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Moroccan authorities clamp down on homosexuality

By Imane Belhaj for Magharebia in Casablanca – 26/03/09

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Moroccan authorities want to strictly confront all practices and suppress all brochures, books and publications that seek to undermine the country's religious and ethical values.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior on March 21st revealed the full scope of the government's agenda: to "preserve citizens' ethics and defend our society against all irresponsible actions that mar our identity and culture".

The state's initiative reportedly comes in response to recent articles in the press calling for greater tolerance of homosexuality. The source: a press release by Samir Berkashi, co-ordinator of "Kif Kif", an association that defends the interests of homosexuals.

Berkashi affirmed that his association receives support from political parties, human rights associations, and foreign diplomatic missions in Morocco, noting that homosexuals are everywhere in the fields of media, civil society, and politics in Morocco.

Kif Kif "operates in Morocco through an intermediary association recognised by law," he explained, since it "cannot publicly operate in Morocco, as long as laws continue to prohibit homosexuality."

In an unexpected and unprecedented step for gay rights activists, the head of Kif Kif plans to hold a press conference on April 15th in Marrakech.

Berkashi, however, denied the controversial news published by the Arabic language As Sabah newspaper concerning his interview with French-language Aujourd’hui Le Maroc.

"Lately, voices were heard from media platforms seeking to promote some forms of disgraceful behaviour, thus provoking national public opinion, and disregarding our ethical and religious values in society," stated the report from the Interior Ministry.

When asked, people on the street reacted differently to the issue of homosexuality, ranging from acceptance to rejection.

"Homosexuality should be viewed within the context of respecting human rights and diversity," said civil servant Khaled Daoui.

Others had entirely different views.

"It is prohibited in our religion and our traditions. God has forbidden such sins," exclaimed Soumia Tazi, a teacher.

"Homosexuality is copied from Western movies, TV shows, and porn channels that promote such practices, and which are, in turn, adversely reflected on younger generations who follow suit, unaware of the consequences," added university student Mohamed Zahi.

Homosexuality is illegal in Morocco, and is punishable by "imprisonment for six months to three years and a fine of 200 to 1,200 dirhams".

"The report of the Ministry of Interior involves some sort of a threat and a curbing of freedom of expression, as it constitutes an infringement on personal freedom," Khadija Radi, head of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights, told Magharebia.

"Much of it is subject to interpretation, since it does not exclusively deal with homosexuals, but includes other things as well," Radi added, referring to the State's recently declared battle against the spread of Shi'ism.

As for Kif Kif, one member who refused to disclose his name told Magharebia that the group "will not give in to the threats of the state, and will pursue its activities while respecting the law, personal freedom, and human rights".

On Thursday (March 26th), Berkashi told the Spanish press that the Moroccan government had not attempted to prevent him from holding his April 15th press conference. However, Berkashi added, were the authorities to issue a ban, he would comply with the decision.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA (Libya) 2014-10-21

    Well my nickname is yurri. I'm 17 years old. I'm with gay people I defend for them and as you see there are masses of Moroccan gay people defending for their gender here and even around the world and me personally I have two gay friends they are mature, respectful thoughtful, excellent and successful in their own lives. They get the highest marks at school and I find them much better than straight ones ''by experiences of course" they have never betrayed their friends, they respect the law, they believe in God and Qur'an, they are Muslims. Now, because I am irritated, I will talk in Arabic. O people, o idiots, o you who just open your mouths and talk, say insulting words, what's wrong with you? It's none of your business! Aren't they created like this? What would you do to them? Will you heal them? They are Muslim. I find them better than you and better educated than you. Go and look at your children, they might be gay as well, then what would you do? Will you kill them? Following our religion and our laws, if you harm them, you will blame only yourself. Moreover, I'm pretty sure that there are many who suffer. Then you say it's haram in religion. Hhh, what about you when you follow a girl and harass her, isn't this haram? Let alone other things! Close your mouth, it's better o idiot! You know nothing and talk. As for the state, it doesn't have the right to intervene in personal affairs of people as they don't kill, rob, kidnap or do anything contrary to law. Leave them in peace! And make sure that these people are the ones who will make Morocco rise high. We are still backward and you increase backwardness.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    kenza 2011-9-2

