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Algerian high school students protest new curriculum

By Hayam El Hadi for Magharebia in Algiers – 21/01/08

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After widespread demonstrations on Saturday (January 19th), Algerian high school students called for a strike on January 27th over education reforms they claim are unreasonable. Prompted by a teachers' strike that paralysed schools on January 15th, the students are protesting the implementation of a new curriculum for students preparing for their baccalaureate examinations.

Students in their final year claim the new syllabus is overloaded and that they may be unable to finish their coursework before taking the baccalaureate exams. The students also fear the new programme may result in an increased failure rate on the Bac.

Saturday's protest began in and around the capital, when hundreds of pupils from seven major high schools engaged in a sit-down demonstration outside the education ministry. Many chanted hostile slogans at the education minister. Under close supervision by security forces, they voiced their anger and stopped traffic. Once the word spread, similar events began in cities across the country.

In Kabylia, students took to the streets for the same reasons. Amel, a student at Omar Racim High School told Magharebia, "We haven't even finished the first semester of the syllabus, and we certainly don’t know it as well as we should." "How on earth will we be ready on the day of the Bac?" she asked. "It’s just not possible – the minister must find a solution to this problem."

Amel's teacher confirmed her student's fears. "You know, we only found out what was in the syllabus at the same time as our students," she said. "We've really tried to get through it quickly, but we'll never finish. I can understand the students’ anger; it’s justified."

National Education Minister Boubekeur Benbouzid responded to the protests by issuing a statement to reassure students and parents. He said, "The topics included in the 2008 baccalaureate will cover what has actually been taught across the country."

Furthermore, he stressed that the examination questions "will only cover teaching delivered, and will be approved by the national monitoring committee... in accordance with the current approach."

Benbouzid repeated one of his department's stated concerns, which is "upholding students’ interests", and discussed the formation of a "national committee with responsibility for carrying out quarterly reviews of progress".

The ministry, which called for the students to return to classes, has received no encouraging feedback so far. High school students continue to boycott lessons and are calling for talks with education managers. The call continues for a general strike on January 27th.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    nina 2011-1-20

    Like all mothers, I join my voice to the voice of my daughters students and my sons students stars of Algeria! Oh, all countries are building their sons but we in Algeria ruin them even before they are born! No studies, no jobs! True, God exists, those who will bring us the rights of our sons exist since we have a real man we are proud of, Bouteflika! Eh, it is Bouteflika who can take care of them. Our sons are under your protection Bouteflika, don’t let them lose themselves. I have a daughter in the baccalaureate this year 2011. I hope from God she will pass, oh Lord, oh Lord, as well as all our songs, God willing, God willing, God willing, God willing! Pray for the good of our sons! Oh!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    حورية 2010-11-5

    Benbouzid, stay away from this problem. You don't know sons of your country, dog but we love you.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    aoumeur 2010-10-17

    I completely agree with you. I too am taking my bac this year. What advice do you have for me for the 2010 bac for languages. Please, I await your response.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    sara 2010-2-11

    i love algeria


  5. Anonymous thumb

    قوة على وجه الارض لا يستهان بها 2009-9-13

    Personally, I am not against the new curriculum. I think it is better than the old curriculum. It is in the interest of pupils. It was elaborated by pedagogues and specialists. Thank you.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    ابن الجزائر 2009-7-28

    Long live CNAPEST!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    kaddour 2009-6-1

    Hello Benbouzid. Have you ever thought about the problems teachers face (lodging, high costs, etc.)? Regarding the programme, I've been a teacher for 20 years and am still renting.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    imane 2009-5-15

    It is true that the curriculum is difficult and long. We hope that the ministry of education reforms this curriculum.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    badis 2009-5-12

    Hey everyone- I hope the 2009 bac exam will be the same as last year's. The programme was overloaded again. So, please, sort this out for us. Good luck everyone! -See you soon


  10. Anonymous thumb

    billy boy 2009-3-20

    Salam alikum. I am a student in the province of Jijel in the department of languages. “A new programme which left only pus”. It was drawn up by the developed West and imported by the blind minister “Ben Bouzid”. I have a question which will be heard by the ears but not seen by the blind-eyed. “What is your educational level?” “Where did you get your graduation diploma from?” You came from off-shores to send a nation to suicide. You have drowned the hope of innocents. So I ask you where is pride? We are the best nation of all humanity. So why do you filthiest minister break feelings and emotions? Your sons study abroad while innocents are facing catastrophes. I hope that you will disappear like dust. Why do you allege to be the highest model for a nation full of entente? You have burdened us with the biggest sin you addressed to us by saying that we are the cause as a result of a lack of hard work? How can students study in a system you have not experienced and of which you know nothing except that you heard of it from the West? You imported, implemented and adopted it although you know nothing about its positive or negative sides. You don’t know what it will drive to. You don’t know the fate of pupils and students. You were the immigrating bird who returned to your country as a wild eagle. However, you only injured innocents. You were the weak who was invicible. I describe the relationship between you and us as in the following words which mean you are ignorant, know nothing about what is happening. I say « When the ignorant address them, they say: Peace”. You addressed us while you were ignorant. But we can do nothing and we say “Peace be upon you ignorant”. My hope is that you don’t die in this country and that you will be exiled forever. The rest is to pray God to guide you or take you to punishment which you didn’t get in this life. But now dear students, I don’t want you to be weakened by this ignorant. I ask you to work hard and succeed. Success with which you will make your parents happy, not the minister of education. You must think of your parents before anything else. God is aware about what you do. I say this on behalf of all students in the high school “Ahmed tricked me” province of…don’t despair!


  11. Anonymous thumb

    ouuuuuuu 2009-2-19

    Where is this programme


  12. Anonymous thumb

    sofia 2009-2-19

    Hello- I am a high-school student in my second year of sciences. I think that the second year’s programme for the sciences is overloaded. I am asking the Minister of Education - if one exists – to reduce the programme in order to permit high schoolers to make progress and to provide means that can help their social situation later on.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    mell 2009-1-24

    Well, there you have it: I have to do my bac exam a second time. I think that we should redo this strike since all of the curricula they got rid of last year we have to study this year. In short, if anyone reads my message and finds me to be accurate, then respond and tell me your opinion, please.


  14. Anonymous thumb

    nazim 2009-1-12

    I love Algeria.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    messa 2008-11-1

    I will succeed in getting my bac in 2008 with an acceptable average. I worked with Mr. Zami every day from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.. Rain or wind, we were always faithful to our course. I did two tutoring classes and two math classes until 9 P.M. and, on the last few days, I tried to start at 6 A.M. but I couldn’t do it because I have been waking up at 8 A.M. since I was little. You see, this is the dream a child has from the very first day of school. You get to deliver on what you have been reading since your childhood. And, you have of the information that you have researched and gathered up on the subjects that you have spent time on only to not get your diploma, to have all of your hopes and dreams disappear in a fraction of a few seconds!? Tell me, Mr Minister, do you, who pretend to love and cherish the children of Algeria as your own and who took established a programme that highlighted the value of an Algerian education and developed the country, why did you send your own children off to the underdeveloped abroad? They will not have this marvellous chance to discover what you, their dear father, has offered to the people’s children, whom you consider as your own. This programme will make our country the most developed ever, so it is indeed a shame that they will not be able to follow their father and build a beautiful life and are instead destroying the hopes of thousands of people day by day and killing thousands more. Why have you decided to be this sort unfair father with your children? Why have you decided to play favourites with some and not with others? So, have mercy and stop telling me that you are worried about my future and that I am like one of your children. Have pity on my parents and do not force me to even have to pronounce this word. You see, Mr Minister, I have decided to take my bac examination again, and, God willing, I will fulfil my dream. I will not abandon it because of you, the person who is everyone’s father!


  16. Anonymous thumb

    Mr : 2008-10-28

    Hello all- If we were to try return to the “1, 2, 3, AS” education programme, the first thing that jumps to mind is a lack of flexibility. The programme we moved to from it was difficult to prepare. Information is expensive! Algeria cannot redo what the entire world has done in order to acquire knowledge: translating a world’s worth of information is devoid of any purpose and sensibility. We need a way to have a completely international office under our employ, just like the Germans have! The weight of this subject is simply ignored here; our programme was changed because the world is on the move and there is development on the international level that requires pronounced competency! Even if the change were done for the betterment of the students and they had succeeded, why should we wait for our children to find perfection in 100 years? Let us get a move on! What the Minister, or rather the Ministry, wanted to do was good. I will explain myself. Knowledge is developing, and whether we like it or not we are subject to globalisation. What is a student who wants to become internationally reputable going to notice when he goes on to the world’s universities? He is going to notice that everything that he learned is dated or forgotten. What will an international office want to do with someone who has only mastered something so simple as radar or radio in its totality? No, they want real, pertinent skills! Even here, we no longer need old things that are no longer applicable. I am a 2-AS student and, having changed high schools twice because I needed to cut the walking distance down, I have noticed two faults: first, the programme was good but the teachers were poor off; second, their solution to this was to give us the exercises and homework for the old programme.


  17. Anonymous thumb

    nabil 2008-9-26

    You are right to enlarge our programmes for culture overall: they have of course not paid any attention to the students. However, I want our summer vacations to start as soon as possible—at the very latest, at the end of May. –Thank you


  18. Anonymous thumb

    إيمان 2008-9-2

    There is no power and no will but from God.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    mohamed 2008-8-22

    The exams are very difficult!!!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    nawel 2008-8-20

    Hi, My name is Nawel from Alger Plage. I'm in my second year and I cannot manage to choose a specialisation. I am hesitating in the choice between science and mathematics. Moreover, I have no idea about this new programme. Personally, I would like mathematics. But, I have my doubts. Please, can you give me some advice?


  21. Anonymous thumb

    riad bordj menail 2008-7-25

    Eh Ben Bouzid go. Your daughter goes to study in England and we are studying a programme you have imported. Go away or die! okkkk.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    samira 2008-6-24

    The truth is that the new programme is overloaded for those specialising in science. It is a catastrophe. So, I think that the Minister of Education needs to change the programme and well as the amount of work — it is too much. We do not even have time to take tutoring classes.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    amin 2008-5-29

    we alwas win in berfect homm my haiet school and thank s


  24. Anonymous thumb

    sofiane 2008-5-13

    I am from Elkseur high school in the wilaya of Bejaia. It is mixed. Here is my MSN: I am in my last year. Okay!

    E-mail address removed by the editor.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    ramzi 2008-5-10

    In Algeria, we know that the political mafiosi want to break this generation down. I swear to you that this is deliberate. But, my Algerian people, we must revolt once and for all, because we are not scum!!!


  26. Anonymous thumb

    miha 2008-4-21

    Ohhhhhhhh! Like Titeuf said, “This is not fair.” We are not guinea pigs; we are human beings! So treat us like human. Our war is a lost cause on them. A message to the baccalaureates: God willing, the Lord will be with us. Have some courage and will power; only 46 days until this nightmare ends.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    amine djamel eddine 2008-4-18

    Stop this programme, Ben Bouzide! We are not trash!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    amel 2008-4-17

    I am a senior student in the new foreign language programme. I am really scared. I really slipped this year. I took courses in Spanish, English, Arabic, history, geography, mathematics and philosophy and I was not able to hold the average. I am so tired. I cannot manage to study anymore. There is not much time before 7 June: only 44 days, not to mention the strike days, the sports bac and the “bac blanc”. That means there are only 15 days. I am still not ready like I should be. May God be with us all. Thank you


  29. Anonymous thumb

    hocine 2008-4-8

    Look, by God this is not good. This is a new programme. They hurt us. One could hardly do anything with the old programme and they brought us a new one.


  30. Anonymous thumb

    زهية البيض 2008-3-30

    Down with the new programme...they talk about reform...haha


  31. Anonymous thumb

    rym 2008-3-5

    Hello, Firstly, I finished my last year of school two years ago in Algeria. Thus, I did not study under this new programme. But, I think that that is a shame, because it is really nice. I got to see my sister’s books because she is going to get her Bac this year. I am doing my studies in France and I think that our new education programme is like theirs. Honestly, it is quite the same as ours. Therefore, I hope that you raise your standards a bit. This change is for the better, and I hope for the best for my country.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    hassi rmel W . DE LAGHOAT 2008-2-24

    We in the high school Hassi R'mel sicentific class 2, we ask you to reduce the programme, I'm Youyou from class 2.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    محمد 2008-2-24

    I’m a student in a multidisciplinary high school in Cheraga Algeria, I ask for a reconsideration of the general inspector.


  34. Anonymous thumb

    rahim 2008-2-21

    This is serious.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    رابحة السعيدي 2008-2-11

    Salam alaikoum all my brothers. We should all know that the strike is a method of protesting and expressing the protesters' opinions. What happened in Algeria as a result of the curriculum takes two directions… A Positive and negative one. 1) This dense curriculum wasn’t well studied by the student and teacher…The student is not used to working hard all year long, nor is the teacher who hasn’t received special training in implementing the curriculum. 2) Failure to offer time for a test run and a even one year of training made it impossible to show optimism. This led to the protest. 3) Some positive aspects of this curriculum, for the information of the strikers and protesters… This new curriculum opens opportunities to study abroad… The Algerian diploma will be equal to diplomas in other countries. 4) So the Algerian student won’t be prevented from having an opportunity to study abroad… So try my brothers to look at this issue from two sides... The one hand and the other... May God assist you students and inchallah you will all be successful in your studies.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    Feriel_alger 2008-2-10

    Good Evening Everyone, I am also in my last year of the new program. I must say that we are not against this new program, but against its faults and that it is too much to do. Even the teachers are saying this. It is really unfortunate. It is a shame. Benbouzid made this new program because his daughter already had her Bac and now she lives in France. That is why. Thank you to everyone who reads this message.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2008-2-6

    In my opinion, this programme is really nice. Thank you, Benbouzid, for what you have done. But, the only problem is that the program is overloaded.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    maya 2008-2-5

    Hi…I’m a high school student in the new program of the baccalaureate 2008. I think that this new program is hard hard hard very hard and overloaded, very difficult. This is incredible but true, for our misery and maybe the happiness of others…I’m personally shocked at this program. We haven’t understood and the teachers from long, who will care about this. God knows, by God, sometimes I feel that I’m reading Japanese and maybe it’s easier than what we are studying. Inchallah we’ll all take our baccalaureate, succeed and make our family rejoice, namely our parents. Inchallah, inchallah, inchallah oh Dear God, grant us all success incallah. My friends, our dear Lord is with us and inchallah we will pass. Good luck everyone, we’ll pass inchallah in spite of everything, long live Algeria…


  39. Anonymous thumb

    tlemcen 2008-2-1

    A Speech from the Students of MSG, Tlemcen, Algeria to the Minister of Education: The proverb goes that “A mind well constituted is better than a mind overflowing.” God willing, we are doing all that we can to pass the bac, but the lessons for Islamic sciences, history and philosophy are way too long. Please, we are only asking that you do the very least you can to make the workload as light as possible. This is the least we can say to you, because we cannot even find the words to explain our fatigue.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    shanez 2008-1-31

    Hi everybody, I am taking my bac examination this year and I am really afraid of not passing it because of this newly overloaded program. Personally, I do not understand why the third semester was removed; it is impossible without it. We should demand that they grade us such that those who have 10 or higher in Islamic sciences will have their grade accepted and those with 10 or less will not, because there are only three months left and we are still only on the fourth course. This is really shocking. Good God! Have pity on us and try to understand where we are coming from.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    mouna 2008-1-31

    Hello, I am in my junior year and I think that this new program is too long and difficult. It will be impossible to complete it by the end of May. And, the professors too just found out about the program last September. I can see a lack of confidence in them, and I understand why. I have to wonder how they are going to be able finish it up for us. Mr. Benbouzid doesn't care about us while his children go off to study in Russia. So, why do so much if he just wants to see Algeria degraded? Go to hell, sir


  42. Anonymous thumb

    وليد كرمة 2008-1-30

    A national strike on February 2, 2008.


  43. Anonymous thumb

    gol 2008-1-29

    Like the comedian Coluche once said, “having the luggage is not enough, you need to know where to put it.” Indeed, why bother overworking our high-schoolers if in the end it amounts to nothing?


  44. Anonymous thumb

    soumia 2008-1-28

    I am a student of mathematics in my senior year. I am a good student: I am very attentive in class, I have studies from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday through Thursday and I dedicate Friday to studying for myself. I am taking courses specifically on mathematics and physics and anything that reinforces these subjects. I sincerely feel overwhelmed; we are just finishing the first trimester and the program is still not done. As far as this goes, I hope that the people in charge will fix our problems either by reducing the course load or by spreading it over two academic years. –Best regards.


  45. Anonymous thumb

    malek 2008-1-27

    Hi, I am personally NOT afraid of NOT getting my diploma. This year, anyone who wants a diploma will get a diploma unless they just do not want one. But, what strikes me most is that with regards to the number of hours in this program. This is a catastrophe! They just took this program and copied, translated and printed it. Then, they added some articles that have no purposes and have nothing to do with the international program. And, they never even thought about the number of hours: there are 52 to 57 weeks to it and the academic year only has 27. The shortest course, ‘History’, is estimated at 40 hours. That means 40 weeks. Can you explain to me what reasoning they followed to arrive at such a schedule? And, it is precisely these lessons and these things that were added, that should be removed so that the program can be cleaned up… so that it can return to original, true international status as a program.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    شعيب دراجي 2008-1-27

    I'm against this curriculum


  47. Anonymous thumb

    ياخي بروقرام ياخي 2008-1-26

    God is our protector against you dogs. Do you think that we are robots and you, by God, are never ashamed and have no drop of blood in your faces. We don’t sleep neither in daytime or night. You have failed in the ninth grade and dropped out of school. And there are some who never studied and never held a pen in their hands. They want to learned ones of us, this curriculum you should study it yourself if you can. We’re just human beings. May God guide you or is guidance of no use to you? May God take you. They say look we’ll develop Algeria, and he replied by God, when are you going to develop it. You have ruined it more with this program which is like your faces, the faces of misery.


  48. Anonymous thumb

    ههههههههههههه 2008-1-26

    By God, that’s unfair. God only know the suffering and the stupid teacher who teaches us; and you add that. The poor don't study, corruption and favouritism are spread, and why?


  49. Anonymous thumb

    لولو 2008-1-26

    Everything you do is chaos. You enter classes chaotically, and you leave classes chaotically. Your life is chaos, even your strike is chaos. Oh Lord Almighty, and you say that you study morality, education, the art of acting with others. I just say Oh great Lord....


  50. Anonymous thumb

    مريم وفاء 2008-1-26

    We know pretty well that those who elaborated the new curricula are officials who know nothing about what they do except sitting in chairs and having their orders carried out. If only they experienced our conditions and felt our fatigue and pain as a way to reform. You Ben Bouzid, may God guide you and not appoint you again, you wanted to reform the curriculum and you messed it up it and spoilt it, may God spoil your brain… Amen… We’re just laboratory mice. So we ask you wise man to adjust the situation before your most expected resignation…


  51. Anonymous thumb

    طالب 2008-1-26

    The crisis have deepened in all respects and very soon we’ll see protests led by babies to protest against the high prices of milk. The people are tired of promises and wood language namely because the treasuries of the state are full of billions and the oil prices are reaching their highest levels. In spite of this, the citizen endures the high prices and lack of necessary goods on the market. A question which is asked by every Algerian is…where are our monies from oil? Where does the treasury of the people go? Why is Algeria lagging in all fields? Why is this chaos in all the country? Why have Algerian people been living for seventeen years in the hell of violence and organized crime? Where are the social services? Where is the project of a million dwellings? Why are billions stolen from banks every hour and day? Where’s the rule of law? Why do you drain hospitals of medicines and medical equipment? Why do young people commit suicide? Where’s the responsibility of authorities? The responsibility of the government? And why don’t these officials resign?...Have Algerian women become barren to give birth to men who will lead this nations to the shore of safety? Where are men? The answer…a dead silence is spreading on all, and those who open their mouths will eat their molars...Eat like this or die!


  52. Anonymous thumb

    manip 2008-1-25

    legitimate revendications , but to those who use these rmovements to attack the president and criticise his results . ask any one if students could march in the streets of algeria on the 90s before this same president come to power ,and compare the situation where algerians were living in the 90s and now .sick of people who post comments not to enrich the debate but to create destruction and confusion. many things changed positively in algeria and the best is to come .


  53. Anonymous thumb

    محمد 2008-1-25

    Eh students, I'm your brother Mohamed, I ask all the students not to be hasty and act reasonably to claim our rights far from violence...I ask Ben Bouzid to review the curriculum and announce a final and official decision.


  54. Anonymous thumb

    akram constantinois 2008-1-24

    Take this program away, please! We are not guinea pigs. We are becoming zombies. I had a nine out of 20 as my average and I am classified in the top three! Shocking isn’t it!!!??? What Benbouzid is doing is really serious; he is destroying the future of this country. Fine then, he never understood anything about out us senior students in this new program anyway. Our books are filled with mistakes, not to mention a lack of commentary!!! In any case, starting Saturday and perhaps going for a whole year, we will continue to strike so long as there is no response to us doing so. Unfortunately, there is such a large, large, large lack of organization in our country. And, I do not think that theirs is best solution; we are the future of this country. Am I wrong!!!??? In spite of it all, long live Algeria!


  55. Anonymous thumb

    fadjrou 2008-1-24

    oh people ,i think that this curriculum is exported by China to Algeria =D !!i mean counterfeits even in education !!!!! hhhhhh what's that ? we arn't test mice !! stop it Benbouzid !


  56. Anonymous thumb

    امين بواوغين 2008-1-24

    Salam alaikoum. I study in the last year. I hope that strikes will achieve the goal which is to lessen the density of courses and make them like the old curriculum with some changes and to take into consideration our educational level. I ask Bouzid to resign, live in Russia, forget us and leave us in our country.


  57. Anonymous thumb

    KADER.-ALGER 2008-1-24

    I, myself, am a teacher and we are living in total misery: we have no residence, a miserable salary and dastardly living conditions. Believe me, I saw a colleague of mine out begging because he could not make ends meet. We are stuck sedentary while the Prime Minister— not to mention all the others— has hundreds of his own buses. Excuse me, but I cannot manage to make sense of this. What is more, Algeria is for the Algerians. –A former soldier.


  58. Anonymous thumb

    طالبة جزائرية 2008-1-23

    Yes, you’ve played with everything. You’ve plundered money, killed the people by starvation, misery and the gloominess of seeing your faces. You have dwelled in the government and even on TV. When I switch on TV, I see a monkey on TV either making a discourse or promising to do so and so. And you weren’t even satisfied with that, you have plundered everything to accomplish your plundering, and who knows may be there’s still something to plunder, with the future of young people. You wanted to silence young people with the program pictured like your faces ‘Alhan Wa Chabab’, or Al Han and your mother. May God curse you rulers, may God not forgive you. I swear by God to you folks that when I was in the fourth grade of primary education, I swear that I used to study 3 to 4 courses a day for one subject. I even had to study in the winter holiday so that we finish the program designed like your faces. Why have you done this, why do you imitate France even in its curriculum. Why even your imitation is blind. Forget France, forget it, stay away from it, you’re colonizing yourself by yourself. Liberate yourself monkeys. May God curse you. God suffices us and He’s the best protector. God suffices us and He’s the best protector…If I were to comment, a whole site won’t be enough for that. God suffices us and He’s the best protector…We mandate our Lord against you, you’ve ruined our future, God is our mandate against you.


  59. Anonymous thumb

    مراد 2008-1-23

    We the generation of tomorrow, we’re a fruit which is cut, a rhythm which is acquired, you will only feel us if we neglect ourselves; we the sons of the province of Ennaama will remain and keep the strike, what Si Bouzid says for intimidation is just lies and arguments uglier than the perpetuated blame.


  60. Anonymous thumb

    wassou04 2008-1-23

    When is the general strike? Here in Bordj and Bahri, they are saying it is Saturday. Can you confirm this for me so that we can go? -Thank you


  61. Anonymous thumb

    assia 2008-1-23

    Hi Everybody, I am in my first year at Tizi. Here, all the first and second-year students are participating in the strikes. We must defend our rights. The seniors are right; I saw the curriculum and it is… no comment. (All the more so, given that it is just a continuation of the same system that is used in primary schools, which we are already a product of.) In any case, good luck to everyone. Know that we are with you.


  62. Anonymous thumb

    dekimeche 2008-1-23

    Hello to everyone who visits this site. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a senior in this new curriculum. I have to say that this new curriculum is too different and even the good students cannot manage to do it. It would be better to teach us just a few lessons in order to reduce the cost of this curriculum and to help us pass our exams. –Thank you


  63. Anonymous thumb

    هديل 2008-1-23

    We know well that those who made the curriculum are people who have no mercy in their hearts...We the students are in a difficult situation with all this pressure and books in different subjects include flagrant mistakes. Quite odd the way in which officials deal so simply with this topic as though it doesn't concern them...But we won't keep quiet and will address a call in the face of these criminals (Ben Bouzid) to express our opposition and concern about our future but in a civilized way of course.


  64. Anonymous thumb

    MADAME FATIHA 2008-1-22

    We, the parents of students, are worried about our children, who feel like they are buried under the sizable number of lessons. They cannot digest all or, at least, most of this confusing material. When they go see their professor, there is a flagrant lack of confidence and trust—to avoid saying “incompetence”—because they themselves are learning the lessons at the same time as the students. They do not understand them either. They, themselves, are making errors in their math calculations and then going on to say that the textbook is full of mistakes. S.O.S. for our children; they are in danger!


  65. Anonymous thumb

    مواطن جزائري 2008-1-22

    We want a new Algeria. We want Algeria the jewel. We don't want this corrupt and fragile government. Why Ben Bouzid, does your daughter study at a university in London and in Algeria like everyone else?


  66. Anonymous thumb

    سكينة 2008-1-22

    We're not laboratory mice. I'm your sister Sakina from the province of Boumerdès, I study road engineering in the mathematic technician branch. Let's work hand in hand in creating the future on January 27 inchallah. Let's all be at the rendez-vous.


  67. Anonymous thumb

    selm 2008-1-22

    Hi, Allow me to introduce myself: I am a senior student in the sciences. I am so shocked by the new curriculum. Please, please, please, take away the third trimester or even just give us a second session. Please!


  68. Anonymous thumb

    بزاف بن بوزيد روح تروح 2008-1-22

    Plundering money is justified by a lack of nationalism and chivalry. Suspending the political and media field can be justified by your wish to remain there eternally. The act of breaking parties can be explained by the fact that you’re the poles of socialism and leaders of the one party. But to play with our sons, this can never be justified, we know that you have no nationalism and no chivalry. We know that you don’t believe in democracy and know that your interests are abroad and not Algeria, but to go that low, this was never imagined by the Algerian people misled by your existence. May God not keep you.


  69. Anonymous thumb

    جزائري 2008-1-22

    The minority who is controlling power in Algeria ‘Mafia of politics’ plays with everything even the coming generations weren't spared from its manoeuvres. After starving and intimidating the people, the mafia is manipulating students, the hope of the future, while the mercenary call for a third mandate for the sick man, we cultivated with his access to power just concern and apprehension. The first mandate was the mandate of corruption, bribery and repression of public freedoms. The second mandate was a mandate of starving the nation. And the third mandate, God forbid, will be a mandate of selling Algeria to the mercenaries of the world. Oh Lord save us from a third mandate, oh Lord.


Anonymous thumb

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