't doable for everyone, especially literature students. As for science students, it was better. I wish from all my heart success to everyone!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    hajar 2010-6-20

    Salam. May God protect you. Does anyone knows a site where there's anything about the results of the baccalaureate today, please?


  8. Anonymous thumb

    fatima zahra 2010-6-18

    Salam. I am Fatima Zahra. The exam was doable but most students don't rely on their own efforts. This threatens the position of others who rely on their own means. I hope that correctors will adopt in correcting the approach of writing not copying.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    hayat 2010-6-13

    I wish lots of success to the city of Zagora this year!


  10. Anonymous thumb

    3id sa osa fro 2010-6-13

    In the name of God. First of all, salam alikum. Secondly, honestly, exams this year, 2009/2010, for the ordinary session of literature and humanities - the exams went well, especially in history and geography, and novels in the Arabic language. I wish success to all Moroccans. You will all pass because you're all experts in cheating! This is a honour for us Moroccans! Wish you success, God willing!


  11. Anonymous thumb

    hajar 2010-6-11

    I am Hajar from the city of Tetouan. This year the exam for science students was a little easy. However, it was difficult in science and a little tough in English. Anyway, we wish success, God willing, to all baccalaureate students both in science and literature! I hope the correctors will be nice to us and correct well!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    فاطمة الزهراء و شيماء 2010-6-10

    I think questions on the exam were quasi-difficult, especially philosophy and English. We hope correctors will take into consideration the conditions of the exam and the role of fear in that. God grants success to everyone. I hope we will pass and enter the gate of the future.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    بولنت انال 2010-5-19

    I am Boulinte. I hope the exam will be easy so that all students will pass. Thank you!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    zineb 2010-2-4

    In my opinion, the bac is only the beginning. That is to say: You need a good grade in order to draw up your future. Moreover, you need to work in order to do well. Good luck to all the baccalaureates and bac candidates like Zizo, Nina and all of my friends. LOL.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    tarik_laabouchi_laayoune_maroc 2010-1-23

    there is not god but allah


  16. Anonymous thumb

    بولينت انال 2009-10-5

    The question is: "Why is the baccalaureate is difficult?" I am Bulent Inal. As a student, I ask officials to understand the situation of students. I hope from God the Almighty that the baccalaureate 2009/2010 to be very easy because almost all students in the city of Larache have failed three times, please. Thank you. You students have followed the serial “Years of Loss”, this serial is like these students who failed. Thank you.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    بولينت انال 2009-10-3

    I am Boulinte Anal from Larache. I want justice and law in correcting the baccalaureate exams. Thank you.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    chahinaz 2009-8-5

    In the name of God I will begin. My name is Chahinaz. I am from Salé. I am student of the general sciences, which I love. I adore my studies. There is nothing cooler than studying this. I would like to give a shout out to all the students who passed the bac exam. Congratulations to those who passed! To the other students who are going to take it: Stay strong! In any case, life holds surprises for us. You need to stay optimistic. And, likewise, here is something to keep in mind: God is greater than the whole world; you simply need to have faith.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    badiaa 2009-7-31

    We thank all teachers of Ibn Moataz who try to help their students in preparing for the exam. I wish quick recovery to our respectable principal though I disappointed them with my failure.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    علي 2009-7-8

    Belief in destiny with its good and bad events is part of the conviction. Wish you success.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    wafae 2009-6-24

    I am Wafae from Nador. Honestly, I study in the sixth year. I will also go through this experience. I wish you and me continuous success oh Lord amen, everyone passes and spend a happy holiday oh Lord amen. My brother, there is no one who relies only on himself. Do the method you want but you must study something. I wish success to everyone, oh Lord, amen. There is no other God but Allah.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    mehdi 2009-6-20

    I wish success to all the brothers. Wishes of success God willing in the second session. May God grant us success, oh Lord.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    star v 2009-6-19

    Unfortunately, I am a pupil from Nador, I haven't passed in the first session of the baccalaureate because I relied only on myself. However, there are students who passed through illegal ways. The only solution is to use illegal means. May God forgive us.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    نور 2009-6-18

    Thank you.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    amina 2009-6-17

    Can we skip the retakes?


  26. Anonymous thumb

    halima chokri 2009-6-17

    I don't care.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    hanane 2009-6-17

    Good luck everyone.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    zakaria 2009-6-17

    Good luck!


  29. Anonymous thumb

    khawla 2009-6-17

    Good luck, everyone!


  30. Anonymous thumb

    كوثر 2009-6-17

    Salam alikum. I am Kawtar from Larche. First of all, I wish success to all pupils. I ask God not to deprive us of the baccalaureate certificate, amen. I really think, God knows better, this year will be a good year for Moroccan families and their pupils because passing rates will be high. This is because last year results were catastrophic in the first session. Worst, in the second session, only one person took the baccalaureate certificate in humanities branch in the high school which is considered the biggest high school in Larache, can you imagine this? But now down count has begun. Only a few hours are left. The fate of everyone of us will be decided. May God grant everyone success for the good of our dear country Morocco which is always in our hearts.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    الياس عياد 2009-6-17

    I want baccalaureate results. Have I passed or failed?


  32. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الكريم بعلي 2009-6-17

    I wish success to everyone. I am waiting for results anxiously.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    جنان 2009-6-17

    We hope God will make the exam easy for all candidates though regional scores were catastrophic. We hope God will grant us all success.


  34. Anonymous thumb

    el yousfi naoufal 2009-6-17

    I want the results for the bac exam.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    jamal 2009-6-16

    In my opinion, the bac exam is a matter of unequal luck, measured between the students of private schools with more means, who get 16s, 17s and 18s, and the rest who go to public establishments with teachers who grade more harshly with 8s and 9s. In the private schools the same teachers who teach grade the students. So, how do we get the opportunity to get our bacs under such conditions? So, is it possible to review the procedure for grading the exams, because it is truly unfair?


  36. Anonymous thumb

    tarik_laa 2009-6-16

    Hi. I am Tarik from Morocco. I wish success to all brothers.


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