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Bouteflika opens up about constitutional amendments

Nazim Fethi in Algiers contributed to this report – 31/10/08

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A recent statement by Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is being widely interpreted by local and international press as a hint that he intends to lift the current two-term presidential limit and run again.

Speaking before hundreds of magistrates gathered at the Supreme Court in Algiers for the opening ceremony of the judicial year on Wednesday (October 29th), the head of state outlined proposed constitutional amendments to be submitted to Parliament.

While he did not directly state his plan to run for re-election, Bouteflika said he seeks changes to the law that will afford Algerians greater power to choose their leaders.

"The third mandate takes shape," headlined El Watan on Thursday. The daily said Bouteflika’s "unsurprising" announcement puts an end to two years of "false suspense". The pro-government El Moudjahid described the announcement as a response to a "popular demand" to lift the two-term presidential limit.

Recalling that he had "on many occasions" expressed his wish "to reform the Constitution when circumstances allowed", Bouteflika explained that "in the light of the experience of recent years…the need to introduce certain urgent corrective measures to some of the provisions of the constitution has proved itself necessary, to guarantee more effective handling of state affairs".

Since taking office in 1999, Bouteflika has talked of reforming the country's primary legal text.

Last year, former Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem suggested a constitutional amendment would come in the form of a referendum; this no longer appears to be the government's preferred option.

One indication was Bouteflika's discussion of Article 176 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the President of the Republic may directly promulgate a law to revise the Constitution – without having to put it to a popular referendum – as long as this reform does not go against principles of governance, change the balance of the powers of institutions or negate human rights.

Bouteflika reassured Algerians that wider reforms of the constitution are still under consideration.

"If the constitutional reforms are postponed", he said in his speech, "that doesn’t mean they are abandoned."

The president also seeks to improve women's political rights and position in Algerian society.

"What has been achieved still falls short of what [women] deserve and what we hope for them," said the president. "We have therefore made sure that the draft constitutional reforms will include a new measure devoted to the promotion of political rights for women and the widening of their representation in elected assemblies at all levels."

The changes must now be approved by the Constitutional Council and passed by Parliament before becoming law. Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said the amendments would probably be enacted before the end of November, ahead of the presidential election next April.

The country's political leaders were quick to react to the president's proposals.

"We support the idea of moving for a second constitutional reform by referendum during President Bouteflika's third term, and we are fully satisfied with the head of state's decision to reform the Constitution through the parliament," said Abdelaziz Belkhadem, leader of the majority National Liberation Front (FLN).

In a published statement, the National Democratic Assembly (RND) also said it welcomed "with great satisfaction the announcement of constitutional reform". Ouyahia’s party added that the proposals will "strengthen the foundations of the state and consolidate the place of women in society as well as their presence on the political scene nationally".

"The RND has been waiting for this project for a very long time," the statement read.

Opposition political groups, however, voiced doubt that the amendments would effect any real change.

"This decision does nothing to change the political, social and economic problems of the Algerian people, nor the challenges facing our country," said Socialist Forces Front (FFS) Secretary Karim Tabou. "The FFS is opposed to this strategy of political and moral retreat."

The Algerian National Front (FNA) also sounded concerns about the fairness of the process.

"Constitutional reform will be delivered like a letter in the post," said FNA Chairman and sole 2009 presidential candidate Moussa Touati. "The amendment will be approved via the parliament."

The secular opposition Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) has been equally sceptical.

"The president of the republic knows full well that the amendment of the constitution will be passed by both chambers in parliament, since the current composition of this institution is already in his favour," said party spokesman Mohamed Khendak.

The RCD accused Bouteflika of wanting to become a "president for life".

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-7-25

    Moujahids, Moujahids...and these poor people Mr Bouteflika. It seems they were with France. Moujahids and a disloyal people. Everyone knows that things in Algeria are reversed. Disloyal Moujahids, they have betrayed the covenant of martyrs. A desperate nation whose rights are usurped. Oh Lord save us from this scourge. Oh Lord save us from the rule of hypocrites such as Si Abdelaziz Belkhadem and the demagogue orator Ahmed Ouyahya. Oh Lord. Hasn't the revolution served donkeys, mules, horses and camels so where are the rights of these animals? Oh lord don't make them happy with their sons and money. Oh Lord send them scourges, diseases and troubles so that they leave the country to its people.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-20

