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Baccalaureate exams begin for 315,000 Moroccan students

By Sarah Touahri for Magharebia in Rabat – 02/06/09

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After weeks of anticipation and anxiety, Moroccan students begin three days of baccalaureate examinations on Tuesday (May 2nd).

Meriem B, 17, began preparing weeks ago for these examinations. Despite having always been among the most outstanding pupils since her primary school days, she has waited for the big day with considerable apprehension.

"I've always liked literary subjects, even though I've always got good marks in all my subjects. That's why I chose the Modern Literature option. Except that now I feel I made a mistake with my choices, because my options from this point onward have turned out to be quite limited," she explained.

Now she is hoping to come away with a good average mark so that she can claim a guaranteed place at the higher institute for journalism, which selects the best baccalaureate holders from around Morocco.

Just like Meriem, thousands of young people foster high hopes of passing the bac.

According to the ministry of education, the number of candidates has risen to 315,718 - 4.77% higher than last year.

The number of girls sitting the examinations is 154,521, making up 48.94% of all candidates, and marking an increase of 12.87% compared with last year.

There are 142,032 candidates taking literary examinations, compared with 147,086 for science subjects, accounting for respectively 44.99% and 46.59% of all candidates. Candidates in technical subjects number 21,765, and 4,835 are sitting for foundation subjects.

The literary branch, which in the past attracted the highest number of candidates, has started to tail off to the benefit of the scientific branch, explained Hamid Badissi, a teacher. This is a result of students' aspirations for a greater choice when they reach higher education, he added.

According to figures from the national education ministry, candidate numbers for the scientific and technical subjects have seen remarkable growth, rising by 7.54% and 33.68% respectively, while those for literature and foundation subjects have dropped by 0.50% and 6.04% respectively compared with last year.

Officials say that everything is in place for the examinations to run smoothly.

"The ministry has issued pupils with a guide to the examinations, including all the legal measures which apply in the case of cheating," said Mohamed Sassi, the director of the Centre for Assessment and Examinations.

To cut down on cheating, the ministry has banned mobile phones along with all unauthorised documentation from being brought in on examination days.

Badissi said that cheating is so serious that it is a threat to the credibility of the baccalaureate diploma. "Hence the supreme importance of putting strict rules in place to discourage candidates from resorting to any fraudulent practices," he added.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    aicha infographiste 2011-6-14

    Thank you for responding to that request!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    فرح 2011-6-11

    We want the exam of 2011 to be very easy for letters because we haven’t studied anything this year especially in the second semester. I wish success for everyone and for me, God willing, amen.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    ismail lmouden 2011-6-7

    I ask all students who will sit for the exams to avoid fear. Everything will be easy, God willing! I wish good luck to everyone!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    oussama 2011-4-7



  5. Anonymous thumb

    arwa 2010-7-6

    Salam alikum. I am very happy because I passed. On the day of the exam, I was very scared. But, praise be to God, when I passed I got 15.24. I wish success to everyone and a happy life!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    xd 2010-6-16

    I had 19.45 in the bac in public schools. I want to complete my studies in France, because in Morocco, there are no good schools in terms of teachers.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    saraa 2010-6-16

    Honestly, cheating persists in spite of all attempts. As for the place where I took the exam, there was a lot of cheating and all the cheating methods were present honestly. But we can do nothing. No matter what they do, cheating will persist. My thanks to one teacher - I wish him success, oh Lord! Thank you! May God grant us success!


  8. Anonymous thumb

    omar 2010-6-13

    the exam is very easy because we're reading more and we make immense efforts


  9. Anonymous thumb

    aya 2010-5-26

    02/06/2010 is the date of the national exam in Morocco. I wish success to all students. I hope that for us students of SVT, the exam will be easy. Thank you!