    I am lesbian and nothing will change. Whether you accept me or not, it is your own business. Wherever you go, we are there.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    media 2011-2-4

    I am with those who support sexuality because sexuality is one of human rights. Homosexuality is a disease which should be treated. The state has to take consideration of this disease. I defend the rights of homosexuals. They are not criminals but ordinary people who deserve respect. Anyway, every homosexual doesn’t want scandals, therefore he prefers to live covered. This is better. One day will arrive when the state of Morocco will recognize laws. So we mustn’t threaten or commit aggressive acts. I have a friend who confessed to his family he is homosexual and they accepted him. So we have to help them, not deprive them of their rights. Now in all Muslim and non Muslim countries there is homosexuality. We need an opinion about this topic. I don’t allow anyone to be offensive about homosexuality. Thank you! I say to those who insult homosexuality, if you were homosexual, would you accept someone's insults??? Reply to my question without lying! A Moroccan homosexual and proud of it!


  4. Anonymous thumb

    Said 2010-12-2

    I am a homosexual male, and I do not care for what other people say because they are wrong too by being womnizers ...


  5. Anonymous thumb

    Said 2010-12-2

    Some heterosexuals do not like and/or hate homosexuals because they are not homosexuals. If they were homosexuals, they would like homosexuals. If you are X, you'll like X,and if you Y, you'll like Y. Always put yourself in one's position before you say something you regret later.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    Mr. Right 2010-11-29

    I am a homosexual, and I am proud to be so. What's wrong with homosexuality if you hide it from others and yet be virgin. I do not care for others who underestimate me. I DO NOT KNOW why hetersexuals like promiscuisity and hate homosexuals; promiscuisity is a sin and homosexuality is a sin.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    ميدو 2010-10-19

    I am homosexual. I am a Muslim, I perform my prayers, offer Zakat, fast, go to pilgrimage and above all this I witness there is no other God but Allah and Mohamed is the messenger of God. You want to deprive me of my faith just because I am homosexual. You want to curse me and convince me that God hates me. But I know it is the opposite. God loves me; He has created me. God loves me and I love Him but I am homosexual. I was born like that and will remain so. If you think God doesn’t love me, let Him judge me; but you don’t judge me because you’re not my Lord!


  8. Anonymous thumb

    abdo 2010-9-12

    Salam alikum. There is no power and no will but from God. I joined recently a forum for gays. Moroccan young people are dating through the forum. Some put their numbers and defend their sickness vehemently and encourage each other. I used a pseudonym. I received date offers even from my town. When I say word of right and call upon them to leave that swamp, my comments are deleted. It is a terrorist organization which corrupts the minds of our youth. I hope that our king, may God assist him and our government, may God assist it, adopt a firm position against these forums because now we are very concerned about our sons. Please protect our sons! Thank you for broaching this issue!


  9. Anonymous thumb

    patrick 2010-8-27

    The problem with Morocco is the poverty, which unfortunately attracts sex tourism and people offering up themselves sexually for a piece of bread. This is horrible and atrocious, but when you are suffering, all that remain for you are prayers.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    ريان 2010-8-16

    I think your vision of homosexuals is wrong. I consider my homosexuality an innate feature. I think it is from God. We are also Muslims and believe in God. We like good acts, pray and offer alimonies. Homosexual means one thing for you sexual depravity accompanied with money, addiction, you see everything evil in homosexuals. We homosexuals are far better mannered than others. You can't understand, wrong, wake up from the ignorance in which you live everyday!


  11. Anonymous thumb

    said 2010-4-1

    as long as gays do not destroy the country, let them do whatever they want.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    said 2010-3-30

    Who am I? I am a gay amongst many a arab gay ALMOST ALL heterosexuals HATE gays. Why? Because they do have physical contact with the same sex—man. Tell me( o the ONE who is NOT homosexual!( with all due respect)) If you were a homosexual, how would you like to be treated (in ISLAM)?