    If someone never tried to work, don’t be surprised if he assigns unaffordable tasks to others. This applies to officers in the ministry of education which is in fact the ministry of corruption. If you take the courses which the teachers are required to present during the academic year and distribute them on the days of the academic year, you will find an excess in the number of courses over the number of days in the year. So when will the teacher present them? Be reasonable ignorant. Here is the president of the republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, he has chosen the programmed he pledged to carry out. However, he failed in carrying out 10% of it during ten years. If you had conscience, you would have judged your president in not completing his commitments in ten years. Judge your governors the thieves, the presidents of districts and councils. Teachers are supervised by God the Almighty, their consciences, the teachers, parents and inspectors. But you, who supervises you traitors? You sold Algeria at the cheapest prices! People follow the religion of the king. Your president implemented nothing in his programme!! So what do you say? Your president was elected with the overwhelming majority? The whole world knows the truth. The country of Ouak Ouak. By God, with what have Ouyahia and his minister of the interior washed their faces…?!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-18

    When will you understand Bouteflika that the people don't want you? Boumediene sent you to exile for six months in New York. You were on the top of the list of those who were to be dismissed by Boumediene in 1978. You cannot deny this. The Soviet Union is over. The era of rulers who lead their countries with demagogies is over. When will we see Ouyahya executed and instructed to say: There is no other God but Allah, Mohamed is the messenger of God?


  4. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-15

    They practice politics to the detriment of the teacher, to the detriment of his health, to the detriment of education. The country of mediocrity. The state of Bouteflika. Bouteflika, you are a liar. Your prime minister is a liar. Your ministers are liars and thieves. You have destroyed Algeria. By God, by God, by God three times, there will not be a third mandate better than the first and second. I am not from Kabylie. But Kabylie people are, by God, by God, by God, right. You have impoverished the people, starved them and made foreigners rich. Potatoes in the country of potatoes is a hundred dinars. The university graduate who has a bachelor degree cannot write a correct sentence. Education is deteriorated. The people are complaining: poverty, starvation, despair... Where to Bouteflika? You are manipulating money of the people as if it were the legacy of your father. May God inflict on you a catastrophe to take you and your government. We are fed up Bouteflika. We made us hate our country!


  5. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-15

    Recruitment in qualitative functions of flutists and drummers of the third mandate has begun. The mandate of mediocrity. The entire world is watching the poor people. People in the world falsify, but a gentle and smart falsification. Ouyahya and Zerhouni commit fraud with the utmost impudence and stupidity...By God, is there an impudence and stupidity like the impudence and stupidity of Ouyahya and Zerhouni...?


  6. Anonymous thumb

    housseme 2009-4-8

    The president manipulates the constitution. Foreign sides manipulate him. In the absence of Bouteflika, what might be the fate of Algerians?


  7. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-6

    I am writing a composition describing the two mandates of Bouteflika, and presenting a vision of his coming mandate. The main ideas are: dignity and pride; the sword of Al Hajaj; speeches and speeches; compromises to Gulf people and foreigners; selling Algeria; Wealthy generals; Chinese and Turkish people; referendums and referendums; a constitution so that it will be said we have a constitution; absent parliamentarians and others who sleep during sessions; exchange of roles; shepherds becoming entrepreneurs; teachers beaten with sticks; plunder and plunder; Algerian women for sale; post offices, banks and plunders; the law doesn't punish for stealing and raping; we have women candidates; my friend Chirac; my friend Sarkozy; exams at different levels are just a formality; register and you will pass; there are TV channels in Algeria sponsored by His Excellency the president of the republic...and there is more...more...


  8. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-6

    The Algerian people know well that America from president Clinton, president Bush and new president Obama want Bouteflika to remain. Sarkozi wants Bouteflika to remain. The king of Morocco Mohamed VI wants Bouteflika...Only one doesn't want Bouteflika. It is the Algerian people.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-4-5

    Rats, rats, there are just rats. They are just mice and cats. It is an absurd serial film directed by the FLN-RND. They are talking about falsification. Now the results will come out... It will be the worst mandate in the history of modern Algeria. It will be a mandate dedicated to plundering the resources of Algeria. History will witness we were traitors with our silence and acceptance of Bouteflika. Oh Lord, what will history say about us! Oh world, is there still in this world someone who plays with his destination and the destination of nation the demagogues? In the era of the internet, satellites, and modern communication technologies there are still rulers who rule their nations with demagogy. Oh Lord save us from these thieves. How can someone who has no hope in the renaissance of his country live? How can someone who sees his country draw back live?