  10. Anonymous thumb

    hicham abounoadar 2010-5-2

    I wish all the students a good exam.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    noura 2010-3-30

    I hope to pass!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    ilyasse lotfi 2010-3-17

    hey there! i'm really happy that moroccan people speak english very well. whatever, i'm planning to study in the U.S. by toefl score but the problem is... i don't have baccalaur's degree...now i'm free candidate baccalaureate and i have the exam next 3 months...the questions is...is there any hope to pass this year?


  13. Anonymous thumb

    غيور على وطنه 2009-12-1

    What is the use of studies if they aren’t intended for implementing what we learnt in reality???


  14. Anonymous thumb

    علي 2009-8-25

    How was the exam of the mathematical sciences branch in math? What is the pass rate?


  15. Anonymous thumb

    nada 2009-7-20

    Oh Lord grant success to everyone without exception.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    bachir 2009-6-24

    What was the answer to the first-session science bac exam's experiment?


  17. Anonymous thumb

    mar1 2009-6-19

    In reality the exam this year was tough in all branches especially for us students of life and earth sciences.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    mobs 2009-6-18

    Hello dear young students results of Moroccan Baccalauréat were given yesterday at about 5pm and I hope you all succeeded and had the grades you wanted, for those who didn't please reveive all my best wishes hoping God will help you.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    SIMO 2009-6-18

    Here is a general remark, given what is preceding (the above comments, that is): Are you sure that these comments were written by this year's bac candidates??? I am sorry, but given the overall quality of the candidates and errors of all types, the style and so on of these comments, it would seem these are student are candidates for graduation from primary education. Moreover, we can thus understand why foreign universities and colleges do not recognise the Moroccan bac now. Who is responsible for this catastrophe??? The answer does not matter, as it is the young people who need to take things into their own hands and seriously prepare for the future, independently of everything else.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    lbac fjib 2009-6-18

    I thought the baccalaureate was in the pocket of my black trousers. But when I went to see results, I took the black trousers. They betrayed me, the back was in the pocket of the blue.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    هدى 2009-6-16

    Thank you for all these explanations. But I have one question. Why do you underestimate the arts branch? It also has wide horizons including journalism and legal counsel. This doesn't mean that I underestimate the rest of the people because everyone of us has his likings. I wish success to everyone who worked hard and fought cheating because they deserve to pass. As to those who cheat and pray to pass, they don't deserve it. Thank you very much.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    ليلى 2009-6-15

    Salam alikum. For the baccalaureate exam this year, they focused on understanding. Persevering students can be optimistic. In the exam, questions are selected on the basis of the understanding of the courses by students not what they have taken by heart. This is clear for scientific courses. In my opinion, it is a very good practical solution which meets the requirements of Morocco as a state and the student as a responsible party in this state. The main objective is to find competencies. Some might say that these words are said in social celebrations. But unfortunately they are wrong because Morocco of yesterday is over and it is time for a new Morocco of today bearing the brain drain. Therefore, we must bear in our bags what we need as we will need them badly. However, we shouldn't prepare our bags only after knocking on all doors and even the door of SOS office if necessary.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    jihane 2009-6-15

    The bac exam was very, very difficult, especially the math section. Oooof! By God, it was hard. All the same, I hope everyone passes. Good luck!


  24. Anonymous thumb

    rachid 2009-6-14

    Man, everyone will pass God willing. I just want to explain one thing. Cheating phenomenon is a crime because cheaters are unjust to those who study. However, cheaters don't go far.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    the simo 2009-6-13

    The bac exam was too hard. I am one of the students who took the 2009 bac exam. I have been waiting for the results up until now. Unfortunately, the people in charge did not give a specific date for their release, so we wait patiently. I hope that all the Moroccans will pass it. May God help you.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    anonyma 2009-6-12

    Hello- I would like to give my point of view on the exam. I thought the subject of natural sciences was worthless. We are not used to working with this method of testing. I am sorry, but this year's was a suspicious sort of exam. We do not have the level of French needed give answers to this sort of subject and pass. In fact, why copy the other countries? This is worthless. I think that you are the ones who force us to cheat, because you do not make the subjects worthy of the students. I think that if there is any success, then it is thanks to the regional exam and the tests. This is a shame. Now, the Moroccan bac is accepted nowhere. And, in Morocco, no one cares about you. You need to review this method of testing. I assure you that if you do not, it will be a catastrophe! This is a shame! A SHAME!