  13. Anonymous thumb

    tolerant muslim 2010-3-29

    i am a gay man, and i am proud of being so. I DEFY EVERY person who is ignorant of the QURAN. ARABS ARE HYPOCRITE( not all). put yourself in my shoes; if you were gay, what would you do? arabs(not all) are untolerable! yeah that true. i do not care for people like those; i care only for my parents Allah to be faithful


  14. Anonymous thumb

    SAID 2010-3-29

    please, let me give the floor to my gay spirit. I am a gay, and i do not appreciate that just because Allah wants that. all people do not know and are unconcious- it is mentioned in the Holy Quran, so how dare they judge gays


  15. Anonymous thumb

    jp 2010-2-20

    my goodness, reading this (from abroad) I get cold shivers down my back. How is it possible in these times to promote such a verbal diarrhea describing us as 'abnormals, deviants, and the most funny I found was 'destroyers of our society ' man what a laugh it would be if it was not meant serious. We (the gay) are a pure natural product, with NO deviation, just a better taste :-) ever heard of live and let live? no guess not, because for that you should not use an outdated books (written by people who had very peculiar tastes himself) but rather open your eyes and be not afraid of what you do not know. but that takes courage. thank god (just by way of speech not of any veneration) I live in a civilized country where gays are fully recognized, where we can marry and even adopt children who grow up to become tolerant and balance adults. but it is clear some of you here do not want that. To all the gays in the islamic world : courage !!! things will change from inside, that is through you. do not give up


  16. Anonymous thumb

    yasmina belahcen 2010-1-6

    plz im really interresred in this issue and i would be really glad if someone can help me by giving me more information concerning this problem which morocco is facing at the moment , thnaks for being comprehensive


  17. Anonymous thumb

    matis 2009-12-30

    Those who see everything through the lens of religion have truly limited their brains. You believe what a book says without having a deep understanding of it. You are often senseless. In effect, if God is love, then He would not allow you to condemn anyone in His place, as this is man taking himself for God. And, in your religion God knows if you do not often hurt weak people like women and homosexuals. Open your eyes! You will see the contradiction!!!


  18. Anonymous thumb

    man 2009-12-9

    Are there no women left?


  19. Anonymous thumb

    Peace89 2009-10-23

    I'm gay and believe me, I did not choose to be, I always felt attracted to men, as simple as it can be. I did not watch Gays Porn, Gays movies or anything... I believe in Allah more than in myself like any other muslim, it is so not fair to treat us like that, I repsect everyone and love to see everyone happy, I love my country and little bit more love wont hurt it at all, it will make of it the greatest one as you all look at it like one! Leave us alone, let us be ourselve, let us be happy and serve this great country, give the chance to those smart Young boys feel welcome and home! Don't let them look away, we need them more than anything else .. He may be your son, cousin, uncle or your Teacher...I'm a part of a family too and look for the same you look for... happiness! Stop the hate and go for a change, creating a smile fels much better than tears and sadness... I respect you all, I really do and because I believe in Allah, I pray to give you some of his "Arahma", " Al tebba", " Al 3adl"... All u need to be better ... With much LOVE.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    مغربية اللهم إن هدا منكر 2009-8-20

    Moroccan homosexuals try to get money especially from foreign tourists. I have seen camouflaged homosexuals in Marrakesh. An ordinary person cannot distinguish them from ordinary people. They work as false guides sometimes. They make friendships with some foreign tourists. Some of them get huge amounts of money. By God this is true. In spite of efforts of the state to fight them, they have many ways to camouflage. The homosexual, God forbids, who lives in Spain and defends the rights of Moroccan homosexuals is just a mercenary. Through his weird relationships with foreigners – another form of prostitution – he was able to go to Spain. Oh Lord this is enormous, oh Lord protect us, oh Lord protect me.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    Amine El Badaoui 2009-8-3

    Dear All, First of all i would like to thank everyone involved, I think even though homosexuality is something personal and exists every where it is still forbidden by all biblical religions .I don’t think it shouldn’t be legalized or illegalized, what I mean as a Muslim and conservative society we should behave ourselves according to law and religion. As we are all different human beings I encourage those concerned to live there life style behind closed doors to avoid influencing others especially youngsters, I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Many thanks