  10. Anonymous thumb

    sedik 2009-3-17

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. My brothers and sisters, the least that can be said of the president of our country Bouteflika is that he is the man of crises. He was handed power at a time when the country was on the edge of extinction facing the storms of civil wars as it is the case in many countries. If God has not assisted this man who loves his country without doubt, dear Algeria would have fallen in hatreds and hostilities the results of which are unpredictable. We must praise God for sending us this man. If he should be commended only for stopping the flow of blood which burnt everything, this is a great source of pride for him. We, and God knows, feel his sincerity, love and concern for Algeria. From here I address my call, to help the Algerian woman in her work to take care more of her family especially her sons, sorry, future sons and daughters of Algeria, the future of Algeria, by opening the sector of “Assignment to building the new generation”. This is the greatest responsibility which can be assigned to any work regardless of his skills. There is no one in the same skill or sincerity than this mother in the care for and building the personality of her sons, the new generation of the nation instead of assigning this mission to the substitute mother as if our sons have become motherless. This will be by offering a percentage of the wage which is usually granted woman if she works regularly. On the other hand, substitutes can get their wages from the rate deduced. The operation in this way would serve more than one side. On the one hand, it will provide to kids the presence of their mothers to raise them. So they will grow up irrigated by her love, the love for his country and strengthen his tie to his land. On the other hand, this will contribute to eliminating unemployment which is a ghost disturbing many politicians and leaders. On the other hand, kids will grow up proud of this country which has not wasted their rights in consuming the affection of their mother and has not wasted the love of the mother to care for her son whom she must raise to the love and loyalty to this pure nation. The generation of November is a living example of a generation raised by their mothers to the love of the land. I hope that my thanks, loyalty and solidarity as well as that of my family reach the Algerian president “Father of Algeria” Abdelaziz Bouteflika. I wish him health and wellness. We are with him to victory. I also hope that my suggestion be taken into consideration.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2009-2-1

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Rulers are a grace endowed by God the Almighty on believers to preserve security and stability in the country. In my country Algeria, the wishes for which the people were aspiring for many years were realised firstly thanks to the efforts of our leaders and commander may God protect him, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. So stop scorning our leaders. Those who don’t pay allegiance to commander, die like people in the pre-Islamic era. So choose for yourself what you want my brother. Salam alikum.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الرحمان تيبازة 2009-1-29

    My brothers and sisters, may God guide you. Since Bouteflika came into power, a man cannot go into the streets with his father, mother or even his brother in the street as there is a lot of nudity and corruption. Algerian young people are lost in the sea and drugs. If Bouteflika really loves the Algerian people, he wouldn’t have brought Chinese to build, Egyptians to install gas pipes and bring others. This shows that he doesn’t trust our young people and our workers. By the way, Bouteflika is mere vegetables on couscous, this means that there is a hidden power which rules the country. As long as Mr Zerhouni and his brother Ouyahia are still ruling, the country will remain as it is. Salam alikum.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2009-1-4

    Everyone who ruled Algeria has left his clear prints. The mandate of Ben Bella was distinguished from other eras. The mandate of Boumediene was featured by building the Algerian state, its institutions, the good reputation of Algeria in the world, its influential word for both friends and enemies, the firm attitudes of Algeria, its support for liberation movements in the world and support for just causes… The mandate of Chedli was featured by involving people in revolution and decision. He is really the father of democracy in Algeria. The mandate of Ali Kafi was featured by the weakness of Algerian and their starvation… The era of Liamine Zeroual was featured by butcheries, bloodshed and birth of the National Democratic Rally. It bears the end and sunset of democracy, sealing mouths and burying freedoms... So why is the mandate of Bouteflika not distinguished by its own features? What are its features? It was characterized by the emergence of the employers’ board, thousands of nouveaux riches, the scandal of Khalifa Bank, repetitive plunders in banks and post offices… You sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you hear is the latest news saying: billions were stolen in a post office, squandering public funds, fictive projects here and there… naked and barefooted shepherds, shepherds have become billionaires. Everyone of them bears a record of entrepreneur. They are making huge buildings and palaces. An exchange of roles between Ouyahia and Belkhadem. An agreement between them to impoverish Algerians. But worse than this is the despair which kills young people. Young people who throw themselves in the sea. The Algerian currency is depreciating. People eat from garbage. Chinese and foreigners from all parts of the world plunder Algeria. A state saturated with funds but the people are poor. By God, where is dignity and pride? Oh miserable people, do you still believe in the ogress, female of the ogre?


  14. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-12-31

    Many Algerians sympathise with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. They are well aware of the difficult situation this president is in. They see him in a jungle and he is surrounded by hungry and outrageous wolves. He must be dodging and tone down as much as he can. However, I have a different opinion. Wolves do not tone down especially if they are hungry and outrageous. Anger to the reform of the constitution should not cover our eyes from seeing the reality. One of the good actions of Bouteflika is that he succeeded somehow in reversing the idea which says “the state is at the service of the military” to “the military is at the service of the state”. There is still along way before concretising this idea. The important thing is that he has begun implementing it. I am a teacher and I can hardly control a group of students. But Bouteflika is amidst hungry and outrageous wolves. Why is he fighting the emotional side!? I don’t know. Bouteflika is worn out and he must rest. He must hand in the torch to someone else. Bouteflika must rest and watch the battle with hungry and outrageous wolves handled by another man. The war is still long. One hero is not enough to win the war. There should be other heroes faithful to the method.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-12-29

    All the Algerians remember pretty well the mandate of the National Democratic Rally party (RND), how Ouyahia falsified the elections in favour of his party, how it controlled the parliament, popular municipality and province seats from 1997 to 2002. Everyone remembers that the budget of municipalities was spent on fuel and diesel receipts. These receipts were handed out to the relatives, friends and members of the National Democratic Rally party. This led to losses in billions for the municipalities. Everyone remembers how social houses were distributed. The house is registered in the name of the needy poor and it is shared out with a member of the RND. Today, Ouyahia returns to power from its widest door. Bouteflika was brought to cover corruptions and corrupts, protect criminals from international trial which was awaiting them. Who had interest in killing the veteran unionist Abdelhak Ben Hamuda who fought Islamists and consisted a threat to those in power at that time…?! Who has benefited from the disappearance of this veteran unionist…?! We don’t have interest in reviving these events…We want to forget the events endured by our country…But Ouyahia in power reminds us of crimes committed against this country…He reminds us of injustice, tyranny, corruption and plundering… Any Algerian who reads these words can just comment: By God, true…!!


  16. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-12-28

    Arabs reverse matters and things. They call the blind Abou Bassir and the bald Charaoui! On the basis of this linguistic theory, I am wondering what the intention of Bouteflika is when he describes his rule as “Good governance”!? What does he mean by “the state of law”!? No one doubts or can shed doubt about the linguistic capacities of Bouteflika. He is a skilled man in the Arabic language and has skills in French that even Nicolas Sarkozy might envy! So why does he tease himself!? Anyway, the expression “good governance” is an evaluation or rather a reform by African counterparts…!? Concerning the expression “state of law”, I have one observation: “good governance” imposes fines implemented severely for the miserable Algerian people, such as the fine of the car vignettes - not a tax – and the compulsory technical control of cars. However, gendarmes, police officers and members of the popular national army aren’t concerned by such fines. I wonder why they are not subject to law in “the state of law”… In police barriers, when their vehicles are controlled, they are simply present their professional cards and call the gendarme or policeman colleague…In this way, they are exempted from respecting law in “the state of law”… Crush this miserable people! And more fines…!


  17. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-12-25

    Yes, when Hassan II, may God rest his soul, has a hand in El Merdaya Palace, ask for the mercy of the Algerian people. Hassan II mediates for Bouteflika to Jacques Chirac so that the latter puts pressure on the fifth column to satisfy Bouteflika. Then he supported and assisted him in 1999. This is exactly what happened. There is no doubt that everyone remembers the visit of Chirac immediately after the re-election of Bouteflika in 2004. Chirac visited Algeria immediately after the re-election of Bouteflika to remind him of the necessity to learn lessons and follow examples, that France is a few meters away so that there is no need for him to worry or be concerned as long as he addresses his people in the language of Voltaire and Victor Hugo. Chirac reminds him that the eye of France cares for Algeria. How sorry we are for the organization of Mujahids! So sorry, how long has Bouteflika lived in Algeria in order to rule Algeria all this period?! Is there no reasonable man amongst you?!


  18. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-12-24

    Yes, these are the ministers of Bouteflika… These are his assistants. Ben Bouzid, a PhD from Ukraine during the era of the Soviet Union, it equals my shoes! He studied in the Soviet Union and returned to Algeria with a wife from Ukraine… This is the real PhD degree with which he returned from the Soviet Union… A minister in charge of a sensitive sector is incapable of formulating a good sentence… A minister who winks at a teacher in front of the cameras of reporters, shamelessly and he is in charge of the sector of national education… I heard a teacher saying in public that when she met him in his office presenting him a complaint, he said “I don’t trust the work of Algerian teachers and their knowledge. Therefore, I don’t entrust the education of my children to them”. This teacher stated this in an amphitheatre in front of over 200 male and female teachers. Where is the place of nationalism in the ministry of national education?!...The president of the republic addresses his people in the French language. Where are the symbols of the Algerian republic for which a million and half a million martyrs died?! The president of the republic accepts the mediation of the enemies of the people to access to the presidency?!... What dignity and pride is left for the presidency chair?!... In the peak of the era of terrorism, the Algerian young people didn’t throw themselves in the unknown in the sea. But today, everyone hears about what happens in the sea. Terrorism is rewarded with sacks of money while excessive taxes are imposed on citizens concerned about their nation in the state of the sea mamlouks?...For how long has Bouteflika lived in Algeria to rule all this period?...It is a question which requires an answer…The answer needs a long analysis..!?


  19. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-12-23

    The exams are over, Benbouzid. Here we have come back to comment. No matter how this corrupt regime which consecrated tasks, exams and homework, wasted the time of the student and teacher in unnecessary and uninteresting works in order to take us away from politics, we will find time to comment… This corrupt regime which betrayed the covenant of martyrs hasn’t read a single book. It is the book the Myth of Sisyphus. All the acts of Bouteflika should be collected in one book and covered luxuriously. It should be titled “Excerpts from the Myth of Sisyphus” by modern philosopher Abdealziz Bouteflika and his disciples… Where have the billions gone? One day will come when this question will be asked. These words which seem to be meaningless. Its value will be known years after the collapse of Pastel and collapse of the Abassid dynasty, the collapse of the Ottoman empire, the sick man. Its value will appear after the drop of Granada. The same symptoms and the same diseases therefore the same results. Did you forget the collapse of the Algeria of Dey Hussein, the collapse of Sadam Hussein’s Baghdad…? When will the Algerian people get its independence?!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-11-14

    I met one of my colleagues this morning, a teacher. He was foaming and on the verge of rebelling against his condition and the condition of his colleagues. He told me “One of my former students found me while I was moaning under the burden of a basket. So he took me home. On the way, he told me part of his professional life. He is a simple employee in a foreign company which has privileges in Algeria. He earns fives times as much as my salary, me, a teacher who taught generations. I taught thousands of students. I spent all my life in teaching, in hard work. In order to convince me, he showed me his payslip. I was amazed”. This is what my colleague told me. The wise will understand and learn a lesson. How public monies are plundered by foreign companies which won bids through bribery. These robbers, cheaters who sold Algeria to foreigners! The worst is what we read in Algerian papers including the trade in the honour of Algerian women in sight of these rascals who pretend to represent the Algerian people immersed in misery and deprivation. I mentioned in a previous comment a book written by Ali Rehalia who uncovers some facts about Bouteflika who acted as agent for Giscard d’Estaing the former French president and worst enemy of the late Houari Boumediene. I still remember the words of a commentator to Bouteflika in a live interview on Al Jazeera during his presidential campaign in 1999. There is no doubt that Bouteflika didn’t and will never forget this commentator. We wished that Bouteflika would go away on his own initiative and things would not have reached this high tension with the people! But these **** push us to hang our dirty laundry in the face of the world. My teacher is a university teacher. He is in touch with university teachers in the Arab Maghreb, he says with sorrow: the Algerian university teacher is at the bottom of the scale in terms of the low salary he receives. Mogabe is in the far south of the African continent and Bouteflika in the far north. I keep on wondering about the abyss into which Ahmed Ouyahya and Bouteflika want to throw Algeria. I think that we are on the way of returning to the beginning point. They say that unemployment is recording its lowest levels during the mandate of Bouteflika but we daily see Algerian young people throwing themselves to the unkown in the sea. Where is security, Bouteflika?!


  21. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed:الى حسن مناش من المغرب 2008-11-13

    I agree with your comment in part. Yes the people of this region will not get out of their misery except by union, by putting hand in hand and if we implement the proverb which says “our oil in our flour”. As regards the issue of Western Sahara, I don’t agree with you. You want to negotiate with Algeria over Western Sahara. The Algerian people cannot decide on behalf of the Sahraoui people. The Algerian people support the Sahraoui people in the decision they make. It seems that you had many hopes in the late President Mohamed Boudiaf. You have said it yourself: We are brothers whether we like it or not. The brother is known in hard times. The Algerian people love the Moroccan people. The Moroccan people love the Algerian people. Politics are politics from which politicians benefit on the detriment of the powerless people.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-11-13

    Yes to the reform of Tostor (not Dostor- constitution)! Oh poor people, look for your deputies in the toilets! It is them who voted yes to the reform of the Tostor. What good do you expect from these ****! Yesterday, an Abasside poet said a poem and he was accused of irreligion. It was at the time the accusation addressed to any opposition member and it is equal to the crime of conspiracy against the order of the state in the language of our time. But what did Bachar Ben Bord say? He said “Your caliphate is lost, oh people, so look for a Caliph of God between the wineglass and Lute!” Today, I tell you oh miserable people, your parliament is lost oh poor people, so look for your deputies in the toilets! Ouyahia is imposing fines – not taxes – on everyone who wishes to buy a new car, and your deputies, poor people, are in the toilets! I wonder: where are we going to? I advise readers of this comment to read the book of Ali Tehalia “The Last Day”. It is an interesting book. I won’t say more. I have begun now to get acquainted with the rabbits which will animate the presidential elections! Civil society associations might submit a petition to Azrael soliciting him to extend the life of his Excellency to allow him to complete his electoral platform! Do not be surprised if you hear that Mogabe contributes by sending a committee to observe the presidential elections which will then commend the fairness and transparency of the elections! Why should Algeria be inconsistent with al-Qaeda that sets regulations for politics and governance in the Arab World? How is it conceivable that a state in the position of Algeria has only one TV channel in which half the programmes are speeches of Bouteflika and his team, an acclamation of his projects and fictive achievements? It is a joke to hear of an Arab ruler retiring from politics and devoting his time to writing his autobiography and testimonies about the era by his own initiative and by his will! If an Arab ruler ever writes his biography, it is because he is dethroned. You will find this biography then full of hatred for those who succeeded him. Stones, trees, birds and people all together say no to the reform of the constitution in order to open the door for a third mandate to Bouteflika! The Algerian proverb says “If the bride doesn’t accompany you, you don’t arrive with her mother”. Oh Lord forgive us, our fate is to you! Abdelaziz Belkhadem comments on the approval of the constitutional amendment by saying: We have presented a great service to our sons and grandsons. He is right because he means his sons and grandsons and not the sons and grandsons of the Algerians. May you enjoy power forever! May we have God forever! Oh poor people, do you know where to look for your deputies?


  23. Anonymous thumb

    حسن مناش المغرب 2008-11-12

    I am Moroccan, I love Bouteflika but… because he is a proficient politician. But I love him more and want him to be greater if he put his hand in the hand of our King Mohammed VI; if he tried to solve the problem of the Sahara with methods which satisfy both people. If only he put an end to the issue of the Sahara by proposing a unitary solution within the bigger Maghreb framework. Even if this dream is not achieved, it will remain for generations. The most important thing is to close the door in the face of the enemies of the union of the Arab Maghreb. Why this fear of a union gathering three nations. The Moroccan people are poor. Poverty was predestined for it for some reasons as well as the Algerian people. They will enjoy the resources available for them only if they are united even if it takes one century. So be sure that running away from the force of union will creep over you. In reality, both nations are united but you are not aware of that. They are united in the language, feeling and religion. Those who hate Moroccans hate them from their ignorance and those who hate Algerians hate them from their ignorance. No one of them will become rich except with a miracle. The miracle is the union of the Arab Maghreb at least between Morocco and Algeria. It will begin by opening borders without condition and free trade between the two countries.


  24. Anonymous thumb

    Yazid Deguiche.BELGIQUE 2008-11-12

    Long live Abdelaziz Belkhadem, long live the FLN, long live Algeria, and long live the wilaya of Laghouat!


  25. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-11-11

    One of my relatives called him a “kamikaze” or suicider. The Algerian press call him: man of the filthy missions and the only one who was maintained by President Bouteflika and who was involved in the Algerian crisis. Bouteflika understands his need for him. He calls him Si Ahmed. He reminds of Egyptian crime movies. When Cairo people want to get rid of a disturbing person, they hire a man from the rural areas or a Sudanese to carry out the mission. Then he is paid and disappears. Boutaflika has, at his service, Si Ahmed to carry out filthy missions and impossible missions. The traces of the crime should disappear as soon as possible. The killed person should be buried quickly without funeral and protocol. Quickness in carrying out the filthy mission. The constitutional amendment will be voted and it is over! Bouteflika sleeps quietly while people stay up as a result of this and quarrel! The main objective of the constitutional amendment is to open mandates. But there are some hors d'oeuvres: widening the representation of women in executive councils and so on. But were the Algerian men represented and the women marginalized?! Lie to the poor people! Now I have become convinced that love for power makes the human being stupid. Bouteflika is a marionette in the hands of influential people. When they are assured about their interests, they will get rid of him as they got rid of others. Quite odd! What did “Ashaab” and “Mujahid” government papers used to write at the beginning of the mandate of President Chedli Ben Jedid about Bouteflika?! Go back to the archives of the two papers in 1979. Si Ahmed, you have waged war on the middle class especially those in the education sector from the primary to university. Our response will be strong…in an iron hand until you disappear, and you group disappears, strikes… strikes… We will always be on your track.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    oran 2008-11-9

    Bouteflika has done nothing for the country, we export billions of dollar worth of oil and more than half of the population still lives in poverty, unemployment is high this man will never leave office, he will always have some excuse he is nothing but a dictator.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-11-8

    Yes you want the extension of the mandate of Bouteflika. This is not because you love him. It is just because you want to protect your interests. You traitors! Robbers, bandits! I love Bouteflika but I don’t want him to run for a third mandate. This is because I am a cultured man and I am not one of the vampires. I am not a corrupt gendarme or an officer who loots the supplies of poor soldiers. Oh traitors! Oh robbers! In what law have you found a justification to dominate the positions of others, even after your retirement? Algerian young people are unemployed while you are retired and receive sacks of public money. You compete with the young people of this nation for a living. It is you traitors who have destroyed Algeria! Look at your sons who were fed from illegitimate sources, look how they are victim of odd diseases! I am a teacher. I have taught many sons of officers. I noticed their poor learning because they were fed from illicit resources. I love Bouteflika, but don’t want him to run for a third term. I want him to handle the legacy and take care of handling it to honest hands. Then he can devote his time to writing his autobiography for the benefit of others. Yes, Bouteflika is learned and highly educated. He is faithful to his nation. But you alone are ignorant and traitors! Bouteflika is not better than other presidents of the world. The Algerian nation is not the worst nation of the world. So why do they limit in their democratic principles presidential mandates to two and you want them to be indefinite mandates? Praise be to God, death exists. When the Angel of death sends an invitation to someone, he doesn’t wait for a twinkle. How many books have you read in your life oh great officer? The achievements of Bouteflika are enough for him. A country is not built in one day, year, decade or generation. Building a country is a continuous process throughout generations. I don’t want a third mandate for Bouteflika but I love him. But you officer you want him to run for a third mandate just because you care for your narrow interests. There are nationalists in Algeria who are concerned about their nation and interests. There are also citizens who do not care. There are opportunists, traitors, robbers and highwaymen. Oh officers, I love my country. My love for my country doesn’t require a visa from people like you. I love Bouteflika but don’t want him to run for a third mandate because I want him to be great and give an example to presidents in the Arab world. If he retires, I will respect him. If he is re-elected for a third mandate, I will support him. Bouteflika is not better than Chirac, Putin and Bush. The Algerian people aren’t worse than the French, Russian or Americans.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    Jamel Tahri_Montreal.CAN 2008-11-8

    I agree with Ahmed from the wilaya of Batna (05), Algeria: Abdelaziz Bouteflika is a great man of knowledge and words. The entire world loves him here in the Republic of Canada. They speak of him as an internationally renowned career diplomat, but Ali Benflis and the Kabyles never stop threatening him with death in his own country. Fortunately, thank God that the chief of state and head of the army, Ahmed Gaïd Salah is in the field to invade the thieves and scammers ruining our lives in Algeria. The latter has managed to exile all of Algeria’s young people abroad. All of Algeria’s young people have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, Ahmed from Batna, I agree with you. There are a lot of thieves in Algeria. We need to change the Algerian system. We must tighten our grip across the board. Long live Bouteflika! Long live Belkhadem! Long live Algeria! Long live the FLN! Out with the thieves of the Algerian people!


  29. Anonymous thumb

    Linda Chergui 2008-11-8

    Dangerous logic. After two terms, President Bouteflika has presented only a meagre record so as to qualify for a third term. In effect, with the not so honourable and not so enviable place attributed to us by Transparency International, UNDP, the Davos Forum, Reporters Without Borders, the International University Observers and other economic, social, education and training institutions, with the general nepotism, regionalism and corruption, with a single-export economy, endemic unemployment, a nourished population, with housing stained with the Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Turks, Egyptians, Syrians and Koreans, with a bogus national reconciliation, with a younger generation that represents more than 70% of the population and has been delivered itself into our social evils threatening national security and cohesion, we cannot honestly say— unless, of course, we have lost all sense of seriousness and of ridiculousness- that our standing is positive. A few months ago, in front of the presidents of the APC from all the world’s countries, President Bouteflika has himself moreover publicly recognised that there is another way to read this standing: negative. In any event, several heads of state, both honest and competent and with much more positive and glorious standing, have not succeeded in being re-elected. –Linda and Mostfa Chergui


  30. Anonymous thumb

    Ahmed Bensalah 2008-11-8

    "Cry, oh beloved country!" The verdict, announced and repeatedly postponed, has finally been given: Bouteflika is proceeding, by parliamentary vote, to an amendment that would “reduce and limit” the 1996 constitution. The argument advanced is weak, fallacious and, intellectually speaking, dishonest, as it has never been anything more than a question of amending the article that prevents the president of the Republic from aspiring to a third term and doing any better than his predecessors, that is: staying in power any longer than them on the throne, something that, it seems, makes them more and more paranoid. This reactionary, retrograde and, as was said by Alan S. Paton, the South African writer and political man from whom I borrowed the titled of this comment, “infamous” amendment would annihilate one of the few democratic advances our country has recorded in the last 20 years. Without any doubt, this would constitute a decline in democracy, which, moreover, comes after the decline already comes after those already recorded in our economy, politics, society, culture and education. "Cry, oh beloved country!"—a country blessed by nature but ruined by a greedy and obstinate political and administrative class. Their impotence and lack of positive imagination damages their credibility, which has already been bad enough in these recent years. A popular national assembly that was “elected” in conditions that were at the very least scandalous and whose own members judge to not be representative of the Algerian population (take a look at recent statements made by Louisa Hanoune, Moussa Touati, Said Sadi and several FLN and RND representatives) does not have the right to play with the country’s futures. –Ahmed Bensalah


  31. Anonymous thumb

    عبد الجليل 2008-11-7

    We the Algerians are ungrateful. How was Algeria in the 90s? There was the smell of death, destruction and ruin. We don't say that Algeria did nothing. We have denied and been ungrateful to the bounties of God, how do we not deny the acts of Bouteflika. May God assist him to serve Algeria.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    Algerien 2008-11-6

    Term limits are necessary! Doing away with term limits is not a good move. Come on Mr. Bouteflika!!


  33. Anonymous thumb

    تقي الدين 2008-11-4

    Long live president Bouteflika. Yes to the reform of the constitution and third mandate.


  34. Anonymous thumb


    I think that the president of Algeria needs to be firm with his people. Bouteflika needs to tighten the control of the gendarmerie, army and police over the Algerian people in order to bring Algeria back to order. This is the only country where you hear about the theft of $75 million, the diversion of $800 billion and so on.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    الجزائر 2008-11-3

    Bouteflika is the worst president since independence. He wants to transform it into a monarchy. He is old. This means that during ten years he did nothing, even though there are billions to do something. He is the head of the Algerian mafia which prefers him because they cannot find a president like him. They steal billions and no one objects. May God protect Algeria if he adds a third mandate.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    terchi 2008-11-3

    Mr Bouteflika- You have betrayed us! You have not held to the commitments you promised to uphold! So, how do you explain the thousands of young people who are just waiting for what you promised them even though nothing has been done? On the contrary, you have mistreated, gagged and beaten them; you have forced them to hate Algeria and to risk their lives and suffer a most certain early death at sea and in the ocean or be beaten humiliated and suffer the worst abuse, insults and mistreatment at the hand of the very Europeans our father fought to free Algeria and its children from. You selected and sorted your ministers and leaders and then inculcated them with your vengeful, authoritarian, dictatorial, regionalist Tlemcen, Moroccan approach. Your ministers sold off our producing companies, which were our pride, employed our parents and brothers, sheltered us from unemployment and made us safe. Now, our parents are unemployed and begging. They have been humiliated and dishonoured. They are suffered from the worst form of mistreatment just to find a job. Your ministers sold Algerian companies to foreigners for pathetic sums of money, but they made some dough off of it themselves and they have provided for the future of their children, the latter of whom are studying abroad! What is there to say to this charlatan, this magician from Temmar who thinks of our companies as if they were his personal property and treats them like guinea pigs!? And, when it doesn’t work, then wash, rinse, repeat! And, you dare speak of a new industrial strategy!? ****! This just encourages foreign education centres paid in foreign currency to come make observations—observations that are clearly underhanded given they are then sold to their compatriots! Long live the globalised Algeria, or, rather, the injured and begging Algeria!!! But, at least you have your advisors!


  37. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2008-11-2

    If the Algerian man found a solution of how to change his wife, he would! But remember the statement of the colonialism historian Charles André Julien who is right only on this point. Things progress as though this country was doomed to remain genetically incapable of enjoying its independence!!!!


  38. Anonymous thumb

    ahmed /batna 2008-11-1

    I am a former senior officer in the gendarmerie, battalion chief and commander of “anti-terrorist” operations, which, in reality, contributed quite favourably to the containment of terrorism as instituted by Nezzar and Ben Blis (Benflis). Remaining president for life is not an error. Bouteflika is our saviour and may God protect us. Ceding the presidency to the decreed “death squads” who have been tarred with petrodollars and converted into pimps who prostitute their people and urinate with impunity on the graves of the martyrs, we say: “Long live Bouteflika! Long live Bouteflika! Long live Bouteflika! If he is to die, then I will renounce the existence of God, Who loves the martyrs”.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    دحو 2008-10-31

    Algeria is for the Algerians. It doesn’t matter if Bouteflika runs for a third mandate, or if Zayd withdraws his nominations or Omar resigns from the presidency of the state. The people are bigger and greater than Bouteflika, Omar and Zayd. Algeria is for the Algerians.


Anonymous thumb

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