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Author Profile: Ahlam Mosteghanemi

(Mosteghanemi.com; Mosteghanemi.net; Al Ahram Weekly – 24-30/12/98; "Khalleek Bil Bayt," Future Television – 20/01/03)

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In a career spanning over 25 years, the Algerian Mosteghanemi authored best-selling novels such as "Memory in the Flesh," "Chaos of the Senses" and "Passer by a Bed." She became the first Algerian woman to write a novel in the Arabic language and the first contemporary Arab author to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of her work and dominate book charts for years in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, and the UAE.

In 1998, Mosteghanemi received the Naguib Mahfouz prize for "Memory in the Flesh," a novel about Algeria's struggle against foreign domination and the problems that plagued the emerging nation after its independence. The committee granting her the prize described the author as "a light that shines bright in this dense darkness. She was able to break out of the linguistic exile that French colonialism banished Algerian intellectuals to."

Mosteghanemi's father Mohamed El Cherif, a native of Constantine, Algeria, struggled against the French occupation and lost his two brothers in an anti-French demonstration in the mid-1940s. Wanted by the French police for his resistance activities, he fled with his family to Tunisia, where he worked as a French teacher. His first child, Ahlam was born in an atmosphere charged with politics a few years before the Algerian revolt in 1954. Her father's house in Tunisia was a halfway house for Algerian resistance fighters.

After independence in 1962, the family returned to Algeria to settle in Algiers. The father sent his eldest daughter to the first Arabic school in Algeria, making Ahlam one of the first of her generation to receive instruction in her native tongue.

El Cherif suffered a mental breakdown shortly before Ahlam's 18th birthday, forcing her to work for the Algerian radio service to support her family. Her late-night show "Hamsat" (Whispers) established her as a promising poet. Mosteghanemi's first poetry anthology "Ala Marfa' Al Ayam" (On the Harbour of Time) was published in 1973 in Algeria. She followed up in 1976 with the "Kitaba Fi Lahzat Ory" (Writing in a Moment of Nudity) anthology.

Mosteghanemi left Algeria in the 1970s for Paris, where she married a Lebanese journalist and became a full-time mother. After earning a PhD from the Sorbonne in the 1980s, she published her first novel "Zakirat Al Jasad" (Memory in the Flesh) in 1993. The book is currently in its 19th edition and has sold over 130,000 copies. Her success continued with "Chaos Of The Senses" (Fawadal Hawass, Beirut 1997) and "Passer by a Bed" (Aber Sarir, Beirut 2003), both of which continue the story Mosteghanemi started in "Memory in the Flesh."

"Zakirat Al Jasad" is a stream-of-consciousness novel dedicated to Mosteghanemi's father and to the late francophone Algerian novelist and poet Malek Haddad (1927-1978), who decided to no longer write in foreign languages after independence, but ended up not writing anything. As Mosteghanemi points out in her dedication, Haddad "died a loving martyr of the Arabic language."

Mosteghanemi's writings evoke nostalgia for a nation "that lives in us but that we don’t live in." Now a resident of Beirut, her works express passion for an Algeria that the author misses and disappointment in a generation that could not build a strong nation after 130 years of colonialism. Her novels reach beyond the borders of their setting to tell a story of unrealized dreams and tragic becoming, making her tales significant to readers from across the Arab world.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    نهل 2014-12-6

    Ahlam Mosteghanemi is the mouth and pen of woman and man. She explodes in her writings the feelings of the reader or what he wants to feel. She expresses the ideas in the mind and in reality. Thank you Ahlam because you were Ahlam Mosteghanemi from Algeria an example of the daring Algerian woman.


  2. Anonymous thumb

    Ali Djamel 2014-10-3

    Elegance, competence, creativity, grandeur, Ahlem Mosteghanemi.


  3. Anonymous thumb

    امل السماوية 2014-8-27

    I am Iraqi. I am one of the fans of the writings of Mostaghanmi. My lady, you're the title of every courageous Arab woman who has lived defending the right of its country.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    asoms adaqa 2014-5-3

    You're creative, I can't imagine your creativity.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    يسمينة سعد السعود 2013-10-10

    Ahlam Mostghanemi is a great artist who has enlightened the road of Algerian writers. My dream is to become a writer like Ahlam Mostghanemi.


  6. Anonymous thumb

    Ahmed 2013-9-2

    My name is Ahlame. I'm from the Maghreb, and I have discovered for the first time that the Arabs write in Arabic better than the aces of Arabic literature. What can a simple reader like me say to Nizar.


  7. Anonymous thumb

    souad 2013-6-4

    I am Moroccan, and I am proud of the woman that you are. Thanks to you, I finally discovered the joy of literature. A big thank you and hats off to you! :) I read at least five of your articles in a month. I could not help myself. You style really draws me in. I love you. :) :) :)


  8. Anonymous thumb

    khireddine 2013-2-5

    Ahlam, I admired her from when I was young until she worked for the Algerian radio. I’d impatiently wait for 11pm for her show, to listen to hammasat, to her lilting voice. I sometimes see her in my dreams, even thought I have never met her. She won the heart of thousands of Algerians at the time and without her even knowing it. And my admiration for her reached its peak when I found out that she was very much inspired by my dearest author, the late Malek Haddad, whom I greatly respected and appreciated.


  9. Anonymous thumb

    maryam 2011-8-15

    Thank you, Ahlam. Thank you.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    simarose 2011-6-29

    I am addicted to you my lady. Is there any way to heal me from you? I see you infiltrating my dreams, your books calling me to take my dose of the heroin of your pages. There is no way to recover from you except if you listen to my story and give me a medical prescription.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    Eglantine d'alger 2011-6-20

    It was with a deep sigh that I finished reading “Dhakirat El-Jassed” (“Memory of the Flesh”). I reread several passages, and in feeling my flesh, I realised that it has much more memory than the brain. I adored it. Thank you, Ahlam.


  12. Anonymous thumb

    مروة 2011-6-19

    Salam alikum. I want, if you don’t mind, the email of dear writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi, please!!


  13. Anonymous thumb

    khadija 2011-6-15

    Personally, I like Ahlam’s works very much and I thank her for her efforts. –Thank you


  14. Anonymous thumb

    لورا 2011-2-28

    The most important in all this is that I want to communicate with Ahlam Mosteghanemi. How? Please reply.


  15. Anonymous thumb

    mira 2011-2-5

    I cannot sleep without reading a passage from your book, the “Memory in the Flesh”. Your book haunts my soul.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    jihed abdesselam 2011-1-10



  17. Anonymous thumb

    عاشق أحلام 2010-11-11

    I want the email of Ahlam Mosteghanemi to communicate with her. THank you!


  18. Anonymous thumb

    Bendjeddou 2010-11-3

    “Memory of the Flesh” is a soap opera that I am quite pleased to see on Nessma TV, a great television channel. This is an extraordinary soap opera with exceptional actors. And, although I am discovering the author for the first time, this is love at first sight. I have fallen in love with the soap opera, with the story, with the actors and especially with the author. Ahlam, you are truly a dream, and ever since hearing this I dream only of reading you. Unfortunately, I read Arabic very poorly. I am looking for your writing in French.


  19. Anonymous thumb

    zineb 2010-10-22

    My lady Ahlem, she is so honest that's why she reaches the heart of people. Her Dad knew she will be the Algerian revolutionary of the Arabic literature. Arab said Algerian can't speakes Arabic, here the example of what Algeria through Ahlem can add to the Arab civilisation, she adds ideas and a style to save this language from death. I try to write some books for children, can anyone who is interested to help me puplishing and discussing my works.