  27. Anonymous thumb

    fatimaezzahra 2009-6-12

    Yes, Manal, you are right. The 2008 exam was too easy in comparison to this year's exam. Good luck, everyone!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    nabila 2009-6-12

    Hi my brothers. Honestly, we have a troubled psychology during the exams because of the control. What I want, may God protect you, is a site for the baccalaureate results. Thank you.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    manal 2009-6-12

    Hi- We just finished the bac exam. My subject is technology. This is my second time taking it. Compared with last year’s exam, I thought this year’s was far too difficult. Last year’s was simple. I missed it because I had a problem, but I hope to pass this year. I wish the same for everyone who studied.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    حميد 2009-6-11

    First of all, salam alikum. Concerning the baccalaureate exams this year, there is a big difference with previous years. The arts branch was doable for studious students as I was a candidate in this branch. Concerning the scientific, technical and maths branches, I heard they were tough and cheating was widely-spread because many relied on it without facing any difficulties with supervising teachers. Moreover, all reports of cheating recorded in my high school weren't sent to the academy. This is of course on the detriment of others who did not indulge in this scourge. This year was an unfortunate year for the pupils in the region of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer as it has witnessed its toughest regional exams last year. This was endured by students who sat for that exam. This killed the hopes of many pupils who entered the second year of the baccalaureate without any balance to get the baccalaureate. Oh Lord grant us success.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    ابتسام 2009-6-11

    I wish success to everyone who worked hard so that they will get the bac, with wishes of success God willing.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    noha 2009-6-11

    The national exams this year were just a bit difficult for the Moroccans in comparison to last year's, particularly in the sciences.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    sofy 2009-6-11

    I would like to say that the exam was very easy this year. I hope that everyone will get their bac.


  34. Anonymous thumb

    ayoub 2009-6-10

    Salam alikum. If only the baccalaureate were without distinction. We see that most students study well but get 10, 11 or 12. Therefore, they are deprived of schools they were aspiring to. Why do students work hard but in the end they get 10 and are forgotten, why?


  35. Anonymous thumb

    tetouani 2009-6-10

    My brothers, there is no credibility and no transparency. I am here in my country, there is real chaos in baccalaureate classes. Many were bribed with money. So how do you want this transparency to be? Law is implemented only for the poor and weak.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    banouta 2009-6-10

    I am still studying in the first year of the baccalaureate. But I am infuriated at the acts of some teachers. They interdict us to cheat but on the other hand they help some students to cheat through favouritism. Eh people, I am studying all year long but in the end everyone cheats and everyone is equal. God suffices me and He is the best mandate.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    Maria 2009-6-9

    Salam everyone. I am scared, by God, about the results. They will be announced in one week. I had low grades in the regional exam and I am scared unless I don't pass. Please pray for me and for all pupils. Thank you my dear students and to this site. Salam alikum. May God grant you success, God willing.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    أسماء 2009-6-9

    Peace and mercy of God be upon you. Concerning the phenomenon of cheating, I haven't seen any attempt to fight it. It was accessible to everyone. As to the exams, I think that the exam of mathematics was confusing and a bit long. The physics exam could have been bad, I didn't like it at all. As to the SVT exam, it was funny. Honestly, they were unjust to us because last year's exam was very easy compared to this year. Thank you.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    anas 2009-6-8

    Salam alikum my brothers. I would like to explain something very important experienced by Morocco. It is private education. Most students choose it in order to get high scores such as 17 and 18. All this is at the expense of public education which is prejudiced. Education is prejudiced.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    fatimaezzahra 2009-6-8

    God willing, may all the candidates of the Great Maghreb succeed!


