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Moamer Kadhafi dead in Sirte

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NTC Deputy Chairman Abdelhafed Ghoga confirmed that ousted Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi died Thursday (October 20th) while attempting to flee Sirte. Libyan TV channel "Libya lil Ahrar" displayed graphic images of what is claimed to be his bullet-riddled corpse.

National Transitional Council (NTC) troops caught Kadhafi as his hometown was falling, brigade commander Mohamed Leith told AFP.

The defence minister in Kadhafi's regime, Abu Bakr Yunis, was also killed in the final battle for the besieged city. His body was identified at the field hospital where it was brought in a pick-up truck on Thursday, Sirte doctor Abdu Rauf said.

The news of Kadhafi's capture comes as NTC fighters were carrying out a mopping up operation in the city's Number Two residential neighbourhood, the last redoubt of his loyalists in all of Libya.

Some 40 vehicles carrying senior regime figures and pro-Kadhafi fighters reportedly broke out of the neighbourhood and NTC troops had given chase, commanders said. There was no word as to whether Kadhafi was part of the large vehicle convoy.

Earlier this week, eastern front operations chief Wesam bin Hamaibi said the NTC was sure that Kadhafi's son and national security chief Moatassim, his ousted defence minister Abu Bakr Yunis and even Kadhafi himself were inside the city.

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  1. Anonymous thumb

    ورفلى حر 2012-5-19

    What happened to this tyrant is humiliation from God. The prayer of widows, orphans, mothers who lost their sons, martyrs of Abu Slim whose death he ordered in an unprecedented crime in which 1,273 martyrs died. There is that they said Allah is our Lord, that’s all. This day should be a celebration to the whole world. It is the end of evil endured by these people for 42 years it is even worse than what people of Palestine endure from Jews. They endured ignorance, backwardness, depravity, obscenity, control of evildoers, dissolute and ignorant. I say to the backward who are mourning the deceased, go back to the reports of the United Nations to see the position of Libya in education, health, financial corruption, transparency and democracy. By God, it is really unfortunate. The country is rich while its people are living in poverty, humiliation and ignorance. In the capital, only 17% of the city has infrastructures let alone other cities! This is a tragedy which didn’t even happen in the poorest countries in the world; fear God about these people!


  2. Anonymous thumb

    سوما 2012-4-14

    Praise be to God, this criminal is dead! Had he been still alive, Libya would have been still in war. The best thing is that he died. Libyan people are happy!


  3. Anonymous thumb

    Zenga 2012-3-11

    Kadhafi’s prophecies are beginning to come true! The most painful part has yet to come.


  4. Anonymous thumb

    الليبية 2011-12-5

    I am astonished at the Libyan brothers. How can they think that what they are doing is jihad for the cause of God while the prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, says that a Muslim is forbidden for a Muslim to the end of the hadith. Since they are seeking Jihad, there is Palestine in front of them. The enemy is clear. There is no controversy about it.


  5. Anonymous thumb

    AYA 2011-11-6

    Happy Eid to all the Muslims of the world and of Libya and to the family of Kadhafi, especially all the children of Kadhafi, and to Amal Djanet. Happy Eid and all blessings to you, thank God!


  6. Anonymous thumb

    مسليمة 2011-10-30

    Where is Islam? Where is the tolerant religion? Where are Islamic values? Where is humanity? O Libya rebels, you showed tyranny bigger and worse than the tyranny of Moamer! May God protect Libya from your tyranny which buried revolution of February 17 under the earth! O God mercy, o God mercy!


  7. Anonymous thumb

    ايهاب 2011-10-27

    We say may God curse supporters of France.


  8. Anonymous thumb

    Drb 2011-10-26

    Since the day that the death of Kadhafi was reported, I saw two videos of the death of Kadhafi, so it is sure. But, he was dressed differently in the two videos. Did they change his outfit when he was dead or is this a piece of montage like all the world knows how to do? Personally, this leaves me with a big question mark. –Den/rak


  9. Anonymous thumb

    khnis 2011-10-25

    To Anonymous- Speak for yourself. Personally, I am not proud of you or the Libyans. They are the ones who are traitors.


  10. Anonymous thumb

    AMAL 2011-10-25

    Truly, you are idiots. America is mocking you.


  11. Anonymous thumb

    salibr 2011-10-25

    In the name of God. Peace and blessings of God be upon the prophet of God. Thank God a lot. Dignity for Islam and Muslims! The era of falsehood and fake leadership is over. Unfortunately, there are still some who believe (fake) speeches of rulers and their theatrical shouting for unity and liberating Palestine to the point that some (fake) leaders controlled the minds of some people who enjoy such speeches until they believed (God forbids) that there is no human better than them in Arab leadership and they were never honest in their speeches. Viva Libya free! Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you!