  20. Anonymous thumb

    hosnia mlaouhia 2010-9-28

    I just read “Zakirat el Jassad”. It was a great pleasure. I felt like I heard your voice, which is none other than that of an entire generation of intellectuals. You perfectly describe their disappointment, their powerlessness, their alienation, their sadness and so on. They thought they would play a role in their land they had reclaimed, but they imprisoned themselves in their silence.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    نسرين من المغرب 2010-9-10

    Ahlam I love you and like your novels! Your style of writing fascinates readers and makes them love reading more and more. I wish you more success and continuity in prominence, God willing! I would like to ask you about your method or style in writing.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    زين العابدين العزيز 2010-8-20

    This Constantine woman is very great! What can I say about the memory of her flesh which draws the accident of Algeria, smell of the souls of million martyrs, draws love in this delicious spirit! Ahlam Mostaghanemi, you have so much bled with your novels! You are feminine in your love!


  23. Anonymous thumb

    نادية 2010-8-16

    I personally read her trilogy in addition to her last book forgetfulness. I didn't imagine I would be addicted to her books in this way. Her way of description, narrating, choice of appropriate words and her literary madness transform reader from a human to a bird really flying in the sky of literature. I swallowed her books with avidity in a very short time. This didn't happen for me before. I acknowledge the strength of Ahlam in controlling the reader. Thank you Ahlam because you're from Constantine… the daughter of Constantine salutes you!


  24. Anonymous thumb

    abdrabu 2010-8-12

    You are beautiful like Chaos of the Senses.


  25. Anonymous thumb

    آمال 2010-7-21

    I would like to know how a creative writer like Ahlam thinks.


  26. Anonymous thumb

    لولو 2010-7-4

    I hope to write to Ahlam. She is one of the dreams of my life! I love you so much Ahlam. I hope to communicate with you. I read some of your novels such as “Chaos of the senses”, “Forgetfulness”. I hope to read all your novels because I like your style which enters imagination to make it wider.


  27. Anonymous thumb

    علي \ سوريا 2010-6-28

    It's great that Ahlam stirs in Arab youth a love of culture, and that she strengthens that link with a language mastered only by peerless knights.


  28. Anonymous thumb

    ASMA 2010-4-28

    Ahlam Mosteghanemi is an awesome author!


  29. Anonymous thumb

    موسيقى الصمت 2010-4-1

    Ahlam is the greatest author I've ever read! I feel that her words are mixed up with sweet charming music, as though she is reciting poetry. I am now reading "Memory in the Flesh". I have read "Chaos of the Senses" and "Passer by a Bed"; they were really great!


  30. Anonymous thumb

    حلا أحمد 2010-3-25

    Very great! One day I will become a famous novelist and author like her, God willing! So remember my name!


    • Anonymous thumb

      سعاد 2013-6-4

      Ok. :) Stay strong!


  31. Anonymous thumb

    amina 2010-3-22

    I am an Arab Algerian young girl. I am proud that the prominent author and poet, with her works, is loved and appreciated by everyone who reads her. Thank you, creative lady! Thank you, too, as readers. May God reward you with all the good! With love for everything literary! Mina.


  32. Anonymous thumb

    lakhder bariche 2010-3-4

    I have not read this book. This is a dream of mine. I do not know how buy this book, though. I know he is very handsome.


  33. Anonymous thumb

    احلام 2010-2-28

    Peace and mercy of God be upon you! I am honoured to communicate with you through this knowledge space. I will be very thankful if you read the content of this letter and help me communicate with the Lady of Letters. We see in her the personification of literature and refinement. I want this for an important matter. I want to make a movie of her famous novel “Memory in the flesh”. I inform you that I have some additions which I humbly think will benefit and enrich the future movie work, which I hope will rise to the level of cinematic perfection. I liked the novel with all its details in my thesis for the master degree. I have suggested that it would be made into a film qualified to win a prize if it fulfills all the conditions for success. Waiting for your quick reply. Sincerely yours. Thank you!


  34. Anonymous thumb

    المستبده 2010-2-14

    I want the email of the great artist Ahlam to write her and follow her advice.


  35. Anonymous thumb

    منال 2010-2-7

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I only had the opportunity to read ‘Memory of the Flesh’. This novel kindled my emotions and made me swing between its expressions and meanings. Something I reach them, others not. Whenever I read from it, I become even thirstier. To this moment, I don’t know how to express my feelings. Maybe a tightness in my heart takes old of me whenever I let the book from my hands, my thoughts ramble looking in the depths of me for one of the characters in the novels, maybe I will find its shadow or I will find it embodied in reality, not just as a fantasy. I understand why Nizar Kabbani said "It made me feel dizzy." Thank you, Ahlam, for this great heritage.


  36. Anonymous thumb

    هنادي dزحيمان 2009-12-31

    The respectable lady Ahlam. Nicest greetings. I am the author of the last letter you received. I hope to communicate with you. We will receive a new year. I hope to be one of those for whom your letters make their celebration. I will be grateful to you. Happy new year, many happy returns to you and your beloved ones.


  37. Anonymous thumb

    هنادي 2009-12-29

    Salam alikum. Respectable Mrs Ahlam, I wish you happy moments. I send you my love, loyalty and esteem for your efforts during the previous years. I want to have your email, if you don't mind, in order to communicate with you, although I know it is a hard request as I noticed there are many visitors of the site and who insist on it. But I said to myself, there's no other way to try. In any case, thank you. Thanks if you read my letter. Wishes of success, from success to success and more prosperity.


  38. Anonymous thumb

    لوليا 2009-12-23

    You're the nicest author in the world. How can I get in touch with you? I want a reply as soon as possible to my site. Please don't be late in replying. I need you so much.


  39. Anonymous thumb

    dhikra 2009-12-6

    You writing is beautiful.


  40. Anonymous thumb

    فداء 2009-11-22

    I don't know what to reply to the negative comments about novels of Mrs Ahlam Mostaghanemi. But I want to say to all Arabs: Ahlamd did nothing except recover our minds from the swaps of obscurity which are drowning our world in ignorance and opposition to everything new. I call upon everyone to liberate their hearts from the chains of jealousy, silence and repression. Honesty and expression are the qualities of humans which distinguish them from others. No matter what authors write in literature and poetry by poets, only that which is sincere reaches readers and transcends to the wide space of dreams. My greetings to everyone who esteems the free word, not the enslaved, scared word hiding behind the covers of subjugation. Fidaa from Lebanon.


  41. Anonymous thumb

    يسين عرعار 2009-11-6

    I want the email address of the author Ahlam Mostaghanemi to set up an interview with her on the internet in the forum “Nour Al Adab”, platform Yassine Arar for Sociability and Dialogue, Yassine Arar, an Algerian poet, moderator of the literary salon for open dialogue on the forum Nour Al Adab.


  42. Anonymous thumb

    yahia 2009-10-24

    hi please i want ahlam e_mail pleeeeeeease


  43. Anonymous thumb

    rezgui hamouche 2009-10-21

    This is just idiocy! Ahlam has no sense of reality, just like all of mankind! A moment of being naked and or lying bed is just love and sex, appealing to the human beast. Sex and soul – two things that human beings need to reinvent every moment so that they can survive in a world that is overly logical and very difficult for a women who calls herself sensual. I am delighted to read this idiocy. In the end, that which is hereditary has been regenerated and atrocities will again attain the upper hand, desiring a violent, horrible tomorrow. Humanity needs this to survive; it does not need sex and the feeling of lying on a bed.


  44. Anonymous thumb

    hanen 2009-10-19

    I love you, Ahlam. I love you so much. I am honoured to send you this message. Words are not enough.