  41. Anonymous thumb

    hoda 2009-6-8

    Yes, true. The exam went on in good conditions. It was featured by transparency. There was no cheating. Teachers were doing their duty in the best way. However, Maths and SVT subjects were a little tough for me. We wish success to everyone.


  42. Anonymous thumb

    سعيد 2009-6-8

    The exam this year was somehow accessible.


  43. Anonymous thumb

    نعمة 2009-6-8

    I was one of the candidates who sat for the exam. Honestly, the exam questions for the arts branch were accessible and very easy.


  44. Anonymous thumb

    fatimaezzahra 2009-6-8

    Regarding the hard sciences, the subjects of life sciences and earth sciences had the most difficult exams. However, the others subjects were doable for everyone. Therefore, I thank all the qualified teachers from Khouribga's El Phosphate high school who prepared us well for the national exam. Good luck to all the bac candidates!


  45. Anonymous thumb

    licencié 2009-6-8

    The bac exam was very easy this year.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    moroccan patriot 2009-6-7

    Morocco has the worst education system in the Arab world. The arab world is not exactly known for its stellar education system... so when you are at the bottom of that group, well it takes a special kind of incompetence to acheive those kinds of results.... Anything, I repeat anything that is conceived by the ministry of Education is destined to failure. Anything they dream up is clearly misconcieved. They are incredibly adept at being inept... I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Women in Mauritania are more likely to be literate than their Moroccan counter parts... and for this we can thank the ministry of education, these same ministers who send their own kids to study outside of the country. Every single person who works for the Ministry of education who has a child studying outside of the country should be sent to jail. Every single govt. employee who has a child studying outside of Morocco's public education system should be fired. Until these criminals running the ministry of education are forced to send their own kids to the disaster they have created, nothing will change.


  47. Anonymous thumb

    zizo 2009-6-7

    I have sat recently for the exam of the baccalaureate. I don't think that the ministry knows it is incapable to put an end to cheating in spite of its aspirations to transparency and credibility in the exams. I wish success to every student in the baccalaureate success. This depends on the corrector.


  48. Anonymous thumb

    Moroccan Patriot 2009-6-6

    The ministry of education and everthing it claims to want to do is a really bad joke. Ask anyone who actually works for the ministry of education and they will tell you that the last thing on the agenda is actually educating the students. In fact, they will tell you that they sought to push students into Private schools to remove financial contstraints on the public system. The entire Ministry of education needs to be abolished and started from scratch. As for the Cheating. There is a culture of cheating. THe kids watch their parents cheat, the parents see nothing wrong with cheating because they see their bosses cheat... and so it goes. There is no accountability and no sense of ethics... from the police man taking bribes at the traffic stop to the nurse demanding a bribe to let you see a doctor. Corruption is endemic in Morocco, the kids are only doing what they have been taught by the adults... To CHEAT.


  49. Anonymous thumb

    amal 2009-6-6

    The bac exam 2009 was very difficult especially the math subject. I was exhausted this year. Oh Lord grant me success.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    الصارم 2009-6-6

    In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful. Praise be to God Lord of all creatures. Peace and prayer be upon the most honourable prophet. As to the content of the baccalaureate for the arts branch, I think it was accessible to everyone. Some of the questions were even easy. As to the scientific branch, many of them complain of the subjects of mathematics and natural sciences. In reality, it was somehow tough for them. As to fight cheating, the ministry made a good effort for which it is thanked. It deserves all respect. We still expect more of it while taking into consideration the conditions and situations of students.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    soufiane 2009-6-6

    Salam. I am a student in the baccalaureate. Honestly, this year the exam was accessible especially for arts students except the subject of history and geography. It was somehow tough as they have given a map. May God grant success to everyone, oh Lord. Amen.