  22. Anonymous thumb

    shamed 2009-6-8

    Morocco is going to the pots... Anyone can see this; People there deserve what they get since they are a bunch of ignorant barbaric people... I can’t believe in 2009 a country has 55% illiteracy rate! What does this mean = IGNORANCE and ignorance breads indecent behaviour. Good luck Moroccans and whatever else money can buy.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    franck 2009-4-8

    Hello- I am appalled by some people’s comments! Homosexuality is not a disease. Homosexuals are not the only ones affected by AIDS; all human beings can be, heterosexual or homosexual! In the West, there are more heterosexual than homosexuals with AIDS. So stop with your idiocy. Homosexuals just scare you, that is all. Let them live as there are. You think it is easy for homosexuals to live in Morocco!? It is not a choice! – this is just how it is. We are all children of God! God made us just as we are, heterosexual or homosexual! Democracy means being free and having freedom of thought without ever doing harm to others! Think about it: God, our Good Lord, is Great! God does not want hatred and lies! Only God can judge us! Some of your comments made me think about Hitler’s extermination. Stop, pleas! Let us live in peace!


  24. Anonymous thumb

    jamal 2009-4-7

    In my opinion, this phenomenon needs to be completely avoided and the authors need to be arrested.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    algerien 2009-4-7

    Hahahaha!!! Come to Algeria to admire the real homosexuals!!! I can tell you that 50% of the men in Algeria are gay. Just take a little stroll after 9:00 PM and you will get your answer! There are transvestites prostituting themselves in front of the police and the internet cafes specialised in hot rendezvous between men! The bars and the Western tea rooms have become gay clubs.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2009-4-5

    Dealing with sex tourism in general and homosexual sex tourism in particular and its export to countries that everyone already knows of has been, given its devastating consequences on the youth, a neglected priority. We see this phenomenon daily and for more than just money. Pleading for sexual freedom in our nation translated into opening wide the door to the unbearable abuse of those citizens who have already been traumatised by what is already currently going on this line of work. It is time, since your newspaper upped tone, to discuss this serious subject and the considerably dysfunctional immigrants and the “professional” experience they provide.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    dina 2009-4-5

    You think that you are natural, but you are just heterosexuals. Forget about religion, customs and traditions: you are a human being and you are thus capable of thinking. So, use your brain a bit and never pass judgment without thinking. And before even that, who gave you the right to judge!?! If you were in our place, would you react in this way? You are not the one who gets to choose if you are attracted by the opposite sex. Even if you wanted to change so that you were attracted to the same sex, you could never do it because you are heterosexual. So, understand well that we are homosexuals and we are not the ones who decided it to be that way: it is our fate. It is not a question of what is normal and what is abnormal; it is a question of majority and minority. That is why you think it is unnatural. But, you should know that we are many and even if you decide not to give us our rights, what will it change??? We are homosexuals and that will never change. We are asking for nothing that will do you any harm. We are asking for our rights and that is all. In any case, I understand you. I myself had some difficulty accepting this in the beginning. I went to all the psychologists in the world, and everyone said that it was neither a physical or psychological illness – it was just me and that was how I was built. I cried a lot, but it was not because I felt abnormal; it was because people want to make me out to be “abnormal”. I prayed to God day and night. I always prayed. But what happened? –Nothing changed. So, I told myself that not even God changed me, so how can people do it? Indeed, this is how I am. This is my fate and no one can change it. So think a little bit and be quick to change your ideas about this, because we still exist and we therefore have rights.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    محمد كوحلال 2009-4-4

    Homosexuality exists in Morocco as in all other Arab and Islamic countries. I add that Iran hosts the biggest number of clinics specializing in transsexuals. There are also other countries known for the number of homosexuals, for example, Iraq then Kuwait...It seems to me from your editorial line that you follow the obscurantism scheme. This is just an opinion, sorry. Mohamed Kouhlala, an independent human rights activist interested in the issues of homosexuals, coordinator of Kif Kif association, Marrakech.