  45. Anonymous thumb

    nora 2009-9-22

    Hello- I am Miss Achwak. I am 14 years old. I live in Constantine. I would like to tell you that you can find all of Miss Ahlam’s books on the Algerian market. I personally bought her entire collection. If you do not find them in Constantine, then send me your address or your email address so that I can contact you and I will show you where you can find them or I can send you mine.


  46. Anonymous thumb

    مها خليفه 2009-9-12

    Ahlam, I have read your novels “Memory of the flesh”, “Passer by a Bed”, “Chaos of the Senses” and now “Forgetfulness”. I love everything drawn by your subtle pen. However, I have some reservations about words which can be a libel to religion or a cause to polytheism. As examples of this, insult of time and place, attributing things to destination not to God the Almighty Who has made destinations. I wanted to mention this given the seriousness of the matter. Abou Houraira said: the messenger of God, peace and prayer be upon him, said “God the Almighty said: I am hurt when the son of Adam insults the age, the age is in my hand, I change night and day”. The Hadith was authenticated by Al Boukhari and Moslem.


  47. Anonymous thumb

    kinda 2009-8-31

    every word you write inspires me and reminds me that the world is still full of sensitive people who makes it easier for us to overcome our disappointments. your last book ( nissyan.com) is revolutionary.. i see my self in you, and i wish i could be as strong as you.. best wishes to the best writer


  48. Anonymous thumb

    saoussen fray 2009-8-27

    Dear Miss Mosteghanemi- I am so obsessed with your writing style that I just read and re-read your collection. This is truly an innovation in the world of Algerian and Arabic literature.


  49. Anonymous thumb

    أميرة عرفان 2009-8-17

    For the first time I find someone who reflects my words, tone and the slightest details of my beliefs, feelings and sentences enshrouded in monotony and dust because they haven’t reached any person around me. Moreover, both the good and bad are busy in getting a living in spite of the difference in that concept. I am a student in the fourth year. I study Arabic language and literature. My dream was to complete my higher studies, achieve what she has achieved for literature and rebel against anything ordinary. (Don’t be surprised if you find your soul in my words as I resemble you even in my daily words). For the first time I fell in love with someone and I feel some kind of hatred towards him. You have blown up the volcano of literature with its femininity. You were the first no matter who comes after, your throne won’t be shaken…The least I can say about you is that you’re the most sublime example of mature femininity. In your contradiction lies the story of your perfection. You’re the prose of Nizar Kabbani.


  50. Anonymous thumb

    أشواق 2009-8-14

    I want your help my lady. I am a young girl from Constantine. I am 14. I like writing my thoughts, reading poetry and novels. I like your novel “Memory in the flesh”. I was unable to get it through the internet. Please publish it fully, princess of literature and pride of the Algerian woman.


  51. Anonymous thumb

    ghada khalil 2009-8-12

    wish u had a facebook ,so we can communicate better, all z best,amazing book........


  52. Anonymous thumb

    hamouda 2009-8-2

    Honestly, the novels of lady Ahlam are different from other novels. I haven't read before any novel like this last novel. Thank you and thanks to your novel. Salam.


  53. Anonymous thumb

    amel 2009-7-29

    I love Ahlem. I read and loved his novels "Zakirat aljasad", "Fawda alhawass" and "Aber sarir." I am waiting for "Al aswadou yalikou bika".


  54. Anonymous thumb

    zino dziri 2009-7-12

    I dream of and I hope to marry this woman.


  55. Anonymous thumb

    بادر سيف 2009-7-4

    More success.


  56. Anonymous thumb

    شذى 2009-6-30

    Mrs Ahlam, I haven't read anything like your novels. You write with a distinct and nice style. When I read your books, you take me to another world, a world I love. I wish you good health, wellness and sit on the top of the distinguished novel. My best wishes.


  57. Anonymous thumb

    mayssoun 2009-6-7

    My dear madam, I was looking for a way to communicate with you but your address mentioned at the bottom of your articles on Azzahra Magazine are not operative from the internet. All I want you to know is that I hope to be your neighbour, your table or even a page in the notebook in which you write so that I would be the first witness to the birth of the word and the first person whom you allow to collect your words and make of it a jasmine necklace around my neck which is cut by the knife of time. You my lady are 'the warm and rebellious feeling, full of the real truth, you enter the inside of the heart; your words flow like blood in a tortured veil which is bleeding but no one cares to stop it except your words which were and are still like a serum' which restores life to it. Write more and make your words the wakefulness of every lost and tortured heart. Write, wish wellness to your hand and health. The faithful Meissoune.


  58. Anonymous thumb

    layal 2009-5-16

    Every time I read Ahlam's books I feel like Im loosing my senses.Isee myself in every word she writes,she is a great author, as an arab Im proud we have a lady like ahlam.


  59. Anonymous thumb

    wafa 2009-5-12

    Though I came late, like some readers, to read the novels of my lady Ahlam, but despite everything I came and expressed my opinion. Chaos of the senses is full of astonishment and fascination. I am longing to read “Memory in the flesh” and “Visitor of the night”. My lady, I love you of course.


  60. Anonymous thumb

    fatima 2009-5-4

    Ahlam is an extraordinary writer.


  61. Anonymous thumb

    SaMo_amor 2009-4-14

    Salam alikum. the first time I heard about Ahlam Mostaghanemi was from my uncle's wife. Honestly, the name didn't attract me. Moreover, I had some novels at hand which I was reading. After reading “Aoulad Haritna” by Nejib Mahfoud, I printed the novel “Memory in the flesh” because it was banned in Egypt. Honestly and with all the truth I was unable to leave the novel until I finished it all. I felt the confessions of Khaled coming out from my breast. In other words, she is more sincere in expression than what I could imagine. Yesterday I printed “Chaos of the senses” and it was the same again. Ahlam is a great and rebellious author. This has attracted me. Go ahead Ahlam.


  62. Anonymous thumb

    khenifer imane 2009-4-13

    i think you are a great woman you always make all the algerian nation proud of you and hold our heads up high to the sky we wish you will comeback algeria and see the situation here i think you know how it is but we need you to come and see we failed as a huma beings to build a safe and strong algeria we need someones like you in this country so bad to be frank i didn't read anything from your books and articles but my parents told me a lot of things about you .i hope you will continue in this path and may allah bless you


  63. Anonymous thumb

    rabeb 2009-3-23

    Thank you, Ahlam, for all that you have given to Arab literature. Honestly, I cannot find the words to do you justice. In the end, Ahlam is a star of the heavens in Arab literature. Let us hope that his pen forever remains a pen of truth.


  64. Anonymous thumb

    zerrouk m 2009-3-17

    Hi. I'm very honoured to write these few lines on a personality who fills in all voids. Ahlam is a pen that plays on the white page, and for the most part dances in the black. I think the first rule of the game in the world of writing and poetry is how ideas are conceived, and the system that permits seeing things differently from others. The real poet is the person who creates this method of writing. It is exactly electricity; only Edison is the inventor, where the rest of the world is just electricians. I have read the three famous titles multiple times, and after much reflection I think Khaled is already with me in the novel by Malek Haddad "Le quai qui ne répond plus". It's the same style, only with more charm, as Malek Haddad is really the inventor Edison, and everyone else is just an electrician. Zerrouk from Skikda


  65. Anonymous thumb

    MERAIHI KARIM 2009-3-10

    Your articles mix things up, mudsling and make a ruckus!


  66. Anonymous thumb

    لينا 2009-3-8

    Mrs Ahlam, I have read your novels many times. Every time I read them, I feel as if I am reading them for the first time. It is honour for me that you read this message. Sincerely yours.