  52. Anonymous thumb

    محمد أمين 2009-6-6

    Yes, I have also noticed the toughness of the math exam compared to previous years. We hope this will be compensated with transparency in correction.


  53. Anonymous thumb

    moroccan patriot 2009-6-5

    The BAC is a complete waste of time. The kids can study all they want, it is up to the exam graders to decide who to pass. The same corruption that exists when you get pulled over and want to get out of paying 400 DH for running a red light exists on a much more massive scale with the ministry of education. The goal of the ministry of education is to PREVENT Moroccan students from getting a valuable education. They all send their kids to study outside of the country, because they know how horrible education is in Morocco. The BAC is a joke. The Ministry of Education however, is a VERY BAD JOKE. 315,000 kids taking the BAC, does that mean 315,000 jobs are going to be created? Absolutely not!! In fact, Morocco is not only not creating new jobs, it is currently losing jobs, when you combine this with the influx of MRE's who have lost their jobs overseas and are returning to Morocco in search of work, the situation becomes even more dire. Essentially, we are in the midst of, "the perfect storm". Morocco is always 2 years behind the US, the economic disaster is only in its infancy stages here... and things will not get any better until there is a complete overhaul of the ministry of education. Instead of creating 315,000 students who can parrot and regurgitate information, our goal should be to create 315,000 problem solvers. We should create independent thinkers who can work outside the box; who can challenge the status quo and show entrepreneurial skills while understanding that true success only comes by retaining your sense of ethics. The ministry of Education, because it is an unethical, almost criminal enterprise needs to be abolished and recreated. If it is not done away with, Morocco could end up becoming the next somalia in 20 years.


  54. Anonymous thumb

    loubna 2009-6-5

    Salam. This site is nice. I have a comment about the subject of physics. It was difficult and so was mathematics. I ask God to grant me, all my friends and all Moroccans success. Thank you again.


  55. Anonymous thumb

    MZIRA 2009-6-5

    Much remains to be done to fight cheating during the exams. And, all the more so if a great number of teachers are not really convinced of the need to fight the scourge that is cheating and, rather, go so far as supporting students caught clearly cheating on the 2009 bac exam. Indeed, I will cite an incident that I call "A Scandal at Othmane Ben Affane high school in Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca to Support a Cheating Bac Candidate"! A teacher reported a student's cheating and then was himself condemned by a few members of the administration and a fair number of the professors at the same high school. This happened only after they tried to persuade the teacher to drop the report on cheating!! What is worse, the teacher could not leave the school until he called for a police escort to take him to his car under threat of having rocks thrown at him by the students!!!


  56. Anonymous thumb

    prof 2009-6-4

    Cheating is deeply-rooted in a way which cannot be denied. Now I doubt in the credibility of the certificate. Oh Lord be witness that I have transmitted.


  57. Anonymous thumb

    bachelor 2009-6-4

    -_-" the bac was really difficult this year in all subjects exept english, and especially science math branche, i didn't do well but i still hope pass my bac


  58. Anonymous thumb

    ادريس ايت الحاج 2009-6-4

    I have completed today the exam for obtaining the diploma of the baccalaureate. I hope that correction will be transparent and credible. I wish success to everyone. Thank you.


  59. Anonymous thumb

    مغربية 2009-6-4

    I am one of the students who sat for the exam today. There was no attempt to cheat. However for the branch of mathematical sciences, the exam was very difficult in mathematics and sciences of life and earth. There is no way for comparison between this year and last year. The ministry alleges it wants to reform education.


  60. Anonymous thumb

    أمين 2009-6-3

    I wish success to the sons of my dear country. God willing we will see them leaders of this dear country.


  61. Anonymous thumb

    عامرالجزائري 2009-6-3

    I wish success to our Maghreb and its sons, God willing.


  62. Anonymous thumb

    ahmed 2009-6-2

    Does this mean that passing rate will be higher?


Anonymous thumb

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