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Student-run website prepares Moroccans for baccalaureate exams

By Sarah Touahri for Magharebia in Rabat – 23/04/09

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Young Moroccans preparing to take the baccalaureate exams now have an opportunity to review online. Three recent graduates launched a new website, 9rayti.com, in September 2008 to provide study materials and other resources to secondary school students.

The site offers information in different areas of study, and allows readers to share strategies and problems on various forums. Students can also make suggestions regarding exercises and course books, or even produce their own content. Advice is also given on stress management and other topics useful to students.

Adam Bouhadma came up with the idea for the website. A first-year engineering student at the Agadir National School of Applied Science, Bouhadma told Magharebia there is also high demand for career guidance among pupils. "There's a real need in this area. We try to cater to their needs based on their individual circumstances," he said.

"There are websites for teachers," Adam continued, "but few teachers have much Internet experience or understand the real difficulties faced by pupils. We want to help students and at the same time gain more experience ourselves."

Readership of the website has grown from 100 per day to more than 3,000.

The three IT-savvy youngsters have extended their network across Morocco to cities including Rabat and Casablanca. Adam said people are taking their initiative seriously, even though his student team is often pressed for time. "We try to make sacrifices and balance our priorities. If we were making money, we'd have been able to recruit full-time staff. We hope to get beyond the amateur stage."

In addition to the services provided online, the website is beginning to offer other activities, such as open days at schools and student conferences.

Teachers have also been invited to play a role. Few have become involved so far, which the website's creators believe is due to a lack of IT experience.

The 9rayti.com managers say their website is not a substitute for additional classes, since face-to-face contact is essential. Adam said this could eventually be achieved online through videoconferencing.

The team also hopes to promote the creation of academic clubs, to "encourage pupils and students to be more active in schools while also providing extracurricular activities to develop their character and aid their integration into society".

Aicha Kebbour, a pupil at a secondary school, told Magharebia that she discovered the website just a few days ago and thinks that it addresses several issues faced by those preparing for the baccalaureate.

"I found a lot of advice from people who are barely older than we are," she said. "Their experience is very valuable, especially with regard to post-school choices."

Another student, Yassine Maarifi, said the site has helped him deal with stress and other problems. "When I find practical advice being shared among secondary-school pupils across Morocco, it reassures me. The exercises on the website are a new feature for us pupils. I think you can solve any problem if you persevere," he said.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    zhour 2014-8-31

    I'm a mother. Honestly, my daughter is running into difficulties getting into a college after her bac. She got a 13.95, but no school will accept her. Isn't this unfortunate. I gasped. Too much money spent in the heart of school life, but, alas, she hasn't found anything except for the psychology department, and I don't know what that could lead to. So, she still has not enrolled in the department. In my opinion, why not drop the average threshold in the colleges to give an opportunity to all the students to go through the test because despite everything, there's just the bac. I think you get me.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    ayoub elfakir 2014-6-30

    By God, I would like to know what was increased now?


  3. Anonymous thumb

    NABILA 2014-6-29

    I passed the baccalaureate this year in the subject of humanities. I am confused about what to do university or what? Sometime I think of doing law and sometime I think of doing philosophy. Please, give me your opinion about law and if there are good prospects. Please help me with your opinion as I am confused. I hope you will advise me. I need your advice and guidance.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    خالد 2014-6-27

    I got a score of 10 in the baccalaureate. What are possible prospects and schools?


  5. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2013-7-2

    I have studied humanities. I passed this year and don't know what to do next.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    bourass houda 2013-6-26



  7. Anonymous thumb

    malika 2013-5-30

    I didn't benefit at all from this forum. I passed the baccalaureate in 2012. I still can't take any orientation. I haven't chosen any subject yet.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    CHAYMAA 2011-8-24

    I haven’t studied a single word. My level in French is very low. This is why I want you to help me. I will never forget this favour, please!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    زهرة 2011-7-20

    How can I prepare for the baccalaureate from now? I am confused.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    abdallah 2011-6-2

    How can the pupil sit for the exam if he hasn’t studied anything in the quarter?


  11. Anonymous thumb

    اليائسة 2011-6-1

    The pupils are always humiliated and some teachers humiliate them. There are no equal opportunities because some teachers put a difficult exam, tighten the control and even correction. But they forget that pressure, numerous subjects and fear make you forget all your lessons.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    نهال 2011-2-14

    I don't agree with this forum.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    hassan 2011-2-13

    We thank you for interest in us. I am studying this year for the baccalaureate as a free candidate in religious sciences. I want you please to help me as I want courses of this subject. Thank you!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    Benbahmad 2011-1-14

    I was impressed to see a site of this organization with very important information for students. I share the opinion of the colleague Oussama El Hani 3/6. Thank you!


