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New report addresses causes of sex tourism in Morocco

By Naoufel Cherkaoui for Magharebia in Rabat – 28/12/07

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The International Coalition for Responsible and Respectful Tourism published a report early this month on the resurgence of Morocco's sex tourism industry, uncovering numerous causes of the phenomenon and proposing solutions.

The report, compiled by coalition goodwill ambassador Khalid Semmouni, indicates close links between sex tourism, globalisation and the opening of borders, adding that people are attracted by what they perceived as exotic.

Poverty and exclusion are also among the causes, and have contributed to the prevalence of prostitution in Morocco.

Other causes cited by the report include the violation of children’s socio-economic rights; a lack of public education on sex and human rights, especially for children; the disintegration of family structures; domestic abuse and a lack of responsibility on the part of schools.

The report also mentioned the lenience of Morocco's legislation on child rape and the lack of a national action plan to protect children from violence.

It states that sex tourism is in violation of existing international agreements which Morocco has ratified, namely the 1949 Convention against the sexual exploitation of women, CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women) and the Convention on Child Rights.

The report also points to legal gaps and loopholes and proposes that the Penal Code be strengthened to more effectively counter the sexual abuse of women and children.

The solutions put forward include the adoption of adapted legislation to bolster children's protections, the use of media to inform the public and alert families to the dangers of prostitution and the sex trade's impact on society, and also the organisation of trainings for members of the judiciary to guarantee faster responses to young people's needs.

Semmouni told Magharebia that "this problem also exists in other Arab countries, but it is much more severe in Morocco, since this country is open to the West and also due to its geographical position." Semmouni proposed that all tourists found guilty of paedophilia in Morocco should be banned from returning. He also advocated the creation of a vice squad to monitor tourist activity from a distance and intervene where necessary.

Najat Anwar, president of the NGO "Don’t Touch My Child", told Magharebia: "We need to establish a partnership with international NGOs and authorities such as ECPAT and INTERPOL to detect, condemn and prevent harm to Moroccan children by criminal tourists who travel to our country to satisfy their desires." She added that "at the national level, our association has found that foreign paedophiles no longer enjoy the 'tourist immunity' they once had, and are just as liable to be punished as Moroccan paedophiles."

Despite far-reaching government efforts, including the creation of tourism police in Marrakesh in 1994 and the conviction of over 40 tourists for paedophilia and prostitution offences since 2001, human rights activists in the country insist that Morocco still has a long way to go to eradicate the problem.

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  1. Anonymous_thumb

    abouali youssef 2011-6-22

    Concerning this problem, I think that the closest solution to eliminate it from the source is by raising awareness then by controlling the activity of tourists. Then there should be an intervention in prostitution.


  2. Anonymous_thumb

    سعودي بروح مغربيه 2011-6-13

    Severity and violence are useless. But unfortunately, we use them and encourage them while we forget raising awareness, education and discipline since youth. If the rich Muslims offered alimonies from their money and these funds are distributed fairly, there would have been no single poor Muslim on earth. Oh poverty, if it were a man, I would have killed it. As for the people of Morocco, they are distinguished by good manners, hospitality and kindness. If someone is seeking respectable tourism, he/she will find it. but if you are seeking baseness, you will find it next to your house in any place in the world.


  3. Anonymous_thumb

    James 2010-12-27

    Its a shame morocco has become a sex destination. I was travelling from liverpool airport to spain in october and i noticed the ryanair flight to agadir was nearly all young asian men. Im sure they werent going for the sun. What a sad situation this has become for morocco. Its a shame.


  4. Anonymous_thumb

    جمال 2010-12-12

    As an Algerian psychologically frustrated like any Moroccan, I agree with you in fighting this phenomenon foreign to our societies. Our innocent daughters and sons are exploited with money. They can’t distinguish the legitimate from the illegitimate. There are groups of people who don’t fear God and His messenger, they deserve cutting their heads, Oh Lord attack them in their bodies and minds, oh Lord make them paralyzed all their lives in an unmovable chair, oh Lord! Oh Lord assist our sons and daughters, keep them away from the bastards, oh Lord grant them sustenance and bring them back to the right path before the Day of Judgment, amen my Lord! My Moroccan, Arab and Muslim brothers, we are brothers, what harms Morocco harms us and vice versa.


