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Morocco, Tunisia sign co-operation accords

Naoufel Charkaoui from Rabat to Magharebia – 09/04/09

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The 15th session of the Moroccan-Tunisian high joint commission ended on Tuesday (April 7th) with the signing of three co-operation agreements and two executive programmes. The new accords cover education, renewable energy, tourism, science and technology,

"Morocco is intent on boosting bilateral relations with Tunisia, and is looking forward to increasing mutual trade exchange, which, despite recent growth, is still below the expectations of both sides, given their respective financial resources", said Moroccan Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi at the inauguration of the two-day session.

The first agreement consolidates bilateral co-operation in tourism through the establishment of a joint technical committee. The second accord boosts co-operation in the area of statistics between the Moroccan High Commissariat for Planning and the Tunisian Institute of Competitiveness and Quantitative Studies. The third agreement seeks to increase co-operation in science and technology, especially in the domain of renewable energy.

The two executive programmes, which will span two years (2009-2011), focus on co-operation in education and culture, as outlined in a 1964 agreement between the two countries. The education programme addresses the exchange of education-related books and scientific research. The cultural programme will increase the exchange of expertise in the field of historic monument restoration and museum management.

"Relations of co-operation between both countries are built on trust and honesty," said El Fassi, following the signing of the accords. "I hope we will continue to deepen consultations and co-ordination concerning major causes on the bilateral, regional, continental, and global levels."

Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi expressed his satisfaction, underlining "the importance of the private sector in enhancing mutual co-operation".

"The private sector needs to be bolder so as to make more use of the existing legal framework to generate investments and create joint projects, which would be a step along the way toward economic integrity and enhancing the powers of negotiations between both sides, especially within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean."

Latifa Akharbach, Secretary of State at the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stressed the importance of co-operation in creating "a Maghreb space where security, stability, and development flourish".

Akharbach further emphasized Morocco’s keenness in conforming to the Barcelona Process and the European Maghreb Dialogue (5+5).

Abdul Hafiz Hirkam, Tunisian Secretary of State in charge of Maghreb, Arab, and African affairs, noted that his country "is determined to activate Maghreb work through accelerating Maghreb integration and completing the institutional structure of the Union".

Tunisia is also committed "to finalizing the free trade exchange zone project, which has become indispensable in order to face current challenges, the most significant of which is the global financial crisis", he added.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    عربي و افتخر 2009-4-15

    If we really believe in the Qur'an as Muslims, as it tells us “We created you one Umma”, we don't care about the statements or acts of one or a group of people regardless of his rank. Everyone of us commits mistakes, but the best are those who repent. How can an ordinary person come up and judge the Umma even if has no evidence, adequate information or even expertise in any field. He only has personal impulsiveness and enthusiasm which is useless. We must give priority first to the interest of the Arab and Islamic Umma. We should not forget the schemes of the enemies to bury us all if they can, who knows? There are maybe some among us to stir strife. Their only concern is to divide and separate us in order to facilitate our elimination. We must wake up before it is too late. Why do we follow words of people and neglect the words of God Who unmistakable, does not sleep or rest? A woman says you are unwelcome in Morocco as if she has bought Morocco and it has become her farm. The other says Algeria is considered a milking cow as if he is the minister of supplies or is God the provider? Is this the debate which leads to solutions? On the contrary, this just leads to deepening injuries and worsening animosity between brothers. We must know that perfection is to God. No country can live alone. There should be cooperation and trade with other countries. Europe was convinced of this. The Arab resources reaped by foreign countries should rather profit peoples of Arab countries. If you need a worker in your garden and you have a jobless brother, it is better to recruit him than look for another worker from another city or country. I think your brother has the priority. Excuse me if I made a mistake. I am just a human being who cares about his Arabism, is saddened by the current situation and the fate of the Arab citizen in the world. We must restore our position and prestige as we were. “Merciful among themselves and tough with disbelievers”. God say the truth. Chaoui.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    simo 2009-4-10

    It is time that we seriously think about the future of the region and sign accords to bind the countries of the Maghreb together. The people of the region have had enough of the fake problems and bigwigs who think more about their comfortable seats in supreme office, from which they are unable to be dethroned, than they do about the people. This is no longer a luxury; this is vital choice, a question of life or death. The survival of the people of the Maghreb largely depends on this. This is my advice to the people of the Maghreb!