  15. Anonymous thumb

    imane 2010-10-3

    I hope you will present philosophy of the first year of the baccalaureate in experimental sciences.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    sara 2010-8-29

    I would like to sit for the bac 2011 as an independent candidate. Is it possible to prepare for the exam with another candidate? I hope you will reply.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    camy 2010-7-29

    Hello- I'm a young girl, age 17. I'd like to know about the first-year programme for the bac in economics.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    مجهول 2010-6-22

    I hope teachers will publish results of the baccalaureate 2010 and that students in Hassan II High School in Dakhla will be happy and joyful. I hope my daughter will be brilliant and successful!


  19. Anonymous thumb

    eminem 2010-6-7

    So terrible, in this Morocco they want to drive us crazy with this bac!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    khalid 2010-6-3

    I'm a student. Why do you manipulate us in the exams?


  21. Anonymous thumb

    soufiane el ansari 2010-5-11

    This is a very nice site. It will help us so much, God willing! Thank you!


  22. Anonymous thumb

    كوثر 2010-5-4

    Thank you!


  23. Anonymous thumb

    nazha 2010-4-7

    I want an education site.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    kawtar 2010-4-2

    Thank you! We learnt so much! How are you? This site is very interesting!


  25. Anonymous thumb

    فاطمه 2010-3-21

    I am a young girl, 25. I want to take the baccalaureate exam via the internet, but I don't know how or ways to pass through this experience after studying the baccalaureate. I sat for the exam twice in 2005. But I wasn't successful. Now I want to have the experience. God grants success.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2010-2-25

    Exams of the first year of the baccalaureate.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    smail 2010-1-21

    Very simply, if anyone needs something with the bac, please write to me, but this is just for literature students.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    houda 2009-12-30

    I am a teacher of English. I think this is a good initiative which can be of much use to students. Only a student can understand students best.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    ياسين 2009-11-14

    God bless you for the good initiative. The site http://www.9rayti.info was set up. It is dedicated to the first year of the baccalaureate. We try through it to offer support to students in less than 24 hours. It is in its beginning. Praise be to God, the number of its visitors exceed 200 a day. The site was set up on September 31, this year. It is administered by one person “Yassine Benabou”, born in Marrakech in 1993. He is now in the first year of the baccalaureate. We are still looking for other contributors to fill all other levels such as the common trunk and second year of the baccalaureate. For any question, don't hesitate to send an email to this address: [email protected] or add the email [email protected] to your list as it is active on hotmail as well, msn. God grants success.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    اسامة الهاني 2009-8-24

    This is a great initiative but I think that the site is addressed indirectly to brilliant students because it is in French and some students are very weak in that subject.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    الغريبة التائهة 2009-6-30

    God bless them and make many of them.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    murad 2009-6-16

    I am a high schooler in my first year of bac studies at a Spanish preparatory school. I would like to change schools to do the French bac. Can someone point me in the right direction? I would prefer the school in Rabat. -Thank you a thousand times over


  33. Anonymous thumb

    محمد 2009-6-11

    Stay away from teachers. Getting to their level is beyond your reach by all standards. You have just learned two words and began talking about your masters...


  34. Anonymous thumb

    lina 2009-6-3

    A nice and great idea. I hope that Maghreb young people will reach, thanks to your guidance, what would help them and make them aspire more to its interest in its future with its own expression in the educational sector instead of dealing with things not associated with the studies of students. We expect a participation of teachers to help young people and raise their awareness for their interest especially in dealing with the exam in a serious way without resorting to cheating.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    Ayman 2009-6-2

    first of all, i would like to thank you so much about that work which really i appreciate that work espiaccly it is done in english, becouse i`m working in a British university here in Morocco (Sunderland University). good Job and go a head


  36. Anonymous thumb

    amin 2009-6-1

    viva morroco


  37. Anonymous thumb

    sif din 2009-5-31

    Students take the baccalaureate exams in the absence of transparency and democracy. As they face different forms of symbolic violence because of the numerous lessons but they will only be tested in a few of them in the exam paper. Moreover, regional exams influence the mentality of the student who studies in the second year of the bac.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    عبده 2009-5-31

    Salam alikum. God bless your works. May God reward you on our behalf. Go ahead with ambition.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    شفيق السهلي 2009-4-26

    Salam alikum. I want you to provide me with lessons in the baccalaureate exams for independent candidates in the legal sciences and its date.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    ايمان 2009-4-26

    I want some lessons for review.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    amazigh zineb 2009-4-24

    Thank you.


  42. Anonymous thumb

    Hakim 2009-4-24

    I have not yet seen the contents of the website in question, but I think that such initiatives should be encouraged in all the Arab, Muslim and Maghreb countries. This will help in ridding our young people of their complexes and raise the education level of these same students, helping them in their own orientation. In this way, our brothers and children will also learn to use this technological tool wisely and avoid the websites of immoral characters. Once again, Bravo!


Anonymous thumb

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