  67. Anonymous thumb

    قطر الندى 2009-3-5

    The most wonderful books I read are the books of Ahlam Mostaghanemi. She expresses what we are unable to express. Excuse me Mrs Ahlam because I cannot express how wonderful your books are…


  68. Anonymous thumb

    عكاشة بن عيبوط 2009-3-3

    It is an honour for me to talk about a woman like Ahlam Mostaghanemi. She is a great author. She is beautiful. I would like to have your phone number to talk to you. I am an author and would like to present you a novel to evaluate it. Thank you.


  69. Anonymous thumb

    aissa 2009-2-26

    Salam alikum. Ahlam is a great and strong woman with her unique writings. She has a principle and ideas. May God bless her work and her writings. I ask you to provide me her address, website or even her phone number. May God bless you.


  70. Anonymous thumb

    asma 2009-2-11

    Miss Ahlam’s trilogy is a sort of revolution against the traditional structure of Algerian society. Also, she unmasks the obscure side of the male-female relationships, which cannot normally be seen in the open. I can say that Miss Ahlam is not only a novelist, but also a psychoanalyst; she has been able to take on everything hidden inside here. Please, I would like Miss Ahlam’s e-mail address.


  71. Anonymous thumb

    asma 2009-2-8

    Hello Miss Ahlam- I am a regular woman, but I am a bit unique in that I am passionate about literature, especially your novels and, more particularly, your trilogy. According to you, is physical love an extension of spiritual love? Why is it an “Anarchy of the Senses”? Is sadism a form of extreme pleasure as you have written in “The Memory of the Flesh”? They say that literature reflects a part of reality, so could the heroine Hayte be found in a purely masculine society? If so, then we women will be able to revolt just like in “The Anarchy of the Senses. –Thank you


  72. Anonymous thumb

    اسامة رزق 2009-1-31

    The sun light filled the room penetrating dust holding an encoded letter which is understood only by those whose days are enshrouded in darkness giving them a new starting point.


  73. Anonymous thumb

    guennouni mustafa 2009-1-25

    i have started reading "memory in the flesh",im mearly finishing it;amzing,extraordinary novel..reading this novel while listening to Fairouz take you definitly inside the novel,make you feel the characters deeply inside you doing what "Ahlem" had directed them to do,this brought such a joy to me...


  74. Anonymous thumb

    abderrazzak 2009-1-11

    Please, I am a Moroccan researcher. I am preparing a PhD on Ahlam's book Chaos of senses. I really need to have her email. Help me if possible. Thanks


  75. Anonymous thumb

    inssan 2009-1-9

    Here is what makes Algeria Algeria: our unanimous nature! There has not been a single reproach made against the author. Bravo! You have ensured our continuation by killing the dreams of a critical generation. Mostaghanemi is certainly a great poet, with words that sing of solitude, but he is a great loss for our ideas. What a catharsis! This old stone is watching us and follows us from start to finish. Souika or Sidi Iljiss – it is not to important who it is – will remain glued to history. A tear for the revolution, which has essentially returned us to where we started from. Bravo once again, Ahlam! Are we permitted to dream? The elite are here at the wrong time and the wrong place. I agree on one thing: “Every word that you write in this language is a bullet you shoot at me”, said Mohamed Dib. Must we remain silent? No, it is better to shout out against Ahlam’s poems. And, what if I were to tell you that Nizar and company’s poems far exceed his poems? –Thank you


  76. Anonymous thumb

    afef 2009-1-3

    My God! Ahlam is super, and that is just to avoid saying anything better!!! Honestly, bravo our dear writer! I am Tunisian and I already read your books four years ago. I felt each of your words so deeply, as if it were myself in the text (especially “Dhakirt el Jasad”). Thank you so much for your books.


  77. Anonymous thumb

    ايمان خضور 2008-12-19

    I read novels of Ahlam “Memory in the Flesh”, “Chaos of the senses” and “Passer by a bed” my words, admiration of you and them will not increase the importance or greatness. I just want to say that Ahlam in her novels, especially “Chaos of the senses”, is very similar to me in her ideas, acts, principles, craziness, reasoning and nationalism.


  78. Anonymous thumb

    NADIA DE SETIF 2008-12-16

    Salam. I am Nadia, Algerian. I like so much Ahlem. She taught me many things in this world. We are waiting for your new works my respectable lady. Goodbye.


  79. Anonymous thumb

    على 2008-12-12

    I want to get the address of Mrs Ahlam Mostaghanemi in order to get her opinion about what I write. Thank you.


  80. Anonymous thumb

    nano 2008-11-29

    Salam- I never cried in a taxi, in a bank or in a bus in my life, but this was stronger than me. You cannot read Ahlam without crying. I think that Algerians alone can feel such emotion, because she explains so well our suffering. I was always proud of being a Muslim, Arab and Algerian and now I am proud of being from East Algeria, where this beautiful Algerian woman comes from.


  81. Anonymous thumb

    sihem b 2008-11-27

    I liked Ahlam and her books even if I haven’t read a single word of hers this because of the many things I heard about her. I was intrigued by this. I live in France (Bordeaux) and want to read the books of Ahlam because I love literature and adore poetry.


  82. Anonymous thumb

    warda 2008-11-24

    Please, I would like synopsis of the novel “Aber Sarir” from those of you (of course) who have read it.


  83. Anonymous thumb

    darine 2008-11-21

    I take my hat off to my compatriot, because truth is the only thing that matters and you only speak the truth.


  84. Anonymous thumb

    anna 2008-11-17

    Hello- I would like to send my greetings to Miss Ahlam and tell her Algeria is proud of her.


  85. Anonymous thumb

    بسمة 2008-11-11

    I want the email of the writer Ahlam Mostaghanemi. Please.


  86. Anonymous thumb

    saya lallih 2008-10-22

    Thank you, Ahlam, for everything you have given to Arab literature.


  87. Anonymous thumb

    MARAM DARKHABANI 2008-10-1



  88. Anonymous thumb

    nafissa 2008-9-27

    It is an honour for me to speak about a woman such as Ahlam Mosteghanemi. She is a wonderful writer. –Salam


  89. Anonymous thumb

    faiza otmani 2008-9-22

    Honestly, I am speechless. You are superb, Ahlem! Hats off a thousand times over! I truly adore you. I did my thesis last year on your novel “Memory of the Flesh” (“Dakirat El-Djassed”) and I got the best grade. I will never forget you. -Faiza


  90. Anonymous thumb

    nor 2008-9-17

    Ahlam is an angel, and I can say nothing more. I need her contact information: I have some confessions to make to her. She is responsible for my restoration, as well as that of all Arab women. You deserve the Nobel Prize because of your wisdom, Ahlam. May God protect you, you gem of Algeria.


  91. Anonymous thumb

    monia bousselmi 2008-9-5

    Ahlem; You must be a dream from the world of creation! You must not be real because reality has never been able to attain such a mixed transparency this deep in the ocean. I discovered in you the deadliest person in my life. My best friend is faithfully fighting a cancerous villain. Lebanon burnt out two thousand life lights, and my family life went with them. Like a coward, I had only tears that raced like seeds down into my soul. When a friend of mine saw that I was incapable of being consoled, she offered me your trilogy. It was a godsend. Who is God Almighty? You wiped away my tears, you empathised with my friend, you gave us hope that Lebanon would bloom again, as would my life! You did this all through words, nothing but words!


  92. Anonymous thumb

    otmane 2008-7-21

    I want to tell you that I love you.