  12. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2011-10-23

    The death of colonel Moamer Kadhafi is just the beginning of the black decade for Libya. The late man was one of the real leaders of all Arab countries like the late Houari Boumediene, Anouar Saddate, Saddam Hussein, Mohamed Boudiaf and Yasser Arafat. We shouldn’t forget what the state of Israel does towards the Palestinian people under the total care of America. Where is the just trial of Israel? When will George Bush be tried? For how long will Arab countries remain under the control of America, France and Israel? The death of the martyr leader Moamer Kadhafi is just the beginning of a quick end for America and controlling countries. It is odd, how can the American secretary of state, may God curse her, alongside with everyone with her, can intervene in affairs of Arab countries? We don’t want her opinions, her criticism or even see her face. May God humiliate her and humiliate those with her! Wake up Arabs, everything said by the leader Moamer Kadhafi in most of his speeches is true. Western countries just seek to remain alone on this earth. Regardless of the mistakes of the ruler, I can desert him. Moreover, the Libyan people were living in dignity and prosperity. Just follow events which led to imposing a no-fly zone on Libya, who was reflecting words of country and opinion of western countries. I assure if all martyr presidents were still living including Houari Boumedien, Yasser Arafat, Jamal Abdenacer, Mohamed Boudiaf, colonel Moamer Kadhafi, Anouar Saddate, Saddam Hussein and the word of Arab Muslim countries were united to liberate Palestine, it would have been liberated. Thank God, God is one! I witness there is no other God but Allah and Mohamed is the messenger of God. God is one, capable of giving and taking life. He is capable of everything, I witness Mohamed is His servant and messenger.


  13. Anonymous thumb

    simo 2011-10-23

    We are proud of our country Morocco, the constitution and the Moroccan national team!


  14. Anonymous thumb

    ليبية حرة 2011-10-23

    God is the greatest, God is the greatest, God is the greatest, thank God, God bless you our rebels, you took revenge for Libyans from this tyrant killer of Libyans, violator of honours and infidel! To hell, God willing!


  15. Anonymous thumb

    POPULO 2011-10-23

    “Breaking news: Moamer Kadhafi dead in Sirte”. Even NATO’s bureaus show more restraint! Magharebia is more royalist than the king! Once again this news rag stands out on the international political scene against the interests of the peoples of the Maghreb. The local public is more difficult to manipulate than you think it is because they are stronger than speeches. It has the violence of the realities that they experience and whose source and aim they know precisely. The admission of failure of the system that you serve is irrefutable: from the North to the South the people have been bled dry and cannot tolerate it any more. The indignant have been on high alert for months in all of the capitals of the developed world. They denounce the excesses of the ultra-liberal, globalised, man-eating system. This system has declared war on the poor and not on the poverty it is responsible for. The only response to the evils that the peoples of the North and South suffer alike are violence, lies and war.


  16. Anonymous thumb

    honte... 2011-10-22

    Shame! Shame! Shame!!!


  17. Anonymous thumb

    محمد 2011-10-22

    We Mauritanians all support Kadhafi. Libya after Kadhafi will never be as it was.


  18. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2011-10-21

    O valiant rebels of Libya, you killed an armless man who was trapped while the world was watching? Is this manliness and courage? God is the greatest, we are astonished to see a wounded prisoner and the Libyan NTC says what it doesn’t do when it said that Kadhafi would be tried in a fair, just and unbiased trial! Here is the UN demanding a report from you about his killing. Now you are war criminals and terrorists! May God curse you!


  19. Anonymous thumb

    ilham y hafida y aziza 2011-10-21

    Congratulations to the Libyan people!


  20. Anonymous thumb

    مسراطة 2011-10-21

    The demise of Kadhafi marks the end of the suffering of the Libyans.


  21. Anonymous thumb

    BEN 2011-10-21

    And if the Maghreb were unified, what would be the fate of Libya now? The leaders of the Maghreb should learn all the lessons from this, particularly Algeria. The ICC has not yet allowed the former Arab dictators to be “clients” like their European counterparts. They prefer a hideous image of their death on the international media scene. The enlightened ones know what this means. Whatever the case, this is not the future we need to look for. This is a past that is rich in lessons, which we need to put to use because it weighs heavily on us such that we should not make the same mistakes.


  22. Anonymous thumb

    saad 2011-10-21

    How stupid you are! You think that Kadhafi was killed? He is still alive.


  23. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2011-10-21

    May God rest the soul of the king of kings of Africa!


  24. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2011-10-21

    Is it true that Kadhafi was killed in Sirte on Thursday?


  25. Anonymous thumb

    عادل 2011-10-21

    God is the greatest! Thank God!


  26. Anonymous thumb

    الطاهر 2011-10-20

    From God we are and to God shall we return. There is no power and no will but from God. O Lord have mercy on our dead people and dead of others – Death of Kadhafi -


  27. Anonymous thumb

    Anonymous 2011-10-20

    Here we are proud of the great Libyan people after 42 years of the rule of the tyrant who terrorised families and destroyed everything. Congratulations to this great people and great Arab Umma which gave birth to people like grandsons of Omar Al Mokhtar!


  28. Anonymous thumb

    ناهد الفتوحي 2011-10-20

    Thank God my Lord, Libya is free! Revolution is always victorious!


  29. Anonymous thumb

    ABOUSEIFANE 2011-10-20

    Is this manhood? I remembered the saying of the martyr Saddam Hussein when I saw quasi-men happy at the death of Moamer Kadhafi, one of their own folks through their alliance with the enemies of this Umma. By God, what kind of victory are you boasting of?


Anonymous thumb

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