  5. Anonymous_thumb

    realest 2010-11-22

    Morocco will never do a sh** about it, they dont care about it have been said already by MJ & its true, all what they care about is makin their accounts bigger promoting morocco in every european channels, just to get moeny they dont even have laws for tourist to respect us as they want us to respect them when we are in their country, & as long as moroccan goverment doesnt rule with Islam, u will see more poverty, prostitution, violence in the 80% of the moroccan who lives hard times , but the rest 20% who rules this country the famillies that everybody knows about they care only about Derham nothin more..


  6. Anonymous_thumb

    Roger Mudd 2010-10-18

    It is astonishing the level of denial of prostitution in Morocco. Most clients are rich arabs. Talk to men in any of the arab capitals and the ones "in the know" with talk of Morocco and Egypt. Saudi men are the biggest single customer group - all this hypocrisy. I have worked in Saudi and have heard endless stories - in pretty graphic details of their exploits in Morocco


  7. Anonymous_thumb

    Cj knig 2010-10-1

    Hello, Im from Uk where there are plenty of prostition, it is a world wide profision and no matter what will never get rid of it. It is old old as man kind, so live it because people have there own ways of looing at it, u will never able to look at it ad the girls themselves who wish or are forced into selling themselves. Life is a b***, deal with it best you can!!


  8. Anonymous_thumb

    كاظم ksa 2010-7-21

    You want the truth? Come to Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and Lebanon; then you will see real sex tourism. However, life offers different sources of subsistence. The media is focused only on some people or some countries. Second, I am Saudi, like a Gulf, Arab or French national. This is our problem with each other, fellow Arabs. There are hostilities. Morocco has many cultures and races. You should be proud to have Agadir, Agadir, Agadir, Agadir! It is enough! A lover of Morocco! Raja forever!


  9. Anonymous_thumb

    الشاعر 2010-5-3

    Sir, you have exhausted yourselves so much in self-punishment, my Moroccan brothers. By God, if you go to Damascus, Cairo or any Arab capital, you will feel that your situation is much better, because the worst is hidden. Sirs, don’t be upset! Your eyes have only seen Morocco. There is worse than Morocco. The reputation of Morocco has spread because of the beauty of your country, your good values and niceness in comparison to other Arab countries. El Harbi who loves you.


  10. Anonymous_thumb

    hammmm 2010-4-12

    Morocco tops sexual tourism after it toppled Thailand. Prostitutes in Morocco attract two million tourists a year. Therefore, it is impossible to eliminate it.


  11. Anonymous_thumb

    المنصوري 2009-12-31

    In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful. God the Almighty said “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.” God says the truth. Evil comes only from rich people who have big and stout bellies. They exploit and oppress the poor who are very needy. This is why they exploit them. A strict control should be imposed on these tourists who try to exploit the younger sexually in order to fight this phenomenon. May God grant you success.


  12. Anonymous_thumb

    ام ملاك 2009-9-21

    I would like to say there is no power and no will but from God the Almighty. We say this in the face of a catastrophe. There is no greater catastrophe than this. This serious disease is widely-spread in Morocco and its heros are prominent figures. If these are good, we will become again «the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in God». Oh Lord make our last deeds the best and the best of our days when we will meet You. Oh Lord don't let us in advertency, don't take us suddenly and make us among believers.


  13. Anonymous_thumb

    Said 2009-9-8

    It's high time we tightened measures to root out this plague.Foreign perpetrators are often caught red-handed and released with no apparent impunity.Some high ranking officials in local authority along with some influential figures in the economic and political life of the city connive with foreign 'operators' to 'metamorphose' the city into a 'paradise' for sex hunters and sex workers.The image of our beloved red city has already been tarnished.Tourism is 'whorism'.When we promote tourism we should ready ourselves to take the rough with the smooth.Now what could be done to restore that once shiny reputation of Marrakrch?