  93. Anonymous thumb

    Fayçal 2008-7-20

    Hello, I had the pleasure of reading Ahlam’s trilogy. It was truly a sort of magical pleasure. I would like to read it in French. I have looked everywhere, even in France, but in vain. Can somebody help me? Thank you in advance


  94. Anonymous thumb

    ابوالدراري 2008-7-18

    I still repeat everyday that reading Ahlam is like running forward. I think that she wears the words and lives on ideas. She smokes our miserable conditions disdainfully. How can a wise person resist the ideas of Ahlam which violates him in the streets everyday. Reading is forbidden for us until your pen breakfast on the blankness of our empty Arab novels. Algerians should be proud to have you. If you like, you are the pride of Algeria. ABoudarari, Somalia.


  95. Anonymous thumb

    rabahah 2008-7-13

    Indecent literature. A provocative call to immorality and depravity. The issues of domestic adultery are summed up into universal wishes and chained relations propelled by love. How easy it is to scorn the Arabic reader! Because he is simply following everything western. The history of Arabic literature is full of depraved figures. I think that the cause of all this is the deterioration of public taste. Here I remember the verse of the poet: “when will the thirsty reach water if the sea is supplied from wells? When will the base be discouraged from a goal if the elite are sitting in the corner? If the tops and bottoms are mixed up, companionship from Death is nice. Where are your dreams of the Taouk Al Hamam, in Alfa Wa Alilaf by Imam Ben Hazm. Where are you from “Said Al Khatir” by Ibn Al Jaouzi, “Raoudat Al Mouchtakine” by Ibn Al Qaim? Where are you, the authors of poetry collections of enthusiasm, Al Manfalouti, Hafid Ibrahim? You and others like you are doomed to fly into the void in order to misguide the creatures of God and to be programmed in a specific way. God is witness.


  96. Anonymous thumb

    اماني 2008-7-11

    It is rare to read a novel which draws your attention from the first to the last word. I like the stories of Ahlam because they make me live a nice situation. I love what you write because it is expressive and full of high feelings.


  97. Anonymous thumb

    عبير 2008-7-10

    All I can say is that it is the greatest novel I read and the sweetest words I read. They describe our feelings. The nicest thing I read is “Before this day, I thought that we can’t write about our life until we are recovered from it…When we touch our old injuries with a pen, without feeling the pain again…when we can look back without nostalgia, without madness and without grudge…Is this really possible? We are never recovered from our memory…This is why we write…This is why we draw…This is why some of us die as well”…


  98. Anonymous thumb


    I went to a bookstore, found Ahlem Mosteghanemi’s novel by the name of “Dhakiret El-Jassed (“Memory of the Flesh”) and I asked the manager of the bookstore how much it cost. With amazement he said “Dhakiret El-Hassad???”, while laughing. I was so shocked. I responded: “Dhakiret El-Jassed, not El-Hassad.” He explained to me that a client had come to him with this book and said “Dhakiret El-Hassad”, and he asked him to leave the bookstore. Sincerely, this where we stand with literature in Algeria.


  99. Anonymous thumb

    محمد من المغرب 2008-6-17

    How great are the words of Ahlam. She is not writing words. She is rather firing bullets, bombs and Molotov cocktails full of love, the love for man and the nation. She is talking in “Memory of the flesh” about the Algerian resistance and the changes witnessed by Algeria. But when you read it you find out that she is talking about Algeria, Morocco and all the countries which are experiencing today the consequences of direct colonization and which are still under the yoke of colonization indirectly. A greeting, a thousand, rather a million and a billion greetings to the great novelist Ahlam.


  100. Anonymous thumb

    منى الجزائر 2008-6-16

    Whenever I read one of the novels of Ahlam Mostaghanemi, I see the ancient town of Constantine and I feel in between the lines the smell of Algeria. If you want to understand the books of Ahlam you must visit Algeria, particularly Constantine, and you will feel like the hero of these novels 6


  101. Anonymous thumb

    عاشقة الحب والوطن 2008-6-11

    When I read ‘Memory of the flesh’ I tasted the feeling of the nation and sacrifice. When I read ‘Chaos of the senses’ I tasted the feeling of death and determination. When I read ‘Visitor of the night’ I tasted the feeling of love. With you, our dreams are pink and in the same degree of our sorrow, falling in the mazes of the memory of these dreams which remained for a long time like the winds. The sun has seen your eternal novels.


  102. Anonymous thumb

    سارة 2008-5-10

    There is a wisdom which you can only reach in the depth of your loneliness and remoteness… I am standing, hesitant, on the pavement, like yesterday, today, after a month and before a year (…) waiting for other wisdoms which she will offer me from her coming books, I am waiting impatiently for them.


  103. Anonymous thumb

    لامية احمد 2008-5-8

    I was very happy to get acquainted with this personality which embodies the history of her country and writes in the classical Arabic in spite of the conditions she has experienced. I ask God Almighty to grant her good health, wellness and prominence.


  104. Anonymous thumb

    مريم 2008-5-1

    I am very sorry that I only got acquainted with her only recently. I read the trilogy and liked it so much that I couldn’t believe that a woman could reach this level of description. I am preparing a graduate thesis about the novel ‘Visitor of the night’; whenever I read a sentence I am immersed in it. I think that this novel is the most distinct in this group. Ahlam, we look forward to your new works. I hope to meet you. Meryem the Algerian.


  105. Anonymous thumb

    Waheed 2008-4-26

    Please please may you help me? I want to complet my studing to get maste of education so I have look for the novel "memory in the flesh" in My country (Yemen) but I did not find it. So could you please tel me from which websit can I download thi novel or may you help me and send it to my e-mail: Thanks for your assistance

    E-mail address removed by the editor.


  106. Anonymous thumb

    زيان اونيس 2008-4-14

    I have read "Memory in the flesh" and longed to read “Chaos of senses”. I also longed for “Visitor of the night” and I am waiting with bated breath to see what you come up with next my lady.


  107. Anonymous thumb

    رنا عاشقة احلام 2008-3-27

    I read all the novels of Ahlam and learned by heart all her books in my memory. I was living her condition, it made me get away from my world and sorrows to fly with my dreams with Ahlam.


  108. Anonymous thumb

    وحيد سنوسي 2008-3-26

    Top novels, thank you. It's because you are Ahlam.


  109. Anonymous thumb

    فوفو 2008-3-25

    A sentence written by Ahlam Mostaghanemi which fascinated all readers is: “Freedom is that you expect nothing”. Perhaps not all readers managed to grasp this because it is hidden between the lines of Chaos of the Senses. I observed it when I was reading the book for the third time. I felt it and felt how fascinating it was because I am waiting for two things in this life. The first is to read something new from Ahlam. the second is to return to my dear country Palestine. I wish you more great and transparent literature and more readers because this results in more cultural and sensory awareness between people. I wish you success. May God protect you and keep you.


  110. Anonymous thumb

    توفيق 2008-3-23

    When you read the novel, you don’t find even a trace of Ahlam Mostaghanemi. It is as if Khalid is telling the story and Ahlam is just writing. Maybe this is what dazzled the late Nizar Qabbani.


  111. Anonymous thumb

    احلام هاني 2008-3-23

    I didn't know her before nor had I heard anything about her. But the title of the book drew me in and made want to read it: “memory of the flesh”. I read it and I was unconscious of any word I was reading because she fascinated me from the beginning. Love is what happened between us and literature is everything that has not happened. I felt that this novel was written for me, a story which I haven’t lived, but which I lived while reading it. I felt every word written in it, when I finished it I told everyone I know about it and suggested they read it. I even obliged them to do so! And when I found “Chaos of the Senses” I understood that it was destiny that I be acquainted with Mostaghanemi once again as it has acquainted Khaled (Ziane) with Hayat on the cover of a magazine and as it has acquainted her with the journalist Khaled in an airport under a constraining condition which acquainted me with the “visitor of a bed”. I love you Ahlam and love all your heroes. I wish you more success.