  29. Anonymous thumb

    ابو عبد الله 2009-4-3

    All divine books denounce and ban homosexuality which they consider contrary to the all human principles. If we don't fight this serious phenomenon, it well spread and cause us the wrath of the Most Merciful as it happened to the people of Lot when God said “make you of different parties; and make some of you taste the fighting of others”. God says the truth. Homosexuality is not associated in any way to freedom because you are abusing human values and nature in addition to heavenly religions. It is also a terrifying act and its supporters hide behind many covers. If it were really normal and common, homosexuals would have done it openly. Any act, statement or principle carried out by a person covertly is contrary to the human nature, contrary to all religions and customs.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    هند 2009-4-3

    I am an Algerian homosexual woman and I am very proud of my homosexuality and Algerian origins. No person, religion on earth a strong God in the high sky Who destroy a people because they are homosexuals, has the right to prevent me from my homosexuality. Homosexuality exists since the age of the ape who is the ancestor of humanity on earth and it will persist in spite of the illness and enemies. Any curse will backfire against its author. Dogs bark while the caravan keeps moving.


  31. Anonymous thumb

    soltan 2009-4-2

    May God curse them to the Day of Judgment, curse, curse, curse them.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    Cartagi 2009-4-2

    Let me clear this once. How do you people(because i am also a morrocain) can hatred and violence be tolerated against people that for a mather a fact also could be your own child. For example: you have a son, and he will turn out to be gay. Then what will you do? Kill him, beat him like the majority of the people like to do so in Morocco. And again in every part of the world you have homosexuals if you liked or not. So, if there people still announcing violence and hate the are still living in the stone-age. It is a part of mankind, if not. Then why is Allah doesnt punishing them. Is the story of Lut based on a different kind of sins. But dont worry Morocco will change! Rights for Women, freedom of expression and economic wealth for everbody and no-more hunger for our brothers and sisters. And yes also homosexuality will be a part of Morocco. So, there are more bigger problems in Morocco then the so called immorality of sexuality. So think twice, because with this intentions Morocco will never grow in hapiness. For now I want to wish you all peace,love and wisdom. Because at the end Allah will judge, NOT YOU!!! So life in peace with yourselfs and others(also if they are different)


  33. Anonymous thumb

    khalid boston 2009-4-1

    to those who are talking about gay rights in morocco. first of all do you have enough knowledge of how the west itself trying to fight this disaster? do you know that the deadly virus HIV-AIDS,is among homosexuals with a very high percentage in the western countrys? although the west is very well prepared to fight diseases like HIV-AIDS, yet they can't fight it among homosexuals. Regardless of the religion and culture of the country, morocco is a place where the majority of people do not believe in protection against STDs (SEXUALLY TRANSMITED DISEASES).so if as you wish,homosexuality will be practiced in morocco legally ,it will be home of the deadliest virus in the world. do not try to imitate the west, it is completely a different world and different culture. and if you think you have the right to be a homosexual go to places where such an act and freedom is welcomed and leave morocco alone it has enough problems to deal with .


  34. Anonymous thumb

    Abu Amina 2009-4-1

    Allah have not punished a people more than the homosexuals. Allah inflicted four kinds of punishment whish he had never before inflicted in combination upon any other people, they were blinded, their city was turned upside-down, stones of baked clay, piled up rained down upon them, and a awful cry was sent upon them. "And remember Lut, when he said to his people: you commit al-faahisha (sodomy- the worst sin) which none has preceded you in (committing) among the aalamin. Verily, you commit sodomy with men, and rob the wayfarer, and practice al-munkar kind of evil deed) in your meetings." surah al-ankaboot (29):28-29. We should be muslims according to al-Quran and sunnah not democracy and gay rights.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    redadoc 2009-4-1

    I thank you for choosing this subject to cover. The World Health Organisation (WHO) changed the status of homosexuality from sexual deviance to psychologically normal in 1994. The problem is that the WHO drew on science and psychiatric medicine in changing this status, something which does adapt to countries of religious constitution. The Arab and Muslim psychiatric tests done by the foremost professors of psychiatry were not able to support the refusal and denial of the WHO’s subjective approach, which is adaptable to their society, with the same scientific quality of the WHO. Worse yet, there are some who follow this. Our ulema have categorically condemned this: “no” means “no”. They reproach studies done in the Maghreb’s and Arab and Muslim world, which must oppose the WHO’s attitude. But, it must be said that in attacking the WHO and its gay leaders, we must no longer give a thought to their aid (vaccinations, the fight against AIDS, therapy, pills, birth control, condoms and so on). This is to say: the opposition must no longer interfere with our politics. We must dare to say: “No! We have principles and we are different! Do not impose your ideas on us! Have some respect for our identity and culture! Respect our faith and our beliefs. Simply put, respect God! If you atheism or your social secularism permits you to do things in the name of human rights, then the first right is the right to be under a law that reigns over everyone, that unites everyone in our land, and that law is Islam!” Islam is far more tolerant and far more intelligent than “science”, which is just an idea imposed on us by the power of money and gays. As the others say: “Science without conscience is nothing but ruin for the soul.”