  14. Anonymous_thumb

    the truth 2009-8-23

    Talking only about morocco, go see africa itself you be astonished the same depravation we re riching the end of time when all nations on earth will be rule by satan ...


  15. Anonymous_thumb

    comtuveux 2009-8-21

    Hello- I just read some of the comments. I am surprised, but not by what it happening in Morocco. This is indeed going on, and we all know it. It is sad. I am surprised that, as usual, women are the ones being nailed for it. Who has the power over women? -Men, of course. So, the number-one people responsible are men. Moreover, I just read someone who wrote women should be forbidden to use the Internet: هايم, online 2009-06-05. I would like to respond by asking: Given this is the open door to deprivation, what are you doing here?


  16. Anonymous_thumb

    Ali 2009-8-20

    When is a country economically ruined? When it begins exporting its women.


  17. Anonymous_thumb

    بونوف 2009-6-21

    Honourable people in Morocco shouldn't authorize this because they are Muslims united. This doesn't satisfy God and the messenger. Everyone who commits this should receive the severest punishment even if he is one of the Gulf princes or anyone else. Islam doesn't accept this. There is a fear of God's punishment against the people of Morocco. Anyone who does this should be slandered in different media outlets with image and colours.


  18. Anonymous_thumb

    هايم 2009-6-5

    Salam alikum. I address my words to the girls of Morocco. Remember that human beings are ephemeral. It is only God Who is eternal. The day of judgment will come. As it is known for Muslims, the biggest number of dwellers in hell are women. So the choice is yours depraved woman. As to paradise, heaven, fire or hell eternally. As to the parent of the family, I advise you to make an effort in raising your daughters according to our tolerant religion, respect the mandatory Hijab and prevent them from excessive freedom especially the internet in a private room, the mobile phone. These two things are satan himself. As to officials, they must review their cards and implement the Islamic Sharia in the country. Thank you.


  19. Anonymous_thumb

    abdennaji 2009-4-2

    what we see in our cities is really damaging the morocan reputation.The government must put aggressive laws against those who trade in prostitution.thank you


  20. Anonymous_thumb

    David Vickery 2009-2-24

    One week ago today I became 65, and for many months I have been making plans to move from Canada to Morocco. I'm thinking of finding an apartment in Taroudant. I'm not rich, but I want to support my local community there. I had not learned, until now, about the sex tourism in Morocco. I'm not sure what I should do now. I cannot live there if people are going to think I'm there for illegal sex. I'm not ignorant of Arab culture as I lived for 2 years in Palestine. I respect and admire Islam as a force for good. At the same time, the unemployment and poverty in Morocco will bother me I'm sure, and I'm not capable of doing much about it. Please give me some advice. David/Daoud


  21. Anonymous_thumb

    Nicola 2009-1-2

    I think you should be aware that there is a huge sex tourism in Marrakech. We have a villa that we rent out and we ensure that for the safety of our staff and the children and women in our village that we do not accept this behaviour in our villa. We tell groups of men, that we will not accept this behaviour and that if they continue to try and bring girls/children, then we will inform the police and other people, who have villas and properties in Marraekch should be duty bound to do the same. I think its a shame that you deny that you have the problem, denial is 50% of the problem. I saw the blog that someone was looking for a moroccan version of the UK NSPCC,I recently took my dog to the vets in Marraekch and asked them if they had the equivilant of the RSPCA and my vet said that you don't even have a society to protect children let alone animals, which is very bad. Children and women need a voice but aren't always heard, someone needs ot speak on their behalf.


  22. Anonymous_thumb

    Alhasan keita 2008-12-31

    I am Belgian and Ivorian. I am married to a Moroccan. I agree that there needs to be a punitive bill against sex tourism. At the same time, I am enraged at seeing the Westerners brag about having gotten on with young Moroccan girls. Certainly (and most especially) older people have made Morocco into a privileged location under the pretext of coming here to enjoy the sun. But, at the heart of it, among these people there are not just a few sexual deviants. So, I sincerely ask the authorities of the magnificent country to take all the appropriate measures to stop this scourge. May God bless Morocco!


  23. Anonymous_thumb

    لا للفساد بالمغرب 2008-6-30

    Salam alikum. Honestly, the situation of Morocco makes the heart weep. Some girls have become professional in exposing their bodies even on hotmail and chat programmes. Everyday we hear many scandals. Prostitution and corruption have surpassed reality and moved to the internet. There is no one to shout and say no to corruption. We are Muslims and Arabs. You and I all of us want a Muslim woman with the best values. Do you think that it is easy to find one in Morocco? It is very difficult except those who were exempted by God. I say that the cause is the policy of the government and parents. The biggest corruption element in the Moroccan society is the Moroccan girl. Her reputation has reached the world. We all see and hear scandals on sites like Google and YouTube. This shows that Morocco is on the verge of a big catastrophe. God awaits but doesn’t forget.


  24. Anonymous_thumb

    aziz 2008-5-18

    hello everyone i think we should wipe out those groups of thieves ruling the country : ministers and the big names in the country cause to my understanding they are responsible about all the woes that strike Morocco.


  25. Anonymous_thumb

    rachid 2008-5-5

    yes there are sex tourism in morocco .we want or not . just go to see the moroccain beach in the summer


  26. Anonymous_thumb

    rachid 2008-4-1

    When it is arabized it will be destroyed (when the concern becomes filthy it should be borne by its people). We don’t need them from gulf countries kick them out (they are envious). A very proud Moroccan. Long live Morocco +Moroccans and the symbol of the country m6.


  27. Anonymous_thumb

    اسماعيل 2008-3-22

    We have nothing but prayer, so praise be to God. I visited the Gulf countries and saw in them the jealousy which was present in Moroccan years ago, except among those who were enshrouded in the mercy of God... Honestly, these tourists, if you see how they treat Arabs in their countries namely France, Spain and Germany, you would be surprised. By God, and it is quite the opposite for some Moroccans. Why all this? For money... Oh Lord reform our conditions and the conditions of our country as there no good comes from these tourists.


  28. Anonymous_thumb

    سفيان 2008-3-12

    There is no sex tourism, no catastrophe and no Sidi Said…excuse me…this is our country and these are our sons and daughters…I wonder how does the Moroccan like to scorn his country and his people…Anyway, this is our country we should love it and make sacrifices for it with the soul and the dear…look at Egypt, the Egyptian chants the name of his country and describes it with the best names despite the situation and conditions which are far worse than the conditions of Morocco. Sex tourism is an organized system…Tourist of this type doesn’t buy (tramps), a prostitute or separate cases as some people think, this tourist rather buys human kind with specific rites in the same way that he buys minerals and even buys non-disturbance…Disturbance means the interference of the police or any other party…But those isolated cases with which we have exposed our country to the world is part, unfortunately, of our moral crisis which made of us people who hate our country and people.


  29. Anonymous_thumb

    omar 2008-2-8

    Why has Morocco taken to this type of terrorism, and what can be done to stop the scourge? Honestly, this is really serious for Moroccans living abroad. Thank you


  30. Anonymous_thumb

    ashraf 2008-1-12

    I hope that it will be well remembered that those who fear God, they grant them a solution to every problem. I hope that all officials will fear God; because every official is responsible for his subjects. The father is responsible for his family, the school is responsible for the students and so on… so that our nice, hospitable Arab Morocco enjoys what we love it to be; because our country is the country of religion, values and pride. All this is the result of colonization, so wake up our officials, we want you to be the good example and powerful blow in decision-making to everyone who harms our nation be condemned at least to 25 years prison. Prison is a reform and is beneficial so that everyone with an ugly face harming Morocco stays away from our sight. I hope that I succeeded in transmitting my message for reform. Achraf Tanani.


  31. Anonymous_thumb

    khalifa 2008-1-8

    This dangerous scourge exists in the South just like it does in the North of the Kingdom. Above all else, it stems from poverty. In order to combat this, the gap between the rich and the poor needs to be reduced.


  32. Anonymous_thumb

    الكا يسي محمد 2008-1-6

    Salam alaikoum. Firstly I thank the author of this article for raising this outrageous scandal which is considered an insult to the Kingdom of Morocco and in which many tourism actors interact beginning with successive governments, to the owners of hotels and owners of world tourism companies. This dirty phenomenon is now touching the Moroccan family in its depth and its components. I will rely on concrete facts and tangible in reality, for example what happens every night in listed hotels, violation of the rights of children before the eyes of officials, what is worse is that we find that officials themselves are responsible for these violations, and as they say the guardian is the robber. Excuse me to say that the destination of violations was transferred from Lebanon to Morocco. For this reason, I say oh people fear God in the subjects of God. And let's deliver our fate to you. Thank you.


  33. Anonymous_thumb

    علي 2008-1-4

    I ask all the young people who commented that there’s sex tourism. Who is the cause which led to sex tourism? Isn’t it you? Don’t be surprised. I will explain to you…We grow up in this nice Morocco with dignity, we were poor, very poor, but inside us there was a determination like a rock, and a pride like mountains, we didn’t accept humiliation or degradation, when we used to see a man walking round our houses we confronted him fiercely. A severe punishment was awaiting everyone who was spotted and caught red-handed. On the other hands, young girls weren’t like they are today. They were satisfied with a little, and accept a husband as he is, they just wanted to shelter themselves, try to build their future, prepare children by education or crafts, and it is said that craft if it doesn’t make you wealthy it grants you long life. In reality, the poor man married the poor woman lived with his parents or her parents, it didn’t matter. But today, the young girl accepts only the young husband who has bank account, owns a house, and why not a villa or a building. And if she marries a man and lives with his parents, immediately after she gives birth to a child, their life turns into hell, she asks the husband to go and look for an independent house. From here marriage has deteriorated, man thinks many times before marrying. Otherwise he will be a victim of the family law. So there are unmarried young girls, and they’re the cause of that because they’re now asking for the impossible, they want to marry the ideal man, the smart, handsome and lucky. Today’s girls don’t want to make efforts to amass wealth, they just want to become rich overnight, they also prefer marrying for a night rather than legal marriage. As to young men, oh young men, we used to say if western women come here, every young man will try to play with the western woman and maybe he won’t need immigrating illegally on a boat. Many young men have influenced western women and they’re now abroad. In these times, we hear about young people who fall in the traps of tourists. What’s this we’re hearing? Where’s manhood? Young people, you are talking about the daughters of your country as if the matter is of no concern for you. The moral value of you and your country is in a critical condition. Therefore, we ask you to stay away from the girls of your country in secondary and high schools. It is you who train them to start prostitution. Who try to chase the daughters of people in front of high schools but you young man of Morocco. You’re the cause.


  34. Anonymous_thumb

    tadlaoui 2008-1-3

    Good evening everyone, You cannot tell us that distributing tooth-brushes from a motor-home is going to fix all this. The best means would be for you, the French and Westerners overall, to stay back home with all of your vices and afflictions. They did not exist here before your arrival. Morocco is a old country of thousands of years and it has a strong history: a people truly diverse, but with one culture, religion and pride. The problem is you and your pseudo-Shangrila of a Europe and a West in general. The problem is that Moroccans do not know what luck they have in being from this country. They are living better than they would in Europe without even knowing it. And, this is, in part, because of the high-rolling tourists and the Morocco emigrants living in Europe who come back to the country during the summer!!! Please, I am addressing myself to the leaders of our other domains: tourism is time bomb for our activities.


  35. Anonymous_thumb

    ابو الهناء 2008-1-2

    It can be useful or not useful to assess miseries or refer to them. We expect a solution from those who have power but we don't see a single senior or minor official who uses a single word from his heart which will drive the country to the harbour of safety. We just need a little and little, true national determination which is lost in the hands of the mercenaries and the mercenaries destroyed Morocco and let the people go wander at the Jews and Christians', and all those they relied on and they supported betrayed them, illegal immigration is their ultimate goal.


  36. Anonymous_thumb

    Marocain 2008-1-2

    To Khalid Semmouni, the ambassador of the tourism industry’s good will- Due to their implication in Morocco’s paedophilia problem, all vacations to this country should be prohibited. They should be treated like they are in their home country and, first and foremost sent to prison.


  37. Anonymous_thumb

    Anonymous 2008-1-1

    As a pure Moroccan jealous for his country and its values, I think that the problem of prostitution in Morocco is exaggerated and inflated. The phenomenon of prostitution is as old as humanity itself, it's present everywhere in the world, what makes people view it from that point is the fact that Morocco is near Europe from the one hand, and the absence of any critical feeling from those who pretend this. Moreover, Morocco is open, so Moroccans no longer look at prostitution as a taboo like in most Arab countries wherein everything religious is mixed up with the contradictory reality.


  38. Anonymous_thumb

    acharif moulay abdellah bouskraoui 2008-1-1

    Morocco is a country of democracy and human rights and it is going to do everything to put a stop to this scourge. It will fight mercilessly against all who exploit the dignity of our children and young people. We have a sovereign justice and it will deal with of this.


  39. Anonymous_thumb

    FERRAJ 2008-1-1

    The remedy would be to punish them and do so heavily with public announcement of their paedophilia in their country and the country where the criminal act was committed.


  40. Anonymous_thumb

    adel 2008-1-1

    Salam alaikoum. It's a shamful man that said that there's no sex tourism in Morocco. The entire world knows now that Morocco is the country of prostitution and sex with my respects to respectable families in Morocco. But this problem should be addressed by the king by giving every Moroccan his wealth and poverty will end. All this will solve the problem of immigration and sex tourism. Thank you.


  41. Anonymous_thumb

    Toufik 2007-12-31

    call it sex tourism or prostitution it is all the same and is everywhere on the globe. Morocco is no exception in my view. I bet you Saudi Arabia has prostitutes. Look at how prostitution exploded in Algeria in these last 15 years because of increased poverty, increased use of drugs and chiefly because of evil terrorism. The latter drove the rest. It is a reality that is driven by poverty and misery essentially, but often by laissez-faire of local authorities, not because of open borders. While not all poor go into prostitution we, the people of the world, need to accept it and try to find remedies to it. As long as the problem is not recognized as an intrinsic problem of the indigenous society some will keep blaming it on the 'foreign' factor. Some may want to link the two but I for one do not associate Morocco with sex.


  42. Anonymous_thumb

    Hervé 2007-12-31

    Is this tourism in Morocco!? That’s why there are a lot of Hermits coming to this country!? This is to be expected; it what mass tourism brings. More things are required to develop the country or this could be very damaging in the long-term for Moroccans. We need to open ourselves up. That is what is right to do. Can you call this being open!?


  43. Anonymous_thumb

    faress 2007-12-31

    Assalamo Aalaykom. We Need a Man Like Al Imam Khomeini .Ameen.


  44. Anonymous_thumb

    toudrt 2007-12-31

    Islam is the solution to all problems. Salam alaikoum.


  45. Anonymous_thumb

    غيور 2007-12-31

    The question should be addressed to the religous authorities in Morocco


  46. Anonymous_thumb

    Yassine BENNANI 2007-12-31

    you speak about paedophilia, but I am sure it represents only 1% of sex tourism of Morocco. The bulk of sex tourism concerns adult prostitution.


  47. Anonymous_thumb

    احمد نوميديا 2007-12-30

    That is sweet of you brother Abdallah, but sex tourism is known even by minors in Morocco especially in Marrakech. Did you know that there are 20,000 prostitutes in Marrakesh? Foreign channels have reported it even before Moroccan newspapers fillied with nonsense... such as gau rights.


  48. Anonymous_thumb

    Ahmed Yoosuf 2007-12-30

    The sex trade is growing in morocco. I myself have been propositioned during my visit to morocco. I love the country - the people and their culture - it is a shame that the sex trade is going on. I am sure that the authorities are well aware of the problem. Many of those who offer the service are very poor, and in years to come we will be hearing from many abused children. Child sexual abuse is devastating to say the least. I speak as a Social Worker in the United Kingdom. I have checked on the internet to see if there are any organisations working in child protection, as I would very much like to come to Morocco and be involved in such work. However, from what I gather, there does not seem to be any organisation working with children and families. I am a specialist of 19 years in child protection (and mental health). If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful if they could email me.

    E-mail removed by the editor.


  49. Anonymous_thumb

    essetif 2007-12-30

    Fear God


  50. Anonymous_thumb

    acharif moulay abdellah bouskraoui 2007-12-30

    Morocco is a country of democracy and human rights. Our authorities are going to deal with this problem and strike down with the long arm of the law all of those who exploit the dignity of our children and profit from their poverty.


  51. Anonymous_thumb

    Ridiss 2007-12-30

    A very interesting article. The Moroccans in charge have to take this scourge seriously: it is beginning to spread to towns far from the big cities in a worrisome manner (notably in the Southwest where the so-called rich Western tourists go).


  52. Anonymous_thumb

    driss 2007-12-30

    I am sorry for what happens in Marrakech


  53. Anonymous_thumb

    سماح 2007-12-29

    Salam alaikoum and the efforts you make. We're now ashamed of entering the net, anyone who knows that I'm a Moroccan girl starts speaking about sex as though we were the emperors of sex, all this is the result of the promotion of sex and girls who were left by the Moroccan state to work in some Arab States and the state knows that they work in prostitution. It's a shame to do this to this nice country which bore along the years its dignity and pride in front of wolves. Thank you.


  54. Anonymous_thumb

    SCOUMOUNE 2007-12-29

    Ever since 1996 when my husband and I went to Morocco for 3 months, we have been educating our children about the risk of camping-caravan communities. We saw how Morocco has transformed, young girls now selling themselves to move to Europe. We taught courses, distributed toothbrushes and we were surprised that our young friends, age 20 to 30, were so poorly instructed on the risks of STDs and HIV. Morocco remains like Austria. We saw one camper there expelled (almost at our request) from one German camping site in May, 2006, as his “intentions” were quite clear. Anytime the possibility exists, we have given explanations and have definitely prohibited these “human dramas” the young girls suffer. I fell that I have invested myself in one humanitarian mission. This is a lot to say, but if every French person would only, instead of showing off, just try to help!!! We are leaving again on an “expedition”, God willing, for April, May and June. We hope to go far with or but little means. -Thank you


  55. Anonymous_thumb

    pier 2007-12-29

    This is a great report.


  56. Anonymous_thumb

    Adam 2007-12-29

    As Moroccan British investors in Morocco we totally agree all the foreign criminals who escape from their countries and come to hide in Morocco the country of human right and freedom and multicultures...to satisfay their criminal desires. We need to enforece Law and Responsible tourism and I believe that the whole Moroccan gouvernment is seriuous about this case and everything is changing quick so Be careful and be responsible traveler...You be caught easilly in Morocco. We need to establish a partnership with international NGOs and authorities such as ECPAT and INTERPOL to detect, condemn and prevent harm to Moroccan children by criminal tourists who travel to our country to satisfy their desires." She added that "at the national level, our association has found that foreign paedophiles no longer enjoy the 'tourist immunity' they once had, and are just as liable to be punished as Moroccan paedophiles."


  57. Anonymous_thumb

    عبد الله بهضرة 2007-12-29

    There's no sex tourism in Morocco. I live in a Moroccan city which attracts the biggest number of tourists. But this phenomenon is absent except for some isolated cases which happen in every place in the world.


  58. Anonymous_thumb

    loulou 2007-12-29

    I think that the best means to fight against this plague is indeed to reinforce Morocco’s penal code on matters of paedophilia, most notably with regards to sentencing. That would dissuade paedophiles. I also think that we need to strictly and systematically place more importance on what children say. But, the best means would be to fight against poverty, the main reason for the prostitution of young people and a vicious cycle.



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