  112. Anonymous thumb

    Ahlem ELBOHLI 2008-3-21

    Hello our dear Ahlem. This forum, where we take the opportunity to discuss things, is a space of freedom, and forbidden to be anything else. It is thanks to you only that we can dream. To the member “med.taga”, I would like to get directly in contact with you via email.

    Email address removed by the editor.


  113. Anonymous thumb

    امال 2008-3-20

    Ahlam Mostaghanemi is one of Algeria's most sublime personalities. She has presented her country in the best way. Moreover, her novels are very nice and the best thing a person can read for both meanings and lessons. As an author, she succeeded in transmitting an honest and positive image of Algerian women. I wish Ahlam Mostaghanemi success in her career as an author. I hope that she will entertain us with more novels. Thank you.


  114. Anonymous thumb

    فاروق وهاب 2008-3-17

    I see the world from the window of the novel from a window that looks on the river Seine. It was you who drove me to this, I love bridges for fear of it. I saw wisdom as things you pictured. I saw bridges as women. Your writings are in good taste, my lady. So thank you, a thousand thanks for all this.


  115. Anonymous thumb

    med.taga 2008-3-17

    "The Anarchy of the Senses" (“L’Anarchie de sens”) by Fawad Al Hawass blew me away. Since the time I read it, I have had a lot of respect for our Arab authors in general and for those of the Arab Maghreb in particular. Ahlam Mosteghanemi, the woman’s passion that he is, lived both under colonialism and in independence and was able to reflect upon the feelings and the pain felt by the women of the Arab Maghreb, and, more especially, and the contempt they felt towards them. I would shake him by the hand.


  116. Anonymous thumb

    شاكر الحوكي 2008-3-16

    Ahlam is an example of the Arab woman we love, respect and adore in her commitment to the Arab and Islamic causes namely the Palestinian cause; with her cultural, social, political and even deep psychological conscience; in her love for the Arabic language; with her sensitive voice which is far from feigning, exaggeration and fatal triviality. As to the importance of her novels, it lies in the fact that they are the symbolic and literary expression of all this and the ideal tool to converse with the world and the future. Coming generations will communicate with its past through this novel and not through the low art, the idle varieties or similar things in the same way that we communicate with our history through Al-Tawhidi, Al Jahid, Ibn Khaldoun and not the criminals or tyrants. My greetings to Ahlam Mostaghanemi solely.


  117. Anonymous thumb

    شاكر الحوكي 2008-3-15

    Ahlam is an example of the Moroccan woman we love. In her historical, social, political and even psychological conscience, in her commitment to Arab and Islamic causes namely the Palestinian cause, in her belief in the Arabic language and in her sensitive voice. Its traits are far from feigning, exaggeration and fatal weakness. As to the importance of her novels, it lies in the fact that they embody all of this, and they are a mere tool to converse with the world and impose her self. My greetings to all those who followed her way only.


  118. Anonymous thumb

    Ahlem ELBOHLI 2008-3-12

    Hajar; You are always so superb. I adore you to death. You are my favourite star. I always listen to your songs on Star Academy. -Big Kiss


  119. Anonymous thumb

    AHLEM 2008-3-11

    Hi, It is thanks to you, my dear Ahlem, that I like my name! I can never forget my first impression of you, when, in the winter of 2000, I was finally able to read the “La mémoire de la chair” (“The Memory of the Flesh”). It spoke to me of all my details, my insecurities, my obsessions. The dream of my life is the day I get to meet you.


  120. Anonymous thumb

    عاشق أحلام مستغانمي 2008-3-7

    We can’t say anything about Ahlam Mostaghanemi. Ahlam took from God what no one took since life was created... Our lady has taken the language of God to amaze us with what she writes in the papers of her days and our days. Ahlam Mostaghanemi my dear ones is the last prophet sent by God to Earth, that is all.


  121. Anonymous thumb

    منذر الاسود 2008-3-1

    Your words touch the marrow Ahlam…you’re as our poet says passing through all seas in the novel Memory of the flesh…and you also touch our Palestinian suffering…The militant experience of our Palestinian suffering…The militant experience is very similar to our Palestinian revolution…its mercenaries and opportunists are numerous.. while the militants are in the base. Congratulations Ahlam, and congratulations for your creativity.


  122. Anonymous thumb

    houari 2008-2-22

    After saying the greeting of Islam, salam alaikoum. In addition to recognizing you as a writer from reading some of your great novels, I’m proud of you as a woman and author. We wish you more prominence in the literary field. Our sincere wishes with a duo of love and friendliness.


  123. Anonymous thumb

    فاروق 2008-2-20

    Ahlam is a scientist who discovered the meaning of life.


  124. Anonymous thumb

    WAFA BEN HAMED 2008-2-15



  125. Anonymous thumb

    Visiteur 2008-2-11

    I would not say all of them, but there are certain comments here that are hypocritical and misplaced. Those who say the article is not important because it talks about an unimportant person are one example.


  126. Anonymous thumb

    حورية 2008-2-9

    I read many of Ahlam's books. The more I read, the greater my love for her and her works is, to the point that I read parts of her novels before I go to bed and to the point that my friends call me by her name. I wish her success and I’m waiting for her new works.


  127. Anonymous thumb

    مبارك ابعازي 2008-2-2

    Ever since the first collection ‘On the harbour of memory’ and then ‘A moment of nudity’, I realized that these books aren’t to the required level namely because they’re premature writings. But 'Memory of the flesh’ disturbed the world of literature and came in the place of many novels and was sold in incredible numbers. Its editions to 2004 reached 19 editions. Sometime after that, the novelist issued the second and third parts under the titles 'Chaos of senses' and 'Bed visitor'. What characterizes the trilogy is its textual game which is mixed up with other texts. beginning from the Algerian popular heritage, then the Western culture and finally the memory of Arab culture. It is great. It certainly and absolutely reminds us of the great works of the western literature.


  128. Anonymous thumb

    سالم مداح 2008-1-30

    Salam alaikoum. Honestly, this is the first time I visit this site. I want to address an Arab greeting from my depths to the Arab Algerian novelist (Ahlam Mostaghanemi) whom I respect. It’s so nice to see an Algerian woman writing in Arabic letters which is been treated unjustly by those on the fifth queue, the people of French and those like them. I say to the professor novelist Ahlam, we're proud of everything you write because it consolidates Arabism of Algeria and its Arabic belonging which is deep in history. I’m sorry because I haven’t yet read any of your books. But I hope to get some of them. With the greetings of Salem Madah, Algeria (province of Chelf).


  129. Anonymous thumb

    يوسف 2008-1-29

    Thank you for the website.


  130. Anonymous thumb

    kaddour 2008-1-21

    Your broadcast of “Hamasset” (“Murmurs”) was really interesting to me. I am positive you have a bright future ahead of you. Your writing is so explosive.


  131. Anonymous thumb

    مريم 2008-1-20

    If I were shaken one day, it's by the chaos of your senses, if I still have any dream, it's the dream to meet you. If I show any pride some day, it's because I'm Algerian like you, if I felt that someone is expressing what I feel and understands me, it's through your novels, I love you, you're my source of inspiration and I adore you.


  132. Anonymous thumb

    rihab sebaaly 2007-12-29

    I am a Lebanese girl. Fawda al-Hawas is my favourite book. Thank you for this work.


  133. Anonymous thumb

    زيتوني 2007-12-26

    When I read an Arab novel written in the language of Ahlam or Tayeb Saleh in the 'Season of immigration to the North' only because she wrote one day, but those that envy her didn't publish it. Ahlam Moustaghanemi, more success our Ahlam.


  134. Anonymous thumb

    حورية 2007-12-25

    Welcome, we thank you for this definition. I have read this novel and I liked it. It's daring in word writing.

    Hyperlink removed by the editor.


  135. Anonymous thumb

    نبيلة زيتوني 2007-12-24

    Whatever is said about you is little. You’re great I admire you so much. You’ve amazed us, since I read your trilogy, I can’t read any of your other novels with a lower quality…You’re truly fascinating, you’ve fascinated me with your words and your dreams that are in reality our own dreams. We are all waiting for your new works.


  136. Anonymous thumb

    العراقي 2007-12-20

    I hope that women writers and poets will follow her path in clarity and audacity. She's truly an idol whose writings should be studied carefully.


  137. Anonymous thumb

    محمد التل أبو ملحم 2007-12-7

    To she who occupied my memory forever, to the human poet whose novels I read many times and every time I feel that I read it for the first time and discover a new pulse of life. To the inheritor of Nizar and Ahmed Chaouki, to the daughter of Algeria, the free Algeria of love and freedom, the grand-daughter of the leader Abdelkader the Algerian...I send my greetings with so much love and respect to the poet Ahlam Mostaghanemi.

    Contact information removed by the editor.


  138. Anonymous thumb

    شروق فلسطينية 2007-12-5

    I am just wondering where does she bring such great ideas... Her langauge is simple and can be understood by all. I don't know from where or how did she come with her talent in making sentences so that she makes us want to read it again and again...I've made for myself a small book with all these short sentences which changed my life..I wish to meet you, you're fascinating or talk to you for a few minutes...Please, how??


  139. Anonymous thumb

    عايدة 2007-12-4

    The pen doesn’t know what to write about Ahlam, as if she were a big dream flowing about us and to us. The words are barely speaking and saying to us 'here we are, and happy'. The words and I are fighting to say what I can about her. Anyway, I tell you- the important part is that she’s here.


  140. Anonymous thumb

    ابتسام الرويلي .. 2007-12-4

    I have read a lot from this creative writer... In every word, I find that she’s writing to me. I adore you Ahlam, and hope to meet you...


  141. Anonymous thumb

    حليمة 2007-11-26

    I love you, love your art. I respect you like a sister and even like the respect for the nation. I've decided to come out of my silence and say that I adore you with premeditation. Halima, Costantine, Algeria.


  142. Anonymous thumb

    دانا 2007-11-20

    A great novel to the point that I thought that the author of the novel was a man and not you, Ahlam. Banning the novel in Syria is not true as I live in Syria and have bought the novel from Syria. It's available in all libraries. The words of the novel don't include any offense against any State or nation...Thank you, you were creative and you have entered your name with the creative Arab novelists.


  143. Anonymous thumb

    AMAL 2007-11-16

    Ahlam Mostaghanemi isn't just a writer who addresses the minds but also a poet inspiring the hearts and stirring feelings.


  144. Anonymous thumb

    نورة 2007-11-14

    The novel is very nice and great. Everyone feels that this novel talks about his story in life, he feels that the events are his and that it's intended only for him. Very nice expressions. All my respects to you. I wish you success. Your words are fascinating, I don't know where you bring this from. Finally, I hope that everyone will read it. Thank you.


  145. Anonymous thumb

    قاسم العلام 2007-11-8

    I can’t describe my feelings when I was reading the women's novel, because it made me discover the expressed and hidden dimension in the woman. I can understand the rebellion of an author and the surrender of another. But I don’t appreciate the disclosure by an author, her revolt, obstinacy, rebellion and confessions. She is simply playing on the cord of the sixth sense in front of which the genius remains confused. Ahlam is mere dreams, some of which are realized while some aren’t. I wish to read all her other novels and poems.


  146. Anonymous thumb

    سايب بلحاج 2007-11-7

    Ahlam Mosteghanemi has made many of those who looked upon Algerian society as a Francophone society understand that the Algerian people are a Muslim and Arab nation.


  147. Anonymous thumb

    Amal 2007-10-27

    Ive read both Memory in the flesh and chaos of the senses and I'm looking for her 3rd book " passer by a bed" but I can't find it. I'd really love to read her 3rd book since the first two were so excellent.If anybody knows where I can buy it please tell me. And for Mohammad who posted a comment about finding her novels, I purchased Memory in the flesh and chaos of the senses from Amazon. They came in a bundle. Enjoy

    E-mail address removed by the editor.


  148. Anonymous thumb

    mohammed 2007-10-16

    I heard so much about the novels of Ahlam the great person. But unfortunately, in our town, which is a small town, I couldn't find in the library her novel 'Memory in the flesh', so I ask for help to get it through the internet via a link, I hope to receive your help. Thank you.


  149. Anonymous thumb

    ميسون رحمه 2007-10-15

    Ahlam Mousteghanemi is the only writer to whom I read all writings, she talks in a nationalist spirit, emotional, reasonable, transparent. The best thing in her style is her offer of advice and judgment to the reader smoothly without noticing it... God bless you and ahead inchallah.


  150. Anonymous thumb

    amina benaboud 2007-9-30

    Dearest Ahlem, Your magician, “Passager d’un lit” as I call it really swept me away. I had the impression that you were reading our pains, our deceptions and our chagrin. You are a master, Ahlam- God keep you.


  151. Anonymous thumb

    هالة 2007-8-26

    Great, the splendor of her dream.


  152. Anonymous thumb

    باالشيخ عبد الله 2007-8-22

    Your words are fascinating me and take me to the world of dreams, you alone do that Ahlam, you're great.


  153. Anonymous thumb

    حور عين 2007-7-23

    I like so much the novels of Ahlam, I live inside them namely 'Memory in the flesh'.


  154. Anonymous thumb

    نور13 2007-7-9

    Ahlam has restored to the novel its prominence and status. She was really creative in "memory in the Flesh" and gave a lot in the true meaning of the word. She has restored to art its pride. I wan't say more than what Nizar has said 'You've made me dizzy'.


  155. Anonymous thumb

    اريج جراد 2007-7-1

    She's not a common writer, she's not a common human being, I'm hoping that you embody my ideas in a man so that I marry him, your so lofty and how nice and bright is your vision of life, you give hope in a better future and a more faithful lover. I like your audacity Ahlam because writing is impossible without it and because it's far away from all other spects, may God grant you success, and go ahead!


  156. Anonymous thumb

    عثماني فايزة 2007-6-27

    I've read the novels of Ahlam 20 times, I prepared my graduation thesis about he novel 'Memory in the Flesh' which I debated on 26/06/2007 and got the highest grade -15- I love you so much Ahlam, give us more of your great novels, I love you so much.


  157. Anonymous thumb

    بحر 2007-6-24

    I visited Algeria after reading Ahlam Moustaghanemi, is there any better evidence to the influence of her amazing literature?


  158. Anonymous thumb

    علا مصلح 2007-6-23

    Ahlam, I wish her all success...


  159. Anonymous thumb

    رشا نخلة 2007-6-23

    I only read the novel Chaos of Senses, it's really amazing, I deeply lived every word in the novel. Ahlam is a great writer... I wish her success.


  160. Anonymous thumb

    زهره 2007-6-23

    What can I say about you and you're above words, a Palestinian flower is more than what can be said.


  161. Anonymous thumb

    باسم 2007-6-17

    The novelist Ahlam Mosteghanemi is truly a human novel, she was created to be read and written. A poem lurks beneath her prose. She is not restricted by language. Her letters flow in either direction. She writes about the other and for the other. She writes for the bledding homeland, in peace and war. She writes for man, the good and the bad. She writes about love, existing and nonexistent ...???


  162. Anonymous thumb

    أريج الفادي 2007-6-4

    She is more than great... she raises her descriptions to new heights. I have never read anyone using her way of description- she's daring, but her audacity can describe the simplest things in a style that makes you read it again and again to understand it or reach her ideas. She's a truly great artist, I congratulate you for your achievements.


  163. Anonymous thumb

    مجاهد 2007-5-29

    Glory all the glory to the nice thoughts and warm feelings. The best thing in the world is the world itself and the nicest thing in life is life itself, and the greatest thing in them is that angelic, sweet, warm and flowing feeling


  164. Anonymous thumb

    Tarik 2007-5-28

    We have to write to you, Miss Moustaghanmi, in French here, I read your trilogy; it is one of those rare works that can be qualified as a romantic work. The trilogy is also a bridge—you often speak of bridges—between the “diwan al-Arab”, poetry and the romantic genre of literature always running freely from Arab plumes. If you happen upon Miss Moustaghanmi, I would like to know if there is a fourth book in the works, because, in general, female Arab writers are less fertile in their craft than in their house.


  165. Anonymous thumb

    Ahmed 2007-5-28

    I would like your telephone number, Ahlame. I need you so we can talk about love, life, separation and the meaning of our existence after a separation.


  166. Anonymous thumb

    ريتا 2007-5-23

    You've all the esteem and respect you the daughter of the blessed, authentic country, why not and you're the daughter of Algeria...My beloved country, a thousand greetings from the heart of Palestine


  167. Anonymous thumb

    فايزه 2007-5-22

    Hats off to you.


  168. Anonymous thumb

    sliman alaoumari 2007-5-12

    One of the highly artistic pens,Ahlam puts me in mind of the most breath-holding writers as W.Shakespeare has alwyas done;of course each with their cause.I can only say Bravo Ahlam and thanks for the love,the courage and literary cenerosity that has overwhelmed us more than words can say.looking forward to read some new similarly fascinating novels as ,MEMORY OF THE FLESH,CHAOS OF SENSES and BED PASSENGER.


  169. Anonymous thumb

    بريق الصمت 2007-5-8

    To discover the essence of life and the baseness of people around you, but nothing heals your agony except her words I didn't have a friend to lose and she became a friend without meeting her


  170. Anonymous thumb

    سهى 2007-5-7

    without comment..without specifications wasting words when the cries are speaking


  171. Anonymous thumb

    سعاد+نبيلة 2007-4-30

    This person is an example for Arab society in general and Algerians in particular.


  172. Anonymous thumb

    ايمان أبوهدوان 2007-4-18

    Ahlam reaching your depths is just dreams believe me and since I read your novel you’re in mind and I don't know how you infatuated it…and not only did your words take roots in my innards because you were telling a truth??? And you were reading a honourable history giving us things that were living in your memory and obsessing you…it’s quite enough that we’ve come to know who you are through your novels Ahlam….you’re a homeland??? I never found a refuge where to live until I lived in you're my big homeland….many a time words and sentences from your novels are reiterated in my memory and I want to say that I felt when I was reading something belonging to me? I found a translation to my language and something attracting me and holding me with my dispersed parts in the folds of her novels…how glad I am to find a book understanding me and translating my dispersed thoughts…what would I say again…to a homeland like Ahlam and is a homeland limited to words…the daughter of your novels/…the Palestinian…Imane Abdelfatah Abouhedouane


  173. Anonymous thumb

    رشا نخلة 2007-4-18

    To tell the truth I only read 'Chaos of the senses' and it was very very great, I'll read her other novels soon.


  174. Anonymous thumb

    Merry 2007-4-17

    In the writings of Ahlam you always live your dreams


  175. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2007-4-15

    "Memory of a body" is the nicest nicest thing I read this author is great really great


  176. Anonymous thumb

    طلال محمد 2007-4-15

    One of the best authors and poets in the modern era in my opinion is the writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi who has struck me with these great words which have burnt the dictionaries, if the great poet Nizar Kabani has acknowledged her intelligence and the splendor of her writings, I think that she doesn't need my acknowledgment and I think that if my wish is to meet some day this great and smart writer who is so exceptional in the era of creativity after our Arabic literature was invaded by many schools that were fabricated in our Arabic literature and they have somehow distorted it. But writers like Ahlam are the ones who will confront this stupid innovation and prove that in the Arabic literature there are so many who defend it and commemorate it. A friend Talal Mohamed

    E-mail address removed.


  177. Anonymous thumb

    قارئة 2007-4-9

    I read the trilogy of the creative author Ahlam and I liked so much the way she linked the three parts.


  178. Anonymous thumb

    رقية 2007-3-14

    I see myself in every syllable she writes, how fantastic you are Ahlam, Ruqia from Tunisia.


  179. Anonymous thumb

    khalifa 2007-3-13

    You're really a giant in algerian and arab literature, thanks and I wish you success


  180. Anonymous thumb

    ismail 2007-3-11

    Ahlam, the distinguished novelist, portrays in her three novel events, the pride and downfall of Arab society and on the Algerian love in its purities and sins. She is truly the greatest!


  181. Anonymous thumb

    hamid 2007-3-5

    Perfume evaporates, i can smell it inside me, it is the memory of flesh, it evaporates, it is chaos of senses, i can smell it in the bed, in my memory, this is ahlam, this is our Algerian perfume.


  182. Anonymous thumb

    اهغشة 2007-2-6

    in fact i didnt really read any book yet but .. i really have to say that just reading two pages of her book (thakerat el jasad) atracted me to read all of her books which i will do ...


  183. Anonymous thumb

    ماجد بن عبدالعزيز 2007-2-4

    I still take many interesting stories from her...you have changes the path of my life...which led to an improvement of my writings influenced by Mestaghanmi style...she has what she wants...God protect you Ahlam!


  184. Anonymous thumb

    Hassoune 2006-12-19

    The best thing in these novels is that they take the readers in spaces of knowledge though the carefully and professionally selected word. I love this writer for her beautiful writing and precise story telling in an unmatched literary style. My beautiful Ahlam, here is a warm kiss from one of your big female fans for your superb work. Many thanks from Saida in Holland.


  185. Anonymous thumb

    Afrah 2006-12-16

    Ahlam is one woman of a kind. she has inspired me to move forwrad and believe in my passion as a woman to change the ideals of false behaviour in our society as arabs, and muslims, and yes the one way forward is education and a highly driven passion, and determination, in order to come out of our pain and realise our past and present with dignity.


  186. Anonymous thumb

    جحا 2006-11-10

    I wish that she continues to tell the truth. She is from this generation!


  187. Anonymous thumb

    fatima zohra barkach 2006-10-27

    I hope that, just as our great poet Kebbani who felt dizzy reading you, you will also feel dizzy reading me. I feel very close to Mrs Mme Ahlam as a writer, and I love her...............


  188. Anonymous thumb

    جازم 2006-10-12

    Greetings to you and Ahlam. I’ve read only two novels and lived every word written by the fingers of Ahlam, lived its events and flew in its skies. She is really a great writer. And if she were to be the only writer in the Maghreb, that would be great pride in Ahlams (dreams). Her name is really suite to her.


  189. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2006-10-2

    pointless article.


  190. Anonymous thumb

    saadatabi 2006-10-1

    Ahlam is an Arabic lost but amazing voice!


  191. Anonymous thumb

    hana 2006-9-21

    It is our pleasure to express my attachment to this magazine for it is always and undoubtedly the most beautiful.


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