  36. Anonymous thumb

    yassine.to 2009-4-1

    In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful. I don’t agree with homosexuality. It is banned in our religion. Authorities must firmly fight this phenomenon because it is a malign virus which is spreading in our society. Thank you.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    acharif Moulay abdellah BOUSKRAOUI 2009-3-31

    Morocco is a state of law and democracy. It is open to all of the world’s civilisations. But, we are and we will remain an Arab and Muslim country, a country of tolerance and of living together in peace, a country where Jews, Christians and Muslims can live with all of their rights guaranteed. This is thanks to the policies and wisdom of our august king, the beloved His Majesty Mohamed VI. It is certain, though, that Morocco will have zero tolerance for those who want to sow disorder and discord and insolence. Homosexuals need to know that they have no place in Morocco. Our authorities have been ordered to fight against all such practices and to retire from circulation all brochures, books and publications seeking to undermine the religious and ethical values of the country. On this note, I would like to take this opportunity to once and for all clear up for all those who believe that Morocco is under pressure that we are a sovereign, strong and independent state. We are above all pressures. Our choice to be democratic was by way of our own decision. Long live Mohamed VI, the Democrat King!


  38. Anonymous thumb

    the moroccan fatimazahra 2009-3-31

    hi everyone i'm sorry if i'm writing in english but i have my reasons it's true that everyone is responsible about his actions bad or good we don't care but that person need to respect the environement and people around himself it's true that you are free to do what ever you want but your freedom must stop in the door of the freedom of others i hope that someone can understand my speech


  39. Anonymous thumb

    imad 2009-3-31

    Salam. Even if I am homosexual (gay) I am against spreading the evil. Kif Kif doesn't represent homosexuals. Pray for me to be guided and healed. Salam.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    لوانا 2009-3-30

    How can these people think of integrating this banned phenomenon in our Islamic societies? God inflicted the worst punishment against the people of Lut who committed this shameful enormity which is resorting to men and leaving the spouses created by God for them. How is that acceptable people? If they spread this in the world, we will not accept it in our Islamic societies. So if anyone can face this evil with anything, let him do.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    wijden dziria 2009-3-30

    You are quite right: homosexuality equals the extinction of the human race since it cannot reproduce itself. May God protect us from these infidels! Islam is based on hygiene and cleanliness. This is not the case for homosexuality as the men engage in sodomy. There is no modesty in religion. This is neither intolerance nor discrimination: this is against nature and against the will of Allah. This is a psychiatric disease, a brain malfunction. God is Great! Long live Islam, under all skies!


  42. Anonymous thumb

    HABIB 2009-3-30

    Homosexuality is an act against nature. Moreover, it flies in the face of all principles of respect for human dignity. On the other hand, the Holy Book leaves no ambiguity on this subject: God reserves the most severe punishments for people who engage in homosexuality.


  43. Anonymous thumb

    Requiem 2009-3-29

    “The practices of European states and their laxity towards these behaviours belong to Europe.” – So why, if you are so superior to us, do we see so many people of the Maghreb coming to Europe? As for the subject of homosexuality, this is something that exists in all countries. Even Iran, which drapes itself in religious lies, cannot deny the existence of its own homosexual population. And, here is a grand revelation for you: homosexuality has always been around everywhere. Reading this article, you would be led to believe that these sexual practices got started with movies, particularly those come from Europe. Such propaganda is worthy only of biggest cheats. You would think we had returned to the time of communism with all of its Anti-Western spittle and lies. What is more, you systematically criticise the European countries, but you dream of our standards of living, and the proof is in all the immigration we are subjected to on your part and that we do NOT want! Likewise, all the technology you have today comes from those you criticise. But, such a condemnation is not surprising when it comes from narrow-minded, narcissistic people.


  44. Anonymous thumb

    Magrebi 2009-3-29

    Ohh please ****. You cleareks always grabe the Quaran to justify your hate against some people. For example women, jews and so on. So if you are really a man. Dont use the Quran. Use yourself. And by the way the story of Lut(sallat wa salaam alhi) was a story about ignoring women and to choose for men instead and also the extreme desires in sex without love. So please dont consider yourself as a Great mufti or Mullah. Because everyone has the freedom to choose how he want to live his life. haha ohh and i want to add this How do you know allah hates homosexuals Did you ever talked with Allah. HAHAHAH woow that a experience. We are all Maghreba i can realize that if you are not accepting homosexuality, but let everbody in his own values. Also if you dont agree with somebody. (same if you are having a discussion, and you dont agree) So why so much hates and anger. Homosexuality has always been there in greece, egypte, spain, and whole of north afrika in the times of the Carthago periode, roman empire and also the Islamic time. (think of Abu Nawas) It not the islam. No it is you people who cant outstand homosexuality. Why??? I dont know maybe some are jealous. Because Islam does not contains hate, crime, anger or killing/beating. So i hope that the future (educated)generations will understand this. For now i only still want to say. Long Live Marocco and the whole Maghreb el Arabe.


  45. Anonymous thumb

    Hamid 2009-3-29



  46. Anonymous thumb

    أناس حمدي 2009-3-29

    I am astonished at the human rights organizations and those involved with them including politicians and media members. Our religion is clear about homosexuality even if they have made of it a human rights issue. I hope that all those who support this group of homosexuals will be struck by this obscenity as well as their sons so that they will feel and understand the meaning of the rights of homosexuals. Congratulations to the Moroccan authorities for this decision though I doubt that this will happen.


  47. Anonymous thumb

    عبد النور 2009-3-29

    Slam alikum. It is a very nice site. I hope that you will keep on presenting new events. I hope that you will transmit news only about Moroccan Harragas (illegal immigrants). A greeting to everyone who works for the operation of this site including managers, reporters and coordinators. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Good bye.


  48. Anonymous thumb

    عبد128456 2009-3-28

    How can a Muslim country authorize the immoral homosexuals to live quietly on its land? We must as Muslims and free Moroccans exterminate them and make them taste torture until we eradicate them so that they don't corrupt on earth and distort the image of our beloved country. Finally, I say may God curse them to the day of Judgment.


  49. Anonymous thumb

    SIMO 2009-3-27

    Homosexuality in Morocco!? This is a real non-issue! First of all, it has always existed everywhere. Surely, no law is going to erase this: it is far deeper in Moroccan society, Maghreb society and all societies universally. Moreover, this is a very personal thing. So long as the people “concerned” do not disturb public order, then, as the Moroccan proverb goes [****]. In the end, is it not creating non-issues a form of diversion, hiding the deeper issues, the real issues, which are far more serious and which we are not trying to deal with or to resolve??? You can guess what would happen then.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    Abu Amina 2009-3-26

    May Allah curse them, Allah hates them we all know the people of Lot (as) and how they were destroyed stop imitating the kuffar, we are the best of mankind we should be very proued of our people (moroccan, algerian,tunisian,mauritanian)we can have good a society without homosexuals drugs and other forms of "munkar" rerember we only need unity among ourselves.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    Karim 2009-3-26

    I agree with prohibiting this behaviour because Morocco is not a place for these sorts of attitudes. Those who say they are shocked by the state’s position are but destroyers who are trying to ruin our society with their double principle of liberty and tolerance. The practices of European states and their laxity towards these behaviours belong to Europe. No one in France is going to come tell us that they are surprised that their sister was sent home from school because she was wearing her veil with conviction, but when it comes to fighting Islam by forcing Morocco to tolerate homosexuality, they are the first ones to start barking. Be so kind as to not try to make the world uniform by creating states similar to the run-of-the-mill states. Morocco wishes to preserve its social and religious values. I invite those who want to turn homosexual to ask asylum in France or Europe, where they will be permitted to be out in plain sight.


Anonymous